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★ Some of the Badass Upcoming Survival Games of 2017, including Open World, Horror and Shooter Survival Games! ★ ★Enjoyed it? Give it a LIKE!!! Loved it? Make sure to ★SHARE★ ★Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LegacyKillaHD★ ★Like me on Facebook: http://facebook.com/LegacyKillaHD★ ★Follow me on IG: http://instagram.com/TheItalianMichael★ ★Second Channel: http://youtube.com/LegacyKillaTV★ ★Outro Song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5jaelcwv1Y★ ★Donate: http://full.sc/1g2otLN★ ★KontrolFreek's 10% Off w/ Promo "Legacy": http://full.sc/1eepv5W★ Today we discuss some of the best and biggest upcoming survival games of 2017. We go through information and gameplay that give us an idea of how these games will be! From the clever We Happy Few to the Open World of Days Gone, these are some of biggest AAA games that will shape gaming next year! Let me know which type of Survival game you're looking forward to the most in 2017, Enjoy! ★ Top 6 Badass Games ★ 1. Days Gone 2. Escape From Tarkov 3. State of Decay 2 4. We Happy Few 5. Outlast 2 6. Fortnite NOTE: I Know someone will ask why Elder Scrolls VI, GTA 6, and Call of Duty To Much Warfare 27 isn't on this list, well that's because currently their seems to be no evidence for a 2017 or 2018 release. Make sure to check the date of this video before commenting why a certain game isn't on this list, as this video more than likely was made before. ★Top Upcoming Games Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5F6bW10TbH51lcffpEeQWXAb_uZ1hxM8
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Text Comments (249)
Cesar Arroyo (2 months ago)
I can’t wait for fortnite to come out!!!
phunsuk wangdu (4 months ago)
DirtyAshin (5 months ago)
The first game looks like garbage
x D3ad x (5 months ago)
fortnite.. when it was shit 😂
SmiledBoy417 Boy (5 months ago)
Like! But really!? Fortnite -_-
Minigun Mike (8 months ago)
Minecraft meets Dead Z is actually Unturned
Sk Sahid (11 months ago)
Lucas Koester (1 year ago)
oh shit, i remember when we happy few was only xbox one and pc. lol
Raymond Tauoa (1 year ago)
hunt...is a good upcoming game too
basiphobie airsoft (1 year ago)
2017 its on ps4
SolidAzure (1 year ago)
Nr 6 also has a touch of orcs must die (traps)
JammieJam (1 year ago)
that moment where it says its for ps4 but only one of them are
Joseph Friend (1 year ago)
well done you, bud. only game vlogger I follow for reviews and info on gaming. thank you for doin this
jayboy 90291 (1 year ago)
Plz plz give Xbox 1 escape from Tarkov that would put battlefield to shame
SantaMuerte livE (1 year ago)
what's Mac? you said releasing for PC & Mac.
Jeremy Smith (1 year ago)
first game cartoon = shit. number 4... yaaawn. state of decay not on ps4, wow another reason to hate Sony. escape from tarkov and dayz gone looks awesome.
Being Midnight (1 year ago)
But look for Xbox one dayz
Jeffman 361 (1 year ago)
The fortnite game is it coming out soon on xbox one if it is please let me know
no u (1 year ago)
Days gone looks like dyling light but garbage
HolyDragonGuy (1 year ago)
i think sod2 is gonna be like dayz but better
pumping chef (1 year ago)
Alter du redest zu viel zu schnell
Andrew Kugler (1 year ago)
wat about die young??? thats a good survival game for pc, ps4 and xb1
Adrian Nostromo (1 year ago)
We Happy Few, The Conjuring House, Outlast 2, Scorn and Agony for me, Little Nightmares, Impact Winter, Friday The 13th, I mean there are a lot of games to look forward to at the moment!
rfun6 (1 year ago)
I like to play 3rd person games. I guess that's what you call them, where you can see your whole body. I love Metal Gear Phantom Pain. Is there going to be any new games coming out like that one??? Why arn't they making any two player games anymore?? Ones like Army of 2 or conflict desert storm??? Not everyone likes to play online. Sometimes you want to sit down with your friends and take on a army or enemy. Post something about this if you know anything. Thanks
Dominick Siata (1 year ago)
first game reminds me of Fallout 4
cam 13951 (1 year ago)
Days gone can't wait been waiting a whole year
Ollierotten 1 (1 year ago)
When are they just gonna put h1z1 on next gen?
Deus Cognito (1 year ago)
We Happy Few looks like and will be shit, stop hyping it ip
DemonicBryce666 (1 year ago)
you are the only person in 22 years I've ever heard say melee different then every single person I've met
cohen brecknell (1 year ago)
DemonicBryce666 where did he say melee? and how have you heard it pronounced. may-lay or mee-lee
TYVAS (1 year ago)
last of us 2
Don King (1 year ago)
I always remember how failed the Tom Clancy Division is.
Stoned Batman (1 year ago)
Bloody hell mate! you talk so fast! slow down, take a breath.
Adam Powell (1 year ago)
some nice fallout 4 background music
Hunter Abrams (1 year ago)
why can't days gone be on Xbox 1
Joeschmofromcocomo (1 year ago)
there was only one good game out of all of that, the last one
Hey Bob-O (1 year ago)
Is there any open world survival game that doesn't involve zombies? I'm tiered of that theme. Like an every man for himself type of game?
Cameron Kingston (1 year ago)
_Rift_ (1 year ago)
Hey Bob-O ark survival evolved
Hey Bob-O (1 year ago)
kevin99172 good looking out.
kevin99172 (1 year ago)
Rust .... its an awesome game but early access
Tristan Peters (1 year ago)
Space Engineers went into Beta so does that count? It had a lot of attention early on but has died out some.
Dawson Coates (1 year ago)
What game is the one that is the video picture?
Salim Al-Jabry (1 year ago)
I have a PS4
fachinimichael (1 year ago)
Salim Al-Jabry I have both ;)
Ballistic Bear (1 year ago)
Did anyone else notice there is Fallout 4 music in background
Ryan Ribeiro (1 year ago)
ya got it right with that fallout 4 theme song
John Smith (1 year ago)
anyone notice the low fallout 4 theme song playing?
Dyllon Geckles (1 year ago)
I can't wait for days gone it looks like it's gonna be a really good game
PreserveBigCats (1 year ago)
State of Decay looks good...
PreserveBigCats (1 year ago)
+Kerry Brennan Your reply makes me hate even more... the fact this game will not be available for PS4. :(
Kerry Brennan (1 year ago)
The original was one of my favorite games ever despite the fact that the sandbox was built to be very repetitive. It is a great example of efficiency in game design, and I grew to appreciate the vague character traits imagining my own interpretation of what may be indicated was in the code as far as what weapon was best for some character or the hidden meaning or buff behind the seemingly benign or negative traits. They redid it in 1080 for Xbox one and I liked it but it is the same game, and the heavy weapons combat animation became more angrily farcical and dynamic but not really improved. Hopefully they arrived at a nice happy medium and expanded on the rpg like skill development. The original game could only be made better with multiplayer and more skill and building options and more variety in traits and heights and weights etc and a bigger map. Should definitely be co-op and not pvp or non zombie npc enemies
connor freeman (1 year ago)
for honor and days gone
SonOfTheDawn515 (1 year ago)
State of Decay was awesome
Eloy Garza (1 year ago)
At 2:10, were those babies? 😳🔫
Nice fallout music in the background
Carley Perez (1 year ago)
a getting state of decay 2 and the walking dead game season 3
Jose Manuel (1 year ago)
hey bro just subscribed, liked the video. and well i would love it if you did one on new games and best games to play online for ps4
john pardon (1 year ago)
not much choice when you hate zombie games. people seem to forget that surviving without zombies irl is already kinda hard and would make for great games.
Wight Knight (1 year ago)
days gone looks good
Ronnie1Z (1 year ago)
hey says the same exact words as yoteslaya ladies and gents
David Smith (1 year ago)
survival games....and no mention of Resident Evil 7.!????
Mike McDonagh (1 year ago)
The Last of Us 2
katsupoi (1 year ago)
top 5 upcoming survival games 1.The last of Us 2.The Last Of Us 2 3.The Last Of Us 2 4.The Last Of Us 2 5.THE LAST OF F###ING US 2!!!!
Donald Trump (1 year ago)
compulsion looks really cool!
Dan N (1 year ago)
I feel like the audio is sped up. Sheesh
Charles Hollins (1 year ago)
really loved state of decay, and wish they'd make number 2 for both Xbox and ps4
Badeandenx xplayer (1 year ago)
we happy few are already out
lil snupe snupe (1 year ago)
Where's resident evil 7?????
Marine Shtf (1 year ago)
Last of Us 2!!!
Stunge (1 year ago)
I'm looking forward to Conan Exiles! Its going to be lit!
Rickedy Music (1 year ago)
Do u ever breathe?
Papplekiss (1 year ago)
What about resident evil 7, anyone else excited for it ?!
Marc McCoy (1 year ago)
I hope they don't make everyone a bunch of whiny asshats in state of decay 2. I absolutely hated having to go take someone out for a talk every 10 minutes.
SmortsGotGame (1 year ago)
Did anyone else here the fallout 4 theme song in the background?
The Rogue One (1 year ago)
The song name nico vegan beast remix
The Rogue One (1 year ago)
Nico vega beast remix
Johnny Blaze (1 year ago)
Escape from Tarkov is really promising I don't even game on PC but I'm hoping to build one solely for this game when it comes out.
mynameisfredbeans (1 year ago)
the first game looks terrible
koapualii14 (1 year ago)
state of decay looks good and battle state cause you get to work with other people.
Ian TeStruth (1 year ago)
I want days gone
Brad Billett (1 year ago)
Day is gone is the reason I shall be buying a PS4 in 2017 it looks amazing, I love sons of anarchy and the walking dead and that looks a mix between then
Akumu Raikan (1 year ago)
you forgot Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Wild, and a few other games
Josh Novosad (1 year ago)
I don't understand. This was a really good video, but why the click bait thumbnails in your videos?
Ganga Maher (1 year ago)
days gone reminds The last of us that was an awsm game
MC_ venomxx (1 year ago)
the first one you shows looks amazing
GOD LIKE GENIUS (1 year ago)
Last one looks the business! A bit of the last of us,loved that game SO MUCH!!!
ummm... (1 year ago)
Days Gone looks amazing. Pretty sure that Fallout 4 music was playing in the background. Didn't realize it till Days Gone though
YT oholic (1 year ago)
Bad list
Mike_naugz88 (1 year ago)
Days gone can't wait,getting closer and closer 👍👍👍
Jasiah Lencrerot (1 year ago)
looking forward to Days Gone. kinda puts you in yhe mindset of Last of Us meets Walking Dead!
Sebastian Ruble (1 year ago)
I wish DAYZ was on ps4
Nakatomi Uk (1 year ago)
The Last of Us 2 is one game I hope is coming and looking forward to
GFantazy (1 year ago)
mikenaugz88 it's not coming out soon at all. Games from naughty dog take a long fucking time, most likely q2 of 2018.
The Grape (1 year ago)
Well, it was just announced at psx. Get hype
Mike_naugz88 (1 year ago)
Nakatomi Uk oh don't worry it's coming.soon in 2017 we'll hear something from naughty dog. They put it on pause for the last uncharted and then went back to it I'm thinking after x-mas we will hear something official. Can't wait
Domina Mortis (1 year ago)
I'm so glad that Escape from Tarkov is coming to consoles. I kept hearing the developers say they will bring it to PS4 and Xbox but of course pc gets it first. I'll just wait :( it looks good though. I'm so glad I have a PlayStation because Days Gone and all of the other exclusives for the PS4 look kick ass!
Ben Butt (1 year ago)
Josh Hoolihan It is coming to consoles. And H1Z1 is made by Sony themselves. They want H1Z1 fully optimized first.
Josh Hoolihan (1 year ago)
they also said the same thing about h1z1... wouldn't get your hopes up. plus the ps4 and xbone would have a really hard time running EFT , not to mention ps would need to enable keyboard and mouse for games which they have said they will not do . in short I highly doubt that EFT will come to consoles
mara7987 (1 year ago)
I really hope Dead Island 2 gets released in 2017... That's the game I'm looking forward. Great list though! I didn't even know about these games and it is now something I am going to look out for!
Drelen Cole (1 year ago)
Just State of Decay 2, I had fun with the first one, but they added one thing that I wanted the most in the 1st one, MULTIPLAYER I can finally have a good experience with a friend.
Always Fail (1 year ago)
This may or may not be a long and unnecesary name be my friend !
Schniigche (1 year ago)
Too bad I have no friends
Diane :3 (1 year ago)
State of decay 2 looks pretty good TBH.. super excited for days gone tho! :)
Joshua Wagner (1 year ago)
res 7 hello
Lockon stratos (1 year ago)
whats the outro song
Tazuman Shemhamforash (1 year ago)
Shashank Dimri (1 year ago)
Hey man.. That was awesome video... Pretty good commentry though... Well there are more horror survival games which are coming.. such as SCORN.. ALISON ROAD.. and ofcourse Resident Evil 7... But AGONY AND THE SCORN Game is very creepy... Check out videos of those bro... Once again.. Pretty good jon though mate :)
Joe Hansbury (1 year ago)
police 2013 when this game going to be. finished
Jager M (2 years ago)
pc get all the good stuff
Shaurya Malhotra (2 years ago)
days gone sucks
Christopher Underwood (2 years ago)
I'm super excited for "Escape From Tarkov" it looks kind of like Day Z just without zombies and I hope everything isn't in Russian because I don't know much Russian but it is right up my preference ally of survival so I will definitely get this when it is possible for PS4 (because I read that it will release for PS4) but if I get a good PC by then I'll definitely get it asap
noblehippo (2 years ago)
every time i look at one of these videos i assume survarium is finally finished
Kevin Hathaway (2 years ago)
First one is a knockoff of 7 days to die
freedomfighterxvida (2 years ago)
I can't wait for State of Decay 2!
Gooba Jungle Boy (2 years ago)
i just got 7 days to die on ps4. kinda glitchy but not bad.

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