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Nokia 3120 retro review (old ringtones, wallpapers & games)

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Text Comments (31)
wróbel debilewski (2 months ago)
Chick dance💕
Alej0hio (6 months ago)
My moms phone, it still works, but is a little worn out everyone has that problem.
Math3oszek (6 months ago)
Ta stara polifonia :)
Mike Van Leap (1 year ago)
Ramzi Rmz (1 year ago)
My lost memories came back 😢😢😢
This is ReMake of Nokia 3100.. 3100 released in 2003 3120 released in 2004
Reza (8 months ago)
артем саркисян Just like the present case Note7 which is re released as Note FE with smaller battery
PolyPhonic Stereo (2002-2003).
Snake II(Snake X2)(Snake 2.1)(2004)
Классный телефон
- - (1 year ago)
Could you please make the 3120 Classic? I really missed my first phone so much! Subbed!
- - (1 year ago)
I had the 3120 Classic. Miss my phone...
Fabio Pinheiro (1 year ago)
please. do you have ringtone Wizard.? Nokia 3125
Если бы я родился в 1998, я бы купил его в 5 лет!
+Владимир Никулин Jetix, Фрутоняня, Слата please Vladimir, could you write in English? I don't understand Russian at all
Nicole Wendell Sanico (9 months ago)
Nokia Tune (Grande Valse), Bee, Croak (Frog), Doorbell, Intro, Knock Knock, Low, Mosquito, Ring Ring, Robo N1X, Bougainville, Carnival 1, Chicken Dance, City Life, Clubbin', Elevator, Floating, Funk, Futuristico, Mexican Hat Dance (Hat Dance), Heavenly, Holiday, Lily, Nisse, Promenade, Retroverse, Right-On, Riverboat, Robotique, Rocky Road, Starry, Streetwise, Trip Hop, Urgency, Whistle
Pimbao Olivekr (1 year ago)
Nicole Wendell Sanico
Nicole Wendell Sanico (1 year ago)
Nokia 3120 (2004)
My Angry Grandfather Pavel's 1 st phone memories
Thanks for your comments Nicole ;)
Seyyid Razeef (1 year ago)
i have a green one :-D
daniyal haider (2 years ago)
I mean my grandpa had a nokia 3120c-1 and I made ringtones of it if you guys wanna see it write nokia 3120c-1 tunes and the videos will be there
daniyal haider (2 years ago)
my grandpa had the classic model of this phone and I made a video of it
Mark Weichdech (2 years ago)
I was searching that ringtones too much time! THANK YOU <3
moviles y mucho mas (2 years ago)
ringtones please
moviles y mucho mas in 1:21
Sahil Salam Mulla (2 years ago)
I think all these tones are put in Mario games
Pedro Lamim Mello (2 years ago)
6:45 OMFG i finally find it!!! It remebers my childhood ! That was mom's alarm! 6:30am every morning. I used to hated! But today its so beautiful!! Lots of memories!!
Arsalan Junijo (6 months ago)
Pedro Lamim Mello 03132909189
Arsalan Junijo (6 months ago)
Pedro Lamim Mello me to

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