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Avengers 2: Age of Ultron | official trailer #3 US (2015) Robert Downey Jr.

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official trailer for Marvels Avengers: Age of Ultron - Мстители: Эра Альтрона - Vingadores: Era de Ultron - Avengers: L'ère d'Ultron - Os Vingadores 2: A Era de Ultron - Vengadores: La era del Ultrón
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Text Comments (1809)
Bballer23 (2 months ago)
"People would have looked at the sky and seen hope. I'll take that from them first. There's only one path to peace, their extinction." I wish this line was in the movie
KenTobt (4 months ago)
WatchBuzz (4 months ago)
Avengers premiere experience inside Vin Diesel jacket https://youtu.be/FYWM135g-CY
Glowy3000 (9 months ago)
Omg! The movie is coming out on my birthday wow oh well
Evrthin For Music (9 months ago)
Now ready for 2018 infinity war ! !
Mijo Cee (1 year ago)
At 1:06 ... I thought it was Wolverine T_T
annie Gorreth (1 year ago)
giiiiiiive me the film please
Norcal (1 year ago)
1:00 damn did that ugly mofo get to kiss Scarlett Johansson?
CY Trick Shooting (1 year ago)
who's the girl at 0:20
TGA Super Plays (2 years ago)
My least favourite marvel movie
Darryl (2 years ago)
Man the hype for this movie was INSANE
markos zala (2 years ago)
marvel movies 2000-2015 spiderman ironman the hulk capitan america fantastic4 xmen thor gaurdian of galaxy. 2015-2020 black panther dr strange avengers3 antman & more spiderman i guess.
ChuckFuckingNorris (2 years ago)
Marvel just confirmed,I'll be in Avengers 3 I AM CHUCKFUCKING NORRIS!
Brenda Vega (2 years ago)
Kasim Koc (2 years ago)
Watching after civil war
Phun14 (2 years ago)
I wish they didn't kill quicksilver
Dauda András (2 years ago)
Avengers 2 is a crawling point of mandatory best black friends of protagonists from standalone movies!
CRYAOTIC1337 (2 years ago)
I think that good to be add wolverine in this film :)
Esta muy buena 😍😍😍
nantcho paul (2 years ago)
Mark Yoder (2 years ago)
after watching this trailer, I will send you 200g of various sweets candies from Ukraine
abyisheik Reddy (2 years ago)
I always had a doubt guys....HULK CAN PULP THE VILLAINS MINIONS BUT CANNOT PULP FICTION THE MAIN VILLAIN....because of moral values....isn't that ironic!!!!!
Mr Impotent (2 years ago)
great cast, well written, good plot. what more good a film fan want? thank you!!! 10/10
Emre Özyurt (2 years ago)
People would look up to the sky and see... (0:22) me: would see boobs
Ravi Singh (1 year ago)
sex for man
Natálka Králová (2 years ago)
nevíte kdy to bude v kine
shaun yang (2 years ago)
Bull man don't watch this and pray for your children
Internet user (2 years ago)
Wow so much potential. The trailers showed ultron as menacing, and the tone of the movie seemed to be intense and dark. But the actual product was every single character saying one liners while people died around them. One obligatory death does not make a movie dark. Also, it spent too much time setting up other movies instead of being a good movie. I liked it because of the action, but there was little to no motivation, story, or emotion behind these fights. However, still a great movie (i really like action), but i can see why others despise it. It would have been amazing if it was like the trailers showcased it as.
Darryl (2 years ago)
Yeah i wish the story was dark
Internet user (2 years ago)
hew ooks (2 years ago)
Agreed. This is why Captain America 3 will be way better.
deborath alderete (2 years ago)
Kingkb (2 years ago)
wait if ultron is the internet what if there is loadshedding he would shut down
Este. vídeo. es. muy. chebre
Pooja Mehra (3 years ago)
check this video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yhThqor4T4
suman sinha (3 years ago)
It was a pretty gud movie......
Edwin Myers (3 years ago)
but why aren't other warriors of Asgard helping Thor, their prince?
LifeOfWorld (3 years ago)
A list of movies in what order should be watched: 1 Iron Man 2 Iron Man 2 3 Thor 4 Captain America: The first avenger 5 Avengers 6 Iron Man 3 7 Thor 2 8 Captain America: The winter soldier 9 TV Show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Season 1 10. TV Show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Season 2 11. And finally this one - Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. 12. TV Show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Season 3 is coming... Hope it's useful, cheers.
pAdDy jAmEz (9 months ago)
Um you watch the first avenger and THEN Iron Man 1&2
Jaqen H'ghar (2 years ago)
+LifeOfWorld http://cnet4.cbsistatic.com/hub/i/2015/04/30/828bbb20-dd6a-436a-8509-14f6557fd233/finalmarvelgraphicv4.jpg
The Absolutely Guy (2 years ago)
+joe those two aren't really important if you want this movie to make sense
TeenageGaming629 (2 years ago)
Where is Guardians and The Incredible Hulk?
David Urban (3 years ago)
What a stupid CGI infested gut wagon
Terissa Mitchell (3 years ago)
what exactly are the black widow's special powers?
(ಠ_ಠ) (3 years ago)
+T Cola she doesn't have powers. she is just an assassin.
Happy Toy Time (3 years ago)
I made some cool Thor and Loki crafts here! https://youtu.be/KH7-DqHygN4
Ricky Shaw (3 years ago)
["!_f5C7Lcrs7xVrYRED9vhc8_cOiMCAAAAIFIAAAAGKgET3lsGZucb0t9dUh3-VO8SPi7F-2RC__h3CClLpb4FMGHIkt0aIBbFDL1X7gvgh-4bqQiYdGPQBxj2vKJD7gjxwlCRKw03AqCSP3H2YYCPNcS0BDGC4yHekVZDm1NQH6RBxscxOWoBX7_dL24Wv5-q_0hbf2OdEIyFtcgjnEinP8K9wZvZl54d-tAtqd2ma-a3qlVdlflHfTqZE2k4MuATWcK-TWCjmlKxDhjT19zNJngZrI6iOLlk4wQRkPjG5Ocqi-sx1HXkaH4wKrNpE2wfibdbhAJfH5T7xaRTG3-nwjQtPCGBfVzp-invsfgTmzfUKRWZD66fom8fM_qQEUzQVyYuevmb4XKnXgTTCSt2MLwJuU8","Why do I have to watch an ad just to watch another ad?",[[[null,null,1]],null],false]
D2jspOFFICIAL (3 years ago)
Batman v Superman will wipe this shit.
zach rose (2 years ago)
+D2jspOFFICIAL lol
hew ooks (2 years ago)
You must be disappointed
Calebe Xepa (2 years ago)
+bioshock 69 wtf are you talking about
Black Gamer (2 years ago)
+D2jspOFFICIAL wipe the shit in your ass.. fucker1
bioshock 69 (2 years ago)
+D2jspOFFICIAL should of been ultron v superman so silly batman v superman .when will they do a good superman movie the new one was boring and never used the iconic music of superman.superman 1 and 2 are still the best .if superman and batman really did live in the real world superman will win lol .so the film version have to make some silly plot to get some kryptonite to take his powers away or turn him bad.atleast with ultron not only has he got the look of superman it will be a better fight and well matched now that will be a better movie to see
GavStaR (3 years ago)
Marvel has been defeated. The Dawn of DC has begun with Batman V Superman
Skywarp07 (3 years ago)
If anybody wants to see hd videos of this movies scenes check my channel, ant man is next
Rebecca Georgenton (3 years ago)
TeenageGaming629 (2 years ago)
Abe Souraya (3 years ago)
Quicksilver R.I.P
Jonas Rudnickas (3 years ago)
wolwerine in the avengers at 1:06 wtf?
bima skw (3 years ago)
Sankalp Sankalp (3 years ago)
Hells Bells (3 years ago)
Absolutely blew me away, amazing movie!!
Hells Bells (2 years ago)
You guys are all fucktards making a big deal because i happen to like the fuckig movie get a life and go get laid
hew ooks (2 years ago)
+Advanced Prime This movie was about as good as Batman v Superman. Both movies were disappointing.
Honestum (3 years ago)
Ok DC fanboy (your making it so obvious) Lets compare Avengers: AoU to Man of Steel Avengers: Age of Ultron IMDb: 8/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 74% Metacritic: 66% Man of Steel IMDb: 7.2/10 Rotten Tomatoes: 56% Metacritic: 55% You obviously got that 66% from Metacritic which definitely the most reliable source for movies! *sarcasm* 
Honestum (3 years ago)
^ Dude just stop. The vast majority of critics and general audience disagrees with you.
Remorin Dominique (3 years ago)
Well i gotta say Ultron have some nice pair of batteries.
Alexander Paraná (3 years ago)
Hulk is LAUGHABLE in Age of Ultron... Just LAUGHABLE!!!!!!! Thanks to the fucking Iron Man hype... It SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous...
Adriana Cardenas (3 years ago)
I don't read comics, someone tell me, where are the x-men in this situation? I mean if Wanda and Pietro exist, in what time are the x-men now? Do they know about Magneto?
Azad Sadiqli (3 years ago)
when can we watch the hell ? :D
Victor Molen (3 years ago)
I've seen the film its good but Scarlet witch's accent kept on changing from a American to a German accent
권교 (3 years ago)
Our heros. . !
James Barlow (3 years ago)
Here's my movie review. Bad... Wait for it... Ass!
Pippa Hilion (3 years ago)
I thought Captain America is supposed to die at the end of civil war, so will he not be infinity war?? Or will they just ignore it
Fernanda Jasso (3 years ago)
This is the best movie I ever watch is so excited
Greg Pena (3 years ago)
My favorite track is the Nevada track
AnTraXFuZioNs (3 years ago)
Fuck marvel I wanna see spiderman vs the symbiotes venom carnage toxin
SAMUEL 778 (3 years ago)
Muy buen triller ya la fuy a ver esta de pelos y perronsota:-)
7QCM87XHN5QKE4 (3 years ago)
Trailer is epic but the movie was fucking awful. They made Ultron like some kind of a joker. This seemed more like a shitty comedy than action.
Ralph Palacio (3 years ago)
Sigh the movie was epic but very dissapointing something were predictable n ulton was...... Just...... Lame no sorry sad
S4pphDragon (3 years ago)
I know this is crazy but... When quicksilver saus u didn see that coming its foreshadowing his own death
Kbtt (3 years ago)
Hey widow RENEMBER this isn't a porno
Adam Mexx (3 years ago)
watch a movie on the link https://vimeo.com/128772616 глядеть кинофильм можно по ссылке https://vimeo.com/128772616
Darvel&MC (3 years ago)
If only the actual movie were as epic as this trailer
Alex Oran (3 years ago)
Why is it that the light on ironman's chest is a circle... Wasn't it a triangle by the end of the last ironman movie
JgHaverty (3 years ago)
Am I the only  one that thought this movie was garbage?
Musho Adil (3 years ago)
Devin Senrick (3 years ago)
In avengers 3 they should fight aim(advanced idea mechanics) instead of hydra
Nyiem thopmson (3 years ago)
I love this movies
yashwanth kumar (3 years ago)
The best one movie of the marvel"s starts the journey of thanos...........
DarkWorldGameing (3 years ago)
Look at my Chanel I have a vid form avengers
Kyle Arnold (3 years ago)
This movie sucks go outside for once nerds
Felipe Rico (3 years ago)
Avengers: Age of Ultron = My favorite Superhero Power Rangers Movie Ever!!!
Mikey Emerson (3 years ago)
Whats the theme music to this?
Mikey Emerson (3 years ago)
Omg if the graysons duck out on me, imma flip
ArchiveFB (3 years ago)
New Avengers - Avengers: Age of Ultron by Danny Elfman
GameBros Ⓡ (3 years ago)
The story for this movie is absolutely shit. Just bring in thanos
erica ecija (3 years ago)
natasha and bruce?! I like those two but I love Loki more!! Damn it...:((
StrawberryFlutterpie (3 years ago)
*S P O I L E R~A L E R T ! ! * Man... I feel so sorry for all you Clintasha fans after watching this..
FZJanimated (3 years ago)
I think this movie is way better than the first one , i re watched the first one and... my god is boring and the pacing is horrible , i was so bored  and the action was dull , but avengers 2 improve all that ,the drama is actually way better than the first one ,the villain is not cartoonish and dull like loki ,at least ultron is scary but also funny , loki was like the comic relief of villans :p
Tfmusicmaker (3 years ago)
SPOILER Alert :: Dear Josh Wheddon..Please Stop killing off super heroes for your own selfish storyline sentimentality. If they don't die like that in the comics then don't mess with their character outcome. They are super heroes for a reason. They have a certain shelf life and cross stories. You borrowed from them to make a movie. You should at least respect their storyline. Its not that he died but he had a longer cooler storyline than that. Killing him off for gravitas was a waste of a good character. And FYI a speedster could have dodged those 47 bullets. Just saying..
Tfmusicmaker (3 years ago)
No that's not true. He said in an interview he wanted to kill off someone who had no chance of having a movie for more gravity in the movie. That's why he kill Colson in the first one. He wasn't happy that they brought him back and gave him a tv show. He even did that to his own show Firefly and killed almost everyone in the series and one crew member. He is a serial character killer. I have named more than 3 so it's official.
FZJanimated (3 years ago)
+Tfmusicmaker joss wheadon didnt want to kill anyone , he have to do it , because disney wanted some shock value in the movie...
Blaize Lee-Blackwood (3 years ago)
Ant typo
Blaize Lee-Blackwood (3 years ago)
Looks bad like any man
juh bah (3 years ago)
I would buy two tickets for this one, it is that good
everton Toneverrj (3 years ago)
caraleo,tenho q v isso no cinema hehe
Latifa Khairin (3 years ago)
I love this movie I already watch this movie I know the beggining until the ending the pink boy name is vission I love the full movie so much
Terry 0 Parts (3 years ago)
'Sci Fi mono' is  A  W e  S o  M e  story.http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-text&field-keywords=sci%20fi%202049&sprefix=sci+fi+%2Cdigital-text …
Falcons YT (3 years ago)
Yohanes Harijanto (3 years ago)
Hawkeye didn't do much on the first movie... He didn't do that much in here either..
Mei Mei (3 years ago)
Dharmender Koli (3 years ago)
Awesome Movie Friends
HypeSquad_ HD (3 years ago)
If you could choose any super power which would you choose? Please reply
coonrabbit (3 years ago)
Its a sad movie
Blood Cursed_Gt (3 years ago)
(SPOILERS)IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ SCROLL DOWN................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................THANOS WAS AT THE ENDING
Blood Cursed_Gt (3 years ago)
I donr it wrongly
Blood Cursed_Gt (3 years ago)
Aww shit sorry
Clint Flicker (3 years ago)
Quicksilver died. Vision wielded Thor's hammer. Ultron destroyed Loki's scepter and attached the gem on Vision's forehead. The scene on the trailer were cap's shield was broken is not true, wanda controlled tony's mind and that was the outcome. Ultron killed Strucker. Ultron cut Ulysses Klaw's hand. Thor helped tony and bruce finish the vision Enjoy the spoilers Mid-Credit Scene: Thanos (wearing the gauntlet): "Fine, I'll do it myself." Leaked spider-man scene isn't true.
icookyorice1 (3 years ago)
Keke Frank (3 years ago)
This movie was great.....can not wait until the next one....
Arsenaly17 l (3 years ago)
You.Pebble (3 years ago)
I've heard that (SPOILERS MAYBE DO NOT READ AHEAD IF NOT PREVIOUSLY WATCHED) Dose Captain America's shield break/snap in half?
Nick Wayne (3 years ago)
Hey check out this voiceover with the Invictus poem for the new Avengers trailer. https://youtu.be/dxH8MEJ8-2U
Kietrich Abner (3 years ago)
Am I the only one who thinks MARVEL only focuses on the action rather than writing a good script?

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