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10000 likes to free ainsley from Bhutan gov★~(◡﹏◕✿) (AD) CHECK OUT MY GIVEAWAY /W G2A: https://gleam.io/rAeqz/pewdiepie-august-giveawayy Animations: Lady Dance in the Garden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bUG6jhT2W4 Jimmy Neutron Animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB871SVYMhI A Life Well Lived: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1f3IaA63TMc BHUTAN AP BOKTO, BHUTAN ANIMATION, ENTERTAINMENT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F80B1GCxzgI Nyan Neko Sugar Girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pupTowgpVVo 1998_wiggle.avi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-0rVkJKHIo MERCHANDISE: PewDiePie Clothing: http://bit.ly/ShopBro My Game: PewDiePie: Legend Of The Brofist Apple: http://apple.co/1Kxi8rQ Android: http://bit.ly/1Pxt8Xw My Book: This Book Loves You http://www.pewdiepie.com/go/book My App: Apple: http://bit.ly/AppleBro Android: http://bit.ly/AndroidBro SOCIALS: Twitter ► https://twitter.com/pewdiepie Facebook ► http://facebook.com/pewdiepie Instagram ► http://instagram.com/pewdiepie ........... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...') .........\.................'...../ ..........''...\.......... _.·´ ............\..............( BROFIST ...........
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Text Comments (21072)
ZEX Oneeyed (1 hour ago)
The first one's great tbh
??? ??? (3 hours ago)
Magpie Randoms (6 hours ago)
That Peppa Pig video is pure eye cancer.
Kim Taehyung (16 hours ago)
*ThE PizzA Is AgGrESsiVe* 😂😂😂
D is for D.i.M (21 hours ago)
Well Im not sleeping...
Sup Bro! (1 day ago)
Fuck my life I'm dead. Hats off to your patience
Sup Bro! (1 day ago)
Maximum of them are... Creepy
emoxilent psyweird (2 days ago)
wtf is that dude?
Lipster (4 days ago)
the Marina Joyce dancing part was impressive
Sara Hunt (5 days ago)
I don't know if pewds likes tacos ME:THE TACOS AGGRESSIVE!!! PEWDS:*burst thru door* DID SOMEONE SAY TACOS
Sara Hunt (5 days ago)
BTW I was eating taco bell
thevanilla diamond (6 days ago)
I'm not high enough for this shit
Andrea Panajotova (6 days ago)
Um this is the weirdest bid ever
Computers weren't a mistake
Elijah Roberts (8 days ago)
Taruba Fitwalla (9 days ago)
Omll 😂😂💁🏻
Lina Tiar (9 days ago)
Pewdiepie you subscriber are 66million right.filem youtube too 66million
Hunter Kennedy (9 days ago)
Ending reminds me of leafy 5:45
Hunter Kennedy (10 days ago)
The Jimmy nutron one gets me every time😂
#17 🇧🇷😂👆👉
1 1 (10 days ago)
George has became a man
MK 420 (11 days ago)
Check ciryak
Serenah arts (11 days ago)
You wanna know the weirdest animator on youtube Cristali
Adrian Arias (12 days ago)
No ratboy and Johnny Johnny
Max Thomas (12 days ago)
4:00 clicks off
Hansenfmly (12 days ago)
4:28 "Why do I get sexual undertones from this?" Because you're psychic lol
xd UnKnowNzY (13 days ago)
best anime ive ever seen
Jan Glenard Tolentino (13 days ago)
weird clips you got there.. btw nice video
Natalia Kotlęga (13 days ago)
pewds just looks dead inside
Zaber Boy (15 days ago)
im literally puking while watchng
7-Volt (15 days ago)
Hiếu Nguyễn (15 days ago)
V (16 days ago)
This is the way demons enter our plain now
stacey barnes (16 days ago)
F U C K It’s scary as hell
stacey barnes (16 days ago)
It’s a troll pizza it’s a blade pizza
ram chargers!! (16 days ago)
Álvaro de la Cruz (16 days ago)
0:39 MJ
Samuel Carter (17 days ago)
Wtf was that the more you know clip and where do I get it
Pls do more😂
Tan Jia Xian (17 days ago)
Bhutan is just jungle crap
Soccerskillgoals Jr (17 days ago)
My mom was in botan but I am Nepali
Alex 1885 (18 days ago)
Wait the fucc happened to ur hair
Vince Trinanes (18 days ago)
Why did I watched this??
r3ub1n (18 days ago)
Glasses make him look like a damn beatle
yt wolf (19 days ago)
everyone: *the pizza is aggressive*
례이Xingmis (19 days ago)
I was jamming at the end though
The Amazing O.N.U (19 days ago)
*K O N E K O C H A N L I K E S I C E C R E A M*
Dopamine Cloud (19 days ago)
Cyber 8 and seinfeldspitstain are genuine artists and their videos are fantastic.
Duy Binh Thai (19 days ago)
Well fml
Calvin Ross (19 days ago)
DOes anyone know the title of the song in 1:28?
Cat Danny (19 days ago)
UnknownGhost101 0-0 (19 days ago)
Lil Autotune (19 days ago)
Im really high thak you pewds😂😂😂
Foxy The Pirate Fox (19 days ago)
4:37 i will sucide
Cool Rider (20 days ago)
i lost it at jimmy netron i was like "boi wtf is this"
Ruhiya Mita (20 days ago)
Alexandru BOSS RO (20 days ago)
*I W A N T T O D I E*
niko H (20 days ago)
whats dat headset?
Dalek (20 days ago)
Fergal Downes (20 days ago)
What's up buddy, pretty deadly flick that you have here. Keep em coming.
Mr. Doom (20 days ago)
Yami Kawaii (20 days ago)
I was like "Wtf.." at the first animation -_-
Snipeshot1202 1 (20 days ago)
FERNANDO PLAY (21 days ago)
soku - chan is my name (21 days ago)
Commie Doggie (22 days ago)
*get. Demonetized. You. Bad. Person*
I’m dying 420 (22 days ago)
*sips tea*
DIEGO GOMEZ (22 days ago)
song at 5:50 ? pls
W1TCH (22 days ago)
258k like wohoo..
MR MEMES (23 days ago)
hsn8r (23 days ago)
المترجم حمار
french geek (23 days ago)
O H S H I T .
Hiro's Arts (23 days ago)
Whi is watchin in 2018
Jennifer Heffernan (23 days ago)
Ok now I’m scared for life.
Yasviele Pacifica (23 days ago)
I love the fact that you have so much videos that if I can't wait for the next I just check an old one
Philip Saldo (24 days ago)
i got aroused when Pewdiepie moaned. Am i gay?
Pine apple pie (24 days ago)
So weird😲
森界 (24 days ago)
Doctor Kira (24 days ago)
face the shadow (24 days ago)
3:20 I want to die
face the shadow (24 days ago)
Uh pewds you alright?
IIXкеппieXII (24 days ago)
4:11 pewdiepie: noo.. 😩
Harry potter glasses
Percy and hyouka 2005 (25 days ago)
3:52 god them tites
니아미 (25 days ago)
0:20 omg.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Adam Leever (25 days ago)
5:18 I laughed so hard I fell off my bed
3pleD LoL (25 days ago)
No God, no plz god no
Magnus Ogburn (25 days ago)
i cant find the peppa pig one
Galaxy Catgirl (25 days ago)
"Don't you just hate when your dad died from a aggressive pizza?" Me: Yes
Viktor Karlo (25 days ago)
the most part which made me said wtf in my head more than 10 times was the Neko - Sugar Girls.. wtf.
びっくりちゃん (25 days ago)
3:59 the face of a man who has seen to much, the face of a *broken man*
Their was an artistic ad on this video i guess we know what kind of videos YouTube thinks are art.
Kalos Baku (26 days ago)
3:46 this is where I got "ASSMAU" (aphmau) vibes
THIS PIÑA (26 days ago)
I'm dead now
Fifi_ Leafy (27 days ago)
1:51 top ten Anime Deaths
roop kumar (27 days ago)
Powered by nvidia RTX
Lscott 2002 (27 days ago)
I regret nothing
Professor Plankton (27 days ago)
Welcome to questionable side of the internet
The amazing Smiley (19 days ago)
Professor Plankton *beautiful
DatOneAzzy (27 days ago)
5:43 *Leafy Intensifies*
2:42 Phantom turururuuuuuu!!

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