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CS:GO Tutorial: How to Sell Your CS:GO Items - Make Money!

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CS:GO Tutorial: How to Sell your CS:GO Items - Make Money! This tutorial will teach you how to sell CS:GO items, and make some money via Steam Cash to buy CS:GO skins for basically free! It can be confusing but I can make it simple for you :) ------------------------------ YOUTUBE (JOIN MY FAMILY!): http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=nikushx VISIT (FOR COOL STUFF): http://www.nikushx.com/ FACEBOOK (LIKE): http://www.facebook.com/nikushxnetwork TWITTER (FOLLOW): http://www.twitter.com/nikushx CHANNEL (SUBSCRIBE): http://www.youtube.com/nikushx PIXEL SUN SMP SERIES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-7X2mb0NQ3LpxIPhxtkNjmnuh4cPcz7c Minecraft is made by the company Mojang. Mojang allows players to create videos and monetize the recorded gameplay. This commentary is 100% original and made by me, NIKUSHx. Mojang Fully allows monetization of videos using their game play as stated in their Terms of Service. ✖ Outro Song credits: Title: Immensus - Only A Dream Artist: http://www.youtube.com/user/ImmensusMusic Network: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrionDnB Mojang, "If you upload videos of the game to video sharing and streaming sites you are however allowed to put ads on them." http://www.minecraft.net/brand-guidelines http://www.minecraft.net/terms
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Text Comments (170)
Irina Arteni (14 days ago)
how can i open csgo crates on steam ?? do i need keys ?
MaxLevel (17 days ago)
what the heck was that minecraft ending
DavyComedy (1 month ago)
why does it say it "holds" my listing for like 2 weeks before people can buy it?
Syva Gt (1 month ago)
What if it says you havent used somethingfor 7 days and market listing will be held for 15 days?? help pls
Carl Pettersson (1 month ago)
haha u dsaid it cost 19 cents so u wanted to sell it for 17 cents but u put on receive so u receive 17 cents and they need to buy for 19 cents hahahah
Felix Koster (1 month ago)
Rip.. Thought to get some cool skins with earning skins, but in my country (The Netherlands) they had a problem with the random lootbox stuff... Now I cant open my crates...
Erisi Rrahmani (2 months ago)
lmao that invitory about 40 dollars that invitory is like 3 bucks
eddie (4 months ago)
cringe outro
Stefan Vakos (4 months ago)
yeah 40 bucks,all your skins are literally 0.15
Blank_Z (4 months ago)
Lol you said scout abyss is $40 XD
cadengarvin13 (5 months ago)
take the mic out of your mouth
Soldier Fortress (6 months ago)
can anyone please i have to tell you. what will happen if i sell alot more?
sanpai (6 months ago)
I have to vertify my email before i can sell my items, but Idk how i do that, Anyone who knows how to do this?
Ace (8 months ago)
That's not even worth $40 lol
Datonedorito (10 months ago)
This video was no fucking help thanks
Veetiih (11 months ago)
I bought csgo couple days ago and i i bought case and i opened it and i had gun what costs 50€ so if i sell it can i bought new game with that money?
GAMINGwith KRUPY (11 months ago)
Justinas eww (1 year ago)
Illuminati (1 year ago)
Ill probably be the person who sells everything they get to make some cash
Keno Playz (1 year ago)
Mine is disables
razout (1 year ago)
have you set up steam authentication on your phone steam app? when you have set it up you have to wait 2 weeks. i have to wait mine too
dps910 (1 year ago)
Thank you, I was selling my items too cheaply and that's why they didn't sell :D I'm gonna go and sell my cases now
Domien (1 year ago)
worth 40 XDDD not even 2 m8
yojjam02 (1 year ago)
Dude your recording quality and your content is actually legit and really good. Honestly you should try making csgo videos.
Vrishin Zxc (1 year ago)
thannk you dude
RAZED (1 year ago)
when i click sell its says like, steam purchase in 30 days ???
HUKKUM KE IKKE (1 year ago)
My problem is I don't have steam. When I found out how much my karambit fade really costs I didn't knew what to do helpppp somebody please
SlimeStudios (1 year ago)
lol u say 40 bucks? u mean 4 right?
MEME BIGBOY (8 months ago)
Dusan Popovic (1 year ago)
i confirmed all on steam mobile app, but it put my items on hold for few days...why?
My pfp Godly (1 year ago)
Dusan Popovic I'm thinking it might be just so you don't get lots of cash fast and it doesn't look like you're making fake cash but it could be for another reason
SharkotSK (1 year ago)
cuz of shits like u the prices r going down u fucking cancer
SharkotSK (1 year ago)
get a job
TigerChills (1 year ago)
Yeah, isn't that fabulous? That's how we can have affordable skins on the market! <3
[S]{H}[O]{C}[K] (1 year ago)
i can not sell item and why??? :(
SANKET (1 year ago)
[S]{H}[O]{C}[K] The Market is unavailable for the following reason(s
BiggStork (1 year ago)
How to buy?
ErrantAc3 (1 year ago)
When I put it on sale, It says on hold for 15 days I don't know why. Please help!
Shahmeer Zaid (1 year ago)
Chaudhry Asim put up steam authentication
555 nignog333 (1 year ago)
Thank you! ;)))
JUICE (1 year ago)
Not the video i was looking for. But very nice job! I must say, much much better than many many other lesser known youtubers
Faiz Akhtar (1 year ago)
Upload more
Amaan Siraaj (1 year ago)
i tried to sell a case but its not letting me click sell beacuse i need to spend 5 pound on steam and wait at least 30days to a year after i spend 5 pound plxz tell me did you have the same problem or do you.
It's simple. Spend 5 bucks, wait 30 days, sell. There is no problem
Ghazali Muhammad (1 year ago)
I never buy a game before, so can't even sell items, LOL.
kjw43 (1 year ago)
what happens if i dont have a phone?
Gaming Shark (1 year ago)
kjw43 nothing
bad!punk!gamer (1 year ago)
how o sell cases cause ive got a lot
CJS (1 year ago)
lol, that outro
Lux (2 years ago)
good video ignore the haters
ItzJim_ (2 years ago)
one of the reasons I bought Cs go is to get a marble fade m9 bayonet and sell it.
ItzJim_ (2 years ago)
Nerdz Company (2 years ago)
Hope you complete youre faith
LazorPie (2 years ago)
i got a star track factory new deagle http://steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/StatTrak%E2%84%A2%20Desert%20Eagle%20%7C%20Kumicho%20Dragon%20%28Factory%20New%29
Stan Smallenburg (2 years ago)
stat track** boiii
Mikey Eretzian (2 years ago)
why u quit?
mappel (2 years ago)
OMG thanks m8 i searched sooo loong for a quick way to sell items
ItsGhostOwl (2 years ago)
thanks really helped
iiDesigns (2 years ago)
Freaking. Great! Thanks so much dude, i've went on so much videos trying to find ways to sell my items, but all the tutorials were crap and like 10 mins long, thanks for getting to the point quickly, subbed and liked.
Dawid Kosiński (2 years ago)
What if you try to list it but it says in yellow You need to use steam authenticator for 7 days
MrDirectorAgent (1 year ago)
Dawid Kosiński you need to activate steam authentication on mobile app
Anup Kolhe (2 years ago)
what about money
Turzan (2 years ago)
hey man some advice if you put your head set on right maybe just maybe you wont have to hold it on your head. and PS you inventory isn't 40 buck i would list at around more like the 0.40 cent rang.
Loodi (2 years ago)
"You must enter a valid price." Help?
chen.child (2 years ago)
Look at the graph there..... and put in a equal amount or less if you wanna be competitive.
GzyOnline (2 years ago)
Hey Game King! I'm wondering why there is a Quantity option when buying an item from the Community Market.. If I die in a csgo match, do I lose the weapon that I bought in the Market? or does my purchase stay in my inventory forever? I can't try it out for myself yet because I'm under the 7 day limit restriction... i believe? thanks!!
Nerdz Company (2 years ago)
GzyOnline (2 years ago)
i really appreciate the video! installed new video card on an 8 yr old system, started playing csgo again after 4 years.. drops, skins, cases, keys -this is all new to me! been playing cs servers just to get some skins, finally got a chroma case, now i'm searching to see if i should keep it or sell it or open it...? i was hoping i could open it and get some skins, after searching online i now believe once i open it steam is going to ask me to pay to..spin a wheel and get one of the potential skins -am i understanding this correctly? or i could sell it? going to give the market place a visit now thanks to your video.. keep up the good work! ;-D
Mr.Lobotomy (2 years ago)
hey how long did it take for you to get those csa go items
Heat (2 years ago)
you're ugly
717deathmetal (2 years ago)
Addy Bartolome (2 years ago)
It is also stat track
Addy Bartolome (2 years ago)
How long will it take for someone to buy a blue laminate ak field tested with stickers?
Jake Taz (2 years ago)
+TheIronicTea jokes jokes xD
TheIronicTea (2 years ago)
Jake Taz (2 years ago)
+TheIronicTea why not?
TheIronicTea (2 years ago)
Why scratch the stickers? lol
Jake Taz (2 years ago)
scratch stickers and sell it
Mr BillyGates Games (2 years ago)
Thanks this video really helped me out
Floko (2 years ago)
You must enter a valid price wtf..?
Rebecca Argall (2 years ago)
I have a question...if someone can help..my son is 15 and he gambles and sells skins on cs;go but recently he made 2k and wants to transfer to his pay pal account...is this legal? He is obviously very good at this but should I be concerned what are the rules....I am just concerned this is illegal...please help
Blank_Z (4 months ago)
Its legal
Jovin Obrovac (5 months ago)
That was legal,nice kid xD
ItzChromy (7 months ago)
Totally legal...what a lucky kid
Craig Smith (8 months ago)
Rebecca Argall, I imagine it's legal, but it depends on the country you live in. I am sure some countries don't allow it, but the rest do.
razout (1 year ago)
defo not illegal. its safe
Yzipity (2 years ago)
I got a problem: your account must be protected by Steam Guard at least 15 days HELP!
Yzipity (2 years ago)
Ohh, okay, thanks ;)
drink bleach (2 years ago)
you have to wait a few days that happens to everyone
Yzipity (2 years ago)
+noah mixon Yes, and i buy cs go on thuesday
drink bleach (2 years ago)
Did u just log in your stem Acc on that pc?
SteelGames (2 years ago)
EehKayBee (2 years ago)
I'm new(ish) to csgo. Is there a way where you get csgo skins in the game from playing it and then sell those skins?
Woodstumich (2 years ago)
dicksneezeman (2 years ago)
for some reason i dont see an inventory from cs:go even though i got plenty of guns. I can see all other games' their inventory though
- Strahinja - (2 years ago)
This cases you got there you got for free when you just play game?Or you need to buy cases then sell it for little bigger price and earn steam money?
GHUltimate (2 years ago)
+Woodstumich gaming yeah that's what I ment
Woodstumich (2 years ago)
+GHUltimate you get real money if u sell it at the steam market just u wont be buying anything outside steam with it but you can use a website to get it to your paypal
GHUltimate (2 years ago)
+Woodstumich gaming Isn't there a site where you can sell skins for real life money? Also, I probably wouldn't sell it for 2k, I'd sell it for like 1200-1500 so I still get a shit ton of money and the person looking for it will get an AWP Dragon Lore for 25-40% less. 
Woodstumich (2 years ago)
the only problem is that if you get a dragonlore it will take a while to sell it because not everyone has 2k but when that happens you can open a few cases mybe get a knife and buy more steam games
GHUltimate (2 years ago)
+Woodstumich gaming Yeah I know it's not the only one, but if there's a chance to get a $2k skin, I'll take it no matter how small.
yung hart (2 years ago)
How can I get this money to my paypal?
f0rgotten (2 years ago)
+H/\RT Sell skins on WWW.OPSKINS.COM
Ransith Senadheera (2 years ago)
Those skins reach $40? You wish they were worth $40. You'd be lucky if those equal even $20
Bwcwk (2 years ago)
+Eat-Sleep-Tutorial This video was uploaded in march 2015, a year ago, you can see that every item was more expensive last year, ex. the AK-47 redline FT was 8.00$ and so on...
Hoppeii (2 years ago)
does this get you steam money or real money? -_-
Woodstumich (2 years ago)
real money
Achou AXM (2 years ago)
is there some pepole want to buy the cs Items
Rambo Reloads (2 years ago)
so I can sell a skin and get money to buy keys and stuff ?? and 2 . can I sell a skin and get money onto a PayPal then for example I can go on Amazon and buy something ??
Mekhi Robinson (2 years ago)
Thanks dude u helped me a lot now I know what to do
Sam Hurst (2 years ago)
Is the money you get real money. That they could mail to you you or is it only steam money to buy a game or something like that
Heat (2 years ago)
BG Venity (2 years ago)
NO NO NO, You can send it to ur bank through an app
Heat (2 years ago)
+Sam Hurst steam money
Vendzor (2 years ago)
Step 1. Acquire a good amount of money to spend on crates/keys (or actually earn them legitimately). Step 2. Proceed to open said crates, hoping to get a expensive $100+ skin to sell on the Community Market. Step 3. Once you acquire said skin, sell it for a reasonable price on the Market (a little lower than the average price). Step 4. With your newly acquired money, buy everything you've ever wanted on Steam, and enjoy ;)
Abodi Fakhro (2 years ago)
Can someone give me 4 dollars please..! Thanks
SangreDeSteve_YT (2 years ago)
Can i sell default guns?
Fhantom God (2 years ago)
Zachary Claiborne (2 years ago)
Mr.SlipKnoT (2 years ago)
Ayaz (2 years ago)
Someone please help me buy cs
ProJackedGamez (2 years ago)
do you need a credit card? or does it just goto your steam account.
FAYZ QWIKSKOWP (2 years ago)
You can choose yourself I think
kiki esiin (2 years ago)
you need a Platinum Visa.
Cobalt (2 years ago)
there's a 2 cent fee?
kiki esiin (2 years ago)
Crimos (2 years ago)
and can i deposit that money on my bank acc?
thatguytate (2 years ago)
Can you make your own skins and sell that?
Stan Smallenburg (2 years ago)
- m1- (2 years ago)
Yes you can make.
Daniel Mörk (2 years ago)
No, you can't
Austin Lay (2 years ago)
Sayde (1 year ago)
it cost over 40 cents and no
Daniel Mörk (2 years ago)
CS:GO is on sale now, buy it
Spoider Fan (2 years ago)
+Austin Lay You should seeing in g2a
Piskevit Canavarı (2 years ago)
PLS give me free CS:GO :D
NothingButBoards (2 years ago)
+Graxorez no its $15 its so expensive
Graxorez (2 years ago)
+EfsaneCraft SonOyuncu its like 5-10 bucks dude, really
Nicholas Schaeffer (2 years ago)
thank you bro, i could have just figured this out for myself but i just had to make sure. i went to some other videos and they were about gambling it away and i just did not want to to that. so yours was the most straight forward so thanks again.
FSM B33Z (2 years ago)
You've almost earned a solid sub I just need to know one thing. If I have a pay pal set up steam will I receive money to pay pal or steam?
Thegamerguy890 (2 years ago)
Im pretty sure you can choose like if you ask for a refund
Mattjik16 (3 years ago)
How can i know when someone bought my skin
Brent Lacey (2 years ago)
+mattjik 16 if you have your email connected you will receive an email
Pizzazz - Peter (2 years ago)
Your steam balance will go up the amount that you sold it for
Soupy Dog (3 years ago)
"40 dollers"
thank u dude!
ThatKevin KiD (3 years ago)
people really needed a tutorial for this.....
Kyake (2 years ago)
People NEED to know how to profit
FifflaRain (3 years ago)
"40$ worth"
RsTK overdrive (7 months ago)
NA more like 20C
Black Skeng (1 year ago)
more like $4 worth
LJFrocksursocks (3 years ago)
Does your steam wallet automatically update to show how much you have when you have sold an item? Because I have and it looks like nothing changed
TheGamingSeal 17 (3 years ago)
+LJFrocksursocks No, Someone has to buy it.
anghel erdei (3 years ago)
Make a video how to buy items
Dominic W (3 years ago)
Thank you so much you're the only 1 who goes into detail about this. You've just earned yourself a new subscriber!

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