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Woman in Gold | official trailer US (2015) Helen Mirren Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

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official trailer for Woman in Gold
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bascoaful (2 months ago)
the sad thing is that more stuff is in our museums in Vienna that belong to other people
Erin McGowan (3 months ago)
I saw this movie yesterday using boxxy software ..its really good. Super quality plus with subtitles in my prefered language
Godisgood Allthetime (3 months ago)
This movie as awesome. Very touching.
K.A.I (4 months ago)
Deadpool, will you please kill that man who tore the Avengers apart? It might earn you a position and Stark might finally approve.
Faith Mukami (4 months ago)
It ever gives me goosebumps
Ora Wolfgram (4 months ago)
HIGHLY recommend this movie. This made me and my family, who're Austrian and German, cry and laugh and applaud.
Ilma Rahman (5 months ago)
there are so many great scripts that I've never come across, must watch this
carol lopes (5 months ago)
deadpool and zemo togeather
jinxiejae (6 months ago)
Mr. Reynolds, you were called Sean Connery by Helen Mirren, it is safe to say you have reached the highest peak of your career. Savor it.
Ann cohen (6 months ago)
The "Mona Lisa"of Austria is the Jewish lady in Gustav Klimp's "Woman in Gold"!😃😃😃
We want that Kohinoor you stole from us. Take it off your crown jewels and give it back to us.
Alex Shuysky (6 months ago)
To be honest Austria deserve to be bombed more than Germany does. One because Hitler is Austrian, and two because they accept Hitler with open arms instead of openly reject him like many German does in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. A lot of Germans didn't have choice, but Austrians have all the choice in the world, yet choose to Embrace Hitler. Vienna should've been bombed out of exsistence.
Cris KP (3 months ago)
Irene Adler Your comment is great, thank you. Nowadays nobody is shocked anymore at this kind of thoughts. Thank you for apeaking up !
Irene Adler (6 months ago)
That is a horrible thing to say and shows how easy it is to justify mass murder when you start generalizing about people.
Sy W (6 months ago)
I saw this, fantastic film!
Malfattio (6 months ago)
All the fades in this trailer make me feel kinda ill
Chinenye Onyekawa (6 months ago)
Alright. Can the British please bring back our artwork they stole from Nigeria 🇳🇬.?We would appreciate it. Thanks..p.s other countries hoarding our stuff should please vomit them for us. Thanks in advance
Stefan Mitrovic (3 months ago)
Or to bring back our medieval serbian books, icons, 1800 th paintings. Oh wait 60% re destroyed by Germans and British bombing druing 1945...
ARJUN SIROHI (3 months ago)
What about India...!!!
Laura McGrath (3 months ago)
New Zealand has had some of the heads of our indigenous people taken by Europeans returned recently, however, there are still many artefacts that are still overseas. Museums can be incredibly greedy with artefacts, they will find every excuse whether it be that the country of origin is at war, or it's to teach their own country about our culture. New Zealand is one of the most peaceful and progressive countries on this planet but because of our colonial history, we have had tapu (sacred) objects taken from us. I am a descendent of immigrants however I know despite my origin how important it is to return stolen items that hold historical and cultural significance. There is no justification for stealing artefacts in 2018, they should be returned and if they wish to rent or possess them legally for an amount of time that's ok.
Atty Van Darvell (4 months ago)
suzi williams regardless of if Nigeria is that right place to keep artworks... it belongs to US.
Anya (6 months ago)
Chinenye Onyekawa the Austrian government also has the penacho of Moctezuma, one of Mexico's ancient Aztec emperors, and they don't want to return it either. Truly sad.
AngelGirl (7 months ago)
The Weinstein Company. Oh, it's all so sad.
Laila Rahmaini (7 months ago)
J. L' Ange Ikr! It's really ironic
Isabella Fitzpatrick (7 months ago)
Would love to see this!!
Bobby MKD (7 months ago)
Just been to the Belvere to see Klimts remaining paintings...
re raz (11 months ago)
i loved this movie
omg hey there (11 months ago)
any other new yorkers see this painting at the Klimt exhibit at the Neue Gallery on the upper east?
ashton lipscomb (1 year ago)
me to
Vanna Rocha (1 year ago)
Great movie .
Noe Leyva (1 year ago)
Sandi Steinberg (1 year ago)
This is a great movie.  Also, Tatiana Maslany, the star of Orphan Black plays Maria (Helen Mirren's character) as a young woman.  The whole cast is terrific!
Fabiana Carducci (1 year ago)
Ryan Reynolds and Helen Mirren really did a MASTER PIECE.
madisoned (1 year ago)
The Queen and Deadpool together, how could they possibly lose?
Hansley Juliano (7 months ago)
madisoned And Zemo as I see it
eduardo monteiro (1 year ago)
que filme é esse?
I z (1 year ago)
lol. who her accent sounds annoying in this movie.. but love her
Keegan Whittal (1 year ago)
I've watched this movie. It's brilliant. 'Nough said
june cray (2 years ago)
I was supposed to do my homework about Gustav Klimt and now I'm literally into it
Lu Yu Xuan (1 year ago)
june cray who is she?
sunny siderNY (1 year ago)
ɷɷɷ I Havee Watcheddd Thiss Movieee Leakeddd Version Hereeee : - https://t.co/RlKbv1hghK
Spongebob Squarepants (3 years ago)
Saw it today. Loved it.
Bastion0711 (3 years ago)
tears in my eyes......dammit...
iCaptawesome (3 years ago)
Nice so many german actors in it. Moritz Bleibtreu, Tom Schilling, Daniel Brühl and Antje Traue. Looking forward to see this film.
Irene Adler (4 months ago)
A friend of mine actually had a tiny role in this movie. He's not an actor but they needed naturally blond people who would sort of 'look the part' of the German Arian type I guess. He had to wear a Nazi uniform and sent us some pictures of it. As an Austrian, it was kind of a weird feeling seeing him like that. If I had to describe the feeling, I'd say it's a mixture of morbid fascination and 'thank god' that's in the past. But tbh. most of us have family photos of a grandfather or something like that lying around somewhere wearing that exact uniform so it's not exactly an unfamiliar sight.
Mr Duke Silver (5 months ago)
I see playing a Nazi as an interesting challenge, facing one of your own darkest sides, you know? Very tempting for any actor i bet
Louise Andersen (11 months ago)
Germany might have learned from the past, but apparently the rest of the world hasn´t.
a confused snake (1 year ago)
NelsonClick I think they're just actors doing their job and I'm also pretty sure that they have learned from that mistake. I've even heard that Germans have a slight aversion to patriotism which is, well, understandable
NelsonClick (1 year ago)
I have always wondered how German actors feel about playing Nazis in film.  It was a reprehensible time for Germany but also part of their rich heritage and incredible history.  Anyone who knows Germany now; like me, absolutely adores Germany, it's culture and it's people.  Are they conflicted?  Secretly proud?  Do they even judge the characters they play at all or base them on people they know?   See what I mean?
Jerriluvstaeyang (3 years ago)
Cant wait to watch this.
PiepMiau04 (3 years ago)
Tywin Lannister!
Mari Christian (3 years ago)
Glorious Bach and Glenn--of course.

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