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Top 5 E-Rated Video Games

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The best video games rated "E" for everyone by the ESRB.
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kobey longston (1 year ago)
You have to put cup heads it's rated e10+
Cringe Nation (1 year ago)
This is probably just the games he owns cuz they are all nintendo
lumbarcone 20 (1 year ago)
This is a worse top 10 idea then top 10 worst special effects fuck me in the asshole
sabreslays slayzz (1 year ago)
dude alot of kids are watching this don't say bad words
Xaz Shepard (2 years ago)
Maddox Cox (2 years ago)
Nintendo land is 10+ for crude humor and zelda violence.
Aidan627Destroyed (2 years ago)
so allot of ratded e games r 10+ and violence
Nathaniel Symister (2 years ago)
dude where's the Batman games and minecraft story mode
Xyaena (1 year ago)
Nathaniel Symister Batman is between T-M, and Minecraft Story Mode is E10+.
Coughing Grape (2 years ago)
This is a very, odd list. But it does tell you a lot about the person who made it!
TheGamingBookham (2 years ago)
NO FIFA OR MINECRAFT! Man you've got a lot to answer for
Pileofleaves (1 year ago)
+kiz epic journey ummm.. ok?
Kiz Epic Journey (1 year ago)
+Cooldudefighter 5 It's alright IMO. Its community is retarded.
Pileofleaves (1 year ago)
Minecraft is retarded
Kiz Epic Journey (1 year ago)
+IceyZ What do you mean?
Misha the musicaly (1 year ago)
kiz epic journey you get that rating is just because companys think kids mature at 10
derptaneurofan (2 years ago)
NO FIFA?! I'm dying
kobey longston (1 year ago)
derptaneurofan yes he has to add Madden nba FIFA cupheads Roblox Minecraft Minecraft new one and Minecraft story mode trial fusion and ride and scream ride you got a lot to add
progamer (4 years ago)
MINECRAFT should be in the first place it is rated E :(
kobey longston (1 year ago)
Eltacore I have 8mill dollars but you can't pay with dollars to get a game
kobey longston (1 year ago)
progamer so is cupheads
DJ Jacket (2 years ago)
still isn't e
Hypebeast (2 years ago)
+Casey Westmarsh Even if Minecraft was rated E it still wouldn't be top 5 material. You'll learn as you get older and have more experience/knowledge with games. The best children's games are overflowed with Mario/Zelda xD.
SHN Swish (2 years ago)
+Casey Westmarsh no way me too I'm 9 and I started playing it when I was 7!!
coolkidsontheblock (4 years ago)
Nobody go hatin' cuz this is all opinional.
coolkidsontheblock (4 years ago)
Sorry, I misspelled. 
DiRtYdAn0102030 (5 years ago)
Minecraft is not rated E
kobey longston (1 year ago)
DiRtYdAn0102030 it is
CTNtechnologynews (5 years ago)
Sorry, I'll make sure to put a Zelda title into my next vid.
CTNtechnologynews (5 years ago)
Unfortunately, there's only so many video games that fit into a top 5 video. But I agree, that game is great too.
Jaylen Brown (5 years ago)
No NBA 2k13 really.WTF
kobey longston (1 year ago)
Jaylen Brown I know right that doesn't even eagsist in the 2017 2016 and 2015
smoretaco (5 years ago)
Great video. 2 of the best Sonic games.
William Vautour (5 years ago)
No zelda? WTF?

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