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Logo & Text Animation in After Effects - After Effects Tutorial - No Third Party Plugin

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Start Your Free 7 Day Trial of VideoBlocks: http://videoblocks.com/FILMLion_0917 ----Download-- -- Background Video Clip - https://goo.gl/qj6Tmm Background Music - https://goo.gl/tFR9nq Font - https://goo.gl/n1E3q9 Tutorial logo - https://goo.gl/QpwEgb -------------------------------------- After Effects Tutorial in this tutorial I'll show you how to make a awesome Logo & Text Animation For beginners to Professional using Adobe After Effects. No Third Party Plugin Needed. Every Tutorial on my channel is made with Love and Hard work, So don't forget to leave a Like. Also please hit the SUBSCRIBE button it's FREE This is my first Sponsor Video. and Thank you so much Avnish Parker Sir For your Help ! :) ★ My System Specification - https://goo.gl/UqPzCh ★ SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL - -------------------------------------- Background Audio - Feel Good Link - https://youtu.be/q1ULJ92aldE -------------------------------------- Create intro for you channel / blog/web site just one click please check my profile ! Link - https://goo.gl/GaU8Sp follow me on - instagram --- https://www.instagram.com/wasiful007/ facebook ---- https://www.facebook.com/flimlionvisualfx --------------------------------------- ★ check my other Awesome After Effects tutorials - •How to make Gaming intro in After Effects https://youtu.be/ptkX1UkWQo0 • Audio Spectrum Effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/esP3HWXwKm4 • How to Make Cinematic Film Intro - https://youtu.be/6z0YlebhTyw • Spark Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/lMBTwp7TkzQ • Writing Text Effects - Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/LSmDzScPsTY • Text to Sand Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/yKoHkCJUSnc • (Farcry 4 logo effects) Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/58Z3sYBFrXc • Cinematic Titles Raees trailer effect - https://youtu.be/TeXQS2RbPPU • Google logo with Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/vOzwCbLl89Q • Gold Text and Gold Particles Text Effects - https://youtu.be/wuP0-PQduwc • Cool Element 3D V2 Tutorial in After Effects - https://youtu.be/x2NgwaUlXek • Cinematic Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/emdV3v0vOIc • Shiny Gold Text and Particles Effects - https://youtu.be/fqGMGBrdUcU • Real Fire Text effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/XPRB1dZFOCw • Simple fold Logo Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/3YYFOjbTrPE Thank you for watching ! :)
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Text Comments (98)
Eklavya Kumar (1 month ago)
What is your age??
Auriga Space Settlement (3 months ago)
how to prewiew
Auriga Space Settlement (3 months ago)
where did u get that logo from
NUSAIF CREATIONS (3 months ago)
will you make for me. Please.
NUSAIF CREATIONS (3 months ago)
I liked your all videos and Thanks :)
99_SemNome_99 (3 months ago)
Why do not I have the effect "fade up caracteres"?
Satyajit Bhuyan (4 months ago)
syed omair ali jaffery (4 months ago)
how can i get gradient ramp plug-in? can you please share the link where i can download gradient ramp
Pinto Anto (5 months ago)
Great Tutorial though !! It was like girls applying Make Up . Go to the Effects and Presets make up box and take drag and drop the effect . And keep dragging and dropping :D ..
Danyal Naseem Albert (5 months ago)
How much will you charge to make a logo
Danyal Naseem Albert (5 months ago)
How much will you charge to make a logo
Danyal Naseem Albert (5 months ago)
How much will you charge to make a logo??
mr强 (5 months ago)
nice video
Md soula (5 months ago)
nice work.. but i have a prob in min 6, i hve no this stroke line !!
Eirik Madland (12 hours ago)
Same issue for me. Any suggestions?
Technical Auto (5 months ago)
*Brother can you make intro for my* YouTube channel please
Buglar (5 months ago)
dope af
D.S TRICKS. (5 months ago)
how to install After effect Plugin- Gradient Ramp.i cannot find the plugin in my after effect cs6.Tell me plzz. Can you make a video on it,Plzz make a video or give the link in the description.Thankyou.
Lets Shoot productions (6 months ago)
thank you
RIFANO CHANEL MUSIC (6 months ago)
Very nice Tanks brother😚😚
deep shyamal (6 months ago)
Nice work but u say like avnish parker
Habiband patia (6 months ago)
Khaled Kaffas (6 months ago)
Great, thanks alot.
malani maulik (7 months ago)
malani maulik (7 months ago)
good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4WYYOrzNzU
Raj Sharma (7 months ago)
Hello sir can u suggest me any laptop for after effect and editing videos and tell your opinion about Asus s15 s510un
Stories behind the eye (7 months ago)
Love your tuts ma! How can we create the logo animation for your channel? From 0:04 - 0:12. I love how the three 3D semi-spheres come out of the background.
suhaib vt (7 months ago)
FX creations (8 months ago)
Hi Guys! I made this Intro By watching this Tutorial. Flimlion VisualFX you Done a great job. I have added the background motion video in the intro template files. You can download this intro for free from link down below! https://youtu.be/oeEE32e13EY
star troops (8 months ago)
Can we make it in android
Enforcer (8 months ago)
Thanks so much ! I always was using PS for my photography and thanks to you I have extended my skills and creativity, your tutorials are clear and easy to follow. Keep it up !
Firdaus Asas (9 months ago)
Can you make tutorial on that first animation? The After effects logo with white ball moving around it
Gus Quintini Acadian (9 months ago)
Thank you my friend!!
Arslan Mughal (9 months ago)
hey nice where are you from bro :)
joko ramadhan (10 months ago)
FLIMLION VisualFX (10 months ago)
+joko ramadhan hihihi thanks man ❤️
i thought that tutor about this nice BG.... but it's not((
FLIMLION VisualFX (10 months ago)
+Артем Зейналов ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️
Binson Joseph (10 months ago)
Great tutorial, thank you!
FLIMLION VisualFX (10 months ago)
+Binson Joseph your welcome ❤️
Zheiil Jk (10 months ago)
hola soy de colombia me gusto el video gracias
TricK i Know (10 months ago)
Awesome Tutorial :)
FLIMLION VisualFX (10 months ago)
+TricK i Know thank you so much bro
Juninh Marques (10 months ago)
Hello, I would like you to teach how to make your vignette at the beginning, in emphasis on the circle in the logo, I really liked the 3d effect, I think about doing this in lower third etc. Your tutorials are excellent and useful in practice, thank you for sharing your techniques and time to teach.
FLIMLION VisualFX (10 months ago)
+Juninh Marques thank you so much for your feedback ☺️
James Jacobs Lai (10 months ago)
Good tutorial!
FLIMLION VisualFX (10 months ago)
+James Jacobs Lai thank you
Hak2Heurn (10 months ago)
Hey brother ! how to download your sound effect free like bro .. thanks before !
Hak2Heurn (10 months ago)
thanks so much brother !
FLIMLION VisualFX (10 months ago)
+Kimme Kiss download link in the video description
Ezhilkumaran Ezhilkumaran (10 months ago)
Thanks bro
Alone VFX (10 months ago)
very nice work bro
Minim Andrew (10 months ago)
Could We see a breakdown of the Intro logo reveal in 0:06?? Its so simple and elegant. Loved it
Jason Smith (10 months ago)
hey wasi please make tutorial of your intro
Erik Thureson (10 months ago)
Well done!
Hi TECH UNBOXING (10 months ago)
can you make intro like this one https://youtu.be/YV-jbWWKJpg
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKnUqTh5vGc ^_^ Nice tutorials
Jason Smith (11 months ago)
ossum tutorial bro.
أحمد مظفر (11 months ago)
كعادتك متألق . أستمر في الدروس .
manu raj (11 months ago)
Plz make a tutorial of logo design...
Bollywood Tadka (11 months ago)
You are awesome i liked your video even before watching it
shubham ghuge (11 months ago)
I downloaded that geometric smoke effect vid. But it gives watermark of video block so what should i do now i dont want that watermark
Kipkemoi Philip (11 months ago)
Nice work sir
G.Channaveer Kerimath (11 months ago)
how did you create your intro animation?
robert (11 months ago)
hola , buen tutorial , una pregunta no tenias antes una web en ruso?
Iron Will (11 months ago)
awesome tut my man :)
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
Thank you ! :)
Virat Samraat (11 months ago)
was that cs6
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
No AE cc 2015 :)
bashar khalil (11 months ago)
Thanks , very good
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
Thank you So Much !
Sachin Mishra (11 months ago)
bro when i open you link and i fill my name and email password then he asking for credit card number reply it bro
Lucas Porto (10 months ago)
me too
Abdul Raqeeb (11 months ago)
U from sir
Harry (11 months ago)
After Effects Tutorial: Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects You promised to do a video on how to do the Logo in that video. But you didn't. At least give me a link to what texture you used
Harry (11 months ago)
Thank You so much
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
sorry bro i forget it, give me 1 day and i'll make a video and send you! :)
pratish chiman (11 months ago)
Your amazing graphic artist #Bro😍😍
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
Thank you so Much !
Olivier Randrianjaka (11 months ago)
Thanks a lot bro
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
Your Welcome ! :)
Jihad Al Razqi (11 months ago)
5 thumbs up. Thanks
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
Thank you so much ! keep Supporting !
pratish chiman (11 months ago)
Background Video Clip - not open link bro plz help ERROR: dikha raha hai
pratish chiman (11 months ago)
ThanQ Bro it's Working
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
Bro its working, i just check it !
pratish chiman (11 months ago)
God Eyesz (11 months ago)
please make one video intro for games style thanks you <3
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
here is One Simple Gaming Intro Tutorial Check this Out - https://youtu.be/ptkX1UkWQo0
Ya Suo (11 months ago)
2nd :)
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
Thanks Man !
vmetro008 kids (11 months ago)
nice work
FLIMLION VisualFX (11 months ago)
Thank you Bro !

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