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Battlefield V: Reveal is coming.

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Get ready for the Battlefield V Trailer this May 23. Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ Get partnered with Empire Collective (like me): http://www.empirecollective.la SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ My email for business inquiries: mathieuofficial@hotmail.com My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (383)
If you're reading this, don't worry about the dislikes in this video as I have this 1 fan who's angry all the time, so is using bots to dislike my videos.
Mister CHEF (6 days ago)
Reupload it and write "Coming Soon: Battlefield V Teaser Trailer - What will it be?"
FNS (7 days ago)
The dislikes are not coming from a bot and you know it. Don't upload this kind of crap and you won't be massively disliked.
Zimran Venter (9 days ago)
if you"re unable to read the "is coming" bit at the end, i fear you may lack the required skills to install the game when it releases
Char Aznable (9 days ago)
Nope this video is clickbait dog shit.
DrLeo (9 days ago)
Bro I love your channel but dont hide behind your finger. It’s not bots we all know that. It’s that many people expected a reveal so they marked it as clickbait. My opinion is that it wasn’t clickbait. It’s just that the gaming community is on the edge due to the recent treatment companies give to them
Fitzgerald Krox (5 days ago)
Notice it's not BF5, it's BFV. They never used roman numerals to iterate titles before.
ChrisMathers3501 (6 days ago)
Battlefield: American ciVil War. I mean, you know, not likely, but just a thought. I'm hoping for either that or Vietnam myself.
Enea Kevorkian (6 days ago)
SpikeAwp (6 days ago)
quick answer for cod production
Mike Milligan (7 days ago)
R.I.P. Call of Duty BO4 - transformers kid game
daniel bermudez (7 days ago)
sounds like a deep fried meme
Land Of Soil (7 days ago)
Battlefield Vsauce!
T3KKANッ (7 days ago)
Make a realistic tactical Battlefield in vietnaman and i will give you my money
kdm16 (8 days ago)
Logically speaking, it's gonna be WW2
Mr.Flower Burns (8 days ago)
I hope Vietnam or Modern
Geraldo Francisco (8 days ago)
Let me guess, BF battle royal
Wu Ming (8 days ago)
I hope it’s not ww 2
AAplayer13GOA (9 days ago)
Lost interest in battlefield series. Wouldn't be surprised if there's micro transactions.
magnumx70 (9 days ago)
sure more loot boxes lol
Red Flamez Gaming (9 days ago)
Modern please
Dim Val (9 days ago)
So Nam - WW2 - WW3 any ideas and thanks anyway Math.!?
Jesse Espinoza (9 days ago)
It’d be smart on their part if they did a vietnam setting cuz that would win a lot of gamers over to there side fasho!!
Holy Penny (9 days ago)
bad company 3 then?
Matheus Lincon (9 days ago)
Please don't be Vietnam
Albert kamau Kamau (9 days ago)
the 1950's Korean war? how comes there's no game for the Korean War?
Brock Lee (9 days ago)
I'll say it's gonna be the future war: North Korea vs America.
David Forrest (9 days ago)
If anything I'd like to go to the Vietnam era again really deadly times especially in the jungles
Star Swarschik (9 days ago)
Battlefield - Good Company but "V" symbol it's only number 5, nothing else
first last (9 days ago)
I hope its vietnam
Liam Morin (9 days ago)
I want another bad company
FpsRix (9 days ago)
But is it gender neutral?
LONE WOLF (9 days ago)
wtf why so many dislikes ???
JoJo Uribe (9 days ago)
William Fitzgerald (9 days ago)
Lets go to space!
Marvin Marv (9 days ago)
definitely vietnam
JEDISAIYANPL (9 days ago)
Shitpost... It will be porn parody for PornHub PREMIUM 4k on PC and Xbox One X, 1080p on PS4Pro and 900p on X1 and PS4 ;]
Pai Mei (9 days ago)
Cheaterfield V. no thank u .
Nathan Byrne (10 days ago)
They have teaser trailers for teaser trailers now?
Chiodo9999 (10 days ago)
I hope Vietnam
perfunctory\ (10 days ago)
Kenshigo (10 days ago)
V for Vandalism. Punks vs Cops
Oluchukwu Eziashi (10 days ago)
Wow that's a lot of dislikes
Ceribo (10 days ago)
Modern please.
Black-Reaper (10 days ago)
I hope it's not WW2 Vietnam would be awesome
Firestyle lol (10 days ago)
who cares about vietnam?? just be modern ir futuristic
Enouch Thompson (10 days ago)
Why was there a scene from cod ww2 in here lol
sandip biswas (10 days ago)
100% Vietnam next battlefield game
DrLeo (10 days ago)
FUCK VIETNAM. WW2 is what we want. Massive D-day landing maps.
Bitupan Dowerah (10 days ago)
Big Style (10 days ago)
Why the dislikes people!!
phsy14 (10 days ago)
Desert storm 1991 or somewhere in the 80s cold war
007alvareichon (10 days ago)
V of vendetta
JustKorvac (10 days ago)
Battlefield 1 was incredibly boring and dull. I hope they get back to the usual shit. (And before anyone to decides to attack me. Just remember. Its my opinion of the game. Not yours)
splischROFF (10 days ago)
pls ww2
SvenGamingNetwork (10 days ago)
*shows a picture of COD WW2*
gamer world (10 days ago)
I hope modern or world war
tower69 (10 days ago)
Just give us battlefield 5 man I don't want no past or future.
HungryDwarfGaming (10 days ago)
HungryDwarfGaming (10 days ago)
Vince Masuka (10 days ago)
Put down your books and pick up a gun, we're gonna have a whole lotta fun.
Alan Z (10 days ago)
Battlefield VVorld VVar
Xpayne1 (10 days ago)
of course modern bullshit again....
Blatchie460 (10 days ago)
I love the BF games but I CANNOT STAND the earrape intros
Khazar Shirali (10 days ago)
V for Vietnam
SwarpQQ (10 days ago)
2142 DAVAY
ReadyMemEveryMem (10 days ago)
Is it official or funmade video?
The Old Gang (10 days ago)
Or Battlefield V(ikings)...
Cerberuz82 (10 days ago)
Best bring back Vietnam.
tae k (10 days ago)
Battle Field V : Call of Duty Yeeeeeeeha!
aZaamBie135 (10 days ago)
Ino Simaku (10 days ago)
Ohhh a game with 4 hour single player and bullshit multiplayer and gattle royal 😪😪
Luffyyy (10 days ago)
I hope it's not trash
bossofdeath Bossofdof (10 days ago)
Something unique without microtransactions?
Nubian LSRP (10 days ago)
Battlefield V: Micro Wallet Wars But forreal, they need to bring back the bad company series
Nerex (10 days ago)
According to leaks its a WW2
AO7 (10 days ago)
Better be like bad company 2 and not like hardline
Cinnamon-Skateboarding (10 days ago)
Dandan615 (10 days ago)
90% sure it's world war II but vietnam would be real nice
siddharth soora (10 days ago)
Modern but not futuristic..... I guess...
julio quintero (10 days ago)
James Rowe (10 days ago)
Best be Vietnam
1261JAHO (10 days ago)
It'll be called "Battlefield V - ietnam"
Mongolianchop (10 days ago)
i dont care if its WW2 or vietnam or even korea. i want a new bf game.
Aiden Call (10 days ago)
God, it better be Vietnam
Killer Keemstar (10 days ago)
i like that ear rape at the end
JUST A FAN (10 days ago)
XRUST (10 days ago)
Что это бля было?
S. B (10 days ago)
Dev friend just confirmed for me: It's two fingers, that's all. A peace sign, as In peace, we're leaving the franchise, thAnk you for a great run. If you google their tax and business filings you'll find DICE has been almost entirely dissolved or retasked. This announceMent will be about the future of a new studio and a sort of grand send off and thank you to the community. InternalLy theY've been debating how best to do this, as there's no precedent for a "standing farewell event" of thIs nature. This is also why the official word has beeN nil, and they haven't released a trailer like last time in may. This hasn't been easy for anyone at DICE. So brace yourselves--Battlefield V is just Battlefield Goodbye and thanks for everything.
Elite Reborn (10 days ago)
Pedro Silva (6 days ago)
Elite Reborn I see you also want Vietnam. Very good.
Bonely _ (10 days ago)
I'm down for either modern or vietnam, I'd still like to see a finished story to BF4s campaign, I enjoyed it
Singularity Raptor (10 days ago)
Ww2, vietnam or Cold war.......But i want it ALL
Asdf101 (10 days ago)
Its obviously Call of Sniper Battlefield War Duty: Special Black Modern Operations 2
The JackMan (10 days ago)
flippedoutkyrii (10 days ago)
If it has a Single-Player Campaign, it already beats Black Ops 4...
JOHN TORRES (5 days ago)
And yeah those stories were awesome but just short
JOHN TORRES (5 days ago)
Well I don't know how to feel about bo4 I enjoy cod but have to say they re campaigns been sucking like I hated bo3 so I'm glad they don't have one but feels weird cause they don't have one
austin647392 (9 days ago)
flippedoutkyrii yeah the war stories were amazing but I just felt they were so short so let's hope they are just a bit longer
flippedoutkyrii (9 days ago)
I honestly found the war-stories quite enjoyable. So if they are going that route, but improving them, I would love to see what they have on offer.
Antoine Buisson (10 days ago)
flippedoutkyrii saddly it was announced on their website, it's gonna be the same thing as in Battlefield 1, "war stories". Still they may have learned their mistakes and made it better this time
Ash Fernandes (10 days ago)
Can't wait for Battlefield Vagina.
Squishy Sushi (10 days ago)
my ears died
MKyaBish 187 (10 days ago)
WW2 Pleeeeeeeez bahssss!!
behnam vahdati (10 days ago)
Lego, its gonna be battlefield Lego
Fool me IV times shame on you. Fool me V times shame on me. Not touching this one.
Alex (10 days ago)
I think its gonna be ww2 (srry for my English)
Eric Yeager (10 days ago)
MKyaBish 187 I wouldn’t say it’s “good”, but it’s not bad.
MKyaBish 187 (10 days ago)
Alex this sentence is good
Mals_ Gals (10 days ago)
It best be modern
Drez Garancho (10 days ago)
What's the song??
skyline 24 (10 days ago)
Battlefield V For vendetta

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