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Whose gun is it, anyway?

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Tweet! http://bit.ly/RTWhoseGun Facebook! http://on.fb.me/nQoOQ5 Clinton Jones, aka http://youtube.com/pwnisher and I engage in some hand-to-hand martial arts tomfoolery. This is actually the first video we've done featuring hand-to-hand combat! For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (15994)
-yuu WU (4 hours ago)
Love Gamer (10 days ago)
jkloyup (18 days ago)
no u
aquele carinha (26 days ago)
Top 10 dramastic anime deaths
jawad mansoor (29 days ago)
That was wonderful
Sparky Hyper (1 month ago)
Bruh that is milk man he became a thief
Tinders (1 month ago)
That's why you don't hold a gun in someone's face
The Cereal Guy (1 month ago)
Whose toilet is it anyway?
Colin Zamorano (1 month ago)
Keep making these kinds of vids like sleep fighter and this one
- SPLITZ (1 month ago)
this happens to me alot in gta5
Vaughan Bunt (1 month ago)
this is why when holding someone at gunpoint you keep the gun close in to your body
cheeze buddy (1 month ago)
Stick that gun any higher up his nose and you might as well start digging for gold
David Smedley (1 month ago)
Love this channel so much. Come check out mine channel to it really awesome. This was a awesome video I loved it. Lol 😂 lol 😂 lol 😂 in the end he got the wallet. But that was a awesome fight. When he caught the ammo on his foot and got it back into the gun. I was like there a real cowboy 🤠 right there lol 😂 lol 😂 lol 😂. I loved it so much.
Jude Robinson (1 month ago)
Dang he took that kick like a fucking man. 0:21
Jsmackyo (1 month ago)
Freddy is a badass
Kevs Films (1 month ago)
I can’t believe how far rocket jump has come from shaking cameras and windy mics to their own tv show
Amy Gabriel (1 month ago)
I think Corridot is like you XD
GoodSportGaming : (1 month ago)
Freddy’s glock is best glock
William DE Jun (2 months ago)
eDivverse (2 months ago)
I think that’s my gun I lost it
Beanniemeak Feet (2 months ago)
Then milk man shows up
Biki roy (2 months ago)
Awesome videos all time.actually you guys are awesome.really like it 😊👍
That1Gamer ! (2 months ago)
That fat Asian couldn’t do that irl if he tried
D.A Silver (2 months ago)
That1Gamer ! you know some asians can do that right? its called martial arts dummy
scuttle06 (2 months ago)
wallet, phone
Leo Wong (3 months ago)
no quick cut,no shky cam
ClassyMango 6069 Gasse (3 months ago)
mohit kumar (3 months ago)
Ha ha ha ha
Kastoon Productions (3 months ago)
Where do you guys get your guns? I need prop guns...
Jeixs Daier (3 months ago)
Im going to die...but not alone because i have a WALEEETT
Brendan Matelan (3 months ago)
Did this video inspire TactiCool Reloads? Lol
D.A Silver (2 months ago)
Brendan Matelan bro this video was 7 years ago...
Noe Shot (3 months ago)
what this gun click click sound effects called ?
Glitchy (3 months ago)
Its funny cause Clint was the milkman xD
Andrew Smith (3 months ago)
Vedant Gannu (4 months ago)
Good ole days
Zelda Crafter (4 months ago)
James Cooper (4 months ago)
Part two was better but both of the endings were good
Skremble (4 months ago)
Top 10 anime fights
Jäger (4 months ago)
In many of your vids you keep showing the airsoft mag when reloading
Matthew Wee (5 months ago)
The last part was funny
Aquarius (5 months ago)
Those mugger fuckers!
Android Gamer (5 months ago)
Airsoft gun
orbe tron (5 months ago)
Omg it's milk man
flame wheel (5 months ago)
This is so cool and confusing
Rufus Greenleaf (5 months ago)
Clint then learned that mugging wasn't his strong suit and decided to become Milkman instead.
Thicc Anime Waifus Only (6 months ago)
*he got the wallet*
Krittin Vimolchalao (6 months ago)
2018 anyone?
D.A Silver (2 months ago)
Kong Vimolchalao sorry its 2018 BC here
Ghengis Moto (6 months ago)
everybody packing heat
Đoan Hồ (6 months ago)
Is it the airsoft gun?
your russian friend (7 months ago)
1:05 Looks like he didn’t die cause............... Just look
BloxyCola (7 months ago)
i know martial arts
Troy Thompson (7 months ago)
Top 10 anime fights
that gun is his gun, and the other gin is his gun.
thesinaclwon (7 months ago)
My fucking God it's been 6 years since this video? Time is stupid 😒
Mitchell Steeves (7 months ago)
It’s mine. (Get it?)
BibbinsTheGreat (7 months ago)
*anyways Yeah, I’m a dick
Francesco M (7 months ago)
When my friends ask me what happened the only time I got robbed, I show them this video, because this is exactely what happened. ;D
The Real Legolas (8 months ago)
What a way to go out...
Cole Robinson (8 months ago)
A hundred times better than Atomic blonde
bekosim batman (8 months ago)
"It's just a blank bro"
Eric Connor (8 months ago)
I miss these skits
Kevin Thai (8 months ago)
2018 anyone??
Kyle Bricky (8 months ago)
0:43 its an Airsoft mag
Matthew Birkett (8 months ago)
man i thought this was so cool when i was younger now i've taken apart a gun and i know that slides don't come off that easily how have i become so jaded
James Bellafiore (8 months ago)
We're did u get that air soft glock???
Andrew Martinez (8 months ago)
0:30 the gun broke a piece no wonder it’s so fucking cheap
Armor Matty (8 months ago)
I like it how neither of them tried to shoot when they had a proper functional gun and had the ability to shoot right at them.
Kaden Donaldson (8 months ago)
lol, i get an ad about gun control right before the vid starts. Best timing
Roshan Sami (9 months ago)
just shoot him damnit
Aidan Dixon (9 months ago)
He may be paralyzed, but hey he got his wallet!
Aidan Dixon (9 months ago)
You're being mugged No you're being mugged. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN
forgotten57 _ (3 months ago)
Ah how the hell did that even work!?!?
Y S J R (9 months ago)
It's been, at the most, 6 years since I've seen this. But yet I still remember the "WALLEEEEET" part crisp and clear.
Mugs (9 months ago)
Whose getting mugged anyways?
Dan McElroy (10 months ago)
We know It, s fake
Barry Villacarillo (10 months ago)
I can’t believe this was six years ago...
CobblesMiner (10 months ago)
I thought what was gonna happen was after Freddie took the gun the first time a cop was going to show up
ECiriachi (11 months ago)
Freddie should DEFINITELY stop walking through that particular alley.
xd_ Degree (11 months ago)
He looks life a half life 2 medic npc
Zoe Thomas (11 months ago)
Who wears a teeshirt in the middle of the night?
Miguel Sanchez (11 months ago)
guns have RANGE
Rafael Freitas (11 months ago)
0:45 hahhaaahahahahaahahahaahahahahahahaahahah
Baguette Boy (1 year ago)
Don't mug anyone, or they shall mug you.
Vincent Trudel (1 year ago)
you can hear the shell casings land on the ground before they even shoot each other
Koivu Gaming (1 year ago)
Who wathces 2k17
FireB4llz (1 year ago)
why would you throw the other half of the gun at him?
Jonny Vate (1 year ago)
rocketjump can you please view my latest video and tell me what you think I'm trying to have a channel like yours could you please give me some advice
Airsoft Randomness (1 year ago)
Nice airsoft gun also do a giveaway
Ihazdapuncake :p (1 year ago)
The title uses incorrect grammar
Antilles Gaming (1 year ago)
alternate version of milk man
drift_killz1012ツ (1 year ago)
Couldve just taken the mag out
Brad Loyo (1 year ago)
Brings me back when they actually made good content, or rather ACTUALLY MADE CONTENT AT ALL!
AACV Films (1 year ago)
Anyone realize how similar the ending looked to how the Mexican standoff in Reservoir Dogs ended?
Mary Lile (1 year ago)
Love these guys
Meh 2.0 (1 year ago)
0:43 dat airsoft mag
Huywithswag (1 year ago)
0:43 Airsoft gun magazine (FAIL)
RalphyOwen 05 (1 year ago)
I liked it how they used a glock
LA homicide (1 year ago)
here in 2017
p a r a d i s e (1 year ago)
The reason the mugger didn't die immediately is because Freddy had a glock.

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