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Nazi Zombies Berlin Bank part 1

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Going back to old school guns for you guys, i had a ton of lag so my voice is a little bit ahead, sorry nothing i can do. Cheap ass computer
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iiTigerKing YT (2 years ago)
Meattttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriel Guedez (3 years ago)
You should make more videos with the ngt team
Agent CupKait (4 years ago)
i miss this ngt team so much
Kinkade Olson (4 years ago)
Ryan Olander (4 years ago)
There are kid watching not that I am one
Andy Desilet (4 years ago)
Jason Moles Jr. (5 years ago)
Cool can u get this on 360
reece moore (5 years ago)
reece moore (5 years ago)
good job
TheZippster (5 years ago)
Mason Malone (5 years ago)
eduardo barrera (5 years ago)
bently is funny!!!!!!!!
Jacque Boo (5 years ago)
Are you playing on pc
Sammie Brown (5 years ago)
dude u are awesome
Monkestein (5 years ago)
Ahhhhhh memories
Jhemus647 (5 years ago)
Tanner Burgett (5 years ago)
Benthly is weird, meat is epic spider sucks hyper is super amazingly awesomeness of glory epic
Kristi Penney (5 years ago)
let me guess meatwagon had jug and spider didnt have jug thats probably how spider got down im just guessing because on my computer youtube isnt working
SouthernVikingJo (5 years ago)
Just saw the trailer for World War Z, and at about 4:18 when the zombies started piling through, I was like, "DAMN, I JUST SAW THIS!" LOL, awesome playing, dude. Keep up the good work.
ziwzy (6 years ago)
Meaty: Holy cow ! Spider: Holy shit!!!
Manofbuild5252 (6 years ago)
Im using an ipad. I snuck it into my bed so i could watch youtube. Its 1:00 in the morning.
Marilyn Flack (6 years ago)
00:22 lol
Xander Bosquez (6 years ago)
invite me to a game on der reise on xbox 360 my name is zanman12
Chris Maguire (6 years ago)
like the gun
ExtremeReviewer101 (6 years ago)
3:18 "Hey look a banker teller I need 20,000 bucks" XDDDD that cracks me up every time I hear that. Fucking Hilarious!! =)
Marcus Spinks (6 years ago)
ppsh-41 is the best
FUZEGaming (6 years ago)
and PS3
Giogali (6 years ago)
meaty theres a browning upstairs played this map before
FUZEGaming (6 years ago)
he's only on PS3
Benjamin Bustos (6 years ago)
TheOrkybar (6 years ago)
why u no pick up mortar rounds ;(
eduardo ayon (6 years ago)
The Zombies problably run because they want all the Money
Alex Ranft (6 years ago)
meaty is good at zombies but very blind
Alex Ranft (6 years ago)
he saw a Browning with something on this one rack and its like he's blind...
Logan Knorr (6 years ago)
we need to get some guns, like yesterday or sumthin
Logan Knorr (6 years ago)
im a bear... im a bear
Chaox six (6 years ago)
Downing Meaty is like bitch slapping Chuck Norris. If you did it, it'll be the last thing you'll ever do...
Jack Wyatt (6 years ago)
this guy was on the same game as you on pc and guess what everytime he would go down he would say "REVIVE ME YA FAT FOOKS" (he was scottish) and when i got a headshot he said "whowowowowowo headshaaaaat"
Frank Johnson IV (6 years ago)
Dean Klakken (6 years ago)
there r a shit ton of drops on that map
Tzypop (6 years ago)
I'd like to see a map where your the zombie and you have to kill the console whom has guns.
David DeCaprio (6 years ago)
Took me 8 months to complete this map... Looks like you guys had fun in it!
TerraEmperor1 (6 years ago)
This is a current post
steven ervin (6 years ago)
@TheVikingWorrier no pc 0nly
John A (7 years ago)
@TehPartyTrain :O but they love thier boob size?
TheVikingWorrier (7 years ago)
can i get it to ps3?? i really want to:)
TheVikingWorrier (7 years ago)
how to get this map????????????
mjkkid (7 years ago)
@MikeyMetallic because regular people actually care about what they r doing...
Mohammed Ali (7 years ago)
@MikeyMetallic Well said! They should definitely start including community created maps like they do on Halo.
LolbyPIE1554 (7 years ago)
Dang, I wish this was on black ops.
Mikey 007 (7 years ago)
@sasukefodao1 It's a shame treyarch doesn't do it as well as them...
mrperople derp (7 years ago)
you know skin boat to tuna town
adam ulu (7 years ago)
619edd (7 years ago)
how do u donwload this game meatwagon???
Jeff Mangum (7 years ago)
Only meatwagon would have his name said by the honey monster in his intro
June Stafford (7 years ago)
lol. im watching this right now while at the same time with spider's view the thing is, when meat talks on this vid. ill hear him a less than a second in spider's view and vice versa
FFO Jet (7 years ago)
@MikeyMetallic People know what people want/like Treyarch sucks
ArLeFe (7 years ago)
This map looks delicious.
Snakebiteloo (7 years ago)
@blackjackns you need WaW
greatdude25 (7 years ago)
who are they making fun of
Matty Shaw (7 years ago)
@TangoDown456 yeah,same i knew that was one of his sayings :)
TangoDown456 (7 years ago)
@MrZzzheadshockzzz ive been a subscibed since he began :)
Matty Shaw (7 years ago)
@TangoDown456 i guess u watch syndicate?
Ace Rodriguez (7 years ago)
wow those zombies come in a way bigger wave than any other zombie map haha, especially down those stairs
steven barcenes (7 years ago)
wow... that one barrier was like opening a mexican van...... no offense to hispanics, cuz im one too ;)
John A (7 years ago)
@TangoDown456 WHO the FUCK does not like juicy TITS?
mat95495 (7 years ago)
i think watching meaty is better than spider
coolzone109 (7 years ago)
If you don't like the PC control's then use a USB adapter and you can use a Xbox controller....
bryanandbrandan (7 years ago)
"Uhh Guys?" lol who else remembers seeing that video for the shotgun challenge? :P
theawesomefactory111 (7 years ago)
is your llama hairy
NotMeaningful (7 years ago)
Whitelist me on minecraft please ID : TheNoobish
hamrhed1401 (7 years ago)
Awesome map with zombie rush squads! Well I say I say boy. I'm not a rooster I'm a dog. Foghorn Leghorn
Natmeris (7 years ago)
Ive played this map its pretty good
TurtleSensor (7 years ago)
@lunesta187 you just search for the maps and download them. they dont come with the cod waw game.
TheBakaSensei (7 years ago)
@meatwagon22 I always try to see if you posted a video of the same zombies game as Spider. Your point of view is better.
Ashmash34 (7 years ago)
You and the lads should Do dead sand again
Tony Mo0n (7 years ago)
Hey meatwagon how r u guys playing all those werid maps... Do you get them if u have it for the pc.. Cuz I wanna get no because of you guys... So if you could let me know how I could play those maps also.. Thankz
OMGaBALLOON (7 years ago)
Haha that map looks so fun!
nikeeweston (7 years ago)
Awesome map meat
nikeeweston (7 years ago)
Ok that was hilarious when the zoms barrelled down the stairs
justake (7 years ago)
@zozxox1 online
nikeeweston (7 years ago)
Meat is awesomeness
Hakasia (7 years ago)
this map looks intense i wish they had custom maps on consloes
nelishoofd (7 years ago)
@zozxox1 you can buy it off of steam, and i don't think there are a lot of vendors still having the pc version of WAW on stock. alternatively you could buy a CD key license off of g2play and download an iso of the pc version but i wouldn't recommend this method because of all the steps it requires.
Teddy (7 years ago)
sound like yoda a bit your intro does ^^
m82a1barret (7 years ago)
i love how meaty posts his vids way before spider, yet his editing is better ( in the form of brightness )
Aaron Mitchell (7 years ago)
nice vid
TheFruityGamerz (7 years ago)
a lot off drops here.
MrGhosthunter11 (7 years ago)
@bodmanscott most ppl who play multiplayer play zombies then theres zombie players tht dont play multiplayer and reverse so prolly equal.
Thechronexprime (7 years ago)
MrGhosthunter11 (7 years ago)
@jbeal97 lol thts pretty much true actually becuase more ppl play zombies then multiplayer
ZerefeL (7 years ago)
Black ops would be dead by now if it weren't the zombies...
lorddorron2383 (7 years ago)
this is the best zombie map evar!
Mikey 007 (7 years ago)
How come the maps made by regular people are usually better than the ones treyarch makes ?
Riksitforabiscuitz (7 years ago)
meat plz upload part 2 please!!!!!
Jaster Gonsalves (7 years ago)
meatwagon22 try out twin towers
bAd plAyer (7 years ago)
TangoDown456 (7 years ago)
@C4LCH3X4SS syndicate ftw
bAd plAyer (7 years ago)
@TangoDown456 lol u copied that from Syndicate.
bmor222 (7 years ago)
4 players finaly

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