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SPOILED GIRL GETS WHAT SHE DESERVES! Leave a Like if you enjoyed watching this spoiled girl get embarrassed! It's April Fools day tomorrow so check out these funny pranks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKGtRAImRZE Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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SSSniperWolf (2 months ago)
PART TWO IS UP, she becomes homeless! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XXOacw7bQA
SSSniperWolf hi
Glitter Glam (2 hours ago)
Aaron Northey (1 day ago)
SSSniperWolf your laught ain’t any better ahhaha
Jamzy Jamz (1 day ago)
ha. That b*tch gest wat she deserves.
Sabrina Cody (1 day ago)
She should be quiet
i love my skin color (2 hours ago)
Happy to be a minimalist
ItsMusicTime (2 hours ago)
my family is over here struggling and I get a 1$ soda and I AM SO thankful × 10 so watching this makes me mad
Glitter Glam (2 hours ago)
If i saw her i slap her
I love your pusheen collection
Josua Dom (4 hours ago)
Why can I never think of a creative comment
Leilani Cueto (5 hours ago)
My mum is a single parent so I gotta to pay for my own stuff and so far I’m turning out into a responsible teenager
Natalie Cruz (5 hours ago)
How has her mom not kick her out
Nolmart Maridor Gimeno (5 hours ago)
Ok I know some people represent the 7 deadly sins.... But she literally represents all of them
Mia & Jaylah (6 hours ago)
SSSniperwolf ILYSM<3
Madeson Fither (7 hours ago)
I wan to hug her mom so bad. Like really? Stealing her Mom’s family heirlooms? Ugh that B. I want to smack her so hard.
call of the dead (7 hours ago)
oh im going to school dr phil; ok rip check had me laughing
call of the dead (7 hours ago)
shes like oh im oon tv hey yall
Bianca Dean (10 hours ago)
This girl is so rude my dad got made at me for running in the dinning room lol but who agrees that lia would be a great mom with a well mannered kid love you lia!
Amanda Howland (10 hours ago)
If I acted like this I would be dead...
Lila Ketter (11 hours ago)
I agree with everything except for you said a foster mom isn’t a real mom but that’s not true
Trip Case (13 hours ago)
The homie Doctor Phil back at it again putting spoiled brats in their place! DOCTOR PHIL FOR PRESIDENT!!!
Frida Cuello Cervantes (15 hours ago)
If i threw a sandwich in my moms face my mom would had beaten me up
Daniel (16 hours ago)
Why can’t she lose weight tho
Depression Depress-o (16 hours ago)
Holy Molybdenum My Zelda Has Been Healed! I was never born to be a S.P.O.I.L.E.D B.R.A.T
potato man683 (19 hours ago)
If I was her I would be dead
potato man683 (19 hours ago)
Mr joshy The savage (22 hours ago)
B.B. bbb
I’m spoiled sometimes
She is so spoiled if I was the mom I will kill her . If I was the child 👶 I whould not get wahat I want the thing that I need important
Beni Ilunga (16 hours ago)
i would slap her if she ask me for something
Te Atanhai Watene (1 day ago)
Are u serious, oooo if u don't give me money I'll DESTROY YOU!!! That's what she's like. WTF
Jera D (1 day ago)
Dr.phil at the end...
gaming master (1 day ago)
dark kitty (1 day ago)
My parents are talking about getting me a ford focus. I'm excited like I would punch her
Emily Williams (1 day ago)
“Well... that ain’t happening” 😂lmfao
707 Sae Young (1 day ago)
So basically a pile of meat that costs money, no wait, sorry, I meant *a pile of shit*
Christina Westphal (1 day ago)
You have a point
Huslen B (1 day ago)
If I threw something at her on purpose like a sandwich I wouldn’t exist here anymore
What a peace of freaking HMMMMUMMMMMHJMMMMMMM lalalaallal
makaela meuse (1 day ago)
she HELL A SPOILED!!!! i feel sooooo bad for her mom
Melina Jimenez (1 day ago)
Her:she grew me up didn’t she??? Me:well would you rather leave you on the streets with nothing as a baby so shut up
that maori fulla (1 day ago)
She should give them to other people
Kaiden Jones (1 day ago)
Simply Kim (1 day ago)
Yo that b needa sit down some where because she don’t appreciate anything her mom give her, if my mom heard me say that she would whoop me like wtf, I even appreciate my mom if she just gives me 5 dollars and this b on a way different level. I wish I could just slap that girl across her face😡😡🤬😡😡🤬
Clarkkent The Gamer (1 day ago)
Holy shit
cecestayhungry (1 day ago)
I showed my mom this and she got so mad cuz of the girl man XD
Maryam's Stuffs (1 day ago)
Ms. Liang (1 day ago)
this girl is so... UGGGHHH i mean throw a sandwich in her moms face!!!??
Alisia Jordan (1 day ago)
She's probably scared of her daughter so she doesn't do anything to her😢😥😰
GraysonUniverse 77 (1 day ago)
I have never seen a girl as heartless and selfish before. she may have done all that crap but it still was her mother's fault for not doing anything about it.
Its Cookie (1 day ago)
Joesiah Wilson (1 day ago)
Dr Phil did her
Jacob Dunican (1 day ago)
I ask my mom if I can see some of her Quarters because I collect state cions
Johan Grimstad (1 day ago)
Can you stop talking and stopping the video every 5 sec?
Jude Bailey (1 day ago)
It would be the mom,s fault if she were raising a dog, but that demon spawn is slightly human. That means she can tell wrong from right. The mom was wrong for raising a brat, but not so much as the brat for not changing.
Kawaii Gamer (1 day ago)
I would put that piece of sh*t up for adoption
mark cooke (1 day ago)
Vile little creature - and her mother should be held to account for not saying NO more often to the hideous little ingrate
Sylvia Clausen (1 day ago)
If I was a killer she would be the first to die
it is too late for ms piggy she can go jump into a lake with a two ton wait attached to ankles and be thrown into and cage full of hungry pit bulls
Abdul Shahid (1 day ago)
Oh hell nah why she rude to her mom she did every thing for her and did not pay her mom money back
Taylar Sanders (1 day ago)
Please stop cussing
Taylar Sanders (1 day ago)
Or at least bleep it out
Karsten (1 day ago)
Taylar Sanders this isn't a kid friendly channel. I'm so freaking annoyed by you children that think everything should be kid friendly.
moonTank YT (1 day ago)
She’s crazy
Andrea Nerlovic (1 day ago)
If i throw food at my mother i woud be dead aleady
Julie Tibbetts (1 day ago)
Yeah I'm gonna need you to be careful with the way you use the word witch. Some of us find that a bit offensive. 😯😯😂😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Your going to be a good mother lmao
Skyller Lee (1 day ago)
Kick her out and even throw she throws
I love how you just have to juge or just say something about the video
clumsim (1 day ago)
Goodness. Has she really never been disciplined? She should have been smacked and thrown in prison a long time ago.
Talia Hamad (2 days ago)
If i sail her i would punch her 100000000000000 times
gaming master (2 days ago)
if anyone's going to mess with woman it's going to be me plus I'm not going to mess with women so now it's going to mess with them
jhope is my lifeu (2 days ago)
well......shes an idiot
Sophie YUEN (2 days ago)
She is not even worth being born
Vanessa Hernandez (2 days ago)
pinche gringa !!!!!!! someone come drag this wildebeest!!!!💀
Unicorn_FartMinka (2 days ago)
I don't have the guts to throw ANYTHING to my mother or father or they would have beet the living shit out of me and I would have been grounded for a year and yes my mom and dad does that and if they could they would have thrown a brick at me if they could but im not disrespectfull at all
Unicorn_FartMinka (2 days ago)
u would be a VERY good parent U should have a kid
10 to 15 BRUSHES. Really? She don't use all of the brushes.
Miami Delgado (2 days ago)
i love the whole "here we have a spoiled pig in her natural habitat"
Kenzie Dorey (2 days ago)
Bet she doesn't even know what a job is
Dot Dot (2 days ago)
Phil Is Such A Fucking LEGEND
sarah demifan (2 days ago)
When ur parents get mad at u and say ur disrespectful, show them this video
Fox West (2 days ago)
YA!!!! DR.PHIL F*****G TORE THAT CHECK UP!!!!!! XD!!!!
Matt Avila (2 days ago)
What is wrong with this fatty and who would scream at their boyfriend/girlfriend just for saying no😠😠😠
Sledercat (2 days ago)
I hate her what she did to her mom is like holy balls
Kit Kat (2 days ago)
She doesn't need a car she needs a broom
Snicker's Sweetness (2 days ago)
Her mom should've swallowed that load
Zlink7 (2 days ago)
that girl is a sun of a ):
I’m spoiled but not that spoiled
Mom should have had an abortion
Malachi Vigil (2 days ago)
Ava Mosks (2 days ago)
I’ve stolen my dad’s money before and I felt terrible about it I regret it so much but this girl just smiles and says I don’t care
Jasmine Del Real (2 days ago)
I like how she compares her to a dog😂
oOoF_Msp Cringe (2 days ago)
If I ever even raise my hand to throw something in my mom's direction...I wouldn't live to see another day.
Lonnie Church (2 days ago)
I love you shirt
William Nguyen (2 days ago)
Guys I think I found a pig in it natural habitat
kylaind issavage (2 days ago)
Idd still all her credit cards and buy vbucks
That is what she gets
Shygirl Playzs (2 days ago)
If i was her mom i would throw her out side until she learns
Crystal Cooper (2 days ago)
AaNi S (2 days ago)
If I put a sandwich in my mom’s face I wouldn’t even be in the house anymore.
Sinai Estrada (2 days ago)
Also this girl said she grew me up like she dosent even have Good gramer
Yuri The Kid (2 days ago)
Ermelie Gilles (2 days ago)
If I ever throw food at my mom, I would get slapped so hard that I would land on jupiter
Yasmina Choufani (2 days ago)
This girl is so stupid

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