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Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS4 - Game Movie)

167 ratings | 37459 views
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This is my official movieversion of the action-adventure video game Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, developed by Naughty Dog.
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Text Comments (13)
Adam Gogolewski (3 months ago)
Podobaja mi sie te filmy
Black Artist24 (1 year ago)
Honestly I think I prefer Nate with chloe after playing everything and coming back to this lol
TPDManiacXC626 (1 year ago)
"You wanna hear insane? Nathan Drake raced a madman, and his entire army, to the steps of Shambhala!"
thekatarnalchemist (1 year ago)
Fun fact - the guy who voices Harry Flynn is the same one who voices Alistair in the Dragon Age series. It's so weird for me to see what's basically an evil Alistair. It doesn't help that his mannerisms are a lot like those of Alistair.
Rock chickgirls (2 years ago)
Anyone watching this after uncharted 4
Black Artist24 (1 year ago)
me lol
Bora Gündoğan (1 year ago)
big arzzy (1 year ago)
yeah !
Plasma (2 years ago)
Karolos R (2 years ago)
please do uncharted 4!
Daphne Rose Diao (2 years ago)
YAY good thing Drake met Elena! whew!
Daphne Rose Diao (2 years ago)
All throughout of the game I was like: "WHERE'S ELENAAAA??!" D:
boooliyooo (2 years ago)

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