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HEADSHOT - Far Cry 4 #18

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Text Comments (10)
imkluu (3 years ago)
Your shooting skills have vastly improved in this video.
Jeff Nelson (3 years ago)
She can't play for shit....She doesn't even know what the fuck shes doing...Typical wannabe player girl. She sucks ass......lol
Nyctasia (3 years ago)
+Jeff Nelson She learned her 'English' from American friends, so it says far more about your society that anything it does about Europe.  As for games, I am very good at Chess, and at least passable at most computer games, better than Olga certainly, and even play one well known online game where I am better than over 50% of its total players. Where are your 'prodigous' gaming skills for us all to enjoy and marvel at? Still shy at putting them online for others to see?
Jeff Nelson (3 years ago)
+Nyctasia lol   you're just pissed because your a girl and suck at games too....DIrty mouthed Eurotrash needs to go back to Russia.....
Nyctasia (3 years ago)
You watched her video and contributed to her income. I imagine she really couldnt care less what you think of her skills - meagre though they are, it is futile to belittle her unless you grow a pair and put your own videos online to show how much better you are.
Brigitte Lindholm (3 years ago)
Brenda 05 (3 years ago)
Tasty Videosnack (3 years ago)
Louise Fasey (3 years ago)
JordanEvans20 (3 years ago)

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