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Far Cry 4 Map Editor Animation Tutorial - Its Really Cool.

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Follow me on twitter @FallenNinjaEd Its cool to give them custom animations!
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Jym E. Changa (30 days ago)
these only work maybe 50% of the time. The whole animation points system is broken.
LacaMen DRY64 (3 months ago)
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Marcus Huusko (4 months ago)
Terrible tutorial... U know you can search, right? Dhole and dog is not the same thing are u retarded? The dog didn't do what you tried to make it do. For real?
Nyla 48 (5 months ago)
Zxylo 5 (7 months ago)
How can enemy Ia use helicopters? I’ve seen them doing this multiple times
kalajel (8 months ago)
Dholes are the wild dogs.
ITS A DIO (8 months ago)
Great tutorail. I wanted to know how to do the animation thing
Osama Bin Laden (1 year ago)
The animations don't always work, I'm having issues with the map editor where they don't do the animations and just wander off? The map editor needs to have more work done on it to fix it's issues
Smoke (6 months ago)
Osama Bin Laden Ik probably why I never can make a good stealth map
G A M E S (1 year ago)
If you put two NPCs next to each and put an animation point, then one NPC does not use animation, and the second one uses both, and it is not known from what first one it will start ... maybe somehow you can assign animation to a specific NPC?
dragon 321 (1 year ago)
and im making a map myself but its an extraction map its almost done i do some on the ps4 and xbox too
dragon 321 (1 year ago)
i like the animations in far cry 4 map editor one of my favorites are the shangri talking b and a because if you put it on a in either a male or female this would be good to use in your maps
dragon 321 (1 year ago)
totally its my fav animation
Fallen Ninja (1 year ago)
Thats true. That animation is king of trippy.
Heather g (1 year ago)
super helpful thanks
Arseniy TV (2 years ago)
Very nice video! We really like it! It looks so much fun! I subscribed and liked! Check our channel and please sub back too! Thank you very much!)))
Ethan Rimmer (2 years ago)
how crap was this tutorial really? wow
how do i even get the map editor?
+Fallen Ninja Games Ok, thanks
Fallen Ninja (2 years ago)
+bandbgamesroom If you have the game it should be an option when you click play on Uplay.
abacinate_ (2 years ago)
thank u m8
Raw Tee (3 years ago)
it;s a dog. guard dog.. search dog
Charlie Burton (3 years ago)
I can't get the animations to work ;(
Fact Check_az (3 years ago)
I love that , make city more I like it
YoungMate (3 years ago)
Omg! Thank you Fallen. You are my savior!
elliot foxprince (3 years ago)
this was so helpful! i tried to make this work for hours and couldn't find a definitive answer on the correct way to make this work, but this did it for me! for some reason the AI wasn't seeking out the animation points, but putting it behind them definitely worked. thank you!
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
+elliot foxprince NP man! glad i could help even though i was kinda wrong.
Dzingzing (3 years ago)
YOU'RE WRONG. You don't put the animation point behind the AI because the AI move to the animation point.
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
sorry sir but THERE IS an annotation stating that i was indeed incorrect.
Josh Barlow (3 years ago)
How do you assign the animation points to individual characters?
Jym E. Changa (30 days ago)
you have to put it close behind them, but they still don;t work most of the time
Illusive Prime (3 years ago)
Hey Fallen, I just got the game, I was wondering, is there a way to force a enemy/friendly AI character use a turret even on a building or on a vehicle? There is no animation for that.
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
I do not believe that is possible, however placing ai near the turret will make them more likely to use it. Aswell  placing objects to impede their movement making them stay on the turret. check this out http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/960330-Far-Cry-4-Map-Editor-A-I-movements-Waves-and-Animation-Points-Forums
Maddoxx (3 years ago)
Thanks! But it's not always working any way's to fix that? I Put Generic Idle's behind some but they keep moving.
OHM-968692 (3 years ago)
can you apply animal animation to humans? and can you make them walk around the whole map not just one area?
OHM-968692 (3 years ago)
+Fallen Ninja Games  ok thanks a lot :) . I will have to try one day!
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
+MultiSciGeek Its the navigation areas the ai can walk on, you can toggle the view of it.
OHM-968692 (3 years ago)
ok thanks. What is a nav mesh? +Fallen Ninja Games 
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
No u cannot, the animals and humans will walk wherever the nav mesh allows them to.
AuzzieKing1 (3 years ago)
Anyone else feel completely dumb when you realize that you have to put the animation behind them!
AuzzieKing1 (3 years ago)
+Fallen Ninja Games Ohh ok dam that makes thing harder when trying to play the animation points aimed at specific AI. No wonder when i was trying to make a map the AI go to random ones :(
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
Sorry for the misinformation. Actually the animation point can be anywhere in the map. The AI will randomly walk into them.
NewSoundNow (3 years ago)
1:40 I'm gonna kill him cos that's rude 😂😂
GalaxySCG210 (3 years ago)
"Imma kill him cuz thats rude" LOL died at that part haha
PSCYBORG (11 months ago)
Gary Parkin lmao
Gary Parkin (1 year ago)
OMG, I laughed my ass off.
joe gavin (3 years ago)
You are wrong that arow means which we he her or it does it
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
+joe gavin yep sorry, video was made REALLY early.
CoR3 Nova (3 years ago)
How do you add attachments to your guns in far cry 4 map editor?
Der Hurensohn (3 years ago)
In the menu, modifikations, weapons
CoR3 Nova (3 years ago)
But if u can't that's stupid you should be able to
CoR3 Nova (3 years ago)
The thing is I've played published maps that have attachments on the guns
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
I don't think that's possible.
Layla van Zant (3 years ago)
Dhole's are the wild dogs that run around the map. You played the actual game right? You couldn't avoid those annoying dogs if you tried. They were everywhere.
Rumen Kostoff (3 years ago)
my map editor keeps crashing randomly, same happened with the far cry 3's map editor any ideas how to fix?
Rumen Kostoff (2 years ago)
Windows 10
versha pehal (2 years ago)
Same with me bro.. I understand ur pain.. I am using windows 8
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
+Rumen Kostov are you using windows 8?
Edward Wideman (3 years ago)
Not cool ok dude
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
ok :(
Henry Dowling (3 years ago)
Is this animation tool for Xbox one ?
Triorgamer1 (3 years ago)
also for last gen
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
+Henry Dowling Xbox one, PS4 and PC. Not sure about last gen.
- S I L V A - (3 years ago)
dude you gave the attack dog a dhole animation that does not work you should just have gone to the top and found Attack dog
Chris Meyers (3 years ago)
you can also use wolf animation points for the dogs as well, its what i use all the time for my dogs and they work too
JCRocky5 (3 years ago)
According to the editor manual (XB1) the animation objects, AI seeks them out. So you can place then at different places & AI will wonder over to them when in range. Keep up the videos I'm liking the FC4 editor ones.
evildog142 (3 years ago)
i like your profile picture xD
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
Thank you guys.
xCAPTNxBACONx (3 years ago)
and the arrow represents where the person will face while performing the animation. good vid
Fallen Ninja (3 years ago)
correct, i was ignorant to that fact. BUT if its placed close to them they are more likely to walk towards them.
Adam Morrow (3 years ago)
Oh! One more question was about the grappling hook type stuff from the single player. Are there objects within the map editor that you know of that are special and allow you to grappling hook them? That could go a long way to make some interesting maps if there is. 
Adam Morrow (3 years ago)
Definitely a fan of the animation points. Any chance you'll show us what the object ones are? Also, Is the cooldown a timer until they repeat the animation? Like if it were set super low then Mr. Hosage Man would pee nearly all the time, but if it were set at say 60 (seconds?) then he'd pee every minute?
crazycropvideos (3 years ago)
me gusta

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