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Uniform Motion - False Start

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False Start is the first single from Uniform Motion's 5th album, called 5. Play or buy the song here : https://UniformMotion.lnk.to/RgzGcID Directed by Vincent Baudry. http://vincentbaudry.com/ Pre-order the album here. https://uniformmotion.bandcamp.com/album/5 Lyrics: False start, you’re off your rocker False start, you’ve fallen down False start, you can’t get closure Far cry from the meaning you were owed. False start, you’ve met your maker False start, you’ve fallen down False start, but you’re not angry Far cry from the blueprint of your eye Follow the shadows on the road Carry on the lullaby Sit and listen to the shortwave Colour in the words they made Pull the roses off the road Carry on the solemn psalm For he who can’t give up the fight
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Text Comments (46)
Pertz Libers (3 months ago)
Shapeshifter biker
TheDamnedImdead (1 year ago)
I used your song for a video bike travel, it's just a perfect song for that. Cheers from France
- morpheus (1 year ago)
Luuuuuv it!!!
Jonny Arclight (1 year ago)
I just played Smallest Dungeon and had to check you guys out! You guys do some awesome work!
Uniform Motion (1 year ago)
Thank you kindly Sir
Elise J (1 year ago)
I just saw a snap from a french travel blogger of you playing at Leipzig. I liked it, search for your musics, and liked it even more. It's really great !
Elise J (1 year ago)
Bruno Maltor from Votre tour du monde !
Uniform Motion (1 year ago)
H Lily cool! What's the name of the blogger?
Kiran K (2 years ago)
I found your band from the game Shapeshifter Biker. Needless to say, all of your songs are awesome!
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
Thanks! By the way, the guy who made the video game is a member of the band. :)
Jesica Maldonado (2 years ago)
you guys are awesome can't wait to here this when you famas
NEO (2 years ago)
Superbe Musique , Bravo les gars . Heureusement que je suis allé sur Auboutdufil pour vous découvrir !
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
+Tai Sharpe Not sure what you mean by a "net song"?
William Pitre (2 years ago)
+Uniform Motion when is the net song coming out
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
Merci! Et merci à auboutdufil.
Mason Harter (2 years ago)
Geez found you guys a few days ago and now I can't stop. Deserve way more popularity!!
Allan M Aquino (2 years ago)
shapeshifter biker
John Doe (2 years ago)
Shapeshifter Biker.
Evan Garcia (2 years ago)
I love your new album, especially this song. I was wondering if you guys can make a tutorial for the guitar on this song? I would really love to play this song in my spare time.
Evan Garcia (2 years ago)
+Uniform Motion Thank you! I'll be sure to hit the like button when it come out and comment.
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
Your wish is my command! I'll try and make one within the next few days.
Cameron Tapia (2 years ago)
Wow I love this! This is great. Is this on Spotify?
Cameron Tapia (2 years ago)
+Uniform Motion Thanks! I looked right after I commented and I've been listening since. It's really awesome music. I love the style and feel. It makes me feel. Like just not be numb like I have been lately. Thank you.
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
Thanks Cameron. Yes, our music is on Spotify. Have a great day!
LinTekKim (2 years ago)
Somber tone, good beat I love it
SkunkBoy34 (2 years ago)
Why am i just now finding this? this is amazing!
Sweet Clod (2 years ago)
undeadhusky 25 (2 years ago)
its pretty good
Jalen C. (2 years ago)
Wow, you guys are amazing.
Jalen C. (2 years ago)
+Uniform Motion :)
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
Thanks dude!
angry hippo (2 years ago)
lucky to know you: )
Fougue & Books (2 years ago)
Amazing song !
Eduardo Bessa (2 years ago)
awesome like always <3
Lucille Richards (2 years ago)
Et de 1000 💫
Claudio Santos (2 years ago)
très bien ... bonne route a vous
Frogsquadron (2 years ago)
Relating way too much. Loved it nonetheless!
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
+Frogsquadron cheers!
Pitchumi (2 years ago)
J'ai changé d'avis, je trouve ça magnifique.
Moody_Jr (2 years ago)
I love it
Shampoo Wow (2 years ago)
Cool video! I like it
Alex Kanos (2 years ago)
chanmé! :)))
Mark Williams (2 years ago)
beautiful, looking forward to getting my hands on the new album
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
+Mark Williams thanks mate!
nothing to see here (2 years ago)
lyrics anybody?
Uniform Motion (2 years ago)
+nothing to see here just added them to the video description.

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