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POWER RANGERS - Lisa The Painful #12

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Text Comments (28)
It's me Emily (18 days ago)
So sad I will never see the ending of lisa😟 I was really into this . Just another one dead without an ending
Muncen Buncen (21 days ago)
Can you please play more? :)
Gabe Delossantos (1 month ago)
Rip sly
DezzeShattered (1 month ago)
Leo Openshaw (1 month ago)
Hi sly I’ve been here since 2012 since your minecraft daily and your still trying hard till this day 🙂
Leo Openshaw I come here every month see what new
GrexTheCrabasitor (1 month ago)
slyfox i apologize if i offended you on halo online
MysticFate (1 month ago)
That reveal when he got to the top of the giant rope killed me 😂
Teh Kuwen (1 month ago)
llama hipster (1 month ago)
because 6:53
Teh Kuwen whg
ScarletBard (1 month ago)
Does he ever mix up the party or does he just roll with Terry, Nern, and Rage for the whole game? They're cool but I'd love to see him use other characters.
RpCFranky (1 month ago)
Where the Pix Ark be?
Mega Motorcyclop (1 month ago)
Im glad you're posting this again! Binge watched 9 to 12 :) left a like for every ep so far
Clairy Romave (1 month ago)
Yassss love you sly
jacob hello (1 month ago)
Hi sly

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