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The Big E3 VR Preview - Game Scoop! 393

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Text Comments (205)
Jishwha (2 years ago)
can anyone verify if the Psvr games demoed at e3 where running on a standard Ps4 ?
BlueSteakMan Flesh (2 years ago)
Even if a game does support the vr experience can you still use the vr instead of your tv?
Leonardo Abreu (2 years ago)
SCORPIONFURY (2 years ago)
Give me my pizza!! 🍕 27 min of PSVR at E3 2016 😁
Wesley Tomsky (2 years ago)
How bout whoever's the CLOSEST gets ONE pizza chipped in by the other 3?
William Richter (2 years ago)
Why does Justin keep insisting that Black is a console exclusive? It was released on PS2 and Xbox.
William Richter (2 years ago)
+Game Scoop! I disagree. A console exclusive means it is exclusive to one console.
Game Scoop! (2 years ago)
A console exclusive means it's exclusive to consoles -- not PC.
HolyJIEbus (2 years ago)
Dang - Justin looks like he's annoyed by Jarod. What a dick. Gamecube controller was the best controller ever.
James (2 years ago)
If VR can't make money without being a walled garden, it can't exist. But that's not the problem. The problem isn't that "They need this money to live" it's "They need to maximize profits for shareholders at the expense of stakeholders".
Dragon969Reviews (2 years ago)
Loved that Vectorman mission complete music you used for the transition.
Game Scoop! (2 years ago)
Good ear!
StuartJHooper (2 years ago)
Marty is playing Mass Effect for the FIRST TIME this summer? Why does he have a job?
Dennis Löfgren (2 years ago)
THANK YOU DAEMON! I totally agree with you on Halo, I thought I was alone.
Game Scoop! (2 years ago)
There are dozens of us! DOZENS!
James Miller (2 years ago)
Been ages since I've watched a game scoop, yet no one looks any different haha
iAmSelfmadeDame (2 years ago)
The 360 controller was the best controller I've ever used. Why Microsoft went backwards with the XBO controller baffles me....
Chris Martin (2 years ago)
"probably just gonna go to a bar..."
ThatJurrasic ParkFan (2 years ago)
Crap, accidentally flagged this vid somehow.
NightCrwler1 (2 years ago)
The Star Wars Battlefront VR experience will feature the Space Battles everyone bitched about the regular game not having. Think how well cockpit games work in VR... Eve Valkyrie? With it being a PSVR exclusive it would be a master stroke by Sony to get that in there. You heard it here first people.
Band Fan (2 years ago)
Justin called it out. Overwatch is the game for millennials who need to be the special little snowflake. Flake on you little snowflakes.
Will R (2 years ago)
PS4 Neo + VR my guess is that bundle will cost 650!
Jon Kuch (2 years ago)
The new Witcher expansion is really good. They made the base game so much better but I haven't finished the story so I don't know if it is good but they made the game even better in my opinion.
Jon Kuch (2 years ago)
I'm curious about The Technomancer. It looks cool but we will see. I thought they would mention it but I'm not surprised they didn't because its kind of under the radar.
Andrew Littell (2 years ago)
I laughed way to hard at the butt joke...
GuriSuperFreak (2 years ago)
Daemon and Justin! You guys are so easy on the eyes. Hot!
sonictonic (2 years ago)
The thirst is real. lol
Paramanand Gopie (2 years ago)
Why does Justin always have a stick up his ass?
John McDonagh (2 years ago)
Okay what is Odin sphere I've never even heard of it?
Jedadiah Tucker (2 years ago)
has sony said what the box is yet? in this video they said it has added processing power. It might but it cant be for rendering a image. there isnt a connector on the ps4 thats fast enuf for that. i could see it handeling the motion tracking side of things so the ps4 dosnt have to do that. video rendering takes a lot of bandwidth if you look at the new external gpus for lap tops they all use thunderbolt, no usb connector can match that.
ranakin9000 (2 years ago)
I've been a PlayStation fan for a long time but I've never cared for there controllers.
pjomayo (2 years ago)
The Neo CD/CDZ and he PC-Engine controllers were PERFECT,precise d-pad control.
Mr Tenzin (2 years ago)
So... Justin hates Jared?
Lamar C. (2 years ago)
if Nintendo do this Mario Galaxy will be top choice.
ELITE082 (2 years ago)
Lol at Sean's "Get out" during the Halo hate party
Sean Medina (2 years ago)
I really like Justin and Jared but I dislike the interaction between the two.
DDADROVIC (2 years ago)
Big question! Why the fuck isn't anyone making a boxing VR game ???
CCzarMasta56 (2 years ago)
I never owned a PS console, until the PS3 and I like the controller but I always felt the analog sticks were a bit too loose. I suck at aiming in something like Uncharted. The PS4 controller felt better and the analog sticks were stiff and I was able to aim better in the Nathan Drake collection. My favorite controller of all time, though, is the GameCube controller. It feels great and easy to use and it's the only way to play Smash. I first played Red Dead Redemption 3 years ago and I got like half way and I put the game down for 3 years. I went back and new gamed it 2 months ago, after the hype of a Red Dead sequel and I put it down again. I really do enjoy it but I don't know. I had the same thing happen with GTA5. I enjoy open world games and I finish them but RDR and GTA, I just can't get through them.
Sir Aureus (2 years ago)
Laughed so much when Sean said "get out"
zmoss (2 years ago)
That email about Justin not liking Jared was exactly what I was wondering. Justin seems to be a know it all.
N Ga (2 years ago)
Oh man, Justin it's annoying and arrogant all the time. Always picking on Jared with this shitty attitude. I remember when Miller and others used to troll him really good, because he was trying to come up with that "I know everything attitude" and they shot him down immediately. And because of that, he's trying to get a bit of personal revenge or comeback with the only guy who's willing to take this crappy bullying practice. Of course Jared not gonna say anything, he's too nice. That's why I never liked Justin, fucking ashole with 0 personality and bitter as fuck
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
Greg and I are good friends, and Jared and I get along great. You're chasing ghosts.
Chris Schrader (2 years ago)
Keep up the good work Justin :)
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
TrueGamer007 (2 years ago)
Justin, stay away from alienware and other pre-built PCs. they are shit. Get/pay a friend of yours to build one for you. cheaper too.
Th3SP1C (2 years ago)
why does everyone pick on Jared its not his fault he loves kids
rubrsoul16 (2 years ago)
because he's too "perfect" and rote
Melinda Montgomery (2 years ago)
Sorry Justin but having the sticks next to each other makes more sense than the Xbox controller.. My favorite of all time is PS4!
Duane N (2 years ago)
I agree, Halo is TRASH!!!
D_JenGaming (2 years ago)
VR looks poopy
Markolius (2 years ago)
What do you do with a drunken sailor?
avnut13 (2 years ago)
I'm sick of the way Justin speaks to Jared. Justin only reacts to Jared in a crappy way. He never speaks to anyone else in this manner. Stop being shitty to Jared
Martin Moreno (2 years ago)
I keep waiting for someone to make a "butt first" joke to Daemon´s "But first!" but (!) it never happens... you guys are way too mature.
Kenny the Jet Smith (2 years ago)
Shawn let his opinion known with the xbox one controller covering Marty and Justin up
Daniel Stravato (2 years ago)
34:50 Justin we are totally sympatico man! Games do feel "samey" nowadays.
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
There's a lot of cool crazy stuff on steam.
Kenny the Jet Smith (2 years ago)
They should have written down the number instead of saying it out loud
Daniel Stravato (2 years ago)
Oh that original xbox controller!!! So great for people with big hands like myself. I would take a version of that controller for today's consoles in a heartbeat. I never got any cramping at all with that monstrosity.
Trulz21 (2 years ago)
Man Justin reaally hates Jared.
Daniel Stravato (2 years ago)
All I want from VR is a sweet racing game and a lifelike seat/pedals/stick shift for it so that I can drive a car like I want to drive my real car without the fear of death that comes with the real thing. I would definitely pay a pretty penny for that.
Mitchell (2 years ago)
I hate Dualshock as well, clunky-ass controller.
DatsonBatson (2 years ago)
American Penal System 5/10 IGN
Abraham M. (2 years ago)
7.8 Too much rape.
MrWizardvoice (2 years ago)
40:53 Best closer I've seen in a while
DatsonBatson (2 years ago)
I hope they put that on the Umbrella Corps box. "No thanks." -Marty Sliva, IGN
DatsonBatson (2 years ago)
"oh i thought it was dat boi" my new favorite Scoop! quote.
Ian Mitchell (2 years ago)
"Half of Scoop hates prison"
Markolius (2 years ago)
+JacksonVideos "I thought this was a Mary Poppins game" FTW!
DatsonBatson (2 years ago)
or it might be "your hair looks like a silly one"
DeepSpaceDaryl (2 years ago)
what channels will marty be doing lets plays of mass effect on?
BOSS 350z (2 years ago)
fave controller: classic era- super nintendo controller... modern era- xbox elite controller...
BOSS 350z (2 years ago)
Odin Sphere is suuuper dope! I wish more people would play it!
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
Franklin Sizemore (2 years ago)
I feel Justin's struggle...I'm halfway through 4 or 5 games. I'm not even sure if I'll get back to them any time soon.
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
Just give up - that's what I do.
Seth Chaplin (2 years ago)
So don't bring up techonomancer that game has so much potential I'm excited
ayinde frederick (2 years ago)
Marty is a bully! #leavejaredalone kd
Xander Lars (2 years ago)
Dude, Justin, I had the same realization about a year or so ago, except about nearly all PVP games. Across the board, I am terrible at PVP, with a very few exceptions. Once I had this realization, i stopped getting hyped for cool looking fighting games, Racing games, online pvp aspects of games I'm otherwise all about, and it's helped me temper my expectations from lots of these online games that tout their co-op gameplay, but really focus more on pvp.
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
I can't stress enough that Overwatch really seems to solve this.
Brian Bierlein (2 years ago)
Sony hasn't been able to demo VR on stage very successfully. I seriously doubt they're gonna devote more than 10 minutes on it during their conference. If Neo exists, most of the VR discussion will be tied to that.
E_DUB (2 years ago)
I wasn't crazy about Red Dead either. I wasn't a fan of the weapons and thought it was too easy. Every time I was on my horse I wish I had an uzi to do drive by style combat
E_DUB (2 years ago)
Offset thumbsticks on Xbox controllers all day over dualshock
Wesley Tomsky (2 years ago)
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
MrGameControler (2 years ago)
16:14 what is that strange noise and who is making it??
Shawn Batey (2 years ago)
I don't have the answer, but a couple seconds later you can clearly here Marty gulping his red bull.
Abraham M. (2 years ago)
Think it's Marty's drink hitting his microphone.
Ray Gilbert (2 years ago)
I heard it. Sounds like a very brief audio glitch or something.
MrGameControler (2 years ago)
This is killing me I've watched that bit maybe 30 times. I need to know what it is please tell me or I won't sleep tonight. At this point I'm not even sure if it isn't just me after all.
Game Scoop! (2 years ago)
Sure it's not you?
Oisín McHugh (2 years ago)
That Kirby joke about Jared was just petty... #LeaveJaredAlone
Oisín McHugh (2 years ago)
+Quad Thumbs haha its okay man. 😉 we're all Scoop buddies here
Quad Thumbs (2 years ago)
+Oisín McHugh hahaha ok now i feel dumb as hell. Jared Petty. good one man lol
Oisín McHugh (2 years ago)
What's Jared's last name.
Quad Thumbs (2 years ago)
ok i dont know my basic english. your basically saying that it stupid that people are getting upset about a little joke that had no harm. petty: . of little importance; trivial. "the petty divisions of party politics" synonyms: trivial, trifling, minor, small, unimportant, insignificant, inconsequential, inconsiderable, negligible,
Quad Thumbs (2 years ago)
Dont you have any friend that you joke with?
Charlie Milroy (2 years ago)
Never have Jared on again. he doesn't like Banjo 😱
jcnba28 (2 years ago)
Gamecube controller is my fav
Charlie Milroy (2 years ago)
it feels like mirror's edge has been hung out to dry. I still want to get it, but the marketing schedule seems like it was totally messed up by the delays. surely there needs to be some publicity the week before release. I had to double check it hadn't been delayed again.
CorranHorn84 (2 years ago)
Thanks for the show, guys! And I can understand your confusion, my buddies and I are such good friends that we break each other's balls all the time.... You're close friends and ball busters that can take a joke... To an outsider, it may seem unfriendly, and that's why this PC/ Safe-Space generation will never figure it out... They can't handle criticism. Keep doing what you're doing, guys! Take care.
Markolius (2 years ago)
Yep. All good personalities and dynamic. Good show.
Jasper Pollet (2 years ago)
Have that third party SNES controller as well, the best indeed!
shooknasty (2 years ago)
I love my xbox elite controller! it's the best
videogameobsession (2 years ago)
The thing is the PS4 Neo is not needed for the PSVR. All of the current PSVR games being shown are done so on the original PS4 system. The big game changer now is ATW. It allows for fast frame rates without using tons of resources. Asynchronous Timewarp or 'ATW' is about to be a huge buzzword in the world of VR. It's going to make it possible for 120fps to be a reality with far less processing power than was ever thought necessary. It's a huge breakthrough by some really smart programmers. The Oculus PC SDK v1.3 just added ATW and Sony has been using this for many months now. Search for DriveClub PSVR. The game looks nearly as good as the original PS4 version with only a few sacrifices (12 cars down to 8, dynamic weather removed, rearview mirror not displaying...actually this was added back in) and guess what.. It's running at an incredible 1080p x2 / 120FPS / 120Hz... No Neo necessary here! I still believe the Neo is nothing more than the ability for apps such as Netflix, YouTube, PS Video to display at 4K and for games to upscale to 4K. Nothing more..
kentriz182 (2 years ago)
VR has a spot in the future, just not in gamings future. Maybe I should say mainstream gaming. Gaming will always be sitting back and relaxing with a controller. Not the kinect, standing up playing games. Not Wii, waving hands around to do things it will always be sit back in my chair, recline back and play games. VR involves sitting up and moving head around. I promise the VR will be like kinetic. It'll be a fad but people will grow tired of it. That being said, VR has a future in society. Imagine not being able to attend concert for your favorite band for whatever reason, you can buy a VR ticket and still experience the show.
zhuwawagu (2 years ago)
Get Alanah on Scoop please!!
Chad Groveau (2 years ago)
I want my camera sway.
Mister M (2 years ago)
anyone else feels that justin davis looks like that ramsay bolton guy from game of thrones?🤔
41woody182 (2 years ago)
yup, mentioned it before and noone agreed with me lol
11d3adly11 (2 years ago)
Well now that u mention it heck yea he does lol
AP (2 years ago)
Hahah he also looks like the villain from The Family
BizarRabbit (2 years ago)
Mike Lauper (2 years ago)
+Game Scoop! 😂👍
Alfred Bonsu (2 years ago)
But Dat GameCube controller though...
NandoNOW (2 years ago)
Bring back Sam! Thumbs up if you want Sam back.
pjomayo (2 years ago)
Magic 'Tache.
Capital S (2 years ago)
did anyone else get justins 'hello from the magic tavern' two butthole reference? lol love it
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
Yeah Chunt's up with that?
Chris Green (2 years ago)
[People who aren't Justin]: "Dual shock controllers were great!"  - [Justin] No you wrong because I'm right
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
I honestly didn't think anyone truly loved DS1-3. DS4 is awesome, though.
Furtive Pygmy (2 years ago)
Dualshock 4 is vastly superior to Xbone controller. Justin Davis is going senile
E_DUB (2 years ago)
I disagree. I very much prefer offset thumbsticks like Xbox over the dualshock's setup
rustypwns (2 years ago)
Raphael Pareja (2 years ago)
Justin hates Jared so much that they made him sit far away from him. Wow. The hate is real!!!!!!
Abraham M. (2 years ago)
+Justin Davis #LeaveJaredAlone
E_DUB (2 years ago)
It's Justin's way of giving payback after when he first started and Marty and Greg would always riff on him and oppose whatever opinion he had
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
Raphael Pareja (2 years ago)
+WobstaCat I wouldn't say hate but this dude Justin always seems to have something slick to say towards Jared's comments. I seen this show plenty of times, its not just one or two times. I find it funny tho.
WobstaCat (2 years ago)
do they actually hate each other?
Dion 78 (2 years ago)
Started skipping 20 Questions.
Sheldon Kroner (2 years ago)
Keyword Countdown is a much better podcast quiz over on the IGN UK podcast.
Chuck Nowakowski (2 years ago)
I wonder how according to a lot of people Xbox stuff is better, but PlayStation hands them their ass almost everytime.....how is that? What was the number 40-50 million sold by time Vr comes out?
Baytuh (2 years ago)
I never got the draw for Uncharted.
Chuck Nowakowski (2 years ago)
Dual shock for me also......
Baytuh (2 years ago)
Xbox One controller is the best (IMO)
QuantumChicken (2 years ago)
Agreed I feel like it's actually a little underated.
Kevin Francis (2 years ago)
Prison architect is out on preview on Xbox One and its RUBBISH
Bozidar Kecerin (2 years ago)
PSVR doesn't have a processing box -___- it's a box that splits the signal to VR and TV. IGN, do your job
Nanification7 (2 years ago)
The dualshock is better than the Xbox controller for one reason....rechargeable fucking battery that you don't have to swap out ever....magic.
QuantumChicken (2 years ago)
+Nanification7 xbox has plug and play, you can plug directly into console or just use a phone charger. theres no need to swap batteries im confused where did you got that from??
Ray Gilbert (2 years ago)
+Nanification7 Xbox has the plug and play thing.
Nanification7 (2 years ago)
But even the rechargeable batteries you have to remove the battery pack and charge it, then put it back on, with the dualshock you just plug in the controller and continue.
Brendan Jackson (2 years ago)
Well rechargeable batteries fix that problem
Ray Gilbert (2 years ago)
This is true, but I still way prefer the Xbox one controller. Just feels better to me.
Michael Strathmore (2 years ago)
Wow overall this episode was hot garbage, but the worst moment has to be style guru Justin telling Jared that he looks like Kirby. What an insensitive, tone deaf, and moronic thing to say. Jared is too kind to call him out, but Justin should know better, especially given his own obvious shortcomings.
Markolius (2 years ago)
Yeah I think we're over analyzing it. Sure the comment seems insensitive. But I honestly think it was said in innocence. It made for a funny & interesting moment. We all know Jared is champion. All good; keep moving
Justin Davis (2 years ago)
I love Jared!
Chris Green (2 years ago)
dude there are multiple comments saying how adorable/cute/etc Jared is. The gesture that prompted the comment was Jared's hands going up in the air, kinda like Kirby. He is bald, cheerful and enthusiastic and has pink skin, much like Kirby. It could have been a nice compliment if contextualised, and at worst a snarky jibe between friends/coworkers just to have a bit of fun. It was none of those things, because Justin is a knowitall douchebag. Guarantee if Marty said it in the same tone, it would have been just fine.
ArtifiShuL Instinct (2 years ago)
lol Jared is figgin cute sometimes which is probably the first and only time I'll say that about another grown man as I am also a grown man. At the end he had me all like D'awwwwhhh! He just reminds me of a 5 year old or a little toddler sometimes is why I think hahaha.
ArtifiShuL Instinct (2 years ago)
+Markolius True
Markolius (2 years ago)
+ArtifiShuL Instinct lol well no ones perfect
ArtifiShuL Instinct (2 years ago)
+Markolius Unless it's about fucking Banjo!!!! lol I don't mind him liking his often crappy obscure games but I do not enjoy the Banjo hate.
Markolius (2 years ago)
I think it's because he always says whatever he's feeling and it always seems innocent or nice.
Marty Sliva (2 years ago)
Jared is the sweetest human at IGN. I adore that man.
SoUtH MeMpHiS (2 years ago)
How is it a "win" while playing 20 questions if you only name a character from a game without actually saying the name of the game?
Abraham M. (2 years ago)
It was obvious what game it was. Sure, it could have also been Perfect Dark for GBC, but since the N64 version is more obvious and was the right answer, why even mention it?
Dyson Buckingham (2 years ago)
Because they're only 11 Questions in when they ask the main character so the next question would've been is it "perfect dark"? There isn't much point asking that considering they already know by asking the main character
H. Kazuhira (2 years ago)
Marty how could you let Jared's high five hang and fall back like that? Shame V_V
leonardojob (2 years ago)
Lets get rid of Justin please!!
Quad Thumbs (2 years ago)
+leonardojob not cool talking smack about a 2 year old. whats wrong with you?
Chris Green (2 years ago)
isn't he always the weakest link when they play 20 questions? He's renown for asking the stupidest questions when they play that game, to which he admitted in this episode.
Quad Thumbs (2 years ago)
What? He is hilarious!
Stephen Moore (2 years ago)
+leonardojob please just forget to breathe air
leonardojob (2 years ago)
+Stephen Moore smartest? lol...All he does is blabber on about his stupid 2 year old daughter
Donald Anderson (2 years ago)
20:13 You took that like a pro, Jared. That was impressive.
Elijah Gard (2 years ago)
I would've expected anyone to just not know how to respond to that. Jared's awesome.

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