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Announcing a new partnership with one of the most celebrated game developers in history

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The first software title created by the newly formed Kojima Productions will be console exclusive to PlayStation 4.
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Text Comments (7478)
Supun Madawala (8 days ago)
A hideo kojima video
Loweegee 33 (1 month ago)
They probably regret their decision now
OmegaExalted (1 month ago)
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
Ashik Ikbal (1 month ago)
Mudlij Al-Zakwani (2 months ago)
The Resistance (3 months ago)
as a sony fan since ps1 era once you release that game kojima production ill definitely support it.
That Japanese guy's mundane white man is on point
Jermaine D. Delos Santos (4 months ago)
bari ivan (4 months ago)
Lol, that moment when Kojima laughing at Andrew
LIQUID SNAKE (4 months ago)
So is kojima production a 2nd party developers like insomniac? Not owned by Sony but makes several games for Sony.
Siona know (4 months ago)
Master Kojima.!
Cris Gerald Perez (5 months ago)
"Hello, everyone. I'm back!" - Hideo Kojima, 2016.
Jamokai (5 months ago)
"Look forward to what's coming"
Bruce Doyle (6 months ago)
I honestly i never really care for the people behind PlayStation, but Andrew house is really a cool dude, and his Japanese sound great, to bad that he stepped down
WhiteDamage (6 months ago)
Jin Kazama (6 months ago)
The moment Playstation secured the 9th gen and won the console wars
Ras Matas (6 months ago)
That's not Kojima.
Jack Davie (7 months ago)
You just have to love the Japanese
euroovca25 (7 months ago)
so cute i almost dropped a tear
John Vargas (7 months ago)
if the CEO of sony was so smart he would team up with APPLE and create a Bluetooth curve plasma tv and the CEO of sony should also create a Bluetooth ps4 pro or a ps5 console that way we consumers don't have to worry abot wires.. wires are so 90s in order to keep the sales up the CEO needs to keep up with technology I'm no expert at inventing high tech gadgets I just have ideas
John Vargas (6 months ago)
Revolver Ocelot why not the only cord we will need is the power cord we won't need any other cord
Revolver Ocelot (6 months ago)
A RIS (7 months ago)
Wtf hes Japanese ML
Tony Montana (7 months ago)
This is best what can happens to us Sony best
TheLastOf Kratos (8 months ago)
"hello, hello everyone. I'm back"
Cyansley (8 months ago)
0:30 Admit it, you came at this part, didn't you?
Fox McFog (5 months ago)
Revolver Ocelot it's a joke as Kojima comes on
Revolver Ocelot (6 months ago)
What? The whole video is that? Are you crazy?
Shadow Gaming (9 months ago)
Come to pakistan
Gamer Stealth (9 months ago)
Tem legenda não?
Brandon Lewis (9 months ago)
Sony and Hideo is like two great things like bread and butter man this is epic.
Sonatine93 * (9 months ago)
869 fan boy xbox😂😂 Xbox sucks!!!
MitchelMestrini (9 months ago)
We all know what this means.. Death Stranding Awaits!
Dani Plays (9 months ago)
Konami got f*cked by Kojima and Sony not only with this video but definitely E3 2016! RIP Konami.
InsideOutMedia (9 months ago)
Happy 2 year anniversary!
zayudi (10 months ago)
867 dumbasses from Konami
Pablo Riveros (10 months ago)
This video came out in 2015, and I still come back a few times a year to rewatch it. I don't know why I find it very entertaining watching house and kojima speaking japanese
Jason Lau (10 months ago)
Top 10 anime collaboration
Kimsea Chea (10 months ago)
And his name isssssssssss 0:51
Phantom thief (10 months ago)
Safe to say I did the right thing by getting a ps4
TheVigilante (10 months ago)
Xbox can succ dicc now LOL
XProject13 (10 months ago)
I wanna learn Japanese just on the off chance I get a chance to speak with Kojima
zodiac909 (10 months ago)
Too much class to handle.
Charlotte (10 months ago)
Get yourself a man who looks at you the way Andrew looks at Hideo Kojima
Hitler Nazi (10 months ago)
peasants, kojima should join microsoft
AJETT (11 months ago)
Best trailer for an anime I've ever seen.
Joseph Stalin (11 months ago)
Good luck kojima u not been torture in Konami
PP alikh idzam (1 year ago)
Top ten 10 anime betrayals
فهد الغامدي (1 year ago)
goodbye mr andrew house 👍👍🖐 .
Mr Supa Kins (1 year ago)
A historical moment in history.
kemuael (1 year ago)
House can speak Japanese but Kojima can't speak English.... Shame!!! Lol
Syed Riad Tonmoy (1 year ago)
Take that X box one X.
liberty prime (1 year ago)
Good bye mr house
Rico Fauzan (1 year ago)
Good bye Mr. Tiny Hands thanks for the 20 years of service on the ps4 community
fuclrum82 (1 year ago)
PS is where you belong Hideo, just like the goodold days
Nero (1 year ago)
Well Andrew house is leaving PlayStation after 27 years.
the colossal titan (5 months ago)
.... Yeah.... Its sad but hm...
Orchestra Gamer (8 months ago)
and I'm internally crying because of that! :'(
Vox (1 year ago)
Spinxo (1 year ago)
kojima work white playstation this is the end of xbox
Josh Kellar (1 year ago)
What kind of idiot would give this a thumbs down, this is the greatest news playstation fans have ever gotten since the PS2 came out!
Atomic Fart (1 year ago)
is the game gonna be exclusive from playstation
Ciao ale porcu (1 year ago)
othman Hussein (1 year ago)
the guy has clearly moved on from MGS and he wants to as well and trying to make new games but all i see in the comment is MGS MGS MGS i mean do you even care what is he planing if its not a MGS game what kind of fan base is this give him a chance to prove he is above MGS not just stuck there and that's the best thing that he will ever come up with
A J (1 year ago)
Phil Spencer > Andrew House
So as I understand, Kojima will make games exclusively for PlayStation, Am I right?
لااااااااااااااايك :D :D :D
cristian peralta (1 year ago)
I think I come here every 6 months just to hear Andrew House japanese.
Pablo Nuñez (1 year ago)
Kızıl tuğ (1 year ago)
if I buy high end pc can I play ps4 exclusives with emulator?
warturtle6 (1 year ago)
My name is Fredrick Playstation
Gern Kemin (1 year ago)
Sony + Kojima = Amazing
Sean (1 year ago)
Michel Darwin (1 year ago)
Hahaaa mgs franchise will be only for ps ???
Juan Hernandez (1 year ago)
This Is History ...
xShadow Dragonx (1 year ago)
Almir Sahatqija (1 year ago)
think if sony will own rockstar games and made gta 6 exlusive to ps4 , what would happend ?
Tímä34 (1 year ago)
Wait he's asain?
Xander Fulton (1 year ago)
His Japanese was incredible
Arry (1 year ago)
K*nami is left for dead... i supposed
Saif Ali (1 year ago)
bekwa beshwa kmewau kiew kakaw inkejewa wawawawa
How many of you thought that that guy was an american
robert cranston (1 year ago)
Nice move sony
theguyinthere (1 year ago)
im so glad this happened
x2 Xing (1 year ago)
my hero.
Connor Hibbs (1 year ago)
This made my day. This is awesome.
Adam Butler (1 year ago)
I'd like to know who taught you to speak Japanese
Alberto Arras (1 year ago)
844 dislikes. You know dislike this video? The Fatheaded Pigs at Konami!
VirtualJG (1 year ago)
Konami finally let Kojima out of that basement, eh?
*A truly beautiful moment, where another franchise of games will be held hostage to one platform.*
Cooking Sauce (2 months ago)
+SteelRazorBlade // AdamSRB the butthurt is real with this one
Blinky (1 year ago)
he's so in love with Kojima xD
Lorenzo (1 year ago)
If Pele was the god of football or Mohamed ali was the god of boxing then Kojima is the god of video games and he chose playstation and not Xbone.
ShredForth (1 year ago)
Ahhhhh.... Shigeru Miyamoto, John Carmack, Todd Howard among many many others way more deserving of that title.... And that playstation over xbox part of your comment is just ridiculous. Who cares?
BofA deez (1 year ago)
Lorenzo he is an independent developer and not tied exclusively to Sony. He played 1-2 Switch the other day and praised Nintendo for making Switch, calling it "A gamer's dream."
Exgecko (1 year ago)
I thougt of CD Project red
Mari OTPs (1 year ago)
Good job! Great decision!!
Epicurus (1 year ago)
Round eyesu!
Sony é foda!!!estou ancioso pelo que vem por aí Sony e Kojima...juntos...chupa microsoft
RandyAndyShow (1 year ago)
I have a ps4 but why make everything exclusive. ugh
Gabriel Núñez Yuvé (1 year ago)
Without an investor, Kojima's ideas would remain on paper, you understand that, right? Kojima needs a publisher, someone willing to fund his project and split profit from it, without it, there's no game in any platform. That investor turned up to be Sony, but that comes with some restrictions, of course, and having the game being released exclusively on PlayStation as one of those. Cheer up! Sony is funding a huge project with an incredible director! And as a PlayStation owner, you'll have the chance to play it!
RandyAndyShow (1 year ago)
Gabriel Núñez Yuvé full indie? dude. some of the biggest games are on pc and look better than they ever would on ps4. and no I'm not hating. im a realist. i got a ps4 and pc
Gabriel Núñez Yuvé (1 year ago)
That's how SCE works. Sony always founded and funded studios to make impressive games, but they're not giving away their inversion to be played in another platforms. Studios working under Sony, such as Naughty Dog, Media Molecule or Guerilla Games have the best working environments, you should look them up! Hideo Kojima is a very talented director, but his games tend to have HUGE budgets, so going full-indie was going to be a tough thing for him. The best thing he could do was partnering with a big game publisher, and as a PlayStation fan, I'm personally excited that was Sony who picked him up!
TheGoldminor (1 year ago)
i can see either sony or nintendo making a deal with hideki kamiya and finally bring scalebound to their respective console, and then they'll make an announcement like this.
Supitha Weerasinghe (1 year ago)
Metal Gear Solid VS Death Stranding
Carlos Jr (1 year ago)
Kamiya you choose the wrong side..............
dinosaurcrossbow1 (1 year ago)
Just give him the keys to his own studio.
Mitsuki Horenake (1 year ago)
Five bucks say that after Kojima left Konami Studios Sony tackled him before he hit his car.
SirMoist (1 year ago)
so kojima's (god) upcoming games will be playstation exclusive?
Tom Brearley-Smith (1 year ago)
True Pride Plus Metal a Gear Solid 4 was one of the PS3's best selling exclusives other than the The Last of Us.
3rd Way (1 year ago)
Epic Zer0 they've always sold the most on PlayStation.
linux750 (1 year ago)
is this about Death Stranding?
Tom Brearley-Smith (1 year ago)
linux750 Yup.
Rebellious Q (1 year ago)
PS sub count blowin' up because of TLOU P2 announcement (and U4 DLC)
Mady Sham (1 year ago)
You forgot Crash Bandicoot remastered

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