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The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer | PS4

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https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/the-last-of-us-part-ii-ps4/ Watch the gameplay reveal trailer for The Last of Us Part II from E3 2018. May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit http://www.esrb.org for rating information. ©2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC.
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Text Comments (51076)
Di Lon (3 hours ago)
certainty that only comes to the next generation
møra crema GG (5 hours ago)
Brijido part. 2 a comprarlo cuando salga👍👍🇨🇱🇨🇱
vamsi vihari (10 hours ago)
People who are saying that console games are 60$ movies have atleast played grand theft auto,witcher and bethesda games
Shuai Zhou (10 hours ago)
So she’s getting a new gf ?
Stark Lee (11 hours ago)
I just want to know when the game will be released?
tetengboy (14 hours ago)
Multiplayer battle royal in last of us part2 plzzzzz
Fofão (15 hours ago)
NEGAN!!! FIU FIUUUU! The Walking Dead!?
Cool kid Gaming (16 hours ago)
Is that Glenn from TWD
Jason Voorhees (19 hours ago)
Where is xbox gamers
Aroura Slimes (22 hours ago)
Why does it look like a 2016 game and not a 2018 game
YourAverageGuy (1 day ago)
10:52 Just look at the animation, how that guy sort of leaned and tensed his neck. By far the most realistic cutting someone's neck in a video game.
E melhor ir ver o filme do pelé!!!
Lluvia Oscura (1 day ago)
The lesv of us
Lucios1995 (1 day ago)
MAY CONTAIN CONTENT INAPPROPIATE FOR CHILDREN Also, the shot at 7:07, not even i can miss that bad
Aroura Slimes (1 day ago)
Since we don’t know her name the girl she kissed I will call “big nose”
Aroura Slimes (22 hours ago)
J.H.S-17 I’m still gonna call her that
J.H.S-17 (1 day ago)
Her name is Dina.
memes master (1 day ago)
From me to Sony: shut up and take my money!!!
Krzysztof Sidor (1 day ago)
Assassin creed?
gatovengador real (1 day ago)
Donde esta joel :(
Alex Alvarez (1 day ago)
Ellie es inmune o antisomatica?? Es decir ella podría ser una portadora sana del virus, en la primera parte cuando enfrenta a David ella lo muerde y luego cuando es el enfrentamiento final el mientras la está buscando comienza a realizar movimientos espamicos similares a los infectados, podría haberse estado convirtiendo, recuerden que entre la mordida y el enfrentamiento en el restaurante pasan unas cuantas horas, osea que Ellie con ese beso podría haber contagiado a la otra chica y al haber un infectado dentro del refugio pudo ocasionar esa masacre....es solo una hipótesis, pero no la veo tan irreal 🤔
Duny foda se (1 day ago)
Quero jogar logo porra!
Romantico Carinhoso (1 day ago)
Exotica (1 day ago)
Just waiting for Freako to steal the last ounce of Ellie's innocence ;)
Breh Breh (1 day ago)
*Rdr 2 vs Tlou 2 , who’s the winner ?!*
DWAYNE JOHNSON (1 day ago)
They kiss so sweety.
Raul Herrera (2 days ago)
WOW. I cannot wait to buy a PS4 Pro Just to play this game.
:3 (2 days ago)
Firstly, my neck feels so weird after watching the killing scenes HAHA xD Secondly, @11:09 onwards, I thought a Taylor Swift was gonna start playing.
Your Dry Blazer (2 days ago)
tlou is the type of game that makes you look at a mushroom and cry
Jeerd Ace (2 days ago)
RDR2 VS TLOU2... Begin
Jeerd Ace (1 day ago)
DWAYNE JOHNSON (1 day ago)
DWAYNE JOHNSON (1 day ago)
Eduardo Donadeli (2 days ago)
Hahaha. A unica imune é lésbica.
RonaN (2 days ago)
Don't get me wrong but... The Last of Us is about Ellie and Joel, both.
dan steelo (2 days ago)
Joel Is alive he said "your old man "
Elijah Cross (1 day ago)
Arent we all XD
dan steelo (1 day ago)
Lol I'm in denial bro
Elijah Cross (1 day ago)
That could be anybody by now, but yes there's still a chance
Rishabh Dangwal (2 days ago)
Music that begins at 11.12 is absolutely amazing..
Biniam Gaming (2 days ago)
Press X to scissor. Can’t wait to buy this game
Javi Gallegos (2 days ago)
Some people say this will be a PS5 game
KlaabuGamingTV (1 day ago)
Well PS5 will prolly have full BC with PS4.
A l i e n (2 days ago)
Ist das etwa ein kampf Lesben Game geworden? Zur Hölle damit was ein scheißdreck
Emanuel Zuleta (2 days ago)
This is a amazing gampley
rrgert4 (2 days ago)
thats pretty insane face motion capture
Jahangir Akand (3 days ago)
From lesb to survivor
iRaymond XD (3 days ago)
There will be a Dramatic-Emotional story for part lI cuz everyone's die And You yes You my friend , I think YO'UR hearth will be 💔 when You see YO'UR preferate character die ! Now what im see in the trailer I think that : Joel And Dina die Ellie mother ( I hope we see togheter , I whander What reaction will Have Ellie) anyway And Ellie is mad And take revenge to Fireshit ! Who's Agree like plss !
re4dt (3 days ago)
Naughty Dog please make the game run at 60 fps !
Spinox (1 day ago)
It'll be 30fps for ps4 and 60fps for ps5. Pretty sure they're gonna do the same like they did with the last of us one.
Bhavin Barbhaya (3 days ago)
Those environment details are pretty much legendary
Ricky Spanish (3 days ago)
Love watching Ellie kill Antifa members.
Exotica (2 days ago)
Pretty sure they are called Seraphites
Nor Priest (3 days ago)
If you see nothing wrong with masculinist . Then I see nothing wrong with feminist either
Nor Priest (3 days ago)
After feminists took control of Star Wars. Now they already took over Last of Us smh What's next?
J.H.S-17 (22 hours ago)
+Isaak Yilmaz Exactly
Isaak Yilmaz (22 hours ago)
They haven’t taken over the last of us.
J.H.S-17 (1 day ago)
+Nor Priest But, how they are ruin this game?
Nor Priest (1 day ago)
+J.H.S-17 I mean SJWs
parrot007 (3 days ago)
Suicide rate drops to 0%
makoto naegi (3 days ago)
I wonder how strong grown up Ellie is this time around can’t wait!!!!!
Taylor Basque (3 days ago)
When does this come out???
Isaak Yilmaz (22 hours ago)
Somewhere around 19 July or June 2019
iRaymond XD (3 days ago)
I hope around Christmas ! Is gonna be a Wonderfull gift ....But I think is come out Mothers day 8 marth 2019 ! Plsss Naughty Dog Christmas 🎁 !!!
Kevin Squire (3 days ago)
I can never get tired of watching this
bekindrewind (3 days ago)
Ellie looks so different. It's almost like when they do a movie with a kid growing up and the adult actor just looks so different from when he was a kid. That's the feel I get from grown up Ellie.
Michel En claquettes (3 days ago)
Who here?
Foxy (3 days ago)
I'm gonna cry a lot again I think
ENTER NAME (3 days ago)
"Your old man laid into me" -Asian guy to Ellie Does this mean that Joel is alive at least for part of the game?
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Wrecker Strong. (3 days ago)
The real question is she still an American like if you get it
Wrecker Strong. (2 days ago)
The Boondocks it is a joke have you seen the vido
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Wrecker Strong. No... i dont agree. She was born in america so she is an american
M Jenkins (3 days ago)
Is this gonna be like tomb raider?
The Boondocks (2 days ago)
M Jenkins I guess but they’re really different besides those things
M Jenkins (2 days ago)
The Boondocks because you killed enemy’s with guns and bow and sneak attacks just like Tomb Raider
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
M Jenkins nah why u say that
Hello GOTY 2019
THIAGO PRÉZ98 (4 days ago)
dreyk 19 (4 days ago)
Fortnite weapon? 10:12
Rodrigo Faria (4 days ago)
Vai ter tradução Pará português
Action Jackie (4 days ago)
This game is for lesbians girl?...
Momo (3 days ago)
Not for homophobes for sure...
corn (4 days ago)
This can't be he real game.
John Smith (4 days ago)
5:26 The guy who says "Spread out" sounds like Joel...
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
John Smith dont worry its not joel
Fernando Carvalho (4 days ago)
Bom dia. Esse jogo já saiu tem como compra ele é maravilhoso lindo tudo
Davi Bavaro (2 days ago)
Vai sair ano que vem
Schatten23 (4 days ago)
She is avenging Dina, Ellie dies in the end and Joel, once again, loses his daughter...
Joker (4 days ago)
So Joel is daddy now is he?
Tejada Abreu (4 days ago)
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Momo ?
Momo (3 days ago)
Uncharted 4 E3 gameplay says hi!
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Tejada Abreu its real stupid
King Stratos (4 days ago)
That nose is way to big she need to cut it.
Robin SAS (4 days ago)
a lot of daaarrk in this, hope it ain't gonna be all like that
Exotica (4 days ago)
Lol why not? It really sends the message of how unforgiving this world is. This game is about hate anyways so it fits in well.
Arroz Queimado (4 days ago)
Tutorial of how make Xbox players cry...
Nuura Abdulkadir (5 days ago)
What will happen if they capture Ellie
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Nuura Abdulkadir they dont capture her and if they do catch her shes dies and the game restarts from last checkpoint
Nuura Abdulkadir (5 days ago)
Why the people are chasing Ellie
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Nuura Abdulkadir because.....well because 🤔 its a zombie apocalypse
Nuura Abdulkadir (5 days ago)
How Jessie will react when he see his ex girlfriend kiss Ellie
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Nuura Abdulkadir thats not jessies ex girlfriend
KingSlayerXD Lane (5 days ago)
And why I'm glad Naughty Dog let's us skip cinematics
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
KingSlayerXD Lane why
Renata González (5 days ago)
What happened with Joel?? that’s the serious question
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
kira of the sky nah hes alive
kira of the sky (3 days ago)
Maybe his dead?
Hey Lolita (5 days ago)
j. Perón.E (5 days ago)
Lesbianas de mierda
Kevin Greer (5 days ago)
Last of us 2 & Cyberpunk has 10 Million views and counting
Viper (5 days ago)
Its ugly
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Viper no u
Şahmar Hesenov (5 days ago)
marake91 (5 days ago)
Speriamo x 2019
HardCore Gamer (5 days ago)
Wow check graphics massive game just waiting
petangames (5 days ago)
whodaman16 (5 days ago)
I think this games looks great but am I the only one that thinks 2 years is a long wait for an action adventure game?
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
whodaman16 the game will have online don’t worry so no its not just for the story
iRaymond XD (4 days ago)
Exactly! I hear is come on Mothers day 8 marth !
whodaman16 (4 days ago)
+iRaymond XD I agree I think it will be worth the wait I need to learn to have patience
iRaymond XD (4 days ago)
I think my friend , they just want to Make a better story And maybe MAYBE they want to ad a DLC ! Im just sayingh bro.....But this will be a Dramatic And Emotional story EVER !
Uncovered Umbrella (5 days ago)
i love the flickering and sneaky noise its just amazing
Weight Overload (5 days ago)
If there's gonna be a third game and I wish it will be the last they will have to make the last of us the apocalypse collection
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Exotica man i was trash at the last of us multiplayer i played alot of it tho
Exotica (3 days ago)
+The Boondocks that's fair, I really just play TLOU because of the unique gameplay. It's not like any other game I've played. Don't get me wrong I loved the story mode as well, but multiplayer is where it's at
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Exotica idk bro i just think that they should end joel and ellies story here it just feels better like imagine a Last of us 4 as well
Exotica (3 days ago)
+The Boondocks why?
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Weight Overload i mean last of us 3
XxMacsasxX 0026 (5 days ago)
mmmmm.... After seen this video and another one... I have three theories: Theory 1: Maybe Ellie discovered that Joel lied to her and is trying to find someone who can find a cure with her. Theory 2: Joel dies thanks to the guys he was with and confesses the lie to Ellie before dying. She runs away and tries to find someone who can find a cure with her. Theory 3: Ellie discovers that her mother is alive (if she is) and wants to find her with or without Joel's permission. What do you think? 🤔😬
Exotica (4 days ago)
If Ellie is still interested in finding a cure, I think she's trying to find her sister. My theory is that the girl in the Paris trailer is Ellie's sister. People think it's Ellie's mom cause the Seraphites say she's "nested with sin" but they also refer to her as an apostate, which is basically someone who betrays. And the Seraphites being a crazy religious cult and all, it's safe to say turning your back on the Seraphites is punishable by death.
【 GM】SoldierKinG (5 days ago)
Soy el unico q abla español ?
sandile mabaso (5 days ago)
Can't wait 😢
Black Irish (5 days ago)
Game of the year is between this and red dead but last of us can’t win because it’s only on PS4.
I LOVE games that have a deep narrative. Hate “run an gun” multiplayer shooters. Can’t wait for this masterpiece!
Ferid Nihat (6 days ago)
23k dislike Xbox and PC fanboys kekvkkfkfkcmhdhhbfgj
Graffiti tracer (6 days ago)
Reasons why Ellie is better than Clem she catches more bodies, her game sold way more than any of Clementine games only one that made profit was the one with lee, and naughty dog is not shutting down it’s just beginning and working on new projects, doesn’t hesitate to kill people and going through a tougher world than Clem
The Boondocks (3 days ago)
Graffiti tracer non of those points were valid except the catching more bodies. As a character clementine is better but ellie is better in combat
chlemeryl (5 days ago)
no. your comment seemed like you were stating your own facts. “Reasons why Ellie is BETTER than Clem.” you said nothing about it being other people’s opinion, genius.
Graffiti tracer (5 days ago)
I still like her better this just some reasons why some people might like Ellie genius
chlemeryl (5 days ago)
yet your picture is clem?
The Beast Boy (6 days ago)
I NEED TO PLAY IT NOWWW ! Give a Release Date Please !!!! 😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏
iRaymond XD (5 days ago)
I hope is come in 2018
iRaymond XD (5 days ago)
Later on Novembre or Somewhere in Decembrie but 60% is come out Mothers day ....
DeF ekT (6 days ago)
Bada Bing888 (6 days ago)
This looks freaking amazing.
Josué Alberto Castro (6 days ago)
They Made a vídeo showing the gameplay but is a fake is not real ir is a video Theres nobody behind a the controller
Exotica (4 days ago)
It's pre-recorded. You know how embarrassing it would be if it were live and someone kept dying or accidentally showed a flaw in gameplay. It's better like this to show the people what a playthrough "could" be like.
Miguel Ângelo (5 days ago)
Every game revealed at E3 shows gameplay without nobody playing it
Arditya Pranata (6 days ago)
The neck so beautiful

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