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OVERKILL'S The Walking Dead - Grant's Story Cinematic Trailer 2018 PS4/Xbox One/PC

451 ratings | 15880 views
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Text Comments (87)
Nasario Mackey (1 month ago)
Grandpa are you old, sounds like when I was little
Prxnce Anime (1 month ago)
I think that grandpa and i are gonna get along just fine
ZONEX HAVEN (1 month ago)
Where's the playground man WTF ???
Altheo Theodore Rama (1 month ago)
He should have gave the zombie a drink
Nathen Hunter (1 month ago)
cant wait hes already my favorite character
James Lee (1 month ago)
what not to do in a zombie outbreak 101
Yaru Arts (1 month ago)
Song 2:50?
Prince Amir (1 month ago)
Give us a goddamn time so we know when it will come out
andre gameplay4 (1 month ago)
Bom jogo
Este juego tendria que ser en tercera persona
Caleb Ridpath (1 month ago)
Is the game open world or a story driven experience similar to LOU or God of War?
Quin Skew (1 month ago)
7 Days To Die?
Angel Thomas (1 month ago)
too early to tell
Rhys Wallace (1 month ago)
Caleb Ridpath apparently it’s gonna be a first person survival game but that’s all the information we have so far
AtlasL (1 month ago)
that is one badass grandpa!
crimsonwolf911 (1 month ago)
2:04 "how you explain a question like that to a kid?"...honestly. "yeah sweetie, some day, eventually everyone dies. We only get so long to spend here, before we have to go on to whatever comes next, ain't no sense in worrying about it though. Best just to keep on goin', life is an adventure, and its an adventure you only get to have once. So have fun with it."
crimsonwolf911 (1 month ago)
meh, they might, they might not, either way, they'll get over it, and with time, they'll come to terms with it. When they reach the age where questions like that start to come up, an honest answer will better prepare them for the world than the sweetest, most gentle little lie.
P4INKiller (1 month ago)
Great, now try it and see if the kid doesn't start crying halfway through your speech.
Nigig (1 month ago)
*God Dammit it! son of a bitch!*
ps4 players (1 month ago)
Esse game é pra ser top , estou no aguardo , like pra fortalecer o canal
J B (1 month ago)
Somehow, they will make it a battle royale
Sxshi Rxll (1 month ago)
J B Don't jinx it
MR LEGENDARY (1 month ago)
Plz tell me this game is not a telltale.
ZONEX HAVEN (1 month ago)
It's by overkill you overly retarded fuck. Better gameplay this time !
Jack T Strick (1 month ago)
well everyone's entitled to their opinion
Rick Sieben (1 month ago)
pretty awful sarcasm
Jack T Strick (1 month ago)
why not be sarcastic?
Rick Sieben (1 month ago)
I don't know what's worse: that you gotta ask that even though the developer's name is in the title or that some people actually act like it's "obviously telltale"
I guess this is bill
gernand the great (1 month ago)
Look Bill survived the three tanks good for him
Pub x Stompa (1 month ago)
CANT FUCKING WAIT for this to release! GOTY?!
bastiisalive (1 month ago)
3 characters introduced already...is there 1 more? Is this a 3rd person left 4 dead style game? Only time will tell
Turkboyz20 (1 month ago)
bastiisalive they said it’s first person
Mason Jaramillo (1 month ago)
Grant reminds me of Bill from Left 4 Dead
cory musselman (1 month ago)
plots twist that walker was reaching for his gun just so it had a quick way out of that life rant
Optimistic 2eyes (1 month ago)
cory musselman he also humped a zombie after the ramp Old man: *come here they have no more human GIRLS B*TCH!*
Im Gumby9000 (1 month ago)
cory musselman nope for Grant
Gaming Moments (1 month ago)
Finally a trailer where the character talks 😂
NickChillingz (1 month ago)
This needs to be the grandpa of Clementine, and when she meets him she's gonna die :(
ZONEX HAVEN (1 month ago)
Kenny Twd Respect bitch and get your facts right next time.. ooooooweeeeee dead beat 🔥😂🔥
Kenny Twd (1 month ago)
ZONEX HAVEN haha i bet you are a dumb nigger trying to get attention in youtube with all those nasty comments of yours
ZONEX HAVEN (1 month ago)
Kenny Twd awww little kenny is angry lol glad I'm under your skin math dick. Now go role play with some goofy queers you call friends with no social life what so ever.. ah you need help little one 🔥🔥😂🔥🔥
ZONEX HAVEN (1 month ago)
Kenny Twd happy to know clementine is a dirty rotten skank lol what a shitty character XD
Kenny Twd (1 month ago)
ZONEX HAVEN i don't like clementine you stupid fagg, i got triggered because you are a fucking ignorant shit saying that this ain't in the comic universe when it clearly is
Buraku (1 month ago)
I'm all for cool trailers but from a critical pov this is just very dumb decision making from this guy
Optimistic 2eyes (1 month ago)
Alien but they feast on his flesh after he shoots his zombie friend which is cute ass hell
Alien (1 month ago)
Buraku He's confident and good at surviving zombies,look at him,lol
ZONEX HAVEN (1 month ago)
Optimistic 2eyes YESSSSS I CAN
Optimistic 2eyes (1 month ago)
ZONEX HAVEN no you cant
ZONEX HAVEN (1 month ago)
Sxshi Rxll i can handle it
Skoot Ski (1 month ago)
Wow this really got my attention i always love zombie games
Connor MacLeod (1 month ago)
2:12 it's the stuffed animal from Payday: The Heist. From the Mercy Hospital mission.
Connor MacLeod (1 month ago)
Smileosaur ooo yeah I 'member.
Smileosaur (1 month ago)
Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. It's also in the old safehouse.
D- Sean (1 month ago)
When will the cutscenes movie be available
Edgardo V. (1 month ago)
Whenever the game comes out
blood (1 month ago)
what happened to the outro?
Optimistic 2eyes (1 month ago)
blood look what you just said "what happened to the outro" don't worry about it gobshite
Reza Arifandie (1 month ago)
is that tom cruise?
MetalSonic420 YT (1 month ago)

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