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Fallout 76 – Gameplay Trailer E3 2018

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Text Comments (57)
Respec Whaman (7 hours ago)
This is my favorite power armor look👌
michael bui (1 day ago)
Insane monkey Zipzap (3 days ago)
What if the soldier in the power armor became a ghoul and was trapped there for 20 years
Insane monkey Zipzap (9 hours ago)
Probably it'd be kinda cool though
Dark Souls (12 hours ago)
Insane monkey Zipzap no he died
George007 (7 days ago)
Jennifer Huhn (10 days ago)
Yep, gameplay needed because I can not figure out how the hell its going to be a multi-player only game. Are we all on the same team, humanity against the wasteland? How is it going to support individual's personal favor of mods into a multi-player game? Or by mods are they talking about their Creation Club (their approved mods)? So much more info needed. Now don't get me wrong here, I am a huge Fallout Fan Girl (got every game in the series), but the fun for me at least has been its an individual's personal adventure into the wasteland. I love the idea of them adding multi-player into the game, but multi-player only? So can't wait til July to see what you the Fallout community has to say about it before I rush to buy it. :D
Jennifer Huhn (4 days ago)
no chit :D
Insane monkey Zipzap (4 days ago)
The game is supposed to be largely multiplayer so I don't see how V.A.T.S. will be doable and if we fight against pvp well the sec someone gets power armor...game over
powerful thanos (10 days ago)
Kelpo Gaming (10 days ago)
What about 5-75????!!!!??????????!?!???????
edber91 (10 days ago)
To buy or not to buy? thats my dilemma xD My fallout 4 game is calling me to resume the gameplay hahahah
Insane monkey Zipzap (9 hours ago)
This fallout game in fallout time will be the closest time from when the bombs fell soooooo we don't need to install mods to bring back all the plant life
Robert Quigley (10 days ago)
looks amazing
RYDER NIGAA (10 days ago)
Every famous games they turning into 2.0 on this year 2018
Imperator titan: Ira (10 days ago)
Why do i have a feeling the soldier in the t51 suit was crying when the bombs dropped
Insane monkey Zipzap (4 days ago)
To me it looks more as if he accepted his fate rather then got angry
Imperator titan: Ira (7 days ago)
Darth Vader funfact used to be called clonetf141 on youtube best legion/chapter btw
Darth Vader (7 days ago)
Blood angels
Imperator titan: Ira (10 days ago)
i know its just that one i really like how this titan looks and 2 i didt find any good imperators to use as profile pic btw nice t see a fellow 40k fan on a fallout thing
Tombstone Actual (10 days ago)
By the way, your profile picture is a Warlord titan. Not Imperator
crazysquirrel (10 days ago)
That was a very inspirational speech
parker olson (10 days ago)
1:30 what the fuck is that
Pristinepants 26 (11 days ago)
Will it be co op or multiplayer
andres martinez (6 days ago)
Pristinepants 26 both
The Skadgerine (11 days ago)
Konstantin Gorskov (11 days ago)
please GOD no mmorpg no mmorpg no mmorpg no mmorpg no mmorpg
Konstantin Gorskov it's not an MMO...The servers will only have 24-32 people max
Vojce Atanasov (11 days ago)
New game traiper ?
Midway 1942 (11 days ago)
So sense Fallout 76 is an online only game is it something similar to Destiny ?
PSN HasanAr91 (11 days ago)
I like this one
Commissar Dog (11 days ago)
I want the this cover for take me home asap.
DUMMY THICC (11 days ago)
But where’s faullot 689101112131415161718192021222324252627282930303132333435363738394041424344454647484950515253545555657585960616263646567686970717273747576
Iam Sir Z (11 days ago)
west virginia
Arkey (11 days ago)
beta? so this is definately a fallout mmorpg
Arkey (11 days ago)
sad thing is, we know its not going to happen because this is a prequel.
Arkey (11 days ago)
Tycen (11 days ago)
If you want to see gameplay of this click my name
It’sYeBoiRyan X (11 days ago)
It’s beautiful
Punisher 2311 (11 days ago)
So there is no Fallout5 , fallout 76
Caty SGB (8 days ago)
ye, it's a spin off like New Vegas or ESO
YourAfineguy (9 days ago)
Punisher 2311 this acts like Fallout NV as a side filler
OmegaVerseGaming (11 days ago)
So where's the gameplay? I don't really consider people walking or some shots of the scenery to be gameplay...
Albatross Nightcore360 (11 days ago)
2018 is great, imagine 2070 😵😵
Insane monkey Zipzap (9 hours ago)
Then everyone will be like wait what happened in the original fallout games a derrrr I dunno all I know is nukes nukes n more nukes
Albatross Nightcore360 (11 days ago)
It’sYeBoiRyan X woah woah woah, I'm too young to know about that 😦😧😄😄😄😂
It’sYeBoiRyan X (11 days ago)
Hentai Nightcore450 Fallout 5,000 coming out Nov. 2070
Lime-O-Nade (11 days ago)
Wow your fast
DORITOS101 lLoL (11 days ago)
Cyrus Mccrory (11 days ago)
The hype is real.
Christopher Smith (11 days ago)
I am going full Negan in this game!
Khaos-Steroid (11 days ago)
Yordy Calderon (11 days ago)
So it’s going to me like an mmo?
Yordy Calderon (11 days ago)
DORITOS101 lLoL then why is there a beta:( I would have liked to play with a friend or 2
DORITOS101 lLoL (11 days ago)
Yordy Calderon still open world :D

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