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Aliens UFO mothership Filmed over Area 51

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Text Comments (38)
omgcarter gg (1 month ago)
ChewPlayZ (1 year ago)
Area 51 Located in Arizona it is said to be housing aliens the crashed here on earth 50 years ago
The proof that the government is hiding something from us, Including our tax money.
J Abbey (3 years ago)
If YOU are so CONCERNED  about it ,Shoot it down!  other wise STFU you can't do anything about it anyway,except posting a video and whining about it.Truly pathetic!
B Ambo (3 years ago)
BULLSH!T, This is the very famous Black Knight sattelite that was mentioned by N. Tesla himself. Has nothing to do with AREA 51 nor is it produced by AFO, please report !
José Boudes (4 years ago)
la nasa soutiendra que ce sont des DEBRIS!!!!!! MDR
Komori Aimi (4 years ago)
I think it's the Marloopa Monster. They've been lots of recent sightings in Canada.
NicolasCage M8 (5 years ago)
fake and gay
thank you you will be remembered
Fruitarian (5 years ago)
pff all these ufo sightings are IFFO!!!!
Cesar Q (5 years ago)
LAME Not AFO and the links to the images ARE STILL UP on NASA's stie
NOTACHANNEL (5 years ago)
1:19 blackbird
KnightoftheCross1 (5 years ago)
AFO Wannabe??
Manraj (5 years ago)
OMG me and my friend saw the same thing in Toronto candida we got freaked out and ran
e r (5 years ago)
We need Flash Gordon....and now!
turtletwi (5 years ago)
you guys are so wanting the world governments to come clean and tell the world what they know but once thats done it can't be undone and if you think racism is bad now then it will only get worse. I'm honestly very happy being able to live my life day to day. Once truths are known no good can come from it.
Savage2Raw_ (5 years ago)
Why everybody getting mad im mean if this clip fake then it fake dont get mad and sleep mad the person that made this clip sleeping good so dont get mad just forget about it
Colton Murphy (5 years ago)
The images may be space junk, however the Black Night, to my understanding is in a polar orbit and has been there before we humans sent anything into space - that would suggest that the orbit was by design and not of our own volition
Matt Theriot (5 years ago)
AFO prides itself on posting AUTHENTIC videos, this one is FAKE AS SHIT and NOT THE ACTUAL AFO CHANEL
ovdhpower (5 years ago)
reminds me of snollie by rawx
小林宗生 (5 years ago)
Jess l (5 years ago)
Best of JUNE 2013, yet posted on APRIL 27, 2013 ? Fail..
TheCriticom (5 years ago)
That stuff is clearly space junk astronauts were taking pictures of to show us how much crap is up there.
jameshem (5 years ago)
genuine content but fake thumbnail? i dont get it so im not subbing.
Isabella A Rossellini (5 years ago)
Fake satellite? Could it be that another country had a satellite in space before the US?
charlesbaileys (5 years ago)
i know what it is his name is darth vader and he comes from tatooine planet, in the outer rim territories.
Mikkyo Ryu (5 years ago)
how come this is 2013 video when i view this way before? c'mon. sorry not impressed w
geoxpapas (5 years ago)
Lose the music!
Skellys (5 years ago)
FAKE O/ | /\
DarthGregor (5 years ago)
People are more into whats up there than whats down there as I always say look down first not up
Edward Feltch (5 years ago)
Liked seeing the newspaper story on Major Donald E.Keyhoe,USMC Ret.He was the original investigator of UFOs.
Flamesthatburn331 (5 years ago)
DaveKat Egbert (5 years ago)
0:52 It looks like an Angel With a Shotgun...
TheBurke48186 (5 years ago)
The name of the song is annoying
Ridley1212 (5 years ago)
Awesome video. What's the name of the song that's playing?
FreeLearnclass (5 years ago)
thanks, this is you guys who inspire us to make awesome videos
xtempamedz (5 years ago)
he means you published the video on the 27 April 2013 and its May
1234circle (5 years ago)
What's the name of song you are playing I like it. Also interesting stuff in the skies lately.

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