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Our Own People | Stuck In Your Radio: Better Late than never!

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Click here to go to the album's playlist: http://bit.ly/SIYRBLTN All our songs will be available for purchase here: Amazon: http://bit.ly/SIYRamazon Itunes: http://bit.ly/SIYRItunes GooglePlay: http://bit.ly/SIYRGooglePlay Subscribe to never miss any of my videos: http://bit.ly/subSlyfox ↓↓↓ Wanna stay in touch with me? Then Follow these ↓↓↓ My Twitter➨ http://bit.ly/SlysTwitter My Instagram➨ http://bit.ly/SlysInstagram My Tumblr➨ http://bit.ly/SlysTumblr My Facebook➨ http://bit.ly/SlysFacebook My Shirt Store➨ http://bit.ly/SlysShirtStore My twitch Channel➨ http://www.twitch.tv/slyfoxhound
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Text Comments (451)
The VGC Lounge (7 months ago)
even in 2018 haha love ya sly!!
Boris Balbacal (1 year ago)
who here is still listening and jamming to this at 2017?
Floofy Panda Wolf (1 year ago)
sly if you read this thank you. you and the rest of SIYR Always make great songs that have helped me out in tough times and have brought me back from the brink of suicide.. thank you
CommanderJP001 (1 year ago)
Its 2017 and I just found these songs that Sly and his group made.
LogsH (1 year ago)
CommanderJP001 My dude you are going to live for this music
CommanderJP001 (1 year ago)
So awesome. so much better than music you hear today.
grimmblazee (1 year ago)
The MortZar (1 year ago)
wish this was still a thing love your music
Risingleaf77 (1 year ago)
TBH your band was the tipping point of whether or not i was going to buy a guitar
Gabriel Saw (1 year ago)
Whos listening in 2030
not you XD
Lustrous Bandit (1 year ago)
nah m8y 1353.33 b.c.e
Faith Ross (2 years ago)
Who listening in 2016
Vegeta3421 (5 months ago)
Faith Ross 2018
Its Just Catchy
Clarice (2 years ago)
yes I agree
Clarice (2 years ago)
Budder Chicken (2 years ago)
Faith Ross (2 years ago)
DrTBoxTran (2 years ago)
Blossom Queen (2 years ago)
I REALLY like the chorua
Ian Carroll (2 years ago)
+Non ikr
Non (2 years ago)
its lit
Blossom Queen (2 years ago)
Cool Chao (2 years ago)
<3 I have no reins to my life
SGTsmith59 (2 years ago)
John's Weird Conspiracys *Not really, we don't always have a choice.*
Correction you chose not to have reins. We always have a choice.
Blossom Queen (2 years ago)
Who wrote these songs?
DylanDinosaur (2 years ago)
I don't think he can turn water into Pepsi
Colton Mcleod (2 years ago)
I believe it was sly himself
Paragon Keag124 (3 years ago)
I love all you Homies out there. Seriously you guys are like my first family. Every single one of us is special and I just want to thank sly for creating such an amazing community filled with amazing people! Peace guys, Homies Unite ^-^
Joey's Raticate (2 years ago)
Been months but Hello fellow homie :)
Jamison n (2 years ago)
+Paragon Keagan :D meow =3
jakemoth7189 (3 years ago)
is alex still in the band
loretta arceneaux (3 years ago)
+jakemoth7189 no, he announced that he wasn't in the band anymore in January
LootsAHollow (3 years ago)
THAT ONE GAMER (3 years ago)
THNX  SIYR/sly and the gang this song helps me realize that I may be goth but that its ok because its me... keep making some awesome songs <3 you guys #SIYR4LYF  !!!
TylePM (3 years ago)
Luv it sly!
Spinia (3 years ago)
i've been humming and singing this song all day...
The Gay (4 years ago)
its not autotune hes also sang backround
Geeky Koala (4 years ago)
I <3 this song. It makes me feel good to be the dumb geeky teen that I am. People insult me all the time for liking what I like, but I see no problems with it. Thanks Sly! I love you and your music! Never change!
Keepo Hdee (4 years ago)
This is really generic and there isnt really anything new :( you should let alek do some screaming or something ... but hey just my opinion.
Drajx (4 years ago)
Sly and aleks is singing
Callum Johnston (4 years ago)
The quote on quote auto tune is sly Aleks and then a recording of sly singing to get the harmonies right
liam marsh (4 years ago)
hmm I love SIYR but these new songs seem to have a lower quality and entertainment value over the older ones :/
applefacemoron (4 years ago)
I think they are better. I guess it's opinions :3
Alexander Gregory (4 years ago)
What genre of music is this?
michael reglado (4 years ago)
I don't get why people are like ERR MAH FRIGGIN GAWD AUTTTOTONE WHERESS OLD SIYR like me personally I'm bias with sly or any other youtuber but when people say that its like okay they used maybe a higher pitch or whatever but who cares and also I literally only like the beat I feel as if the lyrics are outta place
Kok Xiang Wei (4 years ago)
There is auto tune in some parts of sly's singer and before someone says that aleks is singing in the background, I know. The main point is that auto-tune isn't always bad and I found that quite fitting in this song
applefacemoron (4 years ago)
It's not autotune it's a trick where you record your voice singing the song a bunch of times and play it over each other.
U wot m8 (4 years ago)
So glad sly's comment section is really nice...I LUV IT!!!!
Kara Scrub (4 years ago)
who is singing with sly :o
TheLazeboy (4 years ago)
This is my favorite of the 4 songs in the album.
Some Dude (4 years ago)
*cough* new ringtone... *cough*
mightydog (4 years ago)
In the intro am I the only one who thinks it sounds like Nirvana's smells like teen spirit
Bagoot (4 years ago)
This reminds me so much of blink 182, especially the instrumental!
Vro18 (4 years ago)
Sly I know it's kinda late to ask this but could you please make a Christmas album to be released in 2014 the creatures, SNYR and especially YOU have helped me through a very bad time in my life and I'd also just like to thank you (:
DinoGaming (4 years ago)
I'd like to see how long Stuck In Your Radio can go in America's Got Talent (:
Necryd Runner (4 years ago)
T~T not bad
shooot (4 years ago)
Is Aleks in the band? Because I remember a few creature talks before, that he said he left and told that funny story about how he was looking for bands on craigslist just to play some music. 
shooot (4 years ago)
Thanks for the info
applefacemoron (4 years ago)
He is but they barrely record so he was finding a band to play with in the meantime.
Devin Ortiz (4 years ago)
Humble Egotist (4 years ago)
You are so damn good at making songs. Feeling all inspired now. #slyisinspiration  
Poppy_ (4 years ago)
What is that weird sound when Sly sings, it's hard to notice but it sounds like pitch correction, I read some of the comments and people were saying it was just Aleks singing with Sly, or Sly's voice was double tracked, but has Sly said anything on this? I would really like it to be answered from someone who actually worked on the song, not just listened to it. But whatever it is, it doesn't sound the best IMO, doesn't sound as natural. Still a good song.
Soulless Legion (4 years ago)
Put the songs on Spotify please! ;__;
Gisoo Hong (4 years ago)
Love the songs SLY!! Keep up the wonderful music coming okie? K thanks :3 thanks for all the work you put into the music and all your videos I think me and all the other homies really enjoy it! :)
John (4 years ago)
Why is everyone in the comments so nice? Fuck you all.
Calvin (4 years ago)
nothin  wrong with havin somthin nice to say :3 :)
Moshix (4 years ago)
This is my favourite stuck in your radio song because of the lyrics :P It's just so true.
Blueninja102 (4 years ago)
hmm a youtuber that is a already popular is also a badass singer hmm gg world p.s. gg sly
kyle morris (4 years ago)
You guys have improved so much! all of these songs sound so AMAZING #SIYR4LYF
Baltierrian22 (4 years ago)
When will this be available for purchase?
Haleigh Bree (4 years ago)
**heavy breathing**
Beastboy808 (4 years ago)
10/10 IGN this song is awsome.
Chad Dearborn (4 years ago)
Oprah would approve of this song 
FTWGamer (4 years ago)
Who all is in the band?
DarkNinjaGaming (4 years ago)
Go sly best songs let keep them coming :)
Iziah T (4 years ago)
Finally these songs come out thanks sly
Jonathan Noble (4 years ago)
This is awesome thx for all the stuck in ur radio
djcyfjricjdjtdh (4 years ago)
My favorite of the album ^~^ great song sly and other members! keep up the good work!!!
betterthansmoshkinda (4 years ago)
My favorite song since I can actually sing without straining
Stefano Ruiz (4 years ago)
When will this album be on Itunes man?
sam whiting-hewlett (4 years ago)
when are they gonna be available for purchase?  
Damon Cardona (4 years ago)
Damndude - Sandstorm
james zardiro (4 years ago)
not to sound mean but his voice sounds more edited then before and it sounds like the studio ruined me (only this and today is the day
MaKayla (4 months ago)
I love this so much Sly!!
BlueFlAmeXL (4 years ago)
He needs an award, like the emmys
TealStory (4 years ago)
any idea when this will be on itunes?
ven 4duty (4 years ago)
MellyCakes58 (4 years ago)
Puppy Nurse and Puppy Cop next to Sly. It makes me cri a little not able to see them a lot.
Sodapupper (4 years ago)
i love u guys
XepkoExpo (4 years ago)
Was I the only one to think this was inspirational
AbnormalAbbi (4 years ago)
"We paint this town in red" does that mean they start a massacre? Serious question. What DID they mean by that? O_-
yourfriend621 (3 years ago)
+Asylum Demon I thought it meant enjoying or something
Insane in the brain (4 years ago)
+AbnormalAbbi pretty sure its just a metaphor for going crazy
AbnormalAbbi (4 years ago)
Bloody hell xD
zackraistlin (4 years ago)
I think it was a reference to how in the bible they smear lambs blood on their doors/doorframe in order to keep away the plague. I dont know though
ZxiTzLuCkYxZ (4 years ago)
Thanks sly, this really cheered me up! :)
Willy Thompson (4 years ago)
Super cool
The lyrics are stuck in my head atm and stuck in my radio the band name fits perfectly with there songs. I LOVE SIYR #homiesunite  
Loyal Hawk (4 years ago)
best song ever plzz upload to spotify !!!
Shusuu (4 years ago)
cheer's sly iv been feeling down lately but your music is cheering me up. im thankful <3
I love Sly's butt, however all these songs sound like they have some auto tune/pitch correction or something on them. Inb4 "it's Aleks singing in the background " I'm pretty sure he's not singing every word in the background on all 4 songs. This isn't hate, it's just confusing seeing as the older songs don't have that sound, and I know Sly can sing :/
Professor Pancakes (2 years ago)
+Drobbaaa | Weekly Videos To be honest I hear it as well but honestly out of the two albums this one is my favorite. But I love all the Stuck In Your Radio Songs. Even the one's not included like Unsaid and My favorite Subject :p
jayjaybirdsnest (3 years ago)
+KingLlama Where did you hear that?
Harvard University (4 years ago)
I think its just reverb
CaptainGrue (4 years ago)
+Smiling Arin Turnip +CryptPixel To clarify the matter (because it seems unresolved and i know you folks are just randoms on the interwebs however this kerfuffle is too silly to be peeved by) 1. Calm, both of yous. Arguments can be civil. Smartness isn't evaluated by opinions, it's evaluated by comprehension and the ability to develop opinions using that comprehension. So let's veer away from statements generalising society because of a little misinformation. Props for Crypt for using practical data, (this next point's a little shaky btw) however in this scenario it'd be like telling someone quantum mechanics in a different language. Example? La mecánica cuántica son las leyes detrás de cómo subniveles de un átomo se dividen y cómo se comportan los electrones en cada uno. Comprender? 2. Auto-Tune and pitch correction are not the same thing, correct. Auto-Tune is a software used to perform pitch correction. Much like how the term Eski now encompasses all coolers or how Coke now encompasses all cola drinks even though it's a registered trademark of the Coca-Cola company, it's safe to assume Auto-Tune encompasses all pitch correction due to it's popularity.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitch_correction#Uses_of_pitch_correction http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auto-Tune 3. Yes, there is pitch correction/Auto-Tune in this song and it is very prevalent at the 1:00 mark on the line "but in the end we always have a good time" 4. Is this good or bad? Neither. Does it matter? I dunno. Music is interpretive. It is an art. Subjective. Whether it's good or bad is up to the individual.  I get that this is 2 weeks old but it seemed like one of those scenarios where two people charge out of a room with their hands thrust in the air, and later regret it. Words yo. now i feel all dirty inside ;-;
MyUnderwear (4 years ago)
I think Sly was sick while singing this.
DragonKnight90001 (4 years ago)
I never heared of this group but listening to this now im glad the music is brilliant!!!
HomiesUnite (4 years ago)
So thank u sly
HomiesUnite (4 years ago)
Also these songs cheer me up
krazytext (4 years ago)
Isnt this siyr last album before the band separates???
Desmond Ford (4 years ago)
how was i being rude people say things like oh the band is going to break up after this song or what ever just to piss people off.
krazytext (4 years ago)
o ok thnx
mayoM90 (4 years ago)
In the beginning of the year sly posted on his blog that this was the last album with SIYR but now he changed that now that he moved
Desmond Ford (4 years ago)
were did you here that or are you just being an ass trying to create drama.
SwampGaming (4 years ago)
The words of this song just hit me you know so many times in thus world we let others get to us even if it's just so small of a thing and we shouldn't because we'll were our own person sly the reason I watch your videos isn't because I want to but because you don't care what other people think about you because that doesn't matter to you all that matters to you is making just that one person smile as I know you do not just to one person but to thousands and thousands of us Sly you are the true homie king I appreciate everything you've you do for us and even if you don't see this I don't care P.S. Thanks a lot SWAMPGAMING
Sydny (4 years ago)
Come on Homies!!! There are a million of us!! All of these videos should have 1 million views and a million likes too!!! He deserves it.
losbrothers delnorte (1 year ago)
Sydny lol he barley has 1mill now xd
LootsAHollow (3 years ago)
+Sydny Alessandra Ikr.
emanuel ferreira (4 years ago)
1300000 subs but persons that follow sly are like 100000 constatly and from those only a few coment and like
Crafted Celery (4 years ago)
Squinty Kostiuk (4 years ago)
I like that the guitarist was trying different stuff in these songs
Eradicatermn (4 years ago)
Eddie I'm so hyped this is so good can't wait to buy all the merch <3
FearlessGamer100 (4 years ago)
again love it!
Treezey HD (4 years ago)
Much better than the stuff on the radio.
MisterPandaHD (4 years ago)
100/10 would bang again
Kyle Davies (4 years ago)
Love the the background music
alystiel (4 years ago)
Your music inspires me to do anything I've ever wanted.
Ninja Panda (4 years ago)
The first time I listened to this song i thought it said sway(Like Heterosexual, Homosexual or, Bisexual) not swear and I think it actually would be better if it was more relivent and feels like it actually means something but just my input still a great song
KayBearRawrs (4 years ago)
Does this means SIYR tour? Omg i wish!
CardboardwolfJD (4 years ago)
Hey sly, hopefully you read this. I'm one of the young homies. Although Pewdiepie has the most subscribers, Antvenom is pvp, You are the best because you stand up and show who you are, youre not afraid to show yourself, and I love you for that. (Homie love, not Love Love)
Captain Bunghole (4 years ago)
Sly and alek' voices sound so good together
redtobster (4 years ago)
10 outa 10 -IGN
RS Zach (4 years ago)
My new pump up song. YEAH
Xerias (4 years ago)
I'm a guy but I'm pretty sure my ovaries just exploded
Raggiebo (4 years ago)
Love it Any one else getting a blink 282 vibe tho Songs awesome
Snikafritz (4 years ago)
I'm going to explode into a angel of music
Pwny (4 years ago)
Oh my gosh I can't wait to buy this album. <3 This song might be my favorite of the new four!

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