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Pink Diamond created Quartzes on Earth. They were her designs. On Earth, Pink grew to love humankind and the organic life of the planet. She decorated many of her belongings with flowers. Rose Quartz gems reflected the things she loved about Earth. She made them appear more human and named them after a flower. Pink Diamond always wanted to be human. She took the form of the gem most like them. GOOD EVENING EVERYBODY, and welcome to the fictional universe of TV shows and stuff! I make: theories, reviews, animatics, predictions, analysis videos, give my thoughts, speculations, opinions, and more on Steven Universe and Voltron: Legendary Defender! Garnet and Peridot are the best leaders of the Crystal Gems, and my favourite characters from Steven Universe. I love Rupphire ❤️💙 Amethyst is my Birthstone. Garnet, Amethyst, Opal, & Sugilite are my Zodiac Stones. I’m a Keith stan… Lance, Prince Lotor, and Pidge are cool too. PERIDOT WANTS YOU CLODS TO SUBSCRIBE... please * INSTAGRAM: @FICTIONALCRYSTALS * SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0fMOKBjnTTrxWuYJ3PBdeg * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Steven Universe is owned by Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar, and any and all other respective owners. Voltron: Legendary Defender is owned by DreamWorks, Studio Mir, and any and all other respective owners.
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Monica Mon (19 hours ago)
Didn't pearl pick a rose quarts for her?
KK MK (7 days ago)
she chose to become a quartz because she wanted to visit the kindergarten where they were growing quartz gems and also sheʻs pink so pink=rose kindergarten=quarts so........... rose quartz i know my judgement make no sense but i dont care
HiroakiChan (20 days ago)
i think she didn't "shapeshifted" as a rose quartz, i think she just shapeshifted as a random quartz, and created other roses with the purpose of making her disguise more real and believable
unclecode3 (22 days ago)
My question is what happened to the other rose quartzs and was there a Navy rose quartz
kittyanimatez cat (1 month ago)
Because she wanted to hang out with the other quartz and the others
Nah it was just pearl tho at the time you didn’t know that
July Baby (1 month ago)
the gem look still confuses me
And the moon 🌙
Shiba UwO (2 months ago)
She did that to blend in with da croud lol
Ok so you are very very wrong she didn't want to be human she LOVED them but didn't want to be them, and no she couldn't choose how the quarts looked they did but gems have a set shape they can't change proparly, and the only reason she chose to be rose is becuase she was pink and couldn't change that and he gems was pink so rose quarts the only pink gem on Earth at the time was what she had to settle with, heck PEARL gave her the idea of being a quarts she didn't think of it
Rocky star (2 months ago)
I think she chose to be a quartz because of the first colony that her and pearl went to see
Freckles McGee (2 months ago)
She wanted to spare the earth as rose
Wasted Breath (2 months ago)
Lol nah it's because Pearl wanted her to have some damn fun for once and Pink said OK
JOEPLAYS (2 months ago)
Without the change of character persona the Crystal Gems would of never been she was the glue and would never consented to be as the leader that me know and love today and people are going bat crazy I'm not talking about the fan base I'm talking about the characters if there was a Peridot before this deception as you pointed out several times with the economy of the gyms cuz they are designed to evaluate situations than my of alternated the outcome of current events without pink deception there would have been no Crystal Gems at all and no pun intended there would have been a paradox. Dot
Eevee-Chan of Happiness (3 months ago)
Here’s a reason why https://youtu.be/1RROqSTJqA4 And https://youtu.be/ueHib1tSsvo
Sir Toaster (3 months ago)
Because Pearl told her too
Sharon Lloyd (3 months ago)
I get that pink diamond is rose and all like when in the episode were steven is in like a court thing and there like were was here pearl and pearl was rose n stuff but just rose is pi k pink is rose like 😯 wut
EliteBros (3 months ago)
She became a rose quartz because she both have the same colour and nearly the same cut of gem
Black Sphere (3 months ago)
Why Pink chose to be rose A. -Everything in this video- B. Because Pearl suggested☑️
super zombie (3 months ago)
never mind i thought rose was a quarts the whole time and pink diamond was somewhere else
Wait....can a gem shatter themself? I mean I know Rose- oh I'm sorry Pink said "I can't exactly shatter myself" and all but I'm just curious.
Sara Weber (4 months ago)
No other gems think Steven is Rose but she's only Stevens mom. I believe I'm becoming half of you was a metaphor meaning I will always be with you even though I'm gone
Malik Clip (4 months ago)
BrooxieOfficial (4 months ago)
because she wanted her gem to be similar as a rose quartz, thats the answer
KIM HUỲNH (4 months ago)
Her gem was more reddish than the reddish color of a normal rose _Ruby
KRaZY KaT/PeriGame (4 months ago)
Copy and paste this to another video to spread Crazy Nation! Cook something on the internet for me :3
lowkey_ trashmouth (4 months ago)
i’m sorry for this horrible joke i guess you could say, rose was trans-GEMder
BagelSauce_ (4 months ago)
because when she flips her gem it looks like a rose quartz and not a peridot
Emma Roberts (4 months ago)
My mom used to work at a jewelry store and she had to learn the jewels, she said that a pink diamond is the same thing as a rose quarts
herobrineboss07 lol (4 months ago)
Wait does that mean...STEAVEN IS A DIAMOND
L O A F Z (4 months ago)
Though i am seeing a lot of people defend pink diamond, i do think that what she did was wrong. just like a normal person, even gem, EVERYONE has flaws. And i think some people just want to keep her as this perfect pink quartz that she was written to be. But even the crew are showing some of her flaws. Yes, i do understand being a leader is hard, and yes being pressured into doing bad things is a good reason to be mad. I do believe pink is a coward. Just because your blue, and yellow mommy aren't the sweetest. Gives you no right to abandon your responsibilities, like the thousands of gems who rely on you, and the fact that if you aren't there, the population of gems will plummet . And making one mistake IS fine but then she does this again! When she is planning to become pregnant, she clearly didn't think of the crystal gems. How? She never thought of the corrupted gems that still roamed that could and can kill humans, or the diamonds still coming back or sending an army for apparently "shattering" her, or the fact that they weren't mentally prepared for ANY of this. When Steven was a baby and his gem was glowing they took him in Greg's van and drove off in a snowy storm, pearl thought of POOFING Steven, and not even garnet could help. She told nothing about how humans may work or how to be independent after shes gone. CLEARLY they are still torn from this for the past 14 years. And how do i know that she didn't think, or care about the crystal gems? Because if she did think about all these cons, She would have never given birth to Steven, nor would she have left the diamonds. And now, these thing are pressured on Steven. Now he has to clean up the war crimes, and heartbreaks of not only the Crystal Gems, but the diamonds. If she had just persuaded the diamonds, or simply just say as a diamond this is her choice, there would be no heartbreak, trauma, and death to have become. She IS a coward, she IS a terrible leader, and runs away from responsibility. And because she just wanted to be like a human.... sorry but to me she's poor at being logical. @ me if you want because im really invested into this and i would like to here other sides of the coin.
10r (4 months ago)
pink did wanted to be human,but she faked her death before having steven, or meeting greg, even before meeting garnet.
Duelist. Potato (4 months ago)
Sooooo is Steven's mother Pink Diamond? Or did Pink Diamond take Rose's place?
lohan wolf (4 months ago)
hey before i even view this video i just wanna say the same question of this would pop up if rose was a zircon or a blue lace ,it was just a choice that makes no differance
Thomas Gaebler (4 months ago)
Real answer: rose quartz is pink like her, good enough
Sayahasesse hillhill (4 months ago)
The video is sped up?
《 TootsiePop 》 (4 months ago)
Ooooooohhh everything makes sense now
Tabitha Van Dessel (4 months ago)
i feel lonely without music...
Mingo_Chicken HUNT (4 months ago)
you kinda sound like Rose/Pink
Pippin (4 months ago)
It's simple. All it is is that when she turned her gem, her form changed. That form that it *automatically* changed into was a rose quarts. That's what I think anyway.
zaysea123 (4 months ago)
what would happen if rose was pooft when she was pregnant
Keira Morkes (4 months ago)
And also cause the diamond looked close to rose quartz maybeeeeee?
G R (4 months ago)
She was never a Quartz,Rose Quartz was a transformation of Pink Diamond
Charlotte Harjo (4 months ago)
Pluss she designed the rosequartzes with human-toned skin instead of another shade of pink !!! Very big giveaway that she desired to be human
Wonjae Yi (4 months ago)
I’m still confused on pink diamonds fast that is upside down towards Rose’s facets.
PAN PAN04 (4 months ago)
Because Rose Quartz is a gem that symbolizes love if you know what I mean
Hikari Fukuda (4 months ago)
Hmm why a rose quartz? Because its the only gem she could be when her diamond is flipped
; } (4 months ago)
THEORY: what if Pink could BECOME A ROSE QUARTZ. Amethyst and pearl couldn’t change their skin color or eyes. However, both changed when she became Rose. What if she became a different gem?
Diana Trach (4 months ago)
People seem to forget that the Crystal Gems thought everything with the war was over. They thought the Red Eye was an old defunct one since it was crashing, they didnt know about the cluster, and were freaked out when Peridot arrived. Its why i kind of hate the whole "mastermind-PD/RQ" theory. Like she really did just want Steven to live. If he managed to fix somethings like corruption or make peace with bismuth then good on him but she really just wanted most if not all of her past to be, well, the past. I think it was another thing about humans (and as we've learned gems) she didnt understand - just because we can change doesnt mean that the past doesnt effect us.
jamie (4 months ago)
i think the reason why she decided to shapeshift into a rose quartz is because she wanted to be more thicc
Snowmanbutternips (4 months ago)
“Earf” lolz
Snowmanbutternips (4 months ago)
Lloyd Games (4 months ago)
*P I N K I S T H E O R I G I N A L R O S E Q U A R T Z*
Marcel Flores (4 months ago)
Wait this is my question. How can rose have a child when she is a gem. Pearl said that gems are projections of light giving mass so how did rose have a child when her body is pure light how does she have the reproductive system if she's just pure light with no organs
Ariana Butera Grande (4 months ago)
i wanna see the birth video. like the actual birth of steven 😂 that would be a huge episode right?
Vanessa Field (4 months ago)
What if diamonds can change their gem, but only if it’s the same color! I don’t know, maybe not.
SatxrnEXE (4 months ago)
Its sad that because a rose quartz apparently shattered pink diamond, and all the other rose quartz are being punished for pink diamonds mistakes.
samantha Wilson (4 months ago)
So maybe pink turned to rose to start a new
jomsart (4 months ago)
It’s funny how pink is seen as a demon when jasper gets a pass for some reason. fandom logic.
Ana Steven Universe (4 months ago)
Cool, but.. still Pink/Rose was a bad person just because she did not do the right decisions and she was very childish thats what stated the wor
Hurrchan (4 months ago)
You sound like a softer, sweeter version of nightmind
Green (4 months ago)
What if in the ground, a developing Diamond merged with a developing Rose Quartz, leading to a Diamond-Quartz mutant, Pink Diamond. It explains her size and her gem shape. It could also be hinted at 1:25, where she has both a diamond and quartz shaped gems, indicating she is one of both, not just her Diamond.
Green (4 months ago)
Also, a theory that's a little farfetched could be that White Diamond, or someone else, was actually the one to blame for Pink's "deformity." What if she wanted to tamper with the process of developing a Diamond, and placed a Rose Quartz in there, literally fusing them before "birth." Maybe Pink was a Diamond experiment?
remainingembers (4 months ago)
Well said! I like hearing it be said this way instead of the "she was a kid/brat" thing... honestly I'd be very frustrated too if I were not treated with the same respect as the people in the same "position" as me?? She was right to demand her fair share of power and obviously despite that she did care about Earth.
Neal Long (4 months ago)
That was a really good well thought out video.
so pink was a transquartz?
Xitlalic Salazar (4 months ago)
Am I the only one confused about the lines on pinks jem?
Emma manovel (4 months ago)
Rose diamond
rosary cortez (4 months ago)
Hahaha so the other diamonds want to kill rose quarts and they dont even know that rose was really pink diamond.😆😌
roottruthseeker (4 months ago)
quartzes are not exclusive to earth. remember the citrines on homeworld? who came up with the idea that they were exculsive. only the rose quartzes were exculsive.
Merilirem (4 months ago)
My theory is that she didn't choose which Gem she would be, she made it so that she could pose as it. Rose Quartz were designed with the specific purpose of functioning as her alter ego and modeled after a transformation she could do that no one else knew about. Likely a personal diamond power.
Jamie Te-Whau (4 months ago)
We all know why she wanted to be a Rose Quartz was because she was tired of being flat chested lol.
Michael Gonzales (4 months ago)
I'm pretty sure there isn't actually such a gem as a rose quartz. Pink just made them up and then bubbled up some inert gems to make the story consistent.
Its Vinny (4 months ago)
Its because Pink Diamond's Color is the same as a Rose Quartz so....😄
michael iwaniszek (4 months ago)
I feel that she also wanted a rose quartz to shatter her because it would make the diamonds look weak and cause other colonies to question their authority.
Zelda Prince (4 months ago)
Daidrian Parker (4 months ago)
I have been asking this question since the big reveal.
Elan Del Rey (4 months ago)
if steven tells the diamonds that he’s pink diamond and they become allies,does that mean all the rose quartz that are bubbled will be unbubbled
Whitelight 20 (4 months ago)
she was giving Steven hints about the truth
Jonathan Scott (4 months ago)
My question is who did the gyms fight with pink diamond since they fought pink diamond is that confusing or what I mean I don't get it the whole time they thought rose quartz was real but who did they fight if it wasn't pink diamond
Sami Cake (4 months ago)
Why? Because rose quarts are pink, and her gem is pink.. plus she has a lot of rose quartz’s.
Ozz Lee (5 months ago)
I don't think Pink Diamond made the Rose Quartz persona to get around the Diamonds, I honestly think she made that persona (at first) to blend in without drawing attention, and then use it as a way to make excuses for why she didn't do her tasks, and then use it to run away from her responsibilities altogether.
1989chunli (5 months ago)
Well first off you have to look at the meaning of the gem. All the people who use the crystal knows that it stands for love. It seems that pink had this love for mankind, that's why she caused a rebellion. So maybe that's why.
miinemer (5 months ago)
i loved the video and i couldnt help but realize how perfect your voice would be for asmr videos!
Shadow Hope DIAMOND (5 months ago)
Cuz she made Rose Quartzes herself, so she was able to make their gem shapes similar to hers'.
sø icønic (5 months ago)
So is Rose Quartz Pink Diamond or Pink Diamond is Rose Quartz??
Tiara Johnson (5 months ago)
That's an interesting and different take, I like it. Can't wait to see what the truth turns out to be.
a smol pepper boi (5 months ago)
my video buffering made it seem like she said "pink die-- mond" and not "pink diamond"
Star (5 months ago)
So a humansona
Dark Illusions (5 months ago)
When Rose said "I'm not a real person" she was either referring to that her rose quartz identity is fake or gems being a holographic projection
edin Izairi (5 months ago)
I love your accent ;)
dani sa (5 months ago)
hello !! i have a question. i recently got my best friend into steven universe. since she is very observant, she asked me the question of whether steven is a rose quartz or technically a diamond now. we also talked about how when steven fuses with others, the only thing to show is the rose quartz cut unlike how the diamond cut was shown when quote on quote "rose" morphed back into quote on quote "pink diamond." so my best friend's only question now is, "what the fuck is steven??" it would be absolutely lovely if we could either have a video on this theory or even a simple reply to this comment !! also i love love love your work and your theories and gosh just all of your videos they're absolutely stellar aah // keep up the good work and also thank you !!
Gabriel Rodriguez (5 months ago)
I hope we get to see what the process of making a gem is 🤔
M B (5 months ago)
Omg yes i made almost the same theory on Amino awhile back! Its cool that I'm not alone on this
Tiefsee (5 months ago)
the moss is most likely her first try creating a gem organic hybrid - later lizards, than lion
Sunday Chickenz (5 months ago)
I think crystal gem rose quartz was the only one with pale skin and she choose it to to be more human. I'm thinking all the other roses are like the other quartz
nyrryl cadiz (5 months ago)
I love your video. I'm tired of watching all those videos painting Pink Diamond as a villain that the only reason she started the rebellion and the crystal gems is so that she can escape her responsibilities! I definitely agree and believe that Rose genuinely fell in love with the Earth and didn't want it to be destroyed by the colonization. That's why she made up all of her excuses just to persuade the other diamonds to stop it. But since as long as she stands the Earth will be colonized, Pink realized that the only way to stop the whole thing was to get rid of herself. She didn't do it to run away from her duties, She did it for Earth.
Ozz Lee (4 months ago)
nyrryl cadiz she didn't want a war but her actions inevitably caused a war! What do you expect when you tell your fascist leaders that the planet you asked were too hard to conquer? She didn't ask for the planet to be spared, she tells the planet was too hard to hamdle! She tells her subjects (while in disguise as Rose) to start a rebellion... The fact is she doomed Earth! Only by sheer luck from Steven discovering about the cluster that Earth was saved. And she did not even try telling the Diamonds about what she feels, she tells them Earth cities (which didn't exist at the time) was too hard to conquer and that she had a rebellion (which she start) making her job too hard! She knew the consequence? No she did not, she is a pathological liar, in her head, her lies would lead to the Diamonds to back off, instead she doomed Earth, having two gem super weapon to be dropped on Earth.
pop burnsy (4 months ago)
nyrryl cadiz well said.
nyrryl cadiz (4 months ago)
Hi, Cloverfr. Regarding the gems that were made in the kindergarten, she did not ignore them. I believe she also cared for those gems as well. Though I must admit her initial reason why she wanted a colony of her own was just to be like Blue, Yellow, and White. Which is very immature, I agree. Nevertheless, we can see in her following actions that she valued her gems. After seeing the damaged incubating gems can have on the Earth, Pink wanted to stop the gem production. If they meant less to her than the Earth, why not just have them all shattered. Problem solved. She's stronger than them. Also, I'm pretty sure there were also gems who would willingly kill themselves if she commanded it. But why didn't she? The answer is that for her, all life is precious. She gave the gems that she made the choice to fight for Earth or side with homeworld. This is where we can see her starting to outgrow her childish ways. Remember, she gave them the choice. She did not force them. That right there is a clear example that she saw her subjects as individuals and not just mere pawns who would follow her every command. She cared for them. If all Pink wanted was an escape, why choose a sanctuary where the other diamonds already know the location of? Why not just hop into a spaceship and go wherever she wanted? Why stand her ground on that planet? Again, the answer is that she loved this planet because of all the life in it. May it be organic or inorganic like gems. She didn't want a war. But there was no other choice. And let us remember even when fighting, Pink didn't shatter other gems. She used a sword that would only destroy a gem's physical form but not the actual gem. If you ask me, that there is another clear sign that she still cared for those gems even if they were against her. She knew the consequences but she still did it knowing there is no other way. It was "fight for Earth and all the life in it" or "lose it all completely". Pink chose the lesser of 2 evils. Now you might be thinking, "why didn't just Pink confront the other diamonds about Earth?" Did you think they would listen? No. They would not. They wanted Pink to finish what she started. I don't want to delve further since it's already explained in the video. I agree though that this is a wrong move on Pink's side but she's not perfect. We don't know what's in her mind at that moment. She might be afraid of the other diamonds or it might have been her childish mentality. We don't know. But I'd like to believe that she acted with everyone's best interest in mind.
pop burnsy (4 months ago)
Ozz Lee except "low level" Gems have the same capacity for thought as anyone else. Look at how our Pearl, arguably the most "limited" in capacity is capable of being so much more than just a status symbol. She's good at technology, she builds a power armor out of a scrap heap. She's not technically made for this, and yet Pearl exemplifies how much of a lie "societal roles" are. It doesn't matter that breaking free of societal roles came from Pink Diamond. All Gems should have been free from the kindergarten. Homeworld society and Diamond rule is a dead society, expansion and the destruction of life for the sake of a stagnant culture is a dead end. I like how you're ignoring that Yellow obviously doesn't take Pink Diamond seriously. The very idea of"Low level Gems" is a far bigger lie. The idea that Gems should fall in line to what the Diamonds demand of them is a lie.
Ozz Lee (4 months ago)
pop burnsy But that's the deal! The whole "you are free to do what you want despite what your societal role as a gem" mantra IS A LIE! That is the lie made by Pink/Rose so she has EXCUSES to neglect her duties. The whole thing about you can do whatever you want is because she doesn't want to do her job, but instead of telling Blue and Yellow (which is like a parent figure to her) about how she feels and how she thinks how Gem society should be, she tells other gems, low level gems who are arguably have simple mind due to their single purpose programming, to wage war about it! And that is her BIGGEST lie!
Luciase (5 months ago)
Okay honey, can we all just agree. Everytime we see a rose flashback we no longer see Rose, our brains copy pasta Pink over it. I’m not the only one right??
Totally Disney (5 months ago)
Am I the only one who still loves Rose Quartz,even after that overshadowed episode?💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
Totally Disney (4 months ago)
Jassii J Yes!
Jassii J (4 months ago)
i still love her i just cant get myself to hate her like i know she's a "bad" person but i just dont see her that way. she may not had been a saint but she's still a loving, caring, sweet, and passionate gem at least to me.
I don't think there was much of a choice.
jomsart (5 months ago)
Kind of sad that no one feels empathy for Pink. What would you feel of you were born into a situation that disgusts you (PD being forced into mass genocide for eternity). I’m sure some of you feel that way in one way or another.
jomsart (4 months ago)
Merilirem I mean who wouldn’t be perceived as foolish when literally all your options came with a bundle of consequences. That’s why there’s Steven.
Merilirem (4 months ago)
Her feelings are valid, though her actions are terrible and foolish as far as we can tell. Most people take offence at all of it. I don't care as much though and just enjoy her as an interesting character. Her actions make perfect sense but they were not good choices in hindsight.

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