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Top 5 Xbox 360 Games Rated E 10+

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manchin 123 (25 days ago)
yea but what about minecraft
Egg Shells (16 days ago)
captaingodgaming 123 well yea I used to play Minecraft a lot but it was not in a disc so I did not put that in their but I still do love Minecraft
panda9990 (2 years ago)
JUst to let you know I liked your vid and subscribed. And your screen is massed up it is hard to tell what games they are. I hope you continue on doing youtube. just to let you know I am a youtuber 2. can you put my youtube name in the description next video? if so my name is: TheWariors200: just like that without the dots.  do you like roblox??? If you like Roblox can we be friends on roblox. you do not have to answer any of theses questions or this one but how old are you???
Dekontee Wilson (1 year ago)
fuck you erin
panda9990 (2 years ago)
+Emory1 Gaming No I do not because I don't have enough money...  
Erin Pryor (2 years ago)
+TheWarriors200 ok. Thanks! So do you have minecraft on the computer?
panda9990 (2 years ago)
+Emory1 Gaming I play minecraft on my xbox 360. Yes my profile picture is minecraft, infact it is a minecraft snow golem. I did that on my tablet. minecraft servers. Thanks dude I am going to post a vid soon I will link your youtube name. 
Erin Pryor (2 years ago)
+TheWarriors200 I really like Minecraft. Do u play minecraft? Isn't your profile picture minecraft? We could do a minecraft video. I do build challenges on my minecraft realm. we can do one of those. :) I subbed btw
Suts Works (2 years ago)
nice video. Are you friends with ball game beats? You should do a video together. I subbed and liked
Anesthesiac (3 years ago)
i liked to and subed and ryan moo PORTAL 2 DOES NOT SUCK ITS AWESOME!!!
Ryan Moos Old Channel (3 years ago)
portal 2 sucks
Ryan Moos Old Channel (2 years ago)
sorry but yes
Tyler F (2 years ago)
Erin Pryor (3 years ago)
if we can get 20 likes on this video I will make a part 2
Lukester (3 years ago)
i liked this video

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