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3 Overpowered Early Game Weapons Dark Souls 3 (before vordt of the boreal valley)

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How to get 3 overpowered Early Game Weapons Dark Souls 3 before vordt of the boreal valley.
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Nick Gamrat (2 days ago)
The Great Machete is a great starting weapon - you may have to farm the enemies from Undead Settlement and I also love the Great-axe wielded by some of the hollows at the high wall of Lothic
niigon benasi ininii (20 days ago)
He just keeps falling off cliff for me o-O
aphexsaid Shut up (1 month ago)
We wanted to know what the weapons were. Not how to use them. Shitty
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
That mimic chewed me up enough to kill my family too
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
No offense but I'm gay
Mr_ GrilledCheese (1 month ago)
Rip Winged Knight Halberd
Raymond Nelson (1 month ago)
Fire gem + Longsword / Lothric Sword
SirMalo (2 months ago)
Picking fire gem as burial gift and use it on claymore = godlike.
Mikassassin (2 months ago)
You did not present the Lothric Straight Sword! A bit boring to get but one of the most powerful weapon in the game ^_^. Still a good video!
Yadiel Acevedo (2 months ago)
Claymore where?
monster munch (2 months ago)
how do u get past the fog wall?
89MTN (2 months ago)
and where is the claymore?
WhiteBoySamuel (2 months ago)
What do you mean by scale? I’m noob so I’d like to know
PolarLegend (3 months ago)
I really liked how you sounded very nice and polite during the video. Keep it up.
Minhnhoc Vu (3 months ago)
thanks for your video !
Jose Manosalvas (3 months ago)
I am new to the series, and to games. Could someone explain what effect does the RAW GEM when I infuse it to a sword?
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
By the way, fuck you
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
Use it on weapons with D or E scaling and it will for sure make them better otherwise avoid it
Zualtea Skills (3 months ago)
Jose Manosalvas It removes the weapon's ability to scale with your attributes (str dex etc), but in return, boosts its dmg. (Which can be a shit ton for particular weapons)
DexMaster881 (3 months ago)
Uchi isnt really that good. Seems to me that for some reason Fromsoft really hates Samurai. There isnt a single nearly authentic Samurai armour. All Katanas are represented as shitty easy to brake slash weapons. And main moves are always moves noone in their right mind would use in a proper slashing weapon fight. Katanas are 2 handed weapons but to have decent moves you need to use it 1 handed. They finally added parry to it in DS3 but it uses FP. Parrying with your weapon is a must skill for any 2 handed weapon especially one as short and light as Katana. On top of it it uses same amount of stamina as a Claymore that's twice as heavy and scales better. Its a slash weapon Considering most Enemies later on use heavy armour good luck. Its obvious if you want to have fun and not go out your way you need to use Strength with some dumb huge lump of rock or metal.
Václav Hartinger (3 months ago)
I don't kniw about you guys but I'm playing fashion souls more often than dark souls, cause looks matter... also the thrall hood looks pretty cool woth the abyss watchers armor
Václav Hartinger (3 months ago)
My strategy for every enemy is to stay at it's back... it hasn't failed me yet so I'm gonna keep doing it
DarkSamurai24 (3 months ago)
What about the dark sword
angel sword (3 months ago)
I supported your channel and left a like 🤓😁
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
Fuck you
xTBBx (4 months ago)
I think the claymore should be on the list
Joel __ (4 months ago)
your voice is very nice
megat0on (4 months ago)
What class did you start with?
glenn briggs (4 months ago)
Best time to really attempt the boreal dancer would actually be just after the catacombs as there's mobs that always drop titanite shards. Can get any weapon to +3 easily then, an either your HP should be high enough that you can take a hit or two, or you're hefty enough to wear armor that accomplishes the same feat. If you want to grind even earlier thzn this for sheer levels, farm the tough knight to the left of the entrance of boreal dancer. Not only is he himself worth 1.2k souls, but you can vendor the excess gear for 300-500 souls each. I got my int from 16 to 22 using this mwthod, an the extra damage my heavy soul arrows did to those knights made earning the souls faster an thus in a way paying for themselves
J.P. Flying (4 months ago)
The Claymore is also an amazing weapon. It is located to the right of where you avoided the dragons fire.
N1ght W0lf (4 months ago)
Darkdrift is pretty good. Takes about an hour to get and obtain the stats for. Requires 28 dex, but you can get 5 free dex from yoel after upgrading to 23 dex from the soul items from firelink and part of highwall. And if you kill the crystal lizard in firelink, buy the large leather shield, and a prism stone, you can upgrade it to plus 2 before Vordt.
Travis Steele (4 months ago)
“hel lo” I have no idea why the first second made me start laughing so hard
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
Probably because you're a fucking retard. It wasn't funny bitch where was the joke? Please end your life.
ForniteSucks vevo (5 months ago)
Lamont Silook (5 months ago)
U can push him off the edge and kill yourself and come back and it will be there where he spawns
Opulentquill868 Gaming (5 months ago)
“Scales well with raw infusion” I don’t see how because raw infusion removes scaling.....
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
Please listen carefully. Fuck you, kill your mother, then any siblings you have.
Cunning7 (5 months ago)
Yo to kill da mimic easier jut run up the stairs and drop attack and do it over and over till he dies
Slayder _ (5 months ago)
How is it when i started i saw you could only get titanite in certain locations but when i play i get mine in undead settlement off workers?
countof3everybodyOD (6 months ago)
new to these types of games. am a cleric at the high wall. I've titanited my mace, and also carry a shield, and I also have the uchigatana, claymore, straight sword and long bow (though I haven't the level to use them yet) someone tell me how to proceed, what would best equip me for a not-too-brutal run, as my nephew has said I should've picked a different starting class and I'm going to have a bad time
Leotheleprachaun (2 months ago)
No matter the class you picked, it's a Souls game, you're gunna have a bad time
Deucey D (5 months ago)
For starters Knight is probably the best. You start with a shield with 100% physical damage absorption and a longsword which is pretty good and the armor is viable throughout the entire game. If you are a cleric best to just focus on strength because faith is pretty lackluster in the early game. The mace you start with is a beast heavy refined, last I checked at 40 str two handed the ar was close to 500? Paired with perserverance you should be set.
Cameron Bryan (6 months ago)
BRRUUUUHHHHHH why isn't the broken straight sword on the list? we all know its the most op weapon in dark souls 3.
Jamie Mathis (6 months ago)
What weapon is he using right now
Wolf Eclipse (6 months ago)
Another one is the lothric straight sword
Wolfo (6 months ago)
I dont agree. Lothric Knight Sword - best dex straight sword, meta Broadsword - SL 1 run, STR, quality, raw infusion for tons of dmg against dancer for VERY OP early Sword of Astora -SL1, faith
Cameron (6 months ago)
What about the claymore
Jorgie Carias (6 months ago)
Bastard sword!
Dayland Yay (6 months ago)
for the katana dude i just got pissed off and kicked him off the cliff.
teej (2 days ago)
I always 2 hand shield push him haha
Erick Nedd (1 month ago)
Ayaz Resh (2 months ago)
If you kicked him go to bonfire and come back you will find the weapon
YungToeRing (3 months ago)
Green Bow (6 months ago)
YEah, that's the problem with Dark Souls. It's far too complicated with weapon stats. Get a sword, and raw it. Meaning go off to google and see what it looks like without extra magical damage. I don't want to have to google to compare all weapons. All that scaling garbage that makes no sense. Just make it straight forward. I got that sword, thought faith 12, nah. Keep looking at it.
Skit DotCom (6 months ago)
Ever since I got the deep battle axe, I’ve used it all the time, and now it does 229 physical damage
Akshat Goel (6 months ago)
Broadsword is pretty op too for starting
Mohammed Uddin (7 months ago)
Kinda wish claymore was on this list
Planet Brucifer (7 months ago)
I’m a moron I just started souls 3 and I put a raw gem into my deep axe can I fix this or start over imma pyro
Eddie Eldridge (7 months ago)
bruce bell don't worry bro there's lots of cool weapons just chalk it up to a mistake and keep going. Everyone's first character is a mess but that's half the fun!
Dominik Żywicki (7 months ago)
Lothric knight sword is OP deep battle axe isn't OP Lks 9/10 Dba 4/10
david price (7 months ago)
you literally made a video of the first 3 main weapons in the game
Pana BoSS (8 months ago)
I finished all lords of cinder and currently on soul of cinder, with deep battle axe. Strongest weapen in my opinion
Mistermen40 (8 months ago)
nice video, very informative
Leon Kennedy (8 months ago)
You can push the first guy then reload the game you will find the weapon and his armor much faster than attacking him
Leon Kennedy (8 months ago)
Ultra great sword is an amazing weapon
Tré Calhoun (8 months ago)
i love the Uchigatana
Jhcom (8 months ago)
So you can hit it with a fire bomb or arrow/throwing knife, then instantly climb up the ladder. Jump to the other side, it will go there then you jump to the other side and you can kill it with bombs without it doing anything
Spartant2112 (8 months ago)
Your voice is very soothing for some reason.
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
Yeah I listen to his videos while I murder my family members, that way I don't feel bad
Gta5gameplay14 (8 months ago)
I guess if the Astora is nerfed I guess I'll use the uchigatna two handed?
AeroShockHD (8 months ago)
Gta5gameplay14 broadsword and lothric knight sword are very good choices
Chase Crawford (8 months ago)
“Astora’s straightsword scales really well with raw.” No scaling whatso ever
AeroShockHD (8 months ago)
Chase Crawford patch nerded it to oblivion. Sucks watching all these vids where you have these great weapons and then find out they were nerfed. Which forces me back to my lothric knight sword.
N O (9 months ago)
broadsword is also overpowered, killed crystal sage in 10 hits
patricklukcy13 (7 months ago)
Champion Gundyr I have a heavy broadsword as my main weapon and a deep dark sword as my backup. I have a spare dark sword I'm probably going to make a blessed dark sword when I can.
AeroShockHD (8 months ago)
Gospodin Covjek after patches broadsword is pretty good. Only reason people prefer the lothric knight sword over the broadsword is due to its increase in critical damage and move set. But broadsword does more damage if you aren't good at parrying.
Adrian Bräysy (9 months ago)
I actually liked the starting sword for the knight. Completed the entire game with that, and ng+. Exception was the dancer boss where I stuck with the uchigatana.
Jota (8 months ago)
Adrian Bräysy i think im gonna do that with fire gem, do u recommend it ? It will be my first playthrough
DonutsRYummy (9 months ago)
Great Axe drops from the undead axe guys, The great machete as well
Sheraaz Gallantly (9 months ago)
Greetings everyone, Just started ds3 and got my broadsword. I am more of a tactical player so I am always using the shield/sword combo (started with the knight) and can anyone tell me what a better sword will be: broadsword vs astora straight? Basic. going for a magical swordsman build whereas I would like to invest more into str / dex, followed then by magic (faith)? A sort of link (zelda) / kratos (tales symphonia) build dx much obliged for your time and info hero! :)
AeroShockHD (8 months ago)
aufdemtrip you know the knights before vordt? Theres 4, 3 knights and one red eyed one. Just kill them, and if it dont drop, go back to the vordt bonfire, rest and then repeat until it drops for you
aufdemtrip (8 months ago)
AeroShockHD where you can get the lothric knight sword?
AeroShockHD (8 months ago)
Sheraaz Gallantly astro has been nerfed to oblivion so dont mess with that. Instead go for the lothric knight sword, you can either put a sharp gem to get a S scaling in dex, or a lightning gem to get an S scaling in faith. 60 faith/40 dex with it lightning buffed has over a 600 AR.
Sheraaz Gallantly (9 months ago)
Also got the longsword...so its now a battle between 3 straight swords....love the reach from longsword tho, just don't want to waste souls into wrong upgr.
Storm Anteater (10 months ago)
You can kill the sword master by running away then he falls off and dies and to get his items just rest at a bonfire then run back to get his items
DraKonTheBeast (11 months ago)
I’ll portably go with the deep battle axe because I’m going knight
Michael Taylor (15 days ago)
christopher troy (1 month ago)
Blue Thingys : Asshole
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
Lol honestly fuck you. Nobody asked for your opinion
MrPatrickbuit (11 months ago)
Hint for people struggling with the master swordsman: When he does this forward launch, he's very easy to parry as long as you have a reasonably small shield.
Dr. Abyssal26 (11 months ago)
The Estoc should be here R1 spamming it is nice
Dr. Abyssal26 (11 months ago)
Lol nice vid btw
Dr. Abyssal26 (11 months ago)
The edit is about the r1 spam
Dr. Abyssal26 (11 months ago)
MaskWarlord (11 months ago)
but what about the claymore?the stagger is great and its almost on the same location as the deep battleaxe. just wait until the big dragon roars and then ypu have about 8 to 10 seconds to pick up items in the area.
Ninja Nerd Gaming (11 months ago)
+MaskWarlord I think there has been enough request I will make a video on it. Any others BEFORE Vordt you recommend that aren't on the list.
Dank Harambe (1 year ago)
Don't get why people bother fighting for the Uchigatana, you can just make the sword master fall off the stairs over the cliff and reload area with bonfire to get sword. Using the dragon to kill the mimic is also an easy way to get axe like multiple people suggested below. Also I prefer using the Black Knight set in Dark Souls 3, but it takes forever to farm for it, incidentally you can also farm for the Dark Armor set at the same time which is one of the best looking armor sets in Dark Souls 3.
Dank Harambe (1 year ago)
Ninja Nerd Gaming the main trick you should learn to do is the item dupe method in DS3
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
+Dank Harambe I'm better at some tricks then others. When I watch the new speedruns I feel lost because there are so many ticks and glitches to learn.
Noah Elbeze (1 year ago)
Where did you get the sellsword twinblades
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
The full-screen quality on that last one was bad so I re-uploaded it with a different program, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNMUoc1Uirc
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTsNMy6rNV4 Just finished just for you.
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
+Noah Elbeze I am making a video of this now. So stay tuned.
Where is Lothrick knigth sword
TheHamGaming (6 months ago)
Daniel Goodwin yeah, that's called The Tower on the Wall, that one's probably the easiest
_ goodwin10k (6 months ago)
You could also farm the one lothric knight from the 2nd bonfire you come to, all you have to do is run down the stairs and make a left, he will be walking through the passageway as soon as you come to the bottom of the stairs.
TheHamGaming (7 months ago)
Drops from Lothric Knights, just farm from the Tower on the wall, or from near where you find Emma / Vordt's bonfire
R B (1 year ago)
what did you do at 4:24 ? your character looks stronger and you used mana? how did you do this and what does it do?
Bobby Fischer (1 year ago)
G3N3R4L_SKY75 L2 on a PS3 controller.
R B (1 year ago)
Angel on Angel Dust thank you for the reply! I am a new played of the DS's serie.. just, how do you activate it? thank you !
Angel on Angel Dust (1 year ago)
G3N3R4L_SKY75 It's the battle axe WA and it increases poise and attack damage.
Daniel v/d M (1 year ago)
lothric sword, spear, claymore etc are alot better imo
HKosiris (1 year ago)
The Claymore and Broadsword should also be on there as they scale stupid well for early game weapons, I was using the Claymore for over half the game because its relatively fast and light for a greatsword and scales great with strength.
Myriad (1 year ago)
They're all good, useful weapons, but I think only the Astora is "overpowered", and even then only when upgraded with Titanite. Still, useful video for people starting out for the first time.
Champion Gundyr (1 year ago)
Junaid Salie raw astora was nerfed to shit unfortunately
Captain Obvious 117 (1 year ago)
What class did you pick?
Rewasder (1 year ago)
I prefer the Claymore 'cause nostalgia form the original dark souls
Cacnerous Memes (1 year ago)
Dragonslayers axe is good before vordt only on ng+ dancer is easy on ng+ lol
TJ Arnold (1 year ago)
u forgot about the estoc XD
The Dragonizer (1 year ago)
what about the irithill straight sword?
Hugh Murphy (1 year ago)
I just found that weapon!! Do you think i should use it instead of my claymore??
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
+The Dragonizer This video is about weapons you can get before Vordt.
Cyber Cat (1 year ago)
The Dragonizer Before Vordt?
DeJai Jones (1 year ago)
23 seconds in you are using an OP weapon lol
Deacon Waterman (1 year ago)
This guy's mic is way to close to his mouth.
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
Sorry I kind of got a little hungry...
KoKo Webb (1 year ago)
Huh. The first one I actually got before even knowing about it. I even got parried by the swordmaster ((Yes that's his name)) but I managed to survive even though it was my first play through and I was barely even leveled. I love using it though.
Leserolith (1 year ago)
What items should I use for abyss watchers?
Leserolith (1 year ago)
Ninja Nerd Gaming too late friend
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
By then you will have a lot more options as well. I recommend though buffing your weapon with some bundles. You can find several early on and it will make most weapons really strong against them. If you want to know which of the three weapons from the video I would recommend, then I would have to suggest the Uchigatana since the abyss watchers are resistant to dark, and Raw Astoras Straight Sword is sadly underwhelming by the time of the patch I am responding to your post.
Jay_Nova (1 year ago)
If Bob Ross were to do a DS3 playthrough. lol Good stuff!
Gaming 4 You (1 year ago)
Actually, Lothric knight greatsword, Black knight halberd/greataxe, and sellsword twinblades are way better than any of these weapons.
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com Look at the high wall of Lothric under the drops section.
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
Everything I'm seeing suggest that the earliest you can get it is around Lothric Castle.
Gaming 4 You (1 year ago)
Lothric knights that wield it drop it.
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
+Gaming 4 You Hmm.... Do you know who drops it? I'm not seeing it as a drop.
Gaming 4 You (1 year ago)
but the lothric knight greatsword is an early game weapon
Psiberzerker (1 year ago)
At the Raw level, when Stats are low, Bleed is difficult to build up with the Uchi. You need more Luck, which isn't great to invest in that early on, unless you want to Grind for souls. It's generally better to invest in the Stats to wield better (Than starting) weapons. I personally like the Halberd, you can buy it from the Handmaiden (May need some stats, I went Warrior, so Dex) because of the versatile moveset. You have a good long ranged Poke, a "Spin to Win" Power attack (2Handed) and the weapon art Charge, you can close on that Hollow Watchman before he alerts the whole area. Also the numerous Crossbow Hollows that like to plink at you, and so forth. A good all around weapon for most of the basic foes, compared to anything you can start with. It's not Overpowered, but you can take any of these and improve them for Vordt. (Up to +4 if you farm all the Titanite.) Don't forget to use your Gold Pine Resin.
Psiberzerker (1 year ago)
I prefer the Broadsword to the Astora SS as a backup to my Outdoors weapon. It's about as powerful, (Unscaled, it gets even better later with a Heavy infusion) but it's shortness is actually an advantage in close quarters, because you're less likely to "Tink!" off of walls. I just switch to the Halberd outside to out-reach everyone except for the Crossbows, Puss of Man, and Winged Knight (Halberd.) It's a good idea to switch, and practice between different weapons, situationally like this. So that you have the right weapons for the fights at hand, the Longbow (At range, scaring off the Wyvern) Broadsword and Rapier (The BS lacks a poke/parry) and/or the Halberd is a good all around set. I upgraded the Halberd for Vordt. Don't skimp on the Titanite, go ahead and upgrade it. Raw, or scaled with stats, you will have a much easier time. If you time it right, the Charge is especially useful in the second phase of the Vordt fight.
Basch Lives (1 year ago)
I think the best early game weapon is the simple long sword the knight starts with and fuse it with the fire gem! It doubles the attack and against most of the early enemy's that will give you issues it almost stuns them. Throw on your titanite shards and you have a fire longsword +3 and you haven't used a single level up to scale damage. And you don't need to think about damage output in the early game. Regardless the fire gem is the best starting gift IMO.
True105 (1 month ago)
Near starting gift
YungToeRing (3 months ago)
Basch Lives no it's not
GirthLord (1 year ago)
GirthLord (1 year ago)
Good cideo
Kevin Kavi (1 year ago)
bless you
Blue Thingys (1 month ago)
He never sneezed once throughout the whole video you fucking asshole
Lucky You (1 year ago)
Google now recommend, "Top 5 wierd nazi weapons" lol
my name jef (1 year ago)
He's too close to his microphone.
Well the Raw Astora Straight Sword has been nerfed to hell.
Joao Gomes (1 year ago)
Raw astora straight sword now gets outdamaged by every other infusion, including non infused with based stats, and it requires faith to wield. Because it's either op as all hell, or more useless than american idol for the deaf with From, never balanced.
Andar Olson (1 year ago)
Thank you for the video, i am new to darksouls so this helped me very much
Oreo Chocolate (1 year ago)
when he was holding the battle axe, what did he do to get that powerful buff?
CommanderShimi (1 year ago)
Oreo Chocolate Weapon art
betonman9 (1 year ago)
another useless ds3 vid....
dead already (1 year ago)
nice video thank you like and sub😊
rick blue (1 year ago)
could i use the Astoras straight sword raw the whole game on a pyromacer
Anthony Anderson (1 year ago)
I used the Astora straight sword for at least %70 of my sl1 build. (I would have used it the whole game, but with that 12 faith req, you need the priestess ring to wield it effectively on deprived.) I used the long sword and the broadsword for the other %30
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
+rick blue Maybe I will do a future Astoras straight sword speedrun to show it off. A lot of people are curious about this weapon.
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
Haven't tried it but it sounds very doable. I recommend using weapon buffs. Use bleed or the black fireball for dancer and possibly for Lord of cinders. Should work well if you plan your stats and journey out.
DanRobzProbz (1 year ago)
I use the claymore W/Refined gem, so much fun to use, love it. That weapon should of been a honourable mention really... Nice video mind :)
Howchen (2 months ago)
What are you wearing? I didn't even upgrade vitality
Pyro (2 months ago)
Howchen i cant fucking use that weapon without getting less than 70 weight
Howchen (2 months ago)
Claymore rules
Gaming -or- Grumpy (3 months ago)
I was totally thinking claymore would have been there... but I'm Scottish, so yeah :D lol "bias" lol
Cavalerul Negru (8 months ago)
I love the claymore. Im at the cristal sage and I have it at 214 phisical dmg
Stay Right Their (1 year ago)
can you help me. I'm going for a strength build. what do i do?
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
+Socio I haven't tried it out a lot but I think it mostly decreases damage and maybe causes more staggar when you hit something. I know Dark Souls 2 had weapons not swing as fast if you didn't have the stats.
Socio (1 year ago)
Ninja Nerd Gaming i have another question. do weapons not swing as fast when you don't have the required strength or is the damage just different?
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
+Socio You need to beat the greatwood boss which you usually can get help with and then give the vessel to the guy on the throne at firelink shrine. Then just trade the soul for the hammer. The cold damage is good. The slow swing of the weapon makes late game bosses challenging but early on you are really strong. It's one of my favorite weapons.
Socio (1 year ago)
Ninja Nerd Gaming i beat vordt and have his soul. how do i get the hammer?
Ninja Nerd Gaming (1 year ago)
There are a lot of options for a strength build. The Butcher Knife is my favorite. Has a fast attack speed with great scaling and is easy to get right near the beginning of the game. Also Vordt's Great Hammer is really strong in the beginning. I recommend trying out a few and see what you like.
AC Gamer 2999 (1 year ago)
to beat the mimic just lead him up the stairs and out the door to the dragon. if dragon breath don't kill him then just start heading back to the first bonfire but stop once you get up the ladder. then drop down to the platform(make sure the mimic is still following you) and then the mimic should be standing just under the platform. then you can just simply spam fireballs or firebombs or black firebombs(so just basically anything with fire or.explosions) and they will do damage to the mimic under the platform. really cheap but really easy especially for new players and noobs like me. pretty much any enemy can be leaf to dragon breath, and then if not dead then lead to ladder platform for explodies. also to get great armor and a knights crossbow farm kill the big knight by the second bonfire at high wall of lothric. you can also farm throwing knives there from the ninja guy dudes.
Andrew Paul (16 days ago)
thats a lot of bs for killing a minic. git gud
Set Zanx (5 months ago)
Or just get good
Zygimantas Bulaitis (6 months ago)
Golden Spectacles don't make a mistake of buying ds2. Imo only ds1 and ds3 are good. No offense to fans but i felt like ds2 wasn't a good game at all.
Butthole Licker (6 months ago)
MustardOrange It’s fine.
Clapped (6 months ago)
Butthole Licker my mistake. I read your comment wrong.

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