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WORMS REVOLUTION: Preparing for War | Ep.2

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Text Comments (273)
Shuen Yap (2 years ago)
use dynamite the run it does alot of damage in the water like 80 i think
chardm05 (2 years ago)
use homming missile
Leticia Martinez (3 years ago)
make more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dixon Kirkwood (3 years ago)
Shotgun nade rokitloncher
notforyoubutforme (3 years ago)
The jet pack water
notforyoubutforme (3 years ago)
If you tac water so he will go down to the water
Legoman77 Nesius (3 years ago)
hey guns
David Puma (4 years ago)
drill through things
SigSwug (4 years ago)
Dont die tard
emmanuelfeb23 (4 years ago)
Dude stop using full power
StoneGamer420 (4 years ago)
Dead Meme (4 years ago)
Noo you could use the blowtorch. You really are dumber
Lindsay Branyon (4 years ago)
water pistol then trap them with the bunker
Andrew Wallner (4 years ago)
LOL gunns4hire used EARTHQUAKE
the boys Sandoval (4 years ago)
Yeah he should
Oliverleo2007 (5 years ago)
Guns pls win
pr4y-forthe-wick3d (5 years ago)
I think you should try to get to a platform where you can hit bad worms but they can't hit you
Necronioum (5 years ago)
ninja rope and bunker busters when ya get em for the win every time
The Minecrafteers (5 years ago)
Your False God Sif (5 years ago)
You got that pot
roland bito-on (5 years ago)
look at the ginge cast worn revolution it' s in till ep. 3 EEE ERR!!
Junius01 (5 years ago)
The voice really reminds me of Renholm Douglas from the IT Crowd. (if you don't know what the IT crowd is, you should really watch the series.)
Laura Wardall (5 years ago)
Air strike
chris gramling (5 years ago)
You can change characters
Deathshot21 (5 years ago)
I hate new YouTube
Aldas Zakauskas (5 years ago)
go tele seld and tank tem all
Dannyzoowee (5 years ago)
The shotgun is the best u get 2 shots
Obito (5 years ago)
dracoking1300 (5 years ago)
banana bomb is the best its bomb that slits into more
Bengali Mex (5 years ago)
Awsomeeee video
Brandon Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Breshonn Fletcher (5 years ago)
if you was to knock someone off that would be funny xD
Breshonn Fletcher (5 years ago)
Breshonn Fletcher (5 years ago)
use the shotguin up close
Breshonn Fletcher (5 years ago)
bring back cannon brawl!!!!
Daniel Romero (5 years ago)
Us a bunker buster
Neko Kirito (5 years ago)
use the homing stright up then it hits
adytzaxxx (5 years ago)
-you can't use homing missle from the begining,just after 5 turns. -you can zoom in and out with mouse scroll.(zoom out can help to aim better) -don't use bazooka from close range(you have -at 7:53 you should have used baseball bat him over that phone into the sea or just use a dynamite and you would solve the problem. -homing missle is good from bigger distance at 10:12 a splash of water throw him in the water
Terri Sanchez (5 years ago)
If you use the sheld you take no damage
Alexia Star (5 years ago)
More :)
zeph max (5 years ago)
- teleshield protects one of your from damage - homing missiles are meant for long range and should be shot at a very high angle - shotguns can fire twice, just don't shoot too close - water is your friend and your enemy ;)
manu whitehall (5 years ago)
With the grenade you can change the timer by useing the number keys
KAS (5 years ago)
Make a hole for your worms so they can hide their from nitro
LarssonHD (5 years ago)
More :D
joe smith (5 years ago)
When your close to a enemy use the shot gun
Derpyman (5 years ago)
kill yore self
Aldin Pehlic (5 years ago)
Osher shait (5 years ago)
If your close to an enemy and your about to die use dynamite
Jade Robinson (5 years ago)
use a plug to clear the water
b3rni3mac2 (5 years ago)
haha a droplet of water launched at him and knocked him off
daniel guerrero (5 years ago)
The bat is powerful and it has a lot of noke back
C Sweeten (5 years ago)
Big Fan but..... Gunns, Nitro is going to murder you. to make your inevitable defeat more entertaining i would suggest burrowing, or digging, your way to the enemy like you did in cannon brawl. Also, jumping into water saves you from fall damage so flood an area you might jump into!
Gabe Sioson (5 years ago)
I'm a big fan but I don't think this game is fun
Dual Player (5 years ago)
Jennifer DeBello (5 years ago)
Tip do more
DatKiddVic (5 years ago)
Do Uzi or shotgun went ther close
that was the most stupiddest asus commercial ever omg even though youalwayswin is sponsored by asus it was still kind of dumb just sayin.
BabyCarrotUhHuh (5 years ago)
Use bats to knock people over edges
Danny Boy (5 years ago)
The gun.
richard grant (5 years ago)
dont do as much sacrufices
Marcelo Moreno (5 years ago)
Tumpy was hit by 22
Jack The Killer (5 years ago)
Dinamite does 40 dmg
Jack The Killer (5 years ago)
At 07:43 use fucking dinamite
Will O (5 years ago)
Can't believe Gunns didn't comment on "Sheep"
yugi652 (5 years ago)
bring back cannon brawl
will barnes (5 years ago)
do more mele damage to them
Mohammad Nashrulafiq (5 years ago)
You should shotgun pebble and or rocket him of the latch
wisky2442 (5 years ago)
i am realy looking forward to the epic battles dumber vs nitro ooohhh this gone be guud
razb ben-david (5 years ago)
Guns, there's a BLOWTORCH, also, soon it will add classes
Mayhem maker (5 years ago)
if u are going to use the shotgun watch out because if u r too close u will get recoil damage up to 30 and u get 2 shotgun shots =)
Rarely (5 years ago)
BronxBomber19 (5 years ago)
I don't even know sir
John Misener (5 years ago)
twenty two!!!
Felix Chen (5 years ago)
Yeah try to use the water a lot
humancreepers (5 years ago)
You can dig with a blow torch instead of a bazooka.
MidEastWarrior63 (5 years ago)
I think u might just be the worst worms beginning player ever...
Audrey Sherlofreh (5 years ago)
When you fight nitro pick a place that have water up in the wall then shoot it the bazooka if your the worm ant nitro is the bandits.Good Luck Fighting with Nitro.
emily carrie (5 years ago)
Like i have the demo
emily carrie (5 years ago)
I just got the game on my Xbox and it looks great so do u suggest the full game im sooo excited and it looks rly good and ur awesom plz respond
Crystal Council (5 years ago)
you need to take a poo
EvanTheItalian (5 years ago)
teleports are cheap, use jetpacks and ninja ropes. it makes the game more fun
SPLofT2 (5 years ago)
use the blowtorch to dig
PastWizard (5 years ago)
Fire Captain!!!
RinkuHeroOfTime (5 years ago)
redlikeroses 22 (5 years ago)
Use the shotgun
Dukestboy96 (5 years ago)
You Normally would use a blowtorch to get through Walls not a dam bazooka at point blank LOL
Trev (5 years ago)
You are screwed against Nitro.
pejnismiggle (5 years ago)
The shotgun is a two shot per turn. It's good for blasting walls or pummeling worms.
ShadowdocterTk (5 years ago)
you should use water because you can throw them off because they have to find a way to get out of the water
BACON STORM (5 years ago)
are you shere your dumer and metwagin isint.
JubJubthekoolest (5 years ago)
i dont mean hexxit
JubJubthekoolest (5 years ago)
i dont mean hexxit
JubJubthekoolest (5 years ago)
do a minecraft anventure map again
Tyler Gambill (5 years ago)
ThatOneGuy (5 years ago)
Use dinamind
ThatOneGuy (5 years ago)
Use the jetpak
Tom G (5 years ago)
use the tortch to burn trow stuff, and wayyy mor on the homing missle
JME7426 (5 years ago)
More! I can't wait untill he plays this against Nitro
vF xXsurprisingxD (5 years ago)
Make a base and then kill
Chris Mulford (5 years ago)
My birthday is the 15 and use dynamite when next to other worms
MRfizz981 (5 years ago)
maybe not get all of your team of worms up there so maybe keep one safe at the back

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