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Do You NEED a Graphics Card to Game?

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Text Comments (2203)
Bishop Anderson (1 hour ago)
I don't need dashlane but I have it installed, I keep my steam and computer password just tucked into the back of my phone case
Sayam Qazi (18 hours ago)
Just use KeePassX an open source password manager.
el mosquito (23 hours ago)
y que pasa si una mosca pasa en frente del cooler? :V
Bennedict Priestly (1 day ago)
I guess im the only one who play fps games in low graphic but high resolution in high end pc
Crimson Karma (1 day ago)
my desktop is generic, its an acer bought in stores so it doersnt have an ssd or a gpu and it can barely run minecraft without a mod that takes of particles and kills lava/water flow texture its hightime i get a gpu but im planning on buying a prebuilt gaming pc. the cyberpower $800 pc in fact (the same one austin evans did a review on)
marlow.e ncna (1 day ago)
Medium @ 900p-720p / 60fps perhaps? For 2016 AAA games
Adam Rangel (2 days ago)
Why do u make you game small or your window smaller?
next video " Do you need a Game ................to Game ???"
Blindsniper _ (4 days ago)
The spittle at 2:49 is sexy.
lucas tomm (4 days ago)
MrJokerakajason Nauth (4 days ago)
yes in msi afterburner u can see your cpu apu and gpu tempher
Josh Smith (5 days ago)
use a password to manage passwords?
Misael Echeverría (5 days ago)
Hey @Bitwit would you highly recommend a dedicated GPU for graphic design and small 1080p short clips for editing?
Ugo Mariani (5 days ago)
What s the case
Rayan Ighil (5 days ago)
still on my intel hd 4000 laptop
xYottaByte Gaming (5 days ago)
well having great graphics card is badass but how about lag because of connection?
Neos Neowise (5 days ago)
esta apu es un quita sed mietras ahorras para una tarjeta de video. lo malo es que de aqui en pocos años los juegos demandaran un procesador de mas de 4 nucleos.
UnitedRaccoon57 (6 days ago)
What proccesor is he using
gohstr_games (7 days ago)
I would have taken some of that mesh that you cut away and put it over the Wraith shroud. Just to help keep stuff clean. :) It looks awesome otherwise! Awesome job, Kyle!
Tupiz (7 days ago)
I saw something GENUINE there...
Robert Montgomery (8 days ago)
Another good comparison would be towards consoles.. Im wondering if ps4 graphics are better or worse if you compared fortnite on both.
tedz (8 days ago)
awh yeah tell me your knowledge
Hưng hoàn hảo (9 days ago)
Can i get the name of this case,pls.
Forrest O'Connor (10 days ago)
My Zotac EN1070K is smaller than that. Big power brick though... Anyway, I just delided it and applied Liquid Metal, to a tiny Zotac EN1070K. You could step beyond that and upgrade to a Core i7 7700T (definitely needs liquid metal). Oh and good news, even tho the GPU and CPU share the same Copper heatsink, they don't short each other out. I was legitimately worried about that. Last thing: Its has a 150 chipset so instead of Optane, I went with FuzeDrive. I still used an Optane Stick, but FuzeDrive as a better software solution. Watch a few videos on FuzeDrive. Good stuff
Da_Lenster03MC (11 days ago)
But the real question is "Do you need lungs to breathe ?" hmmmm.
AniqRTH (12 days ago)
Try play csgo because this game is gpu base
sjagain (12 days ago)
If you move down to a Rysen 3 2200G you save about $50. Keep 8gb ram, and sell the other 24gb. Take the extra cash from the 24gb ram and Ryzen 3 savings, and get a 1050 ti. Nearly double the fps for the same price.
fiszek88 (13 days ago)
in gta 5 you have better fps than me XD i5 7400/gtx1050/4gb ram
Bor Zver (13 days ago)
Yes you need
xFuryHD (14 days ago)
Next video: do you need a pc
AnimeT0getherEU (15 days ago)
Whats the wattage?
Ivan Branković (15 days ago)
with better cooler on that heatsink u can get lower temps >D
Kauan Batista (15 days ago)
What are those softwares that he used on the left of Fortnite? To manage system's status? I'm planning to sell my PC and it would be great to use some prints of these windows.
Nebsen Bebsen (16 days ago)
But can it run crysis
Live Gamer (16 days ago)
are you running these games without graphics card
matthew keogh (16 days ago)
that small pc is so much better than anything i own,
Willy Law (17 days ago)
activate your windows
And Reas (18 days ago)
You ruined the case.
THE JA ARMY (18 days ago)
I am tempted to just come to his house when hes recording and just walk behind the camera and say whats up and just grab that Amd radeon rx 480 off his shelf I have that card but the 1 generation older So RIP.
Ethan Vankoughnett (18 days ago)
was I the only one to see the ashley madison sticky note during the ad?
Copnap (18 days ago)
Tez Gill (19 days ago)
Yes you do The End.
iori koy (19 days ago)
activate windows
sebisdead (20 days ago)
do you need water to live?
Rooney (21 days ago)
next video: do you need a power supply?
Milan Avramovic (2 days ago)
I was just wondering that, as I was looking at this tiny marvel of science: where the hell is PSU in there?!
A man of culture (22 days ago)
GTA V in 720p still looks nice in 1080p monitors though... So i dont think people who owns this APU can even afford a 4k monitor...
keltanlayfra (23 days ago)
is that a buzzard attack helicopter in the background from gta5?!?!
Farhan Ega (24 days ago)
What case?
OtavioFesoares (24 days ago)
Do you really need to place an almost two minute ad right in the beginnig of the video? Fuck.
Daniel Fernandes (24 days ago)
YES! oh, there's a video
Jules Phillips (25 days ago)
well im going to play with a gpu because i want to see the game im playing but you can play without one
IIHAIAHII (25 days ago)
And here I thought 3.9GHz was stock speed for the 2400g. Been running it at ~55/60 Degrees since ever. Never had any issues
tylercore9 (25 days ago)
Does anyone know if you can fit a 1050ti sc in this case?
SavageCleans (25 days ago)
Litteral answer: Yes, and for everything because if your cpu doesn't come with a integrated graphics, your PC doesn't start up ._.
Iran Reyes-Gélinas (25 days ago)
Me : Watches the video Also me : but i have a 1080 ti
Inhale the memes (25 days ago)
That rgb ram will give you the performance of an rtx 2080 ti.
Geodude 074 (26 days ago)
Step 1. Save $150 by buying an APU instead of a GPU. Step 2. Take that $150 and spend it on overpriced RAM because your APU needs high speed RAM to perform well. Step 3. End up with overall worst gaming PC than if you had just bought a GPU.
Typhfuun (26 days ago)
On Fortnite u run just as good as my pc which is 1050 and i3
Mohammed Alattas (26 days ago)
Are you using Ryzen 5 2400g ??
FornDBK (26 days ago)
Your windows is not activated
Daniel Ghita (27 days ago)
"activate windows" a million sub channel can't even afford windows, but I can🤣
tusseboi (28 days ago)
Dashline??? I use lastpass 😉
Joseph Parmer (28 days ago)
Honestly love this build.. it has character. Thank you for the time you put into making this video. - Console Killer.
biggus bestus (30 days ago)
For this kind of confusion I will just stick to pac man
Daes 7 (30 days ago)
I really wanna buy a Asus GTX 1060 6gb but it's $400
Martin Kalchev (30 days ago)
can you gave a link for this pc
King Wong (1 month ago)
I need a graphic card to play Roblox my intel HD is so lag and alway crash in game!
LAST GEN GAMER (1 month ago)
Thank You for DashLink it is the app that i need
Mattias Esken (1 month ago)
you haven't activated windows :D
henry3136 (1 month ago)
Benchmarking Tip: In Battlefield 1, the single player components (especially the scene shown in the video) are much easier to run when compared to multiplayer. I used to have a weak pc that could run okay in the singleplayer but would lock up in multiplayer.
CHK MKN (1 month ago)
can this CPU do 4k streaming? Was thinking to make HTPC for my tv.
Jacklog (1 month ago)
Real question is do you need a computer to game? No.
LVGAMINGS (1 month ago)
its just like key loger
Wyo Wolf (1 month ago)
What overlay is that that shows the FPS mem, etc?
Gaming Drama (1 month ago)
Dashlane really works (not sponsored XD)
Succubus (1 month ago)
zuma deluxe doesn't need it
Mr Lucky (1 month ago)
Fuck that advertising before the start of video
Maskeraith (1 month ago)
"Things are pretty good so far" *proceeds to jump out of a helicopter*
kenjopac (1 month ago)
"venturing a little bit into console territory" 8:58
Ecktor (1 month ago)
Cooki3 Cutt3r - (1 month ago)
Next: do you need a game to game?
Soggy Lemons (1 month ago)
Who remembers AwesomeSauce?
BigBadSpikey (22 days ago)
Pepperidge farm remembers
jacob Goldstein (1 month ago)
what is he using to see the specs while gaming
Stjepan Sliskovic (1 month ago)
What is that app what show i cpu usage ram usage fps and more pls say me?
Kerlebsky (1 month ago)
Hodor (1 month ago)
The add was pretty useful I needed something like that, but I’m too lazy to download it
Barts (1 month ago)
The video properly starts at 1:17 By the way (BTW) No hate to Dashlane.
Bofuu (1 month ago)
Eh, looks interesting... *Sees first 2 games (Fortnite and Overwatch)* This kid knows what's good! SUB! :}
Lossle King (1 month ago)
Ohoy Gaming (1 month ago)
mext video:Do You NEED a Game?
meareAaron (1 month ago)
where the hell is part 1
Carl Johnson (1 month ago)
next video: do you need a computer to game?
Dem MEMES THO (1 month ago)
hmm that bank card looking nice
Nashiro なしろ (1 month ago)
What if they hack dashlane lmao
DEREKEKLOUDE (1 month ago)
y e s
Moon Tae-il (1 month ago)
What about 12 GB of ram? (1 8gb and 1 4 GB stick)?
Abdelkader Bennaoum (1 month ago)
Dual channel is better, 8*8 or even 4*4.
Gamerz Nation (1 month ago)
What fps reader are you using
Sharif y (1 month ago)
Nice vid but i only disliked for the 500th disliker xddd
sonickautschuhe (1 month ago)
1:20 min just for a sponsored segment... can you do it like LLT? theres is just 10sec.

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