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How to Play 5-Card Draw | Gambling Tips

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Like these Gambling Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1HCxrup Watch more How to Gamble at Casinos videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/511516-How-to-Play-5Card-Draw-Gambling-Tips There are all kinds of ways to play poker. In this video, a gambling expert explain how to play 5-card draw. It's up to you to work on your poker face. Hey guys, I just want to show you how to play Five Card Draw. It's not poker game that you're going to find in any casino. It's more of a home game and an old bar/saloon type of thing. Basically, we've got four players here. Every player gets five cards face down. There's never a dedicated dealer on this game, it usually gets passed around the table. So, I'll act as this player here, lift the hand so you can see what I've got. So, basically there's a round of betting first up, so I'm going to move these over here. This player's first so, so he wants to bet 10, then everybody else can call. They can fold, they can raise. It can be played limit or no limit, that's really up to you. So, say he wants to raise to 20, and say, it's really not that good, but why not. Alright, and everybody else wants to call. Alright, so this all now goes into a pot. Now, I choose. You could keep whichever card you want and throw away whichever ones you want, but I'll choose to keep two, and I draw three. Alright, so whatever cards those are. Alright, and lets say that this player here wants to draw one card, so the he gets his one. This player here decides to throw in the two, he gets two, and this player here, he wants to throw away three, so he gets three. Now everybody's got their hands, now they're set, because there was a draw and you know, I could put the cards down. Now there's another round of betting, so we'll just say everybody wants to bet 20, and everybody calls. This all goes into the pot and now whoever has the best hand wins. So right here, three 6's, it's pretty good. This hand here, player's got a Ace high. Player here's got a Jack high, and player here's got a King high. So in this case here, three 6's win the pot. And that's how you play Five Card Draw.
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Text Comments (60)
aceman0000099 (3 days ago)
basically card yahtzee
Short On Ideas (30 days ago)
Don't look at your hand and light a cig and make the opponent pass out.
Goran Filipovic (5 months ago)
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ahmed jaher (5 months ago)
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Ivan M (8 months ago)
You should have gone for the flush, man.
Anton Chigurh (8 months ago)
So 1: deal all players five cards facedown. 2: players begin betting, calling, raising, folding. 3: players may ask for different cards after turning the one's they dislike in. 4: players call their cards. Is this it?
Travis Zachery (7 months ago)
Anton Chigurh Players ante first.
S RD (10 months ago)
what happens if player A raises to an amount that the player B doesn't have? does player B also just have to go "all in" then or does he automatically lose his already betted chips in that round?
noahconstrictor100 (10 months ago)
S RD Player B can either go all in, or player B can fold, giving up his chips that he has already bet.
Damon Johnson (1 year ago)
Slipknotfan314 (4 months ago)
*satan intensifies*
The only reason I know what 5 card draw is because I saw it on an episode of Fullmetal alchemist. This and Texas Hold'em are my favorite types of poker.
zeejhay924 (1 year ago)
You forget to include blind (force bet by only 2 players namely: small blind and big blind) or ante (force bet by all players).
Feelz The Don (2 months ago)
Blinds could be used in Five card stud or draw or even 7 card stud or draw or even Omaha or pretty much any form of poker as can antes. Blinds or antes are usually a matter of preference. But yes usually it's one or the other with calling, raising etc same as in Hold'em.
Travis Zachery (7 months ago)
But there is an ante before the cards are dealt.
Ezio Auditore da Firenze (10 months ago)
zeejhay924 I think that is just Texas holdem
Anton Alexandru Popa (1 year ago)
what cards do you use?
CoMaToast _ (1 year ago)
this was not helpful
BullShit (1 year ago)
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Ayhan Akça (2 years ago)
This is a good example of how, someone who doesnt know what he or she is talking about make the subject sound boring...
ImTheDerpSheep - (2 years ago)
666!!!! ILUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beau Bowss (8 days ago)
shits real
Elvia Zurita (4 months ago)
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Michael Sargent (5 months ago)
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Jonalyn Mendoza (2 years ago)
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Martin Diamond (3 years ago)
Thx u
skull_funny (3 years ago)
That's  easy
Marcello Capone (3 years ago)
Thanks man.
Karkenou (3 years ago)
Um uhh um uhhh uhhh um uhhh uh uh uh uhhhh
Sir Ragequit (3 years ago)
You can play this game online FREE on Full Tilt (Play chips) It´s pretty fun!
Ashok Kumar (3 years ago)
Texas is still the best
Travis Zachery (7 months ago)
Nope. Alabama is the best. The state, not the football team.
Ashok Kumar YEEP
Ashok Kumar (3 years ago)
+obiwanfisher537 i mean hold'em.
obiwanfisher537 (3 years ago)
No alaska!
Fahmi AYMAN (4 years ago)
First Round can draw in it ???  can  I draw in 2nd round ?
Connor Dilworth (2 years ago)
נוגה אייל (4 years ago)
Pork Chop (4 years ago)
This guy doesn't seem friendly
Cody Evans (4 months ago)
Pork Chop poker face
2-Cousins (4 years ago)
I would also like to know why this cant be found in casinos, i enjoy 5 card draw much more than lets say texas hold em, i always have 
2-Cousins also yeah Im replying to a 4 year old comment, beat it
They have it in video poker
Connor Dilworth (2 years ago)
I agree with you
ItzMrCuddles (4 years ago)
it is but its really uncommon, the reason its not found in casinos very much any more is because its a old game and demand for it isnt very high anymore.
terryeyes1 (4 years ago)
So what is the tip? This video is useless and a total waste of time
P3 Gaming (4 years ago)
The category of video is gambling tips. It's just a video on how 5 card draw is played. The fact that you fail to understand even the title says a lot.
arlenne davidoff (5 years ago)
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Tomas Waller (5 years ago)
for example if there are three players, player one has 3 sixes the other one has 3 7s and the other one has 3 jacks then, the player three has the highest number in numbers and in faces so he wins(3 js)
AndyPandy91 (5 years ago)
standard rules you can only throw away three cards maximum.
Kurraga (5 years ago)
probably split the pot.
dannycrvntz (5 years ago)
9th Comment!
RowmanSailor (5 years ago)
Why won't this game be found in conventional casinos?
Big Bubba (5 years ago)
Make a video on how to deal with gays.
Kavcorp01 (5 years ago)
fourth comment
The Mad Hatter (5 years ago)
third comment
The Mad Hatter (5 years ago)
second comment
The Mad Hatter (5 years ago)
first comment

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