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FALLOUT 4 GUIDE: All Pipboy Games Locations

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A Fallout 4 guide to show you the locations of all 5 collectible games that you can play on your Pip Boy! The Pip Boy games are: Red Menace Atomic Commander Zeta Invaders Pip Fall Grognak and the Ruby Ruins
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Text Comments (17)
Ashton Adams (2 years ago)
How do I get in the door in the memory den
Hal USA (2 years ago)
DOGOFWAR11 (3 years ago)
Lol how do I get back in 101 or gotta start it from beginng?
THAC0MANIC (2 years ago)
+DOGOFWAR11 you can go to the Elevator and enter it via a Command button near it inside one of the shacks.
Kevin Griffin Jr (3 years ago)
thanks for your help
Megpoid Channel (3 years ago)
Please play Until Dawn!
Pressthebigredbutton (2 years ago)
He did go to his twitch and watch it there
Alyero (3 years ago)
when are you going to post the end of blops3?
InsertNameHere (3 years ago)
how do i get in the fort
ACManga (2 years ago)
Go in through the carpark
jospeh matthes (3 years ago)
sweet. i didnt notice that
LivieBelll (3 years ago)
I really wanna get Fallout 4!
ACManga (2 years ago)
+cheyenne hall it's slang
Cheyenne Hall (2 years ago)
+ACManga it dose? How
ACManga (2 years ago)
+cheyenne hall sick means cool
Cheyenne Hall (2 years ago)
+ACManga no it a good game
ACManga (2 years ago)
It's sick trust me

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