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RESIDENT EVIL 2 Remake Story Ada Wong Trailer (TGS 2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

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Text Comments (67)
Bright , (23 days ago)
Well that's strange. Why Ada is cover all of her body she is always making lure with her body like RE4, RE Damnation and even RE Recon City.
Black Jaguar (28 days ago)
I Wish Capcom Will Remake Re3,Re Dead Aim,Re Code Veronica, Re Operation Javier, Re Umbrella's End, Re4,Re5,Re6 And Re7. 😊☺
Mike Ru (28 days ago)
Not sure if I like the new outfit.
Fives (28 days ago)
rabbitearsguy (28 days ago)
The one Easter egg i look foward to is just a small sign that Jill and Nemesis were there before them.
TheStupidOne lel (28 days ago)
Ada looking good
Black Jaguar (29 days ago)
This Is Better Than Re4,Re5 & Re6.
Black Jaguar (28 days ago)
+Tig Bitties Yeah! Sorry I Forgot To Mention It 😊☺
Tig Bitties (28 days ago)
And re7...
Chau Hien (29 days ago)
Cant wait!!
Hanazakari Sama (29 days ago)
We don’t want here to be with glasses the whole game 😭😭💔 and she must take off the jacket though!!!
Dave Szcz (29 days ago)
Leon and sherrys voice acting is the best
Chill-God Shady (29 days ago)
Voice acting isn’t that bad, it’s pretty similar to the original game to me at least. That’s just MY opinion, don’t bash me.
tear scythe (29 days ago)
Ada's last name is not wong .. it is " WAIT ! " - Leon
Little Gravity (29 days ago)
Resident evil 3 remake next!
SwoodMan 127 (29 days ago)
I don’t mind the trench coat but if she doesn’t whip it off to reveal the dress at some point, people will be mad
Assassin Novice (29 days ago)
Oh I'm going to write as fanfic about the remake. No one can stop me
Assassin Novice (28 days ago)
+Tig Bitties what better way to earn respect
Tig Bitties (28 days ago)
+Assassin Novice oooooh, the plot thickens! Assassin Royalty masquerading as a rookie...
Assassin Novice (28 days ago)
+Tig Bitties hey it's not my fault I chose this name AssassinQueen was already taken
Tig Bitties (28 days ago)
Instead of writing a fanfic, you should put more work into your Assassin skills, since you're still a novice...
John Smith (29 days ago)
oooooooo, they went back to the rapist chief. ballsy.
Jean Porto Drawings (29 days ago)
It looks like they forgot Chris and Jill reported the massion incident I Hope that they change this. Other than that Very hyped for this game
Cave Man (29 days ago)
the most memorable RE for me
knightblazer85 (29 days ago)
the bitch in the red dress is gone. but at least the a and b scenarios are here
xX Valtiel Xx (29 days ago)
All is cool and smooth but, where's the pet crocodile that Timmy threw away?
Wolf10media (29 days ago)
Uh... Why did they give Annette anime dead mother hair??
Joey_ Breezy (29 days ago)
This voice acting isn’t doing it for me
Dr Strangelove (28 days ago)
Joey_ Breezy same, this game is gonna suck ass, fuck Capcom, RE is dead, and they’re next.
Newbie637 (29 days ago)
Only marvin and leon's va are passable for me, the other's i'm not very comfortable with. Also the facial expressions are kinda stiff for me
Wakane (29 days ago)
If Ada with her iconic long red dress was created today, instead of 1998, it'll trigger SO MANY people.
Alex Mear (29 days ago)
Maybe it will be a skin hopefully
NationalGhost00002 (29 days ago)
Dont get it
no body (29 days ago)
That is (unfortunately) true.
Ironwolf 702 (29 days ago)
It looks georgeous and fun to play but the gun sounds are still shit :/
Connor notyerbidness (29 days ago)
Ugh hate adas voice acting here. Otherwise its great
Slurry Noises (27 days ago)
The way she says "Get the hell outta here" really killed the mood for me... Wasn't sure whether to laugh or cringe at that embarrassing "get the hell outta here"... wth was that ahaha
Tig Bitties (28 days ago)
+Connor notyerbidness I agree with Ada having a playful confidence to her voice in re4 and re6, but in re2 she didn't have the same vibe. She was a lot more serious and direct in her approach. I think it just adds credit to Sally Cahill for being able to make such a change from re2 to re4 and still retain the essence of Ada.
Connor notyerbidness (29 days ago)
+xX Valtiel Xx she sounds half bored and to serious. Ada in every game always sounds playful and almost like shes only taking everything half seriously, because shes That confident in herself. It also puts you on edge as you really have 0 idea what angle shes working at, as the way she acts is so counterintuitive to the situation shes in. Here, she acts like shes a stiff FBI agent. Looking at her here and you know Exactly what shes doing. The ambiguity is gone. This is NOT a good change. It ruins (well at least damages) her character.
xX Valtiel Xx (29 days ago)
i kinda dig it, embrace change, in this case it's good.
MR LEGENDARY (29 days ago)
Can't wait to see the alligator
cory musselman (29 days ago)
i hated that fucker almost as much as i hate g virus birkin
xX Valtiel Xx (29 days ago)
I was just about to comment that xD
Muhammad Ammar (29 days ago)
At last! ADA WONG
EmoMexican (29 days ago)
1:05 wafiu
MrIceTeaz (29 days ago)
#Hyped 😻
TheDragonTomb (29 days ago)
Mad Dog XYZ (29 days ago)
DeathGamingXP (29 days ago)
Awww I miss sherry so much!!
Markel Davis (29 days ago)
0:19 scared the hell out me with the eye thing
This Awesome Channel (29 days ago)
Ada looks stunning
Tig Bitties (28 days ago)
+II QuietRiot II there is a brief glimpse in the trailer where she is about to chase Annette where you can pretty much see the outline of her eyes through the glasses. It's not a perfect view but it gives you an idea of the eye placement etc. She does look stunning, way better than she looked in re6.
xX Valtiel Xx (29 days ago)
You misspelled Godess-like
II QuietRiot II (29 days ago)
You can't see her face with them big ol shades. 😫
creapsmantic (29 days ago)
were d red dress
awesomejf03 (29 days ago)
Next: Resident Evil 3 Remake
Trevor Williams (7 days ago)
Probably. The company has hinted at more remakes provided 2 does well, and it will. I don't do pre-orders, but even I'm pre-ordering this.
Black Jaguar (28 days ago)
+Adrianto Shinomori And Re4.
Shadow_Bort (29 days ago)
We can only hope.
Little Gravity (29 days ago)
Next: Resident Evil Remake Remake
Adi Sadewa (29 days ago)
Next: Resident Evil 7 Remake

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