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Camera Captures Mermaid on Submersible | Mermaids

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A second camera captures what appears to be a Mermaid running into a deep sea diving vessel. | For more Mermaids, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/mermaids/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 Subscribe to Animal Planet! | http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=animalplanettv Watch the full specials! | http://www.youtube.com/animalplanetfulleps
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Text Comments (5174)
Ashwath NX4 (2 hours ago)
The real
sailor moon fan (17 hours ago)
I love mermaids
Your Girl Sparkles (1 day ago)
This is real, why would someone be that deep in the ocean?
Stef Pana (2 days ago)
They’re sirens
Stef Pana (2 days ago)
They’re not mermaids
TheBrosSkills (2 days ago)
Fake am sure
Eligos Nick (4 days ago)
Animal Planet exploiting morons to get more viewers than Finding Bigfoot, Pitbulls & Parolees, and Puppy Bowl combined.
Zeeshan Ahmed (4 days ago)
Where do mermaids come from? From where do the babies come out? They dont have what humans have..Its just...its weird for me im trying to belive in mermaids..
World of Shiney (5 days ago)
This is fake !
keva kinsler (5 days ago)
This in studio setting looks exactly how they do shark week interviews of people that had encounters with massive sharks. This is FAKE just like shark week. I'm leaving 1:18
Zepse Wolf (6 days ago)
The government is hiding your mom too, because your mom might be dangerous, you will never know.
Thor brother of Lokey (6 days ago)
There ain't no mermaids it's a Aquahoe!
Maria Luri M. J. (7 days ago)
We know so much of the sea, but we only discovered 5% and there is 95% left!
Maynard Enopia (7 days ago)
2018 anyone!!???
Corupt Cusurubelnitza (7 days ago)
Mentira cochina
Corupt Cusurubelnitza (7 days ago)
Stinky lie
caitlinxo (7 days ago)
Handsom_eboi MT (8 days ago)
Is it CGI
Chrissy Curtis (8 days ago)
I bet there’s a alien 👽 base under water. That looked like a alien 👽 with a tadpole tail!!
rakesh (8 days ago)
Aquaman from DC comics took her 😏✌️...
Sammy Starry (9 days ago)
Mermaids are real,if you wanna see them...comment in my comment and i will give you my contact and will make you see where they are...you will them for Real
KalEl (9 days ago)
Alpha centurians!!!
MotoEniken _ME-O-2 (9 days ago)
Just like the discovery channel , fake documentary.
Jose Ferreira (9 days ago)
Fuck you For The Hoax
Rajat Roy (9 days ago)
CRAFT ARMY (10 days ago)
It looks like an alien,if you like at its eyes and face👽👽👽
Furofu's world (10 days ago)
I'm not saying mermaids aren't real. Honestly I think my theory is crazier than people thinking that mermaids actually exist. My theory is: Maybe and what if people attempted to fuse humans with animals??? And said experiments escaped and now live where they please 🤷‍♀️
John Chase (10 days ago)
It's time for Animal planet to be sued. They keep this fake ass shit up as real and THEY made the fake footage.
Torina Joi (11 days ago)
Well we STILL don't know if they are really exist. Who knows right? But in my opinion it looks real.
Johnathin VanderHill (11 days ago)
Anwar Mahmoud (11 days ago)
Yes it's real
heavenbound1992 (12 days ago)
It is fake. freezing it on his hand and you can see the tip of his fingers and then the fin glove extension. His finger tips are very round with humen skin. Not very fin like. Let me also point out that his Palms have some pretty define lines for being under water it's whole life. And I think I sall the fish man give the peace sign as he swam away. lol
Meh (12 days ago)
I thought is mermaid,but its like demonic sea creature.
Viking Song (13 days ago)
Good acting. This was very convincing, which is no easy task. I'm impressed.
Camino Secreto (13 days ago)
Was a documental not real.
Chris Holth (13 days ago)
And suddenly this showed up on everyone’s Recommended Videos
Fookin Weasel (13 days ago)
What is the point of animal planet making shit like this. Nature is infinitely interesting. This is embarrassing.
Diane Hecker (14 days ago)
They have been keeping there secret.... mermaids CANNOT SHOW THEM SELFS THATS THERE NUMBER ONE RULE DUH
Imran Marikar (15 days ago)
abseiduk (15 days ago)
Their acting is so stilted.
Murni Pelangi (16 days ago)
I belive that
Gostfreek 101 (16 days ago)
mermaids are real if mermaid are fake why people think that theres a mermaid look at the google the first man discovered the mermaid if think that mermaid are fake do you think that they are like us that they will show us there face like a human no mermaid are shyness because i am one of the person who cought a mermaid that y didn't exposed because do you think if i exposed they will believe me
Miss Purdy 500 (16 days ago)
This looks fake but I did watch a video about real aliens living in the oceans. So maybe is not a mermaid. Maybe it's a alien. Idk...
Dave B (16 days ago)
Well, stop the frame at 2:44 and say hello I guess. it's not a turtle or seal. has a humanoid skull and binocular vision. and no human could survive out there. also their reaction was convincing and appeared spontaneous. It does seem to be some unknown creature encountering the outside of that sub. But don't let enthusiasm, or fear decide for you.
New Earth (16 days ago)
I believe that mermaid beautiful...girl woman..fish.. Eat him humans..
Local Filozofer (17 days ago)
fake video
Arjuna Sibuk (17 days ago)
it's a demon
saurabh chhonker (17 days ago)
Hi I am from INDIA and believe me mermaids are real as my brother in law is in the army and served in an operation of army in SRI Lanka where he and the rest of the platoon saw a dead mermaid on the beach and they buried her with their own hands..so I know these videos might be true not fake....
Allen Lin (17 days ago)
This is some freaky sh*t!!!
Kelvin Dave (17 days ago)
I belive
imal 46 (18 days ago)
why are they wanna find mermaid so badly? its because they wanna use the mermaid for a biological weapons for soldiers body..
euuporie (18 days ago)
Less than 5% of the ocean has been discovered... I also think that the government is hiding these things from us becauseeeee they know that we will go crazy! And start hunting them because we are selfish for fame and money...🤷🏼‍♀️
Tasty Galaxy Unicorn (18 days ago)
Victoria Roberts (18 days ago)
Rhys Misa (19 days ago)
There were fossils in the museum that, unfortunately, burned
Angel wick city (19 days ago)
I believe this is real because 95% of or ocean surface and 99% of our ocean floor is unexplored according to Google and scientist, so just imagine what's out there, since we only know 5% of our oceans
Angel wick city (6 days ago)
+Thor brother of Lokey why are you catching a attitude, and thermal or heat vision, that's how they see into our planet, they use sonar to see how deep the ocean is, obviously I did read if I responded to your comment smh, and you still didn't answer my question, what are you trying to prove when you said calculations and statistics
Thor brother of Lokey (6 days ago)
Sonar is sound navigation and ranging.! You need to read! I'm busy to write a perfect reply to you!
Angel wick city (6 days ago)
+Thor brother of Lokey it's not the average because it's new species that we discover everyday that scientist wouldn't think have exist, and they know what's at the center of the earth Because they have sonar and satellites duhh, and what are your trying to say or prove when you said " precise guess based on statistics and calculations",
Thor brother of Lokey (6 days ago)
If I asked you how did scientist's know what's at the center of the earth? What would u say? They gave a precise guess based on statistics and calculations!!
Thor brother of Lokey (6 days ago)
Whatever is out there is the average of how much we know.!
Junior Unruly (20 days ago)
I was born and raised in Jamaica and i can confirm that mermaids are 100% real.. Believe what you want
legend123ify (20 days ago)
Is this a joke?
funto play (20 days ago)
This 3dudes just watched Disney's little mermaids. Now they think it was real 😂😂
Shin Ninja (20 days ago)
I think human need to discover 50 % of the ocean first to say that mermaids are real or not
yusra farooqi (21 days ago)
I feel and believe that there are mermaids in the depths to the seas (adapted to hide from other creatures/humans) but not like ariel the mermaid (cause she is a singing talking mermaid - animals dont speak human language).
Ulquiorra cifer (21 days ago)
diversions!!! for simpletons in your country!!! manipulating the minds of your people :3
Ayu Meto (21 days ago)
Mermaid look very creepy
Nyahahaha (21 days ago)
Just looking at it. I just know it's fake.
Monica Vega (21 days ago)
Animal planet sucks!!!!! They will "never find shit"
daniel Gessese (22 days ago)
First off let me clear One thing Straight, Jesus is the Creator of everything and Everyone. Point blank period No Argument No Allah no Buddah no Kalli, Or arah Mazda, Or even Osiris.....or Zeus..Hate to burst your bubbles but Those are all false Jesus is The True Living God!!! Now To the whole Discussion of Mermaids and how people are sighting Mermaids since mermaids do not have souls they are spirits and by being spirits they are entities their for they have been always around they are known as Demons or water spirits....
Kesh29 ll (22 days ago)
People there are a lot of thing in the ocean it is real
Mr.Thresher7 (22 days ago)
Aliens on land and mermaids in the waters are nothing but demonic entities masquerading as intelligent species from another world but the truth is these are fallen angels who are completely evil. Their ultimate goal is to try and distract you from having any faith and belief in GOD, so you will ultimately die without any hope of Eternal Life of Peace wirh GOD.
Son of The Most High (22 days ago)
Naw dat was merman n barnacle boy
Dante Mercer (22 days ago)
APLON EnTiTy (22 days ago)
at 1:51 u can see its face by its hand
sok pichdara (22 days ago)
😂 wtf they’re acting are very bad 😆
Janeth Sanchez (22 days ago)
All this videos looks so fake!!!! 😂😂😂 I can't believe I actually thought it was real when I watched the first time Btw I actually believe mermaid are real
IDOL (23 days ago)
I can't believe people believes on mermaids...
Rayhan Juliano (23 days ago)
Kappa mee (23 days ago)
Lol These guys are very bad actors
Joshua Eseer (23 days ago)
It's amazing how fake this is lol. They actually staged a fake real news interview.
Miam Galarza (24 days ago)
Savannah n (25 days ago)
Angry Neko (25 days ago)
souraj krishnan (25 days ago)
It doesn't necessarily have to be a mermaid. It could be an amphibian humanoid like Abe sapien from hell boy
Navid Atiq Shahriar (25 days ago)
Fucking made up
maria parton (25 days ago)
April 1st..
Four Winds (25 days ago)
Why didn't they show a slowed down version? I couldn't tell what the one camera was picking up. It looked like a school of fish but they didn't address it or try to explain it.
lol it’s Maryam (25 days ago)
Lol this looks fake tho, in what universe are there mermaids in South Africa 😂
KentMichael (26 days ago)
Lmao thats Medusa
Dann Amakusa (26 days ago)
"Copyright © 2018 Discovery Communications, LLC. The World's #1 Nonfiction Media Company." - I have mixed feelings regarding this
Butterfly Kisses (26 days ago)
looks real to me
Cynthia _ (26 days ago)
sooo are mermaids relly are real?
Wong Yee Ling (26 days ago)
They're all actors !
Samir Alam (26 days ago)
these guys are paid actors , its just a show not truth , you can check on wiki pedia about this .
one world (26 days ago)
That's fake
loose goose (27 days ago)
I saw a horse shit a donkey once.
Semmacalam A/L Nalliah (27 days ago)
Daniel Lobo (27 days ago)
Nothing but BS. Unfortunately 😣
Marvellous Mark (27 days ago)
Wtf is this 😂
Tj Perkins (27 days ago)
Its a shokoi not a mermaid
Fake documentary
must say these guys did it well :D :D

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