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Hitman: Terminator 47

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Life, Death, & the 47. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?ty=h&u=3360824 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bedbanana Patreon list, thank you for the support! Beef Ionized Odds Tomato AF FireFly Camera mod used: https://github.com/FransBouma/InjectableGenericCameraSystem/tree/master/Cameras/Hitman2016 Music: Bach-CelloSuiteNo.1 royalty free Hitman-Blood-MoneyOST-04 -47-Attacks Hitman-blood-money-main-theme Ending song: Cara Mia Acpella Composer: Mike Morasky Arr. Tom Anderson, Sebastian Wolff, Matt Forman Acquire A Cappella Feat. Liz Baseman
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Text Comments (4562)
BedBananas (1 year ago)
The first video in a series to come, I'v been meditating/training in the Himalayan mountains. Cold wind was my blanket, I am ready.
Almightycancer 555 (17 days ago)
This is beautiful
Robert Wood (1 month ago)
BedBananas I want to be your blanket
*D* (1 month ago)
Keep it going b
Diren Cloe (2 months ago)
Hello senpai I’ve been waiting for the day to get a reply from you and by golly I’ll get one or I’ll explode into a million pieces, and then I’ll be everywhere all at once watching you from the shadows . ;)
K Gfgh (2 months ago)
Hitman 2 time for more
ActuallyAdjutant (11 minutes ago)
is there a photo mode in this game?
Julian Monette (20 hours ago)
*teach me how to do this sensei*
Wow just wow, i have never seen such beauty before. Its a mastapeeece
Caustic Console (2 days ago)
No Info (3 days ago)
8:35 Man, Santa had drunk too mch eggnog too.
No Info (3 days ago)
Man, Santa is pretty hard to kill.
8:15 to 10:10 is easily my favorite.
ДЕФОЛТ (5 days ago)
santa, noooooo
Giuseppe Jan Jaguar (5 days ago)
A brick...
noodlesnotneedles (7 days ago)
4:45 Quando finalmente decidi di mettere fine ad X Factor
Cheryl Po (9 days ago)
You kill santa claus
Cptn. Wolfe (9 days ago)
Congratulations. You have earned yourself a subscriber after that masterpiece
Lozzou Lopes (10 days ago)
A piece of art!
Scobragon (10 days ago)
what the fuck did I just watch?
ChunG (11 days ago)
This is art.
Lumimind (12 days ago)
5:42 best part
Shaho M (14 days ago)
01:35: Rodin's The Thinker
Un Vew Noiw (14 days ago)
DareStep (15 days ago)
Just because you ended it with that song I wanted to recommend looking up Portal 2 Turret Opera. There is also a portal 2 version of the song Wife Seranade
Jarosław Damrath (15 days ago)
YOU are a genius, lmao
Dude and His mac (16 days ago)
9:49 music?
JokeR Giliis (17 days ago)
great cinematics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:05 *Hitman Shoots Douchebag Friend* Guard: “Very nice sir, just keep on walking...” HE WANTED HIM TO DIE?! WAIT. HE KILLED EVEN MORE OF HIS FRIENDS AND HE DOESN’T CARE?! IS THIS GUY LIQUID 47 OR SOMETHING?!
5:44 47 WHY
E.C. Flynn (18 days ago)
the end is beautiful :() : ) : (
Pitch Black (21 days ago)
*B E T H E R E I N F I V E*
Soo Yong (22 days ago)
5:45 when santa doesn't give you what you want
Mike Henny (22 days ago)
How did you do that bit at the end?
SneakySenpai (23 days ago)
Arshi 67 (24 days ago)
It was like a dream
Leon Song (25 days ago)
Hi BedBananas,is the camera mod still available for the latest version of Hitman?
Shadowuser Fighter (25 days ago)
8:05 LOL🤣🤣🤣
gatling65 (26 days ago)
So many dead bodies... even me dosent succes to kill so much people...
Mika Milosavljevic (27 days ago)
Edit of the YEAR
MAJOR_JOKER (27 days ago)
Agent 47: Like my new scarf? 11:47 It's Italian. It's head and shoulders above the rest of what the fashion industry has to offer.
Zen Furry (27 days ago)
3:40 so it begins
Ω (27 days ago)
What's the music at 8:30? The description doesn't have it.
Ω (12 days ago)
I listened to bach-cello suit no.1 several times and nothing I heard sounded like it.
Jhaie (12 days ago)
its probably because its part of bach-cello suit no.1
Ω (27 days ago)
What's the music at 8:30? The description doesn't have it.
abusethesun (27 days ago)
This is actually the most amazing and beautiful video on Youtube.
Dr Watermelon (27 days ago)
How you make it cinematic.
Tima (29 days ago)
This is insane bro!
Tobias Reaper (29 days ago)
LOL! I love this video whenever I feel down.
Kee Pz (30 days ago)
15:28 my man hit a nasty ass dab
Lil Nuutinen (30 days ago)
100 in sauna isn't bad. Im Finnish so
Oh my god! It is beautiful
Keuning (1 month ago)
How do you make those freecam parts
blackaktus (1 month ago)
u deserve every like, man
Kylo Ren (1 month ago)
15:22 What name music
Hassan (1 month ago)
im surprised i didnt find this earlier, it was very cool, definitly the ending. You've earned yourself a subscriber buddy! :))
SnowyTrash (1 month ago)
This is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen.
Vincent Reyes (1 month ago)
15:29 DAB!
Gremblo (1 month ago)
"Want to come a little closer?!?" Says as you're literally materialising inside of him.
Majin Ketsu (1 month ago)
7:30 Idiot
Majin Ketsu (1 month ago)
5:48 Clothes for Christmas for 3 years straight!
Majin Ketsu (1 month ago)
2:45 to 3:10 😂😂😂
DH K (1 month ago)
this guy is insane, i like it <3
rvre candy (1 month ago)
the ending montage brought tears to my eyes
Cartwheel765 (1 month ago)
Anyone know how he got the santa costume outside of paris? if he cheated it in or something?
Fuckidifuck nigga (1 month ago)
15:31 Guard hit a dab.You gotta cremate that 1
Luater (1 month ago)
omg that ending was fenomenal
Sai Yan (1 month ago)
just beautiful. I don't get tired watching this.
Ты создаёшь шедевральные ролики выложи их всюду
Maxer13 (1 month ago)
1:37 (Insert taco bell joke here)
Dylan (1 month ago)
Jeezus Bed that was disturbingly beautiful.....
Cameron Roman (1 month ago)
This is one of the best videos ever made.
Axe Beez (1 month ago)
Unoriginal Username (1 month ago)
You got me at 8:00
Unoriginal Username (1 month ago)
"Geez, you drunk?" *turns and shoots 5 people* "Looking good sir, please keep moving"
Unoriginal Username (1 month ago)
*stage blows up* *everyone run in fear* *47 casually sips a glass of wine*
This is beautiful. How'd you do this?
Karollo (1 month ago)
Don’t mess with Santa cause he don’t do banter
Achraf Azz (1 month ago)
Waw this is beautiful 👏👏👏
Brendon Sullivan (1 month ago)
Dude your my favorite youtuber and keep the good stuff up! I know I’m very late to see this but, it was worth it every second! I thought the ending was perfect!
Mackenzie M (1 month ago)
I have come here a girl, but left as a woman
Mackenzie M (1 month ago)
I have changed for the better after this video and have truly found what art really is
Ken Ng (1 month ago)
im using this idea for my shitty videos
ShockwaveGaming 26 (1 month ago)
13:35 from there is beautiful
Oliver Zhao (1 month ago)
5:45 The Santa Claus killing montage
Nikita Chubukov (1 month ago)
Polska Ryba (1 month ago)
I finishing what you started
Moosenthusiast (1 month ago)
This is pure art!
Leo (1 month ago)
this is most epic Ave Maria I've listened ever
Sarah Bonser (1 month ago)
This is Godly, congratulations
Andrew Finley (1 month ago)
Oh man I about died watching this lol you got a new subscriber lol thanks for making vids bro
TheHivePeon (1 month ago)
Western Warden (1 month ago)
Shadsy The Hedgehog (1 month ago)
That ending was movie quality.
Shadsy The Hedgehog (1 month ago)
I wanna know how Santa Claus can blend in at a bar in a Thai hotel.
Shadsy The Hedgehog (1 month ago)
Investigation shows Agent 47 has a bathroom fetish.
AGentlemanSaiyan (1 month ago)
When kenny from twdg does intense pushups
Miley Citrus (1 month ago)
im still traumatized
Star 002 (1 month ago)
creative and funny thank you wish you good luck
JokeR Giliis (1 month ago)
it was amazing the way the video was made
normie hunter (1 month ago)
why did the ending scene look like an actual fucking movie
Jay57 18 (1 month ago)
That's the path 47.
MR devil (1 month ago)
Anymation (1 month ago)
Reminds me of sanity not included
Anymation (1 month ago)
Ur videos are so well edited and funny

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