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Fortnite Battle Royale | 35 Tips and Tricks from the Professionals

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I’ve been stalking professional fortnite players on Twitch this week and some were even kind enough to offer tips suitable for all of us. Let’s see how many you already use… 1. Pulse grenade to push you quickly towards the safe zone. 2. Parachute deploys at it’s lowest away from the island. 3. If you’re a covert player attempt to enter the safe zones from the smallest side. 4. Running towards gunfire in the distance... 5. Get used to the unique sounds of each weapon… 6. Throw a trap in the top of your base to warn off any would be base rushers. 7. Placing traps at the foot of the base to catch those snooping below 8. And one more way to use traps on your bases is by putting them inside. 9. Most people use metal and brick for final bases. This makes complete sense as they are the stronger materials but many people miss how weak they are during the first few seconds of the build. Wood on the other hand has immediate integrity and can take the brunt of a shotgun blast and still stay intact. Whereas metal is smashed to pieces immediately. 10. With bigger trees try to keep the last 50 health in tact and move to the next one. 11. Palettes, rock formations, huge pine trees… the beast trees at moisty are great too. 12. There’s a small glitch which can be used when gathering materials. 13. Building ramps above your head when climbing high can save your life. 14. you can peak through the slats in the structure and get the drop on the enemy. 15. edit your structures 16. sniper window 17. Hit a wall a few times to see through the top layer 18. Never stand still 19. Stone covers. 20. Sky Bridge security 21. fall damage 22. spam the ramp in the hopes of negating any fall damage. 23. If you’re trying to make an impossible jump use the roof tile to bridge the gap. 24. silenced weapons, use them for checking bushes or knocking down trees and walls without giving away your position. Don’t watch… Switch 25. immediately switching 26. Pop a ramp when fighting. 27. rifle can snipe through the cracks in some structures. 28. Switch to your axe while looting 29. Loot Trap 30. the effects of the campfires stack 31. Keep weapons in the same slots 32. check the patch notes! 33. By changing the pyramid structure to a ramp we are able to minimize the number of clicks needed to build. 34. Use console aim assist to check bushes for wookies. 35. Buttons can be reassigned on console
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Text Comments (2369)
PlayStationGrenade (6 months ago)
The greatest skin has to be Rex! But what do you say?? BTW sorry about the audio in this video. My PC is powered by potatoes.
The Gaming Ninja 3000 (3 hours ago)
I like using the leviathan
MR. FUNKSTER (5 days ago)
PlayStationGrenade I use the ace skin
DeWhitPantah r (14 days ago)
Greg Cotter (16 days ago)
I use moisty merman
Vinnie Torres (16 days ago)
Steff Hall (1 day ago)
Rex for life
Stanley Howell (1 day ago)
its rex
UltimateGamingNL (1 day ago)
Ps4 sucks
You know what I am gonna smash that like button and subscribe
Charli Clark (3 days ago)
i use the firework team leader
Ragnorock Master (3 days ago)
RiP FALL (3 days ago)
What is your sensitivity
Kirsty McDeed (3 days ago)
I’m not lieing my only skin is rex
Hassan Hamada (4 days ago)
awsome tips dude :)
Justin. Y (4 days ago)
I already know them *Because I watched this video 2x*
gautham kalaiselvan (5 days ago)
I have no battle pass so I only have default but maybe soon I'll get galaxy skin
ZYGAMER XSAD (5 days ago)
ZYGAMER XSAD (5 days ago)
MysticSeamoss baskin (6 days ago)
I use rex packpack and galaxy skin
Endertacket Cool (7 days ago)
Defalt I'm not a pay to player
Lgamer6578 (7 days ago)
I use raven
Aluminum Llama (7 days ago)
I use the dicast.
Cole Robertson (8 days ago)
I use Wingman
Sword Master Felix (8 days ago)
I use the Rogue Agent cuz it looks spooky
Good Idea (9 days ago)
Hello! Im just a starter in fortnite. No wins. I need wins and tips. Thanks!
Kath Schofield (10 days ago)
I use bright bomber
Jayden Cortez (12 days ago)
Goaty_McDERP (12 days ago)
Mines Rex my favorite skin!! You aren’t the only one!! And it’s ok I use pyramids too!
Goaty_McDERP (12 days ago)
Mines REX Rex is my favorite skin you aren’t the only one
Gibson Bradley (12 days ago)
Oscar Vega (13 days ago)
I have the skull trooper and the black night
TSM_ Aeal (12 days ago)
Lier lier pants on fire
Oscar Vega (13 days ago)
I don't need this I played 10 games with ninja And he tough me how to be good
JosHy bOred (4 days ago)
Oscar Vega liess
PixelGamerz (13 days ago)
Too number 10 I seen someone do that and they have away there position and I went up to them and killed them xD
killer potato (13 days ago)
pubg is better than this game
Catzz (13 days ago)
I wear the Redline skin the most, it’s my favourite.
Matthew Land11 (14 days ago)
Greg Cotter (16 days ago)
Today I got my 140 win on mobile
St.Awesome (17 days ago)
i have a fortnite tip if you want to go to tilted towers don't lol
r/wooosh (18 days ago)
The One Skin I Always Use Is My Favorite Skin, But I Don't Have
Joel Richard (18 days ago)
when I was was watching this video I got my first victory royale
A Curious Human (18 days ago)
Background song?
Rita Page (20 days ago)
U sound like kermit the frog
PlayStationGrenade (19 days ago)
Thanks. That’s enough internet for today
Amanda McShane (21 days ago)
i wear rose the team leader
C.R.Y.P.T.O. (21 days ago)
C.R.Y.P.T.O. (21 days ago)
PlayStationGrenade (21 days ago)
Hey Crypto
fernando23032 (22 days ago)
I use the jhon wake and the skelleton i have more than 40 skins and i play the first season
Macario Mckenzie (22 days ago)
Noob cuz it's the only one I have..... Help me plz
Federico Fogli (22 days ago)
If you would like to grab the solution to gain gift cards you only need to find " *xbox pranaholistico* " in Google or Yahoo. My friend tried out too and he got codes.
TheOther 1 (23 days ago)
1- shotgun2- smg 3- ar4- splodes or sniper5- heal or shield
AwesomeNoobYT (24 days ago)
I use the Original Skin for trolling.
Tundra thun-thunder (24 days ago)
default XD
FordienTheFrog MLG (24 days ago)
Ur Mom's frend (24 days ago)
Rouge agent
SnazzyACES (25 days ago)
Brite bomber is my most used skin
digestedchunk 98 (25 days ago)
Cameron Engelage (25 days ago)
beverly Botardo (25 days ago)
Can someone teach me cause I’m not a pro I just first time playing Fortnite hahahaha I’m a noob
Super shark gamer -SSG (25 days ago)
My most used skin is Rouge Agent
Persian Mapper (26 days ago)
As they say, if you act like a pro, you _are_ a pro
Rossperry Divierson (27 days ago)
Thank you for making this video! I have been stuck with an Xbox 360 and I just got an Xbox one
Randominizer (28 days ago)
Where can I mostly find snipers? I have played many matches and I have never gotten one yet D:
Jay&Petal Playz (28 days ago)
DDKS Studios (29 days ago)
Michael Merlin (29 days ago)
My fav skin is wing man. (My only skin)
Andres TPGN (30 days ago)
Gatcha animals (30 days ago)
The most skins i used often is the default
Punee (1 month ago)
How do you emote without opening the emote menu????
Kavit Rai (1 month ago)
Blue stricker
John50 Beach (1 month ago)
I can't kill anyone for shit so I hid in the bushes the whole game and got 2nd place lmao
Am a pro 2# pro but am only use a default skin
TimeWolf (1 month ago)
Beef boss is what I use the most
Silent Butter (1 month ago)
Fire Time (1 month ago)
you sound like kill'em
My toaster broke. (1 month ago)
TonyMorgana [KG] (1 month ago)
7:27 like my fart
Booboo Smith (1 month ago)
I use chromium
Martin Gonzalez (1 month ago)
SomeRandomGuy (1 month ago)
wait what why is playstation grenade man playing on xbox
SparkHunters HQ (1 month ago)
Si Kun (1 month ago)
I use builders pro so I can build faster and don't have to use the pyramid trick
KaKa PoPo (1 month ago)
Not to brag... but i use defualt skin Yeah i know, ladies im single! 😂
Emilio Emilio (1 month ago)
RIP moisty😢
Samuel Chapman (1 month ago)
Blood Mare (1 month ago)
Wanna get trolled? Read more
Hadaze (1 month ago)
I remember seeing this video awhile ago and it really helped me with fortnite tips, and later I’m back again binge-watching your videos xD
Michael Rogers (1 month ago)
3:51 boom thats what she said
Michael Rogers (1 month ago)
I like how he says i asked alot of profession player and ehen i mean talk i mean i stalked them and spam them thats the true game channel right there
Daniel Lammassaari (1 month ago)
You've stalked and spammed professional FTBR players until they answer?
Daniel Lammassaari (1 month ago)
zinkoba ghost (1 month ago)
Good insight.. Will definitely help my pc play
I use the Beef Boss skin
Ah!Ad Jaa (1 month ago)
i only has default skin
Inferno Emperor (1 month ago)
Mega Productions (1 month ago)
I spot an aimbot 7:54
Mr Monkey (1 month ago)
My favorite skin is drift
Erin Medeiros (1 month ago)
Justin Tricoci (1 month ago)
My favourite skin is omega
donkykóng (1 month ago)
Now i use glitter bitch the most. It use to be the bright bomber but not having the back bling pisses me off and there being no chance of me paying 15 quid for it it'll probably never be used again. I do switch up to the real black knight sometimes. I'm not on about the white dude in tge black armor.
Jahanzaib Ahmed (1 month ago)
I use wingman it's my favourite skin
alexander zechel (1 month ago)
I use Carbide and criterion skin
Venom (1 month ago)
I use Rabbit Raider most.
sombraro 925 (1 month ago)
The only skin I use is default
sans the skeloton (1 month ago)
R.I.P moisty mire you'll aways be remembered in my heart MOISTY WILL BE REMBERED AS A GREAT
Nice Guy (1 month ago)
Best skins are liteshow and rabbit raider
Nice Guy (1 month ago)
This guy has no chill, he rolled literally be like “My grandma (chuckles) is dead!”

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