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Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak Gameplay and Tips | UbiBlog | Ubisoft [NA]

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Check out the horrific new enemies and expansive new maps of the special Rainbow Six Siege co-op event, Outbreak. This gameplay video will show you what you and your teammates are up against, and give you tips to survive and succeed in the face of this new threat.
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Text Comments (7275)
anika jahan (4 days ago)
Because I like that no sorry
Commander squints (1 month ago)
One of these days it's going to return
bahy chairy hakim (1 month ago)
God i miss this
Mr Papaya (2 days ago)
bahy chairy hakim sane
Nabeel Amer (1 month ago)
Daniel Lee (3 months ago)
The house of the dead 8 looks amazing.
Tavis Danes (3 months ago)
I wish they can bring this mode back...
Matthew Hatfield (3 months ago)
Ubisoft please add the zombies back
Blake (3 months ago)
Bring it back!
RektMonster (6 months ago)
Why can't this mode be on siege forever?
Atomic Chronic (6 months ago)
add awesome new co-op mode, and remove it after 4 weeks. nice way to abort all co-op lovers hype. 4 weeks isnt even worth the redownload. killing floor, left 4 dead and vermintide all do it much better anyway.
Joshua Willis (4 months ago)
Atomic Chronic you’re such a pretender
Jack (6 months ago)
Why create a game mode for a temporary amount of time? Stupid waste of time.
chivasboy 323 (6 months ago)
Is it
chivasboy 323 (6 months ago)
Why is this mode is limited? I love this mode so much fun and cool
Busbool Oficial (7 months ago)
Hey is modder top
Parz1val (7 months ago)
Is it just me or does this gamemode not work with the R6 gun mechanics? They're not meant for spray and pray style gameply.
The Boss (7 months ago)
pls buff tachanka, pls ubi o.0
RoekoeX The II (7 months ago)
Pandemic is to hard.. tryd it for 15 times and stil we lose. Looking for a good team for outbreak tho. Add me RoekoeX-The-II maybe we can help eachother collecting chibis
James Woodward (7 months ago)
why tf is this temporary?
RaiNPitboW pitsix (7 months ago)
Buff ela
Marco (7 months ago)
I'm gonna cry if this mode disappears forever in this game, it's gigantic and sooo nostalgic. Like the good old Call Of Duty Ghosts extinction days.....
DarkLegend (7 months ago)
Ubisoft please nerf the Apex. It’s too overpowered especially on pandemic difficulty, too much health and spawns too many zombies that overflow until you get surrounded or cornered.
AdrianStorms (7 months ago)
A story campaign would be awesome. At least 5 hours of story. I just saw the cutscenes from outbreak and man..it just looks amazing
I Wolf I (7 months ago)
They should make more epidemic events like this
Knight Rider (7 months ago)
I really hope it'll be permanent.
Rex (7 months ago)
Wtf... looks so booring and B i wanna cry
Josh Daman (7 months ago)
Please keep permanently
Jager Ash Main (7 months ago)
i cant connect to online in r6 please help (PC)
Pumas 315 (7 months ago)
I hope they add more missions instead of 3
Wesley Don (7 months ago)
BadTrip (7 months ago)
Hahaha.. no, just effing no.
audis6m (7 months ago)
Finka is grate in team , pity that there is no Zofia.
_Fr0st Knight_25 (7 months ago)
Jayce Phillips (7 months ago)
I love this because of the theme song is like operation health and I loved operation health and miss it dearly. Great job Ubisoft. It’s like a mix of the yacht theme and operation health theme and I’m more than happy to play the game again. These last 2 updates were dark and dull. I prolly won’t do extinction or whatever it is but I like the features already. Congratulations Ubisoft I’m happy now and again.
BB B (7 months ago)
Spec Trooper (7 months ago)
who else thinks cav would have been perfect for this
이승영 (7 months ago)
If i knew this would release with the Season pass i would've just bought Killing floor...
IMPOCt_BrOk e (7 months ago)
Hab keine packs bekommen
Markku Koskimaa (7 months ago)
Limited time, why?
RaphiZH (7 months ago)
When comes the new operators
Please Jager and Bandit acog .....pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
r4ym1n13 (7 months ago)
does it have matchmaking ?
Swagshoes68 (7 months ago)
Why is this limited?
jor keuk (7 months ago)
Why dont do this permantly for 20$ I *WAS* hyped but when I heared it is for a short period of time my hearth dropt 😢
Sim (7 months ago)
2:47 LMG!
Canger Gaming (7 months ago)
How outbreak was formed Goobisoft employee 1: lord epi, we have an idea to get you sweet money Epi: speak Goobisoft employee 2: there is a co-op game called left 4 dead, it’s about zombies sir and it’s super popular Epi: what’s your idea sla- I mean employee? Goobisoft employee 2: we copy and paste the game for rainbow six siege Epi: GENIUS!
Forevista (7 months ago)
when? date?
Jay Z (7 months ago)
So can anyone play this mode? Or do I have to buy the season 3 pass or whatever
Buff Blackbeard (7 months ago)
iMod Aj (7 months ago)
Devin Bajramovic (7 months ago)
Im really sad that it will only stay for a limited time
Spartano man (7 months ago)
I think it would be cool if there were some sort of splinter cell operators such as archer or kestrel from conviction
Mr Sparky92 (7 months ago)
Need to keep it in the game or add a new coop mode would be fun
Herp YT (7 months ago)
They just memed this tips video
Michael Myers (7 months ago)
Ruined the game.
Centhia Jeanpierre (7 months ago)
Slayer orc (7 months ago)
To me Outbreak is not bad and at least Rainbow think out the box than Division shooting same bulletsponge mobs over n over again like they are some kind of Terminator and we using bb gun to shoot them
ImTrashGaming (7 months ago)
This is cool and all but why didn’t they just go with some typical zombie land type zombies with some disembodiment that would have been so much better these remind too much of the aliens from cod😩
Yesenia Lopez (7 months ago)
It not on ps4😡😠
Saul Morales (7 months ago)
Rainbow six siege supero a todos los zombis de COD y left four dead y Resident Evil. A todos. Con historias realistas y agentes realistas. Excelente.
Edgar Hernandez (7 months ago)
I think there's a bit of exo zombies in your game :\
David Zvonaryov (7 months ago)
Why only for a limited time
Sin(π) (7 months ago)
So Left 4 Dead but in Rainbow Six universe?
Panzer Attack (7 months ago)
This looks lame
linnes16 (7 months ago)
So will this ever come back after April? It seems like a waste to have it be such a limited time.
SenselessBonkai (7 months ago)
Why only 4 weeks? adding this as a new permanent game mode will boost sales imo
Shaun Bond (7 months ago)
Looks awesome
ed23jk - (7 months ago)
wtf all this effort and only 3 weeks?
Hoggers (7 months ago)
Probably just something to test, to see how the community will react to this mode and could possibly be made into something more
Kelvin Chan (7 months ago)
it is a disgrace to the late Mr. Tom Clancy.
Hoggers (7 months ago)
honzoslav jelito (7 months ago)
So cool
Unit 2982 (7 months ago)
No need to tutorial.Just place a: *LMG MOUNTED AND LOADED*
mike105ps (7 months ago)
Adrian Silitra (7 months ago)
This update will be free? Or another money i have to pay
Hoggers (7 months ago)
Update is free
YourKushDealer (7 months ago)
Yow Mama (7 months ago)
Looking back when this game first came.out , you can really see how this game evolved . Love this game
Andreas Young (7 months ago)
im buying the advanced edition only for the outbreak gameplay because its just too awesome to miss.
AtomicReaper54 (7 months ago)
this will be too easy. all you gotta do is blast the soviet national anthem through your mic. trust me, it works 100% of the time in casual and ranked, try it for yourself
Richard Virgen Lepe (7 months ago)
Why tf is this only for a limited time? It should be permanent
PVSEIDON (7 months ago)
Perfect, an another cod zombie game...
Hoggers (7 months ago)
Welp here comes these commenters that's so "great"
Erickridebikes (7 months ago)
Is this update free?
Hoggers (7 months ago)
Brando Q (7 months ago)
When i saw that the first time i thought they have a alien virus how they look like
Mads Hvelplund (7 months ago)
This seems like a half-assed copy of the mechanics from Left for Dead mixed with Vermintide?
Hoggers (7 months ago)
half-assed copy of the mechanics from Left for Dead what?
david kanai (7 months ago)
feels like playing left for dead again
Trilli (7 months ago)
Hey finaly a way to train your Aim and ....shoot somthing we do to less in R6S ^.^
Szymon Pałysa (7 months ago)
Its look like a cod ghost extincion mode
Dragonstorm 1000 (7 months ago)
These zombies need to be playable. Man I really hope these zombies aren’t like every other zombies from every other zombie game.
Rip console
Kid 242 (7 months ago)
I wish I didn’t have to delete rainbow
Mr. F (7 months ago)
MEGAGAURDIAN 6629 (7 months ago)
....I watch this before. Then I go back to watch it again and now it’s age restricted....GEE THANKS YOUTUBE!!
yossi4652 (7 months ago)
i really dont understand why its on time. and not forever
voltex KGM (7 months ago)
Ubisoft give us acog it's not FAIR its so hard when every attacker has an acog they'll shoot us from across the map while defenders are getting picked off one by one and the only reason we lost acog becuz a lot of people bought the game In velvet shell and complained about spawn peeking most people can counter it but we lost acog to the new players
James Valor (7 months ago)
Chanka is a confirmed god
Blaze302 (7 months ago)
they need to make "Tom Clancy's: The Outbreak"
Jumping Buddy (7 months ago)
*mounts lmg and loads it*
Hiten Ghavda (7 months ago)
reminds me of coding ghost extinction
imgayteehee (7 months ago)
all these mobs came straight from the gears of war handbook, especially their version of the berserker
JP3 Exp (7 months ago)
I think one of the best features of this mode is that our operators on attack and defense are actually working together and not against each other
THE KING OF AMV (7 months ago)
Missy Weii (7 months ago)
Me while watching... I hope I can Fuze em all up.

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