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Camera Captures Mermaid on Submersible | Mermaids

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A second camera captures what appears to be a Mermaid running into a deep sea diving vessel. | For more Mermaids, visit http://animal.discovery.com/tv-shows/mermaids/#mkcpgn=ytapl1 Subscribe to Animal Planet! | http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=animalplanettv Watch the full specials! | http://www.youtube.com/animalplanetfulleps
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Text Comments (4659)
Boo MSP (1 hour ago)
I saw a small glance of the face
Danielle Suazo (9 hours ago)
Just because they say it's not real doesn't mean it's true.
Fairy Lady (9 hours ago)
So, you are saying they let ACTORS pilot the submersible off the coast of Greenland?
Mario Velez (17 hours ago)
just a prank bro lol
majorkonfuzion (1 day ago)
Imani Comrie (1 day ago)
It was announced by the actual men it was a joke, plus if u look at its face it looks like an alien monster 😂
K Art (1 day ago)
It looks like an alien
LuckyMe (2 days ago)
Sierra Chastant (2 days ago)
Google this show it says nothing about a April fools hoax if it was how'd they get real footage I mean really they're things that scientists find report to our government and the government takes control and hides all evidence
BossKillerRobux YT (2 days ago)
albonelias (2 days ago)
if marmaids are real then vampire werwolves zombies are also real
Audioo (2 days ago)
Seems like a green screen act.
NeuRofreak (2 days ago)
its animation
Meredith Brown (3 days ago)
1:54 there's and effing face
PinkPrincessAngel16 (4 days ago)
Awesome I love mermaids I knew they exist good video thanks for UPLOADING this
BrandonFleming (4 days ago)
it wants papa johns pizza
Extello the Fellow (5 days ago)
Fake and 2018?
Julia Noel Limbeck (5 days ago)
That’s not a mermaid dats a SIREN
nicholas tiffany (5 days ago)
fake news
UltraWeebMaster (5 days ago)
Now for the real question... Is it faked? Spoiler alert: It is.
Daryl Espenilla (5 days ago)
Poor type of acting
Daryl Espenilla (5 days ago)
At the start, i know it's acting
Cheenniesyrille (5 days ago)
Yes I believe in mermaids they are real
Adyn the Weird (5 days ago)
Fake or not, it weirds me out that we've been to outer space but we haven't been to the deepest part of the ocean.
Josh Poop (5 days ago)
You know back then it looked real ash but now it’s just looks fake I guess if somethings fake then we’ll know over time cause of technology development
golden blue mermaid (5 days ago)
That's not a mermaid that's a Merman
Natalie For life (6 days ago)
Mermaid! Yay
Lauren Cunningham (6 days ago)
This is undeniable evidence. After all, 95% of the ocean and 99% of the ocean FLOOR is unexplored. We have no idea what's out there, and that's the scary thing.
Alexis Antalan (6 days ago)
It's a damn siren..OMG😱
Rigiro Karuma (6 days ago)
That is no mermaid... that's a damn Siren...
Julissa World (6 days ago)
Like omg so amazing
Britanny Wilson (6 days ago)
Some of the other people trying to say it's fake so how can you a sure it's fake!!? Are you a scientist? Your only just make it up to say that, because you dont even Believe a Huge scientific Miracles that Mermaid really exist!
Yahoo (6 days ago)
Most of these comments seem to be written by patients in some mental ward.
LazyMia (6 days ago)
1:10 you can see the face
Brendan Creaven (6 days ago)
stephanie page (7 days ago)
This was a part of Animal Planets Hoax! Along with the so called documentary called "submarine" great white shark that capsized a boat. Look up submarine the shark and you can see for yourself it's fake! It would be amazing if mermaids were real, just like magic fairies and Santa Claus! Dont believe everything you see!
Fox Legend (7 days ago)
Bull shit lol
P-Star 7 (7 days ago)
It looks like Aquaman cameo from BvS
Gold Standart (7 days ago)
AG Nair (7 days ago)
That's Jiren with a fish tail
오세륜 (7 days ago)
i dont know what i heard that American Government like to hide all those weird creatures or things from public for safety reason or they want to test on them...you know this mermaid or alien could b dangerous..i dont know what they can do to us...hahaa 😂🙄
laldinsanga palian (7 days ago)
People who dislike are government spy...
Ducks 4 Life (7 days ago)
As fake as barbleach ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Why are most of the comments believing this bullshit?
whats the difference from a Mermaid and Siren???
KXING JUNIOR (7 days ago)
WTF was that
daza559 (7 days ago)
I remember watching this documentary on new year's Eve for the first time at my aunt's house with my cousin, and discussing about the topic, we were in 5th grade @ that time, then I got home and was paranoid I couldn't/didn't want to sleep I was literally shaking, then I felt asleep and I thought I had a nightmare, just remembering it scares me, the fucking face of the mermaid crept the fuck outta me! NOTE: This is not my account it's my cousins and I'm using my sisters tablet cuz my phone doesn't work.
phoebe Daniel (7 days ago)
1:55 you can see the face
Romono Pilowki (8 days ago)
You know, it is possible. With the aquatic ape theory, it's possible humans evolved to be land creatures while mermaids stayed mainly aquatic. Kinda creepy to think about, though, and that's why I don't swim in oceans 😂
UnderLordShar (8 days ago)
it's eyes glow and I see a human face
Andrew 33650 (8 days ago)
Mermaids 🧜‍♀️ are probably in weird countries
Harold Damen (8 days ago)
jason momoa ? yeaha
lissa leggs (8 days ago)
They ran it over...
GamingMaisi (8 days ago)
I saw the tail if you’d look very closey
sxpreme_cece (8 days ago)
People will thinks it photoshop😂😂
Aryan 12 (8 days ago)
Umm guys it’s fake It has been proved Infact the show is a hoax😹👍
It's Tori (8 days ago)
Is it just me or on the side of the ship did You see the legs of the creature and some body parts its legs looked kinda like tentacles like if you stuck some octopus tentacles on the bottom of a human and the don’t get me started on the face it’s FUCKED UP
Brent Loy (8 days ago)
This is absolutely pathetic. Get out there and work Animal Planet. Thus shit outta here with this bullshit
Jamil Primer (8 days ago)
That is creapy
Michael Kirst (9 days ago)
isabella radue (9 days ago)
When they said soith africa i fell cause i live there and i loveeee mermaids
Emily Radics (9 days ago)
It’s funny to know my 10 year old self was all over this and now knowing that i was that kid who did the research a few years later now I’m 16 and laugh at this.
Ish Smith (9 days ago)
Emily Radics 😂same
Shawn Guffey (9 days ago)
I don't mind a brief bullshit video but I really don't care for one that you've obviously taken time and money out of your life to create. Animal Planet is stupid for even sharing this idiotic video. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Gustave Bacareza (9 days ago)
swaysi town (9 days ago)
Fake as hell
Josh Dukes (9 days ago)
there was a singing crab too
Dasha Desha (9 days ago)
Umm I think that's and alien not a sea creature
Hannah Arnold (9 days ago)
I'll Believe In A Mermaid, When Someone Captures A Real Mermaid Alive, And Takes It To A Museum and Puts It In A Big Water Tank!
ROLLBABA MUSIC (9 days ago)
fuck government
Raymond Playz (10 days ago)
It's obviously fake 😂😂
Alina Ledneva (10 days ago)
If you saw her face, she was bald and the most scariest person or whatever it is on earth! I honestly don’t believe in Mermaids but this looks realistic to me
KING Yu (10 days ago)
Mermaids are in fact underwater aliens in secret bases. THAT'S the reason government hide them.
Tim Bartlow (10 days ago)
Booooooo!. A hoax :(
xUSMC1775x (10 days ago)
xUSMC1775x (10 days ago)
KING Yu (10 days ago)
xUSMC1775x this is not fake. that's real because that's a tv show on animal planet.
Ancel Carter (10 days ago)
Remember Roswell and the resulting cover up? This is a real video and the people here claiming this video is fake are nothing but sheep. DISINFORMATION CAMPAIGN is in full effect. I worked for military intel and can assure you these people were forced to recount their story and video. The world is the way it is today because people believe the government, news and opinions before they believe their own eyes. #Sheeple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qflfM4DITeU
Brittany Brewer (11 days ago)
do more underwater and descuver more Mermaids ,I belive in Mermailds
RunTimeErrorBoy (11 days ago)
Fuck you animal planet.... Fuck you.
mushara musharaj (11 days ago)
Not only they exist but the legend says that they speak suahili( african tribe language).P.S im not marking nothing.Just what the legends says!!
Devi Charan (11 days ago)
That thing is did a YouTube video named ' Dame tu cusita' ....
JuicyBanoona (11 days ago)
2:14 is where it pause and see the face!
Jacqueline Weaver (11 days ago)
It looks like a demon.A f**ing demon.
Armoni Toler (11 days ago)
Marius Abramavicius (11 days ago)
Just Look at 1:42....This guy just can't stop smiling how its fake!.JOkers
André Böttcher (11 days ago)
Are they serious??????
Ancel Carter (11 days ago)
The #Nommo: http://www.unmuseum.org/siriusb.htm
Ancel Carter (11 days ago)
The #NOMMO of #SIRISB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xgHyuwYIYQ
Ancel Carter (11 days ago)
THIS IS NOT A VIDEO OF A MERMAID. IT IS A #NOMMO BEING (ALIEN) FROM THE SIRIS B STAR SYSTEM WHICH THE #DOGON TRIBE OF AFRICA IDENTIFIED MANY YEARS AGO. Who are these 'scientists'? Smh. https://www.google.com/search?q=nommo&client=firefox-b-1-ab&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CTxIPGu9IjGBIjiw0H9d6-rHRo_1atLdjgj0HFmBqTJ12zQczdLSRZT9Jnphb8oGEaZGFwmRL5O4HsJ6c7YfBzc0TPyoSCbDQf13r6sdGERkKQuvUx_1ebKhIJj9q0t2OCPQcRvnLn1noKolkqEgkWYGpMnXbNBxGaHSbV4GkBrCoSCTN0tJFlP0meEfYzwzd6J4JoKhIJmFvygYRpkYURAEUsztnPCQEqEgnCZEvk7gewnhHYCriPZklGYCoSCZzth8HNzRM_1EQcKEPi_1BZRK&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiQ7vifqZPcAhXQneAKHXTdBwkQ9C96BAgBEBg&biw=1600&bih=765&dpr=1
Mang VnG (12 days ago)
I know who can find if this is real or fake it’s the one and only billschannel
Stacy Adams (12 days ago)
That was under-water demon ewwww grosss
Dabyna Poll-Abraham (12 days ago)
Everything that existed in stories in our different traditions and cultures, carvings etc before the western civilization swept accross the globe are as real as the air we breathe that we can not see...period
Austin Klein (12 days ago)
Real or not. It's very interesting.
Esl Dmd (12 days ago)
Gina Johnson (12 days ago)
Oh my gosh who else saw the face!!!????
PREDATOR (13 days ago)
This a made up documentary just like the Megalodon shark week
Tony Mason (13 days ago)
Need Troy tempest and stingray to investigate this, anything could happen in the next half hour
maria alvarez (13 days ago)
Kaio_K!d (13 days ago)
Mermaids come from people who flush used condoms down the toilet.
Kurose Shirotani (13 days ago)
nahhh fake

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