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Cry of Fear: The Swedish RP Police

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Cry of Fear coop, Objective: find Simon or somthing, this isn't the Scooby you remember. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3360824 Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/bedbanana In the video! Criken: https://www.youtube.com/user/Criken2 Goatbate: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSGo5rqplxK98nabjmkc2yA Tomato: https://www.youtube.com/user/TomatoandToph Zuthar: https://www.youtube.com/user/Zuthar13 Patreon list so far, shout out to you guys, thank you! Zuthar13 Tomato AF FireFly Beef EnforcedCrayon Music: End-Romantic-Pan-Flute
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Text Comments (992)
Gavin R (1 month ago)
Is this the first time they ever played with buck?
"Simon says you cant find simon" bamboozeld
Max Blanke (3 months ago)
That SAND box is filled with sand, for sanding in the winter, because sand.
SatyrToon Animation (3 months ago)
Zuthar was in this video?
Sensual Yoshi (3 months ago)
Came here cause I saw this on Facebook lmao. I'm now a subscriber
Aidan Myers (3 months ago)
How do you play with other people on that game?
Connected_Runner (3 months ago)
7:37 Turn on captions.
Tawman (3 months ago)
Best ending xD
Da UbErNooB (4 months ago)
Man Marshmello let himself go
Da UbErNooB (4 months ago)
1:26 why marshmello why? 😭
TheTacoGuy Yo (4 months ago)
buck criken tomato and bedbanana. The ultimate collab
Richard Avelino (4 months ago)
Blood effect on 1:43
Lu Studez (4 months ago)
If scooby snacks had alchahol in it
Wayfunlathom36 (4 months ago)
Lexkceus Aggartay (4 months ago)
Just came to say the thumbnail was legendary.
S1lentK1d (5 months ago)
8:58 with headphone made me thin sum1 was behind meh
NOTplayer2 (5 months ago)
This blessed funny vid was made on my b-day 2 years ago which no-one would care about at this point in time 😞
Antymore (5 months ago)
Did he say polish
MyFaceIsMahShield (6 months ago)
It says sand because thats sand that you put on ice so that the road isn't slippery for cars and pedestrians... how do you guys not know that
Hunter (6 months ago)
Julian Monette (6 months ago)
As a Swedish man myself, I can confirm this is mostly how Sweden looks and how our police force operates.
TheLeague Legacy (6 months ago)
How do you play online coop I tried it with a friend and we couldn't figure it out
TheCard- -Tosser (6 months ago)
where’s pood
Stargazer (7 months ago)
Poodleinacan (7 months ago)
Cry of Fear - Swedish Police.... Counter-Wrongthink squad.
General Troubles (7 months ago)
*Zoop, zop, zibbity bob, they call me the puddin' pop.* -Buck, 2016
hi (7 months ago)
Hannezo Wolf (7 months ago)
Yeeeaah, just a normal day in Sweden.. :/
Anthony Yes (7 months ago)
Bedbanana predicted Logan Paul
starcraft2own (8 months ago)
It's fun because the dumpster is full of sand.
Faster (8 months ago)
Hello? Polis? Yeah i own a talking dog who got addicted to drugs. Help.
Diogenes of Sinope (8 months ago)
Did the bed have to blow up? 1:18
Reâpers Curē (8 months ago)
"Distract him so that I can get Criken...so he can see t-" *A WILD TALL MAN APPEARS* *B A N A N A A I R S U C C*
malvin K (8 months ago)
is this the steam version?
YourInternetRouter (9 months ago)
I fucking lost my shit after that monster on the bed falling
CHUMP II (9 months ago)
BedBananas, making the worst games in the world the best thing in your life for 10 minutes
foxboi 117 (9 months ago)
bryan martinez (9 months ago)
Cat (10 months ago)
who wants to play polis with meh? :D
_egas calybird (10 months ago)
i watch your videos to pretend i have friends, its awesome i love it thank you always for videos, your friends are so funny and i appreciate the laugh, truly. saving me from some dark times. love you bedbananas, thanks again for your goofy videos.
NgokAaronstone (11 months ago)
it's so funny!!!
Joshua Hobbit98k (11 months ago)
How do you join your friends game on cry of fear I can never join
Holychopsticks (11 months ago)
Viral The Beastman (11 months ago)
Bill Cosby more like Pill Cosby AMIRITE?
Trazors CS (11 months ago)
That "dumpster" in the beginning had the name sand written on it because it's not a dumpster it's sand in there that is used in the winter to lay on the roads so the roads so they are less slippery...
Za Warubro (11 months ago)
Squad ;-;
Captain Dinglepants (11 months ago)
Who's the good voice actor
Robert Bilic (11 months ago)
Why does this car say polis? 0:52 im swedish and this is why its says polis : So you have something to ask about.
Feddy von Wigglestein (11 months ago)
So is the schtick for Criken to pretend he's never played this game before and be surprised by everything?
CatologTv (1 year ago)
What does bed record with
Trihodron 333 (1 year ago)
How to play this game?
Kofja (1 year ago)
That dumbster is actually full of sand or gravel, it is used to cover roads when they get slippery of ice. :D
Declan Willis (1 year ago)
I love Buck's voice acting, it's beautiful
Viggo Eriksson (1 year ago)
Why do they make fun of us in sweden? Its swedish for police and its not tattoo
Jay the gamer (1 year ago)
in Sweden we have giant monsters everywhere
Herr Furste (1 year ago)
0:41 Maybe because it's fucking sand in it, ever thought of that?
Hari Kumar (1 year ago)
1:14 best moment
xanderdoesn't (1 year ago)
This is the polar express
Tall_Midget (1 year ago)
american - "harry do u support gay marrige?" harry - "yi" american- "is it ok if me and u get married then?" harry-"fuck no" (backs away) american- follows harry- "get away from me u is the gay shit!" harry - runs towards him flailing arms yelling american- "okok I'm sorry" laughs who thinks I should make a vid of this?
Aiden Campbell (1 year ago)
911 comments 9/11
How did you guys play Multiplayer?
Agent 3 (1 year ago)
Cry of fear can cause fear
Beani Birb (1 year ago)
Buck is by far one of the best parts of this video
InfernalLawyer (1 year ago)
Fuck, I hate how jerky all of the enemies are. Just makes them seem so goddamn disturbing and alien.
RedBigGamer1 (1 year ago)
is that tomato gaming i here
789costela (1 year ago)
Lär er Svenska för fan ! xD
- Minuano - (1 year ago)
Polis Bil!
BigotBanksy (1 year ago)
Buck is the best
Jesus Christ™ (1 year ago)
since when did swedish police have guns
Jesus Christ™ (1 year ago)
or any form of self defence
Pickle Pee (1 year ago)
DJ knobhed (1 year ago)
The dark side of scooby doo
Aron Lewerissa (1 year ago)
swedish = cry of fear ALLAKU AKBAR nutshell
GlovvX2 (1 year ago)
Pumpkingaming 123 (1 year ago)
XD 2:41
Viggo Eriksson (1 year ago)
im from sweden so sand on a dumpster is wrong its for the roads and polic is swedish for cop
Not Complicit (1 year ago)
damn.. that's one cold ass honky
WhallieTheWhale (1 year ago)
and that swedish police force just have handguns not aks an m4s
WhallieTheWhale (1 year ago)
Wait who wanted to make a rp game about my country
Hatr the GOD (1 year ago)
Y'all watching this and im waiting for the last methrp video
Super3dBoy (1 year ago)
I'm kin with Chaotic Neutral Scooby.
appleinsanity (1 year ago)
Is he giving him first aid or a handjob?
Vortex_Plasma :D (1 year ago)
What's ironic is that he didn't check his other pocket for the ticket but there was a label above him stating 'dogsmart'
DarkSutures (1 year ago)
10:57 Is just so good I can't stop replaying that part.
iiZONAii (1 year ago)
Buck is love.
Agro (1 year ago)
''HEHEHE It's time for another scooby snack ARGHHHJJJ'' That fucking killed me
Dark (1 year ago)
am waitn 4 nu vido ples uplad
Edward Prattie (1 year ago)
MelaninMonsta (1 year ago)
miss you bed your too fuckin funny T_T
Taharon Royer (1 year ago)
Phil Morrison (1 year ago)
u need 2 post
big boss man (1 year ago)
Omg Its Unknown (1 year ago)
Bed, please upload i cant stand it anymore and i hhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im sorry that i hadnt watched all of your vids but i still love you hhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i want you to upload, please hhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😢 😆
adrian garcia (1 year ago)
INGSOC (1 year ago)
Man, I love Pill Cosby
3wayswest (1 year ago)
get ready boys, it's coming out tomorrow
steelbob1 (1 year ago)
Shann Green (1 year ago)
When will you guys make videos Bananas ?
Fezzy Rocket (1 year ago)
I could never get this game to work with friends. HOW DO YOU DO IT!!!!!
That One Coconut (1 year ago)
Hello..? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can here me... Is there anyone home?
rachel park (1 year ago)
where are you? you havent made a new video in MONTHS

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