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Five Things To Do After Completing Far Cry 4

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Five Things To Do After Completing Far Cry 4
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SLYCOOPER GAMER (17 days ago)
Playing side missions (hostage rescue,assasination etc.) and looking for masks of yalung mohan ghale's yournal mani wheel posters
JustFurryTrash (19 days ago)
Got a problem i have got all the guns inte game and i have 5 million rupees how do i spend the money
The master 4life (1 month ago)
I love the part when you call the heavy dudes obese people!
Mr. Executioner (1 month ago)
152k views only 517 subs only lets sub him guys
JustFurryTrash (1 month ago)
Its so easy to beat it i did it in three dayz
JustFurryTrash (19 days ago)
What ?? Write it right i cant understand
Brayan Simental (19 days ago)
Fucken try hard
Ley Kaus (2 months ago)
And so, after King Min handed over Kyrat to Ajay, the people lived not so happily ever after...
Daniel Mcleod (3 months ago)
If only one of the far cry games let you become the antagonist. You come to the country with nothing, help people out and start to gain power and then get to make choices alot of them. Have the game with like 10 different endings. You can be a tyrant or a benevolent ruler. You can allow people to do drugs, race cars, fight, etc or outlaw it all. Choose the law in which you inforce the laws. That'd be a fun game.
Majestic Titanium Wolf (3 months ago)
I went on a killing spree of innocent people and it told me to stop or i will die
GX Gamer (4 months ago)
omg you made me love far cry 4 again
Channel 355 (4 months ago)
Obese People 😂😂😂
The Angry Cat (4 months ago)
I love this lmao
Aaditya Shah (5 months ago)
Which sniper is that😎
N a z i (5 months ago)
Bro u sound like master of luck, the fortnite troller
Farhood Orya (5 months ago)
And I got blood on my fucking shoes
XxXAnonymoushackerXxX (5 months ago)
Fucking love this dude
Arkham Knight (5 months ago)
Man this guy does really hate yak
Dickybutt McPoopyPants (5 months ago)
Make more videos you're gonna be huge no doubt
Lazo03828 (5 months ago)
It is fun to worship yaks for me. Cuz I never find yaks even if I go to their location can someone help me. :|
deez nutz (5 months ago)
Could you do the same thing but in far cry 5
Meditative Gamer (5 months ago)
What I do is kill everyone and unlock all atchivemeants
DragonGameing (5 months ago)
You deserve more subs
Atticus Montgomery (6 months ago)
This is actually a well built video.
Randy Childers (6 months ago)
Stop the. Narrating
Karel Kuusik (6 months ago)
I bet one of em is outpost reset
Viewanything Iwant (7 months ago)
Not trying to be rude here, but maybe you could have chosen a higher resolution image for your transition slide
Viewanything Iwant (7 months ago)
Hahaha all good, mate, everyone has those early days
Fiction (7 months ago)
Yeah. I made this close to two years ago, I think, and apparently had no concept of resolution.. or quality in any other form, for that matter.
Hairy Potter (7 months ago)
6. Play Far cry 5
Fiction (7 months ago)
I didn’t know they had video games at Hogwarts. Shouldn’t you be studying to kill a bald snake guy?
Mateo Ceballos Querol (7 months ago)
1:49 Mission report, December 16th 1991
Called Storm28 (7 months ago)
Two most op gung in Far Cry 4 BuzzSaw and AMR
MCD 1334 (7 months ago)
Subbed. very nice work👌👍
MrProxyWolf 55 (7 months ago)
Eating and vid is amazing Sub
BD tiger JoY (7 months ago)
its means waste more time from your life thanks bro
Salty Boi 99 (7 months ago)
I completed it with the secret ending at the beginning but I can’t play it anymore I need to start over again
Robin Thakur (7 months ago)
I liberated rajgad gulag unweakened at hard difficulty only by using the amr and shredder
Aquila Szulc (7 months ago)
Okay, so no one is going to talk about how the hell he manages to put a c4 on eagel?
The Angry Cat (4 months ago)
Aquila Szulc lol
Paperman (7 months ago)
Ted (8 months ago)
Lmao this is funny. I've done all of that stuff and more.
MantasLT Games (8 months ago)
why you write Pegan min
ZaneZ (8 months ago)
I was your 400th sub :)
pinklemonade HD (8 months ago)
I hate yaks so much
CHZ BUGU (8 months ago)
Jeez, do you have something against Yacks?
JNSClark - (8 months ago)
Uhh play far cry 5
Panda BroV5 (8 months ago)
that become pagin min idea is great
Nathan Contreras (8 months ago)
Guys I got the 1000 like
Charlie Theroux (9 months ago)
Totally agree, those jaks are a piece of shit!
PzG D3ATH (9 months ago)
My 5 things: 1: exit application 2: take the disc out 3: uninstall game 4: get crippling depression 5: wait for farcry 3 remastered
steve ovell (9 months ago)
You are a LEGEND LOL
steve ovell (9 months ago)
All yaks must DIE!!
CLEVER GEEK (9 months ago)
"Remember to worship yaks is to worship Satan" -Fiction, that be perfect for far cry 5
HandyMan101 (9 months ago)
ugh, watching someone try to aim with a analog stick is painful as hell
Puneet Grewal (9 months ago)
Best fc4 vid
pleasefeedtheanimal (9 months ago)
FUCK Far Cry 4!
Craz YT (9 months ago)
why yak
MSIL AER (9 months ago)
So, if you worship yaks, you worship satan? Hmm...it's no wonder why Kyrat is a screwed up place that used to be enslaved by a troubled tyrannic individual. In the cause of such events, the yak may be responsible for attacking shangrai-la, corrupting Amita and Sabal, and making Ajay's entire existance hell while Kurk landed on his g*d d**n sancrum. Maybe as a sixth way, we will see the demon Yalung french kissing the beautiful beastly bovine as he wears it's poop while making crab rangoon finger puppets. S:)
MSIL AER (9 months ago)
Thanks for the tip man, btw, you should check out my far cry videos; here's one of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4YPBoalUjk
Fiction (9 months ago)
Dude.. You should start a lore channel. Not even I put all that together.
TheBlueGamerG (9 months ago)
Fiction (9 months ago)
Oh bummer (9 months ago)
funniest shit I've watched in a while! 😂😂
Yar Zaroo (10 months ago)
I completed the game in 2 days i have played way to much
Matthew Cepeda (10 months ago)
2:20 happened to me with a bear thankfully second shot worked
Beckham Connellan (10 months ago)
I'm sad because I absolutely loved Pagan Min, and now he is gone! I want him back!
Beckham Connellan (9 months ago)
excusemaisweg ger, I solved this that like two weeks ago, I started a new game, that's also what you said, so thanks!
Beckham Connellan just make a new game
Micheal (10 months ago)
Some Hot Nuttela (10 months ago)
I love how he hates yaks
Hue Hue (10 months ago)
2:45 #Ripmonkey He will be missed dearly
Lord Xyron (11 months ago)
Omg this vid i hilariouS as all hell KILL ALL YAKS
undead dulers (11 months ago)
he really doesn't like yaks
taraej0729함은정 - (11 months ago)
You forgot: loot Pagan Min
mario hernandez (5 months ago)
Skull Crasher920 it's real, You get ALOT of rupies
Vladimir Makarov (7 months ago)
To loot pagan you must kill him back in the palace. Then go back to the palace and you will see him on the floor. Then if you loot him it gives you 500.000 K
Skull Crasher920 you can do it you need to wait until he gets in the chopper at the end then blow it up
Skull Crasher920 (9 months ago)
함은정 - taraej0729 can you even do it in the game or youre faking?
JdubU (11 months ago)
Or u can just replay the game
mega foo 54 (11 months ago)
This guys karma level is about negative 23 at this point
Moshiba32 (8 months ago)
mega foo 54 well he did beat the game that’s what I do
Cletus Biggum (9 months ago)
Goku Gaming (9 months ago)
mega foo 54 lol
Ranga (1 year ago)
I had to sub because of that last comment: "to worship yaks is to worship satan"
Kshitij Trivedi (1 year ago)
Most stupid video I have seen in a while.
Vixoo (1 year ago)
How do you change car look (from inside)
Default 01 (10 months ago)
blue :DD north and south kyrat have different cars. You're probably thinking of the south kyrat which are trucks, north kyrats are jeeps
Mon Chan (1 year ago)
Fan Bloody Tastic
ali k (1 year ago)
who's Sainte
Mike Garcia (1 year ago)
I love you
Capt. Narwhal (1 year ago)
But bro I hate using my bullets you know what I mea-...SHUT THE FUCK UP ME I WILL USE MY BULLETS!!!
Dibyojyoti Samanta (1 year ago)
Are you a fuckin kidding. In 21st century you are calling worshiping yak is worshiping satan.
andrew_baseball_ 03 (1 year ago)
This is funny as hell though 😂😂
Hue Hue (1 year ago)
2:45 rip Assam macaque that got killed by a black eagle THOSE BLOODY EAGLES
V Thangpuia (1 year ago)
that ending tho
No Name (1 year ago)
8 bit song earrape me
FAISAL GAMER (1 year ago)
worship yak=worship Satan hahahahahaha XD can't stop my laughing
V3X (1 year ago)
Dying of laughter (unlike yaks)😂
Hardcoregamerkid (1 year ago)
I miss this guy uploading
Adrian Mauldin (1 year ago)
Haha this guys trying hard to be funny but sounds like a nerd
Fiction (1 year ago)
Adrian Mauldin You make it sound like it's impossible to be one and the other. Have you seen The Big Bang Theory? Also, you should take comfort in knowing, after puberty and a bit of practice, I can now sound like the Honest Trailer's narrator
I DIED XD 2:44
Kieran BARNES (1 year ago)
Or you could just kill the golden path
Hunter Collins (1 year ago)
To bad I slauterd hundreds of leopard for their skin's
Earl Huffington (1 year ago)
Just so you know the eagle dropping the monkey was scripted, you missed.
Earl Huffington (1 year ago)
That One Channel cool, good vid
That One Channel (1 year ago)
David Tolson Thank you, I was aware
NintendoFanatic (1 year ago)
I would use the amr if it had a suppressor
Joe549 (3 months ago)
The easiest way to get to level out is to play FC4 Arena on your phone. Takes no time at all.
Alec Ingram (7 months ago)
Awklop Is Awesome the AMR is the signature z93. There's no signature signature weapons btw
Default 01 (10 months ago)
Michael Rosen there's a signature weapon of the AMR with a silencer
Madalin Grama (10 months ago)
TikunHipplaaaja Well...yeah, but you unlock that very late in the game. Whilst you can get the Z93 right after you free the first outpost (literally the very first time that the entire open-world map becomes available to you).
TikunHiplaaja (10 months ago)
Why not use the SA-50 with silencer, scope and extended mag?
PICKLE RICK (1 year ago)
How to get amr?
PICKLE RICK (1 year ago)
That One Channel nvm i just looked it up you need to beat 23 out of 24 outposts.
That One Channel (1 year ago)
RaZe Glaz I think you have to liberate all the outposts then you can buy it from the shop
Ronja Janatuinen (1 year ago)
Or have fun with the level editor
SLYCOOPER GAMER (17 days ago)
Playing side missions (hostage rescue,assasination etc.) and looking for masks of yalung mohan ghale's yournal mani wheel posters
YuhBoiiTrae (1 year ago)
Obese people?!?
Remz Playz (8 months ago)
Oh bummer (9 months ago)
he hates Americans
AyeKandeeStudios (1 year ago)
King of the Hill looks really fun, I should try that :)
JCM (1 year ago)
"To worship yaks is to worship Satan"😂😂😂
HazzaTheGamingLad (1 year ago)
lol who plays on console you cant even get 60fps lol
HazzaTheGamingLad (1 year ago)
fps means frames per second. You live under a rock or something? haha
Keaton Tullis (1 year ago)
HazzaTheGamingLad fires per second? What the hell are you on?
DarkDragonOfDerpz (1 year ago)
*sees the AMR*. *gets it right away*
Shelby Dude GT350 (1 year ago)
He said “worship Satan
Fiction (1 year ago)
+That Puerto Rican Gamer Indeed
TWVG (1 year ago)
Be Pegan min Who is Pegan
The Angry Cat (4 months ago)
Arvid (1 year ago)
play the fucking game you idiot
NintendoFanatic (1 year ago)
Ayden O'Steen "pAgin Min"
Ayden O'Steen (1 year ago)
THE MAIN "antagonist" OF THE GAME!!
TheLoneWolf IHML (1 year ago)
rkirbinator (1 year ago)
Fuck u
Fire Boy289 (8 months ago)
+rkirbinator you think differently...
Oh bummer (9 months ago)
Earl Huffington (1 year ago)
Fiction I think we got ourselves a yak worshipper over here.
iHard Bits (1 year ago)
rkirbinator fuk off
rkirbinator (1 year ago)
Like father like son ... bitch
rkirbinator (1 year ago)
Your dads a sad sack
Josue Rivera (1 year ago)

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