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Minecraft Daily! Part 120; ft. Sly, Aleks, and Steven! - Breadtype: Butter Positive

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Text Comments (85)
CriticalHit149 (2 years ago)
Hitmon Lee Sin XD god damn it. Fucking.. that's awesome.
KrazyKyler19 (5 years ago)
IxTail1 (5 years ago)
breanna colton (5 years ago)
Er mah gerd
Chelsey White (5 years ago)
Please evo ur rhyhorn. For team TFU. Rhyperiors an great asset
LegendaryLucario14 (5 years ago)
Lol Breadtype
tomj577 (5 years ago)
KeepInventory, means he doesn't loose Exp either so it just builds up
tomj577 (5 years ago)
I like how Sly and Immortal think they was actually cooking bread
Jack Garvin (5 years ago)
Anime Viewer (5 years ago)
Kevin u cheater .Delete ur porygon!!!!!!
iJustQuick (5 years ago)
How did he got to lvl 122?
Ludwig van Beethoven (5 years ago)
I was talking about the evee evolutions...
AllansRamblings (5 years ago)
That's what they want you to think.
SheWantsTheD412 (5 years ago)
Only Kevin knows if he remembers from December.
67TrianglesInARow (5 years ago)
I usually don't care for multiple perspectives, but with this whole team thing coming about, it's nice to watch something from both sides.
asdas safasd (5 years ago)
might be something with mole in it :D
Lostsoulogan (5 years ago)
Is it just me that Kevin's voice is low. :(
Charles Davis (5 years ago)
kevin draveeeeeeen=Drevin
Hajime Kamukura (5 years ago)
Kevin your CustomNPC's mod has corrupted because the Pokemon Center sign is a hopper with the groudon it is end stone and there are 0 NPC's around
Nathaniel Smith (5 years ago)
KEVENS LEVEL 122!!!!!! WTF!!!!
Saif Rifat (5 years ago)
I'm not sure if Kevin even knows what an Umbreon even is...
Akimi (5 years ago)
kevin wtf is wrong with your minecraft the poke mart signe is a hopper and the groudon statue is a end stone...
TheBlueReaper (5 years ago)
Flygon is from Hoen and Sandile from Unova
Buttr4pist (5 years ago)
Kevin, will you take my babies?
Kyle Walker (5 years ago)
Kevin should make his house look like Stevens (cobblestone, lava, "blood spots", ect.) and make an underground tunnel to Stevens.
king tut (5 years ago)
lol what was in everyone else's present?
SmokeyMcBongWater (5 years ago)
ask steven to tradewith you so you can get a golem
Jeremiah McPlus (5 years ago)
Kevin: use sugar, golden apples, and glowstone in the middle of the crafting bench horizontally to make rare candy. You can do it now 'cause you're evil
Ludwig van Beethoven (5 years ago)
How is my statement invalid?
Golgi (5 years ago)
I'd kinda like to see it as a Flareon...
Latriea Vellra (5 years ago)
if it turned into leafeon would it be moldy bread??
The Avian (5 years ago)
Yazan Kondakji (5 years ago)
mpk0422 (5 years ago)
Kevin, if u evolved ur eevee into a glacion, would it be freezer burned bread?
WayTooOriginal (5 years ago)
Kevin only level your pet during night time to make it umbreon
Alex The Great (5 years ago)
kevin trade graveler to steven so it'll evolve into golem
Cameron Preston (5 years ago)
i havent seen much of kevin pov so when did he get 122 xp lvls?
hannah (5 years ago)
kaylum cassidy (5 years ago)
Rebnor (5 years ago)
you mean, Umbreadon
Ludwig van Beethoven (5 years ago)
If this mod is taken out people gonna get hurt.
Frozen (5 years ago)
Flygon and Sandile are in the mod. Your statement is invalid.
Ludwig van Beethoven (5 years ago)
You can only get the kanto ones and the sinnoh ones.
Aimee Roberto (5 years ago)
fo reels wooooooooooow i never would of knowed
Aimee Roberto (5 years ago)
yes i think it is
ztas2 (5 years ago)
It's probably nothing by now. Those presents were all from mods that by the time she comes back that mod would've already been taken out.
DatPoi (5 years ago)
Make Whole Wheat Bread Into Spooky Whole Wheat Bread or Bread Of Redemption :P
DatPoi (5 years ago)
Meanwhile at the Tower Of Evil spooky bread is being created............
Thomas Mease (5 years ago)
I like how Kevin named Eevee Whole Wheat Bread before all the bread cult stuff started
Jayden Downs (5 years ago)
Is whole wheat bread a bread type?
SourMilkD (5 years ago)
Kevin, now you guys gotta burn down Aleks house. He needs a better one and it would be huge. Not sky's or your should be burnt you guys actually have a lot to it. Just burn Aleks top leave hut.
TheProVolt (5 years ago)
To do this keep leveling up Eevee to get atleast 220 friendship and then only train her at night.
Marty G (5 years ago)
Ya boi Wings the female Snorlax. She's a dood, bro.
OmniBrosUK (5 years ago)
The awkward moment when u realise shes inside of the present :o
KarmaSamaFeeds (5 years ago)
Lol Kevin is such a thief XD TFU FTW
GruntCatcher (5 years ago)
trade your gravler with steven to evolve it into a golem
Max The Mobster (5 years ago)
Where the fuck is my bottle opener ?
notkrillin (5 years ago)
LOL Kevin knows about Doctor Who! Sweet :D
Imagine if it was from a mod that is not here anymore. No present for you Lucie xD
YOLODanxX (5 years ago)
its his emblem or umm logo?
Kyle Garcia (5 years ago)
"Oh shit theres a terrorist fight!"
snownova51 (5 years ago)
What is that thing in the right hand side?
Pixuseru (5 years ago)
So basically if Skydoesminecraft came back, TFU would be screwed over.
Thea (5 years ago)
Steven has started saying "Yo" ;3
Dr. Watson (5 years ago)
What is with Skype these days, everyone keeps getting those weird spikes of high-pitched robotic sounds? I think aliens are trying to tell us... Half Life 3 is coming.
TheScene (5 years ago)
They already told Sly
Unis Shoup (5 years ago)
Bring lucee back
De ToomahNation (5 years ago)
Just realised Kevin is level 122 O.o
Harusama (5 years ago)
I love watching everyone's point of view xD The jokes never get old
bredfat (5 years ago)
DeMar DeRozan (5 years ago)
manning 23 (5 years ago)
When does he get his polygon and also how does he get it it shouldn't be possible with out cheating
TheSwagsCrewHub (5 years ago)
Radioactive Snake (5 years ago)
evolve that evee cmon xD
TDkrayxe (5 years ago)
kevin please evolve Whole Wheat bread into an Umbreon
Sackkid21 ?! (5 years ago)
9th comment get a porygon
David Alexander (5 years ago)
Nah Leafeon for the win dude.
xLoneAvengerx (5 years ago)
Kevin, please evolve Whole Wheat Bread to an Umbreon
oops someone farted (5 years ago)
#team Fu
Robert .P (5 years ago)
your picture is Cleary a giraffe dressed as a dog
Connor Zx (5 years ago)
leighton297 (5 years ago)
cool dog bro
Hibiki (5 years ago)
Hudson Delarios (5 years ago)
for draaaaveenn
Hudson Delarios (5 years ago)
le first comment

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