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Steam Download Error Update Required, Update Canceled

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The Solution: Special Thanks to @TheGenesectMaster Check the content log under Steam\logs folder. See which file is missing and put it in the downloading folder under steam When you try to download certain games on steam sometimes this error appears. in endless loop "update required" and "update canceled state". I uninstalled games and delete content , tried steam://flushconfig and repair libaries and change download region but none of them worked. I decide to shoot a video for people to understand what the real problem is. it is a bit of luck actually AC: Freedom cry game stuck at the and of download state. AC:Rogue keeps downloading gb's of data.
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TheXerforce (1 year ago)
had the problem till 2 mins ago, looked at my content log and saw that the executable file pang.exe was not in the downloading folder (i was installing pang adventures) and asked a friend to send me it over skype. i placed the file in my downloading folder and the game completed instalation.
TheXerforce (1 year ago)
glad to see it helped, it worked for me and i was just hoping it would work for u especially since the price of the games u were trying to install.
Hasan Can SARIDUMAN (1 year ago)
Well I just rename an executable file as uplay_string and it worked. So my friend I think you found the cure and this youtube commentary is far more helpfull than many forums :)
TheXerforce (1 year ago)
Hasan Can SARIDUMAN ask a friend if they have the file or see if any other of ur games have it and then place it into the folder while its downloading
Hasan Can SARIDUMAN (1 year ago)
I could'nt find the file yet
TheXerforce (1 year ago)
Hasan Can SARIDUMAN so did it work?
Duckz (5 months ago)
Having this problem now. Already happened to me twice, had to wait another week to download some workshop content. :l
Tommyash Ashleytom (1 month ago)
what is that missing content file , how will we know what file it is??
Hasan Can SARIDUMAN (5 months ago)
I don't have the problem anymore. just try to replace the missing content file instead of waiting weeks.
Rashiid Dahir (10 months ago)
How do u do it, got the same problem with bo3 which takes hours to load.

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