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GOD OF WAR References to Kratos' Old Life and Greek Gods

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DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN MOVIE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaI7Y3X0T9M Everything GREAT With God of War - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=It5aENQ_Ry0&t=3s ► GLP Shirts and Merch: https://tinyurl.com/y7sbgb3j ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/glplaygr0und ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/glittlep ► Facebook: http://facebook.com/gLpLayground ► GLP TV: https://www.youtube.com/c/glptvee This is a compilation of anything in reference to Kratos' old life in Greece and any references to the Greek Gods. Enjoy!
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This is a compilation of anything in reference to Kratos' old life in Greece and any references to the Greek Gods. Enjoy!
Derek Stapleton (8 days ago)
Hanz Get ze Flammenwerfer and when Mimir realizes that Kratos is the Ghost of Sparta and talks to him about it both in Helheim and in Tyr's Temple
The Hyborg (1 month ago)
Gamer's Little Playground we must be better
David HANDLEY (3 months ago)
I think I can say this and type this as many times, but, when Atreus asks “Can... can, I turn into an animal?” And he says no, I’m thinking, “bruh, you were attacked by an eagle that you thought was Athena but was really Zeus and had your power taken away.”
Hacky Thieves γεια σου ρε φίλε εσύ χαίρεσαι που η Ιστορία μας πάει σε παιχνίδια?
Gamer's Little Playground hope you enjoyed are nephrology :)
Alesio K.C (1 hour ago)
Mimir is the best
Alesio K.C (1 hour ago)
wOmAn Do YoU hEaR mE?
Christopher G (18 hours ago)
When Kratos said "Women do you hear me?" and she said "I am still a god!" I could not help but think of Frozens "Do you wanna build a snowman"? "Go away!" It could go something like this: "Do you wanna heal Atreus? It really has to be Atreus!"
Calcifer34 (19 hours ago)
Here's my question what happened to the golden fleece Kratos wore in Gow3 did he use that metal to make the two knives orr even used the metal to make the shield he has???
Swelldrew (20 hours ago)
Solar Flare (23 hours ago)
This: THIS is how you take a new direction with a series.
roxE- (1 day ago)
we need atreus the last soldier sparta dlc story
Grant Nordin (2 days ago)
I’m hoping that when a new god of war game comes out with the story taking place in Japan and trust me, they will do a story since Japan has one of the most famous pantheons in religion I will be excited to see kratos fight them or atreus depending on if kratos dies in the next game or the one after that.
M Paulson (3 days ago)
3:45 "You're gonna be my new brother". Good foreshadowing there.
TylerTheGamer55 (3 days ago)
Pause at 8:27 does the part in the front look like thanos looking at us or is that just me
TylerTheGamer55 (3 days ago)
Mimir: let me tell you a story. Kratos: SHUT UP HEAD!!!
Wrythil Valice (3 days ago)
"The realm of the dead are you familiar with it?" "Not this one.." hahaha badass
crazykids666999666 (4 days ago)
The first one is a reference to his wife that just died being a giant, not an put him being from Greece
Obaid Ali (5 days ago)
Kratos have died in God of 3 how he is alive in God of 4 send me reply
le krieg (5 days ago)
think about it, the reason atreus is so dangerous (or atleast can become so dangerous), is the fact that not only is he part Giant, one of the most intelligent races (not to mention big and strong), but he is also the son of A) a spartan (which means fighting is in his blood), B) the grandson of Zues (so magical power is a given), C) the son of Kratos (so physical strength and i want to say wisdom, is going to be passed on) but he is also being mentored by Kratos, being taught how to fight, how to lead, how to think. also that hint at a possible Egypt god of war is awesome.
Kiko Taer (8 days ago)
FYI, baldur never knew about kratos' old life.Only mimir and freya know. He just thought he is a GIANT and odin wants Baldur(his finest tracker) to hunt down all GIANTS left in midgard.
Kenji 1987 (8 days ago)
Originally, I thought that the storm that appeared when Atreus was sick, was a result of Thor arriving to exact revenge for his son.
Nimar (6 days ago)
There are consequenses to Killing a god and this was the consequense of Killing the thundergods son
Tayvon Wolfe (11 days ago)
That clams casino outro just 😫
Samuel H (11 days ago)
hanson sony (13 days ago)
20:41 atreus:- what'd ya find? Kratos:-*FU..YEEET*. nothing.
Darkchainzz (14 days ago)
Something I realized around my 3rd time watching a play through of this game, is that the sky turns red and thunders a lot because he’s still the Greek god of war and we’re seeing the world through his eyes and how he left it after god of war 3, it’s like a small view of what the Greek world looks like in this game. Notice that the sun doesn’t shine as it was when he left and the sky is swarming with bugs and the sense of dread?
Nimar (8 days ago)
Two possibilitys: either we see this, because his past plagues him or what i think: There are consequences to killing a God. Remember that every time Kratos killed an Olympian God, the Land Suffered ? Now he killed on of the Sons of the God of Thunder, the weather change only makes sense
GmodPlusWoW (14 days ago)
When Atreus attempts to activate his own Spartan Rage, it's at once both unsettling and kind of adorable. And considering how God of War: Ragnarok is likely going to start, I have a feeling that this isn't the last time we'll see him unleash that power. Thor's going to hang a beating on Kratos, and Atreus, now a bit older and with more control over his nature, is probably going to punch Thor into orbit after activating Loki's Rage.
Tavion Harris (15 days ago)
Are their any mortals still in the god of war universe and are MOST of the gods dead?
XIIIphobos (16 days ago)
20:02 *inhale* "Home."
Brett Pitman II (17 days ago)
baldur sounds like a pepaedophile
Bob The scientist (19 days ago)
TruckaJoe (19 days ago)
Freya, the only one to send Kratos to pick f*****g flowers!!
Fry M (20 days ago)
athena is so creepy
John Ruud (21 days ago)
I hope his son gets obducted then shaves the beard and goes on a rampage destroying everything.
Terrell Cole (22 days ago)
@23:56 BEST. DAD. EVER!!!!!
dragoknight 0508 (23 days ago)
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MemeMats 64 (24 days ago)
Imagine this Kratos is still the old of him...he would destroy anything without any doubt...
Gaster Blaster (25 days ago)
*WOMEN* *DO* *U* *HEAR* *ME!*
Rayhan 556 (26 days ago)
Christian Richey (28 days ago)
It was so sad but it was good to play i love it it make me cry sometimes
SvarkZ PlayS (29 days ago)
26:36 nice voice crack
polaris rising (30 days ago)
17:58 "can i turn into an animal?" oh you can someday. just.... avoid horses when you finally learned how.
Nimar (8 days ago)
For Kratos the question is hillariously weird, coming from a kid that just learned about his godhood, but for us, knowing his name and relation to the Aesir.. its hillarious
*Darnell* (1 month ago)
You missed the one where they were in jormugandr belly and Atreus ask if he’s been in a giants stomach and Kratos said not in one who wasn’t trying to kill him, he was in Kronos stomach before
*Darnell* (1 month ago)
How do you include all traces of his old life but skip the part in hel when he spoke to Zeus, the part before mimir realizes he’s the ghost of Sparta
Xx UltraGaming xX (1 month ago)
*Bollocks, respectfully bollocks*
Omer Qbany (1 month ago)
Guys maybe kratos will get hurt and Atreus will start war against the Norse gods or vice versa if kratos does get hurt Loki or Atreus will make hel frenrir and jormenandr to fuck odin up and help his father heal Or maybe Atreus will get kidnapped by the gods cuz they be hatin on giants and kratos seek vengeance on them to get Atreus back maybe even Freya will kidnap him and in some portions of the game we will play as Atreus trying to fight/escape them
FaceGlitch -_- (1 month ago)
I was really hoping freya and kratos would get together they look perfect
Bobby Ross (1 month ago)
34:10 cracks me up. Its like Kratos is trying so hard to come clean and be dramatic but his son is like "Dad, stop being cheesy you are embarrassing me in front of the head"
Nimar (8 days ago)
More like Kratos: having a very deep and emotional moment lil Kid: unable to understand his fathers emotions even a bit: I have to interrupt you its such a normal father kid thing, loved it
Bobby Ross (1 month ago)
The fact that the pan the camera away while cutting off mimir's head shows how much this series has matured, and with it, the developers and players.
Strange Tattoos (1 month ago)
The beginning was Baldur thinking Kratos was a Giant
Nimar (8 days ago)
He was hoping to find Laufey, the last giant of Midgard
Nine Dnine (1 month ago)
The 1st boss “the stranger” had mo idea who tf kratos was nor was he looking for him......
Nimar (8 days ago)
Yes, but kratos was understood it as a reference to his past, so it makes kinda sense
Jarv (1 month ago)
Out of all the events that occurred... not once has Atreus or Kratos needs to take a shit or pee
Nimar (8 days ago)
They are gods
joseph tuagalu (1 month ago)
Are you telling me, not once did Kratos fart? not even just a little quiet one? awww gummonnn I'm sure he did and Mimir smelled it but didn't want to tell the truth of it's stinkness to Atreus, otherwise it might've made him fallen ill or even kill him
Steven Smith (1 month ago)
Can someone explain why Athena does not like Kratos, please answer😂
Steven Smith (6 days ago)
Nimar Jheese okay thanks man
Nimar (8 days ago)
In God of war 3, Kratos took the power from the box of Pandora that could kill Zeus "Hope" and promised to give this power back to athena, but instead he used the blade of olympus to almost kill himself and give the power of "hope" back to humanity, she was angry cause it was supposed to make her strong again and because "they do not know how to use it" And Kratos is Angry at Athena, cause she decieved him. He was a monster that killed for the God Ares and for Olympus, once Kratos had enough and asked the gods that they could make him forget everything he has done, Athena claimed that everything would be forgiven if he completed a last tast. Expecting to forget his past, he completed the task, but she did not take those memorys away, instead only claimed that olympus forgives him his sins
Jackson Knight (1 month ago)
29:50 why is there the insignia of the ulrtamarines chapter
Jackson Knight (8 days ago)
It was a joke
Nimar (8 days ago)
The sign Ω is the last letter of the greek alphapet and reads "omega" it is used to signify the end, alpha is the beginning and Omega the end. it is also used as a symbol of war, because a war is not supposed to go on forever, it is supposed to end something
perplexing pixels (1 month ago)
When kratos smelled the drink am i the only one who noticed a hephasteus looking figure on the little vase? With the wine of course
perplexing pixels (1 month ago)
Was kratos praying while riding the boat?
Jelo Mercado (1 month ago)
baldur's voice reminds me of the joker...
Elijah Suazo (1 month ago)
Why do you have like 0 health and rage when you're all the way at the blades of chaos part? Speed running maybe?
my_dixie_rekt (1 month ago)
so i have a question, everyone that looks for small detail would probably agree with this question but how does Kratos have the Blades of Chaos after they were badly damaged after his first fight with Zeus in GOW3, Athena turned them into the Blades of Exile. am i missing some lore or is there actually no explanation for that?
my_dixie_rekt (6 days ago)
Nimar true, i see where your coming from. but in the beginning of gow3, when athena comes to kratos in her spirit form, she takes the blades of chaos from his back and turns them into the blades of exile, did they get turned back into the blades of chaos or is there nothing yet? and it’s River Styx btw
Nimar (8 days ago)
He lost the blades of exile after he killed himself in gow 3, he was originaly given them cause the blades of chaos werent sharp anymore and got rusty after falling into the river (insert name... i forgot) thats why he uses the blades of chaos now, and let them be repaired my Brook and Sindri throughout the game
bjorn de vlieger (1 month ago)
Does the creators realize Helheim is blazing hot instead of cold that would be niflheim or something BUT i can be mistaking the realm of the fire giants for Helheim could somebody clear that up to me?
Nimar (8 days ago)
Helheim is the land of the dead, either displayed as a wet grave or an never ending cold Muspelheim is the land of the Firegiant (s)
Dantes Prophet (1 month ago)
Atreus: Father why did you leave your old land and come here? Does it have to do with the other gods there? Kratos: Well......(flashback) I am not the same man you saved that day! The monster you have created has returned to kill you. Athena! You conspire against me!? Prepare for your end Poseidon! The hands of death could not defeat me, the sisters could not hold me and YOU! WILL NOT SEE THE END OF THIS DAY! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE! (flashback end) It's a long story boy.
Irfan Spirtovic (1 month ago)
The strength of any weapon lies in a fur vest but only when tempered by your forehead
Potato DX (1 month ago)
Yonatan773 (1 month ago)
The blades of chaos is true movie quality
Ezekiel Carr (1 month ago)
I'm probably being fucking stupid but Freya said she knew Kratos was a god but not of this realm. But he is from midgard is he not?
Nimar (8 days ago)
The developers said that they havent given that too much thought. he is practicaly from the same realm, just not of these lands
Isaiah Navarro (1 month ago)
I want kratos to be by himself in Egypt and he becomes the Egyptian god of war and have the no no mini games back imagine kratos with like a Egyptian goddess
andrew dvries (1 month ago)
god of BOY
Stephen B (1 month ago)
You know up until baulder died i thought frea and kratos would become closer
Vijay Nafria (1 month ago)
OMG 0:15 the quality of facial expression and head movement of Baldur while he is talking is something never seen video game
Demetre Carter (1 month ago)
Buldar would’ve been dead without that spell. Cause a few minutes after it broke he got his fucking neck broke 😂😂😂
PrimeXero (1 month ago)
The first clip I believe was a reference to the Giants.
Nimar (8 days ago)
kratos understood it as a reference to himself
Ray Stickley (1 month ago)
Kratos father of year
Ray Stickley (1 month ago)
12:14 my favorite moment in the game
terraincognita69 (1 month ago)
12:43 Kratos' hands shaking before he grabs the blades out of the fear and shame of his past makes me tear up a bit lmao
terraincognita69 (1 month ago)
this game makes you feel so powerful lmao. Knock on wood here but like 3 months later this game is still great
christopher boone (1 month ago)
29:01 Kratos- greek Tyr- norse Montu- egypt Morrigan- celtic Hachiman- japan
Kratos can fight giant more bigger than the giant in norse and Greek mythology like 100,000,000 feet or hight or more
Kürşat Yılmaz (1 month ago)
13:30 Get Rekt
Politely (1 month ago)
Did anybody else hear the "oof" at 27:21?
pozytywnawibracja17 (1 month ago)
is it just me or Santa Monica should give us the option to remove that filthy beard from Kratos face You know like nice update or reward in game
S R Sidharthsurya (1 month ago)
First cutscene refers to the giant race, not Gods. Do your research will ya?
Nimar (8 days ago)
he understands it as a refernece to himself
chainz983 (1 month ago)
"whatever your hiding, you cannot protect him forever..." thats... LITERALLY the pot calling the kettle black
Raven (2 months ago)
Maciej Ilski (2 months ago)
Baldur didnt know who Kratos was till very end.
Alibey Bal (2 months ago)
Baldur's speech with Kratos is not a reference to his old life, he was tracking down his wife. But the developers wanted us to think that way it is acceptable.
DRIVECLUBTM Gameplay (2 months ago)
12:28 its so dramatic
Stephen Reed (2 months ago)
Tips on having the Best Son and Father Trip ever: 1. Go on a epic quest 2. Kill small, medium, and big shits. 3. End with an epic fight 4. *_F u l l p r o f I t_*
Spicystachegamer328 420 (2 months ago)
I kinda hope we atleast see some more greek gods it's weird how we never saw artemis again and apollo as well I would have atleast liked to see all the major gods be killed and artemis would make a good boss I think
TheSpy333 (2 months ago)
Should have showed us Zeus’ face in Hel when Kratos goes to kill the bridge keeper
Bam Ncc (2 months ago)
Around the 20 minuet mark, Mimir talked about the Egyptian Gods
Fadil Langston (2 months ago)
I'll take "Sh*t You Should Never Tell a Moody Preteen" for 600
PennBlockMuzic (2 months ago)
Kratos is Ragnorak
Camden Keefer (2 months ago)
What would Loki do? Did I miss something?
Khoo Shao Hua (2 months ago)
wait, when did kratos have that scar near his eye?
Nimar (8 days ago)
hen he attacks Ares as a child to try and save Deimos, Ares swats him away and then you see a large gash across the right side of his face...
Person (2 months ago)
I thought Zeus being kratos’ dad is the dead giveaway about him being Greek
Jerry Rivera (2 months ago)
They should of kept kratos old voice when his on the boat with atreus and atreus sees his father fighting his father zeus it would of been better
Blue Chicken (2 months ago)
In case ur wondering why the entire fight with the Hel-Walkers is included, the director said its a homage to previous God of War games where they would give you a before-and-after of aquiring a new weapon.
Tommie Gaston (2 months ago)
It would have been cool if they would added a nightmare scene like in Rambo 4 to this game. and shows all of kratos past from god of war 1 -3.
bigbad actor (2 months ago)
24:49 "This bitch empty, YEET!"
Shut up (2 months ago)
U missed out the scenes with Zeus in Helheim
Shut up (2 months ago)
Isn't kratos only half-god? I m not too sure about his mother since I never played ghost of Sparta but she was a mortal and Zeus was a god. Unless since he became the god of war after killing Ares he became a full god?
Nimar (8 days ago)
He was born a God thanks to zeus and was granted further godhood by athena
Fan Bec'nes (2 months ago)
17:56 Jajaja I love Krato's face, first is like "I'm prepare for assume the consequences of my words" and then he's like "Wtf boy?! You're part god and the first thing you want to know if you can transform into an animal?"
Nimar (8 days ago)
This is like.. my most favourit moment. Kratos was so consirned and atreus realy reacts so different from what kratos expected
TriplosX (2 months ago)
21:13 guess the next God of War will take place in Egypt

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