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The Last of Us Music Video

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The Last of Us launched June 14, 2013. Buy it today. The Last of Us is genre-defining experience blending survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague. Cities are abandoned and being reclaimed by nature. Remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever they can find. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a young teenage girl who's braver and wiser beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States. Developed by Naughty Dog, The Last of Us is being made exclusively for the PS3 system. Visit the official The Last of Us website at: http://www.lastofus.com/ or visit Naughty Dog at: http://www.naughtydog.com/ You can also follow Naughty Dog on... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/naughtydog Twitter: http://twitter.com/naughty_dog ©2012 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. The Last of Us is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Created and developed by Naughty Dog, Inc. The Sony Computer Entertainment logo is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation. "PlayStation" and the "PS" Family logo are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
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Text Comments (3652)
RD GAMES (4 minutes ago)
2018 ?
Jess Alba (4 hours ago)
The best ps4 game
La Banda Sin Causa (5 hours ago)
Top 10 Best Soundtracks of Anime
oof man to the rescue (6 hours ago)
I love... (Looks at handwriting on hand) Joey and....Emily
savio grishjarta (7 hours ago)
Gustavo Santalaola is a friggin genius
MR. VIC (12 hours ago)
VaSiLiY Budanov (12 hours ago)
Заебатый музончик
VaSiLiY Budanov (12 hours ago)
Заебатый музончик
Marcos Vinicius (12 hours ago)
E bom o jogo
yasser nhlawi (13 hours ago)
When I played this game I feel like I’m in a great movie Awesome game awesome story thank you guys
Jade Rabbit (13 hours ago)
If I'm going to have a Kid I'm going to make him play this (at age 14 at least so he will understand the true meaning)
Jade Rabbit (13 hours ago)
The Last of Us and Uncharted 4 are the best stories I ever played!! (Can't wait for the Last Of Us 2)
Théo Martin (14 hours ago)
439 persons don't know what a wonderful game is The Last Of Us
darkspell7 (14 hours ago)
carrie mundi (15 hours ago)
Still best game after 4 years😍😍
Oton Gabriel (16 hours ago)
Zerei no modo punitivo, me chupem
Amy (17 hours ago)
Tiene restricción de edad asi que chiste!
Still awesome
MariUs 4 (19 hours ago)
One of the best games ever made with an even better soundtrack
Ali ali (1 day ago)
Welcome 2019 Happy birthday 5 years lol
Tarciano Santos (1 day ago)
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😢😢😢😢Sem palavras pra essa obra de arte.
Pure beauty
My favorite game is "The Last of Us"
Blanquitalalinda (1 day ago)
Me encorazonaaaaaaaa
iaruu ailen (1 day ago)
Hola! Desde el 2018
LilSamyy (1 day ago)
The feels
《-WJ GAMEPLAY-》 (1 day ago)
👍100. 000. 00Like👍
《-WJ GAMEPLAY-》 (1 day ago)
💖Love THE LAST OF US Love💖
Aviee Nash (1 day ago)
This game was the MASTERPIECE no no no..... Every game from Naughty Dog is a Master piece.....
Razka Syah (1 day ago)
Wait Wait Wait Did Joel Just Wiped Tess Face THATS SPECTACULAR
Baxtronx X (1 day ago)
Se nota que el compositor es Argentino por el estilo que tiene ,se remonta a siglos atrás
Khan Riffah (1 day ago)
Best game ever❤️
Commie (1 day ago)
I’m VERY excited for the second part of this!
Al Capone (1 day ago)
One of the best game ever made in PlayStation history real masterpiece!! Can't wait for part 2!!!
quiteX (1 day ago)
Jiminie Lee (1 day ago)
No game will ever be able to beat The Last Of Us. Masterpiece.
Commie (1 day ago)
Jiminie Lee obviously :> it’s so amazing !
Jiminie Lee (1 day ago)
Mizbah Rahemanwala (1 day ago)
The last of us is the BEST!!!!!!
Juanca Sanchez (2 days ago)
The last of us is not just a game is an experience...
Commie (1 day ago)
Juanca Sanchez words of wisdOm
Prashant Pal (2 days ago)
the last of us is a masterpiece my favourite game and this will never be change
Android Top (2 days ago)
Buenísimo :')
ozlemoz198 ozlem (2 days ago)
FreezLight96 (2 days ago)
Martin Alancay (2 days ago)
The last of us part 2
Roshan Sharma (2 days ago)
That's my childhoods favorite memory
Все о играх (3 days ago)
Я вовек не устану повторять что эта забава наилучшая на планетке земля и лучше вовек не будет
Samuel Gamer (3 days ago)
Eu amava esse jogo😢
quiteX (1 day ago)
Get Ranked (3 days ago)
Nick eh 30 brought me here
Goger Men (4 days ago)
Ахуенная забава
Thanos • (2 days ago)
О российский
Nick Strimer (6 days ago)
A meithing game
Кто из 2018?
Gridex (8 days ago)
Покажем, что российские тоже обожают эту игру?
best game ever
Get Ranked (12 days ago)
Still listening ❤❤
Just Watch (13 days ago)
santiago quispe (14 days ago)
I love the game and music :')
cool gamer (15 days ago)
best game i love it
Ethan Fairbrother (17 days ago)
The best game to grace a console :)
Ethan Fairbrother (1 day ago)
+quiteX yup <3
quiteX (1 day ago)
PS3 Cover <3
Nat SilenciosQSalvan (23 days ago)
Like si completaste el juego en una semana o en dos :v
Lo ameeee
Get Ranked (26 days ago)
Still listening this music. This music is love. Last of us is a masterpiece of design and can't wait for last of us 2
Rolio-BK1300 (27 days ago)
Sometimes i think, in these dark times, a game becomes true.
just fantastic 😍 Thank you for this Music Video 👍
Gabriel Ferraz Milet (1 month ago)
Awesome, and beautiful
Yashaswi Harsh Yadav (1 month ago)
You got no hope but you have to fight for survival
Auguste Dupin Da Vinci (1 month ago)
Like si ya quieres que salga el 2
I love THE LAST OF US... eu amo ATÉ O ULTIMO DE NOS...
ivanov2015 (1 month ago)
The Best Game with the best soundtrack... What else is needed?
Fauzio Mudiue (1 month ago)
The nostalgia is REAL!!!
Camila Potter (1 month ago)
The best game💖💖 I LOVE THE LAST OF US💖💖
MissNot SoAverage (1 month ago)
Thank you for the video!
Saad Khurram (1 month ago)
I think this game would be the best game ever made and one of my favourite game ive ever played, great game with great background music.Simply the best...
Helena 123 (1 month ago)
My is ps3 and play the last of us my kids and my dad i love playng the last of us
Thibau Teugels (1 month ago)
The song is like: you got no hope but you fight to survive
A _Bieber_16 (1 month ago)
Best game forever
Sweetrawr (1 month ago)
feels :(
Examuz PR (1 month ago)
the best game ever!!
Child of Light (1 month ago)
Melhor trilha sonora! Como amo!
Alessandro qr (1 month ago)
you're the best
احمد الطيب (2 months ago)
Still love it .. still listen to it until today 😍
NsarrGamer (2 months ago)
Bro .... why am i crying
lino vercetie (2 months ago)
legend slayer (2 months ago)
Best game
Chicco :D (2 months ago)
430 clickers watched this video
Yashaswi Harsh Yadav (1 month ago)
No they are the xbox and pc gamers 😂😂😂
Unknown ! (2 months ago)
2018 & still this game is the best Thanks for this epic game Naughty Dog ❤
CrystalBlue _ (2 months ago)
1v1 me Factions MP. Lakeside. Shiv only.
Alexis Farfan Fernandez (2 months ago)
OK DC vchdignjejdjfnjfpskvmvnfnngnfpgnjgnfkekkpenvlkcnvodkncofkfl FM film NFL DHL cold by time ball Elvin HD NFL GM haha ah fly😏😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
shabab times (2 months ago)
One of the best games that will be remembered all of our lives
alesha tran (2 months ago)
The song in the background is so beautiful it makes me wanna cry 😭
Lucas Santos (2 months ago)
Lelu PL (2 months ago)
NOSTALGIC!/NOSTALGIA! Siemanko, pozdrawiam wszystkich graczy a w szczególności Polskich graczy. Wow, sam Niewiem jak przeszedłem tą grę w wieku 8 lat na Normalny+
Abdullah Aydın (2 months ago)
Olum bu müziği duyunca ağlayasım geliyor lan
لعبه بنات احلى لعبه
Kaltoum Choual (2 months ago)
gtatuve YOUTUVE (2 months ago)
el del canal dime
gtatuve YOUTUVE (2 months ago)
ustedes saben cuando va salir the Last of us 2
FFilhotes (2 months ago)
Top 3 in my life
niko channel (2 months ago)
Super game and music

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