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LIFE IS STRANGE 2 Launch Trailer PS4/Xbox One/PC 2018

128 ratings | 3408 views
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Text Comments (37)
Ahnaf Sohail (22 days ago)
Can anybody tell me why are people here calling them Gay , Lesbian or whatever 😂😂😂
YShaner (23 days ago)
Life is Titanium not ft. Sia
Sacnel (23 days ago)
I want Chloe and Max not this.
Tom DeLonge (23 days ago)
Will i want chloe max and Rachel i don't care what anyone says
Kaelyn Gerena (23 days ago)
Does anyone know the name to the song in the background
Sandro Edilashvili (23 days ago)
Concept is good tho. Reminds me or the movie ,, chronicles,, where 4 dudes get superpowers and 1 of them goes berserk
YOunnngg BeE (24 days ago)
bubba bojanglez (24 days ago)
Here I'll spoil the ending for you. You're made to belive that the main character has supernatural powers, but in the end its revealed that it's actually the little brother with the powers. There you go, you're welcome.
Federico Machado (23 days ago)
Everyone knows the little one has the powers, dipwit.
Yoda Is The Senate (23 days ago)
bubba bojanglez we all know that retard
LEE-MAN 64 (24 days ago)
If I see another comment saying "we want max and Chloe back" I don't know what im gonna do
Grim Reaper (24 days ago)
F. B. I. (24 days ago)
Something tells me that even with as much of a masterpiece this could end up being, everyone will prefer the one with the lesbians
Blue (24 days ago)
life is edgy 2: Pubescent/ pre pubescent boys edition
Sam Harradence (24 days ago)
Life sure is tumblr!
Tom DeLonge (24 days ago)
Life is Chloe
Last Primaris (24 days ago)
You've got to be shitting me
707th SMB Vigil (24 days ago)
A Game that would be better as a movie smh. Time to hide all these fucking channels that will have a playthrough of this shit.
Jonathan Parker (24 days ago)
Nah, I have a bad feeling about this. Never played the others myself, but I've seen enough to know they're not going to deviate from the formula very much.
Juice Gentleman (24 days ago)
Let me guess he is gay
Jex Trex (24 days ago)
don't you know only lesbians can be in media.
Billa Vanilla (24 days ago)
Juice Gentleman most likely
Diana Lång (24 days ago)
I don’t like it :<
maurice meerts (24 days ago)
Shawn shawn shawn shawn shawn shawn shawn shawn shaaaawn
Nifty (24 days ago)
Life is gay 👀
Maxine Cartfield (24 days ago)
Officer Flat Foot (24 days ago)
Life is Angst 2
maurice meerts (24 days ago)
Hallo judy hops how are you also yes weeb xd
Huyi 45 (24 days ago)
Officer Flat Foot nah im just a hentai sl00t
Officer Flat Foot (24 days ago)
+Huyi 45 weeb
Huyi 45 (24 days ago)
Officer Flat Foot furry
Megan Kanitz (24 days ago)
Awesome video GLP 😁
awesomejf03 (24 days ago)
The lesbians?
creapsmantic (24 days ago)
The Gays?
Huyi 45 (24 days ago)
awesomejf03 married and live in the mountains together
Stonebeast 888 (24 days ago)
Vengeful ELEMENTZ (24 days ago)
First fucking view

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