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Lost Treasures | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 22

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Thanks to D&D Beyond for sponsoring this episode! The Mighty Nein delve into the waters below the safehouse in an attempt to finish their first task for the Gentleman... Pre-order Waterdeep: Dragon Heist here: https://www.dndbeyond.com/marketplace/source/35 Pre-order Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage here: https://www.dndbeyond.com/marketplace/source/36 Watch Critical Role Live Thursdays at 7pm PT on Alpha https://projectalpha.com, YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/geekandsundry, or Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/geekandsundry You can pick up Critical Role merch at http://shop.geekandsundry.com For more RPGs we love, go to http://bit.ly/GS_RPG Follow the cast on Twitter! Ashley: https://twitter.com/TheVulcanSalute Laura: https://twitter.com/LauraBaileyVO Liam: https://twitter.com/VoiceOfOBrien Matthew: https://twitter.com/matthewmercer Marisha: https://twitter.com/Marisha_Ray Taliesin: https://twitter.com/executivegoth Travis: https://twitter.com/WillingBlam Sam: https://twitter.com/samriegel Visit us on http://geekandsundry.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: http://goo.gl/B62jl Join our community at: http://geekandsundry.com/community Twitter: http://twitter.com/geekandsundry Facebook: http://facebook.com/geekandsundry Instagram: http://instagram.com/geekandsundry Google+: https://plus.google.com/+GeekandSundry/
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Text Comments (1181)
EleniGi (2 hours ago)
Personal timestamps for future reference: 01:50 Sam’s New Monsters 09:45 The Banging Tree 12:015 Eagle-Eyed Fjord’s Nicknames 14:44 Teaching Kiri Catchphrases 18:30 Beau and Fjord: Apology Pointers 23:10 Don’t Disturb Kiri 25:55 Nott, Pls Shut Up & Waking Kiri 30:00 Sam’s Flask Meme 31:06 Frumpkin, Neighbourhood Cat in Heat 36:30 Caleb and Yasha: Advice for Introverts 39:00 Yasha Shaves Caleb 42:50 Everyone’s Reactions + Inner Monologue 45:15 What About Nott and Kiri? 50:25 Travis 2 - Matt Nat1 55:25 This Means We’re Friends (Kiri, Secret Agent) 57:00 Vax Level Stealth 58:00 Visual Aid with Smoke 1:00:00 Ashley’s Highest Initiative Ever 01:03:11 KGB Level Shit 01:05:05 Level 3 LOLLIPOP 01:19:20 LOLLIPOP SMASH (Yeah, Jester) 01:25:00 Don’t Blink, you might miss Fjord 01:28:20 Reactions to Yasha Dream References 1:38:00 HDYWTDT with Molly Flourish 1:41:11 HDYWTDT Xhorhasian Necktie Edition 1:42:00 That was awesome 1:54:00 HDYWTDT: Cowboy Guns 2:01:50 HDYWTDT: Parkour Style 2:12:10 Laura’s Rage 2:19:05 I’m in another dimension 02:20:48 HDYWTDT: Jester + Yasha Edition 02:42:35 Jester Looks for Kiri 02:48:00 Religious Theme for this Campaign 02:50:20 Fluttering Kiri 02:53:45 Wait…Traveller Symbols? 03:03:34 Jester and Caleb 03:10:50 Mr. Mollymauk and Mr. Caleb 03:11:05 Fjord Ljore 03:23:45 Mystery Solved 03:32:30 Beau and Caleb Hug it Out3 03:36:30 Salt Bae Cleric
Fjord Falcon... i was hoping for this pun line from Nott... probably they dont know that car in the US...
DRAGE (7 hours ago)
Laura's and Travis baby is going to have quite the life 😂
Iron Emperor (7 hours ago)
Fjord's story sounds a little fishy.
Christian Bovier (7 hours ago)
Almost caught up from the very very beginning one more episode to watch Then I can watch it live.
Anyone know what the song they were rocking out to around 1:39:00 was?
Apexx27 (9 hours ago)
is it just me or do they all look sooo much older now compared to last campaign?
Michael Martin (11 hours ago)
Oh dear god! I have that D&D Beyond song stuck in my head!!! lol
Kaya Yavuz (11 hours ago)
Fjord finally got eye of Thundera and completed sword of omens
SinerAthin (12 hours ago)
Am I the only one who thinks simply cutting off a single pathway for the Merrow to the safe house doesn't really make it safe? :p If there is a presence of Merrow, and they want to get to the safehouse, it'll be a matter of time!
The Voracity (12 hours ago)
Is it just me, or can someone going ham on the cowbell be heard in the battle music at parts? 1:21:30 for example.
David Brown (12 hours ago)
Matt, Cache is pronounced more like cash. No accent on the e.
Iron Emperor (13 hours ago)
why not a fowlbear?
TheScriptDoctor (14 hours ago)
And with this ladies and gentleman I am officially catch up with Critical Role.
Gabriel Velez (15 hours ago)
So that's where Vox Machina's silverware went!
E L (15 hours ago)
Sam plays Nott so freaking legit! I LOVED the way he rolled to see if she'd dive into the water or not.
SCOMish42 (16 hours ago)
A rules enthusiast here simply stating that spiritual weapon by the rules as written does not gain any benefit from casting it at level 3. The spell states every 2 levels above second the damage increases.
Adam Alderman (18 hours ago)
Riki-Oh reference! I love these guys so much.
Gorbush (22 hours ago)
Really irritating how they kept talking over each other's turns a lot more this session.
Alex D. (23 hours ago)
Someone should tell Marisha that a Monk can use it´s bonus action (without using a ki point) to make an unarmed strike. She missed that at least once. ;)
Barokai Rein (1 day ago)
1:38:13 NO,TRAVIS NO! You don't have to break hex to use hexblade's curse,that's what makes it so good! It simply lasts for 1 minute,no concentration required.
Bacon Support (1 day ago)
Now I want the Muppets to play a round of Dungeons & Dragons.
Scott Taylor (1 day ago)
Shield lasts until the start of your next turn right?
Not so Much (1 day ago)
i hope they get to use a boomerang or a slingshot for weapon. slingshot vs giants
GodKingVivec (1 day ago)
3:08:40 Take advantage. I'll take advantage. > *Doesn't take advantage*
Rob Wong (1 day ago)
Should rename the "Blink" spell to "Lag-Spike". XD
Korra (1 day ago)
I don't trust a single one of Marisha's rolls.
Ricky Armstrong (1 day ago)
While I was watching this I got an add by Ford. It made my day
Alec Gibiser (1 day ago)
Anyone else think Summer's Dance could be a Vestige? If so, that's a pretty sly way to introduce it to the group.
dadude415 (1 day ago)
Did marisha and talisan suck this bad last campaign too?
Benito Chavez (1 day ago)
Fjords blade all thunder cats now
Mike Mac (1 day ago)
They need to start casting in p60. Can't see shit.
Cheyenne Sa (1 day ago)
What a cute beau and Caleb moment. Totally worth it.
A Spitzner (1 day ago)
Why do they know Falco? What a crazy world we live in =O
marek011011 (1 day ago)
is Taliesin ok? his hands keep shaking
WizBiz (1 day ago)
I'm glad the ads are 120% louder than the video. Thanks for that YouTube, really helps my headache
Lady Manga (1 day ago)
Why is it always poor Taliesin that gets smacked in the face in these intros, lol
GabijaElena (1 day ago)
Thaakirah Isaacs (1 day ago)
Enchantment? I appreciate that Dragon Age reference😭✨ and when Beau said swooping all I could think was "Swooping is bad."😂✨
Damien Lisenbee (2 days ago)
Liam, king of hard to like characters
Victor Embree (2 days ago)
Which character is the least damaged?
ClaytonCross (2 days ago)
Does Yasha have sentinel or did she drop it, change it out? I remember an episode were Ashley and Marisha said they both had it but I have not seen Yasha use it since then and there has been a lot of times when Yasha could have used it.
Retronos Again (2 days ago)
P in WASP stands for protestant.
Absinthevideo (2 days ago)
1:56:52 Exactly why I play pen and paper and dont do D&D Beyond ;)
Danicka Bright (2 days ago)
I've re-watched @3:18:55 so many times and it makes me laugh every single time :'D "I'LL TELL YOU HOW I SURVIVED" *Boss battle ensues*
Daft Meat (2 days ago)
I just realized, Matt describes a swamp full of merfolk called Merrow. MARSH MERROW. I choose to believe this was intentional.
KasaiAisu1 (2 days ago)
Nott: "Why do we even want to go down there, there's crazy people down there!" Jester: "Nott shut up because there's treasure and stuff!" Jester, this is why you are my favourite.
Jil'Korath (2 days ago)
Fjord Ford Fordey Fjorde! Any regrets on the accent?
WhatTheFuckIsMyName (2 days ago)
Travis' delighted face at "I can shave you" though.
Jason Lloyd (2 days ago)
Knott: Caleb is amazing, he can do anything. Also Knott: Don't let him go down there alone he will not last a second.
Jude B. (2 days ago)
What does Kiri say at 1.36.52??
Darryl Hammett (2 days ago)
Anyone notice matt rolling when ever someone checks the grey thing?
Miles Barkhuff (3 days ago)
in my campaign, my friends will have to slay a fantacore next week. no exceptions.
LorinsLife (3 days ago)
Kiri-Matt Mercer's way of saying no edgelords allowed
eyesReMiXeD (3 days ago)
That was the best ending I've seen in a while!
jeffBudE (3 days ago)
The most awkward hug ever 😂
Brett Earhart (3 days ago)
Travis, casting Hexblade's curse does not break hex. HBC does not require concentration.you can have BOTH up!
Serdash (3 days ago)
I love how much fun Travis is having with being able to use Magic now instead of being a Barbarian
yoyogo504 (3 days ago)
This show has truly been my medicine. Thank you Critical Role and fellow Critters.
Matthew Johnson (3 days ago)
I really want to draw a Nick Frostgiant now....
KnightDragul (3 days ago)
For some reason half way thru this I looked at Sam and could only see elon musk, dunno why.
HeadCaptain (3 days ago)
Yasha rushing into the water to save her girlfriend is precious.
Faith :/ (3 days ago)
Benjamin Frost (3 days ago)
Someone PLEASE let Travis know yo ucan have Hexblade's Curse and Hex up at the same time. Hexblade's Curse does not take concentration.
elgostine (3 days ago)
did Matt and laura say... saltbake cleric??? near the end? i couldnt make it out
Affe Banane (3 days ago)
Is she pregnant?
Affe Banane (2 days ago)
Richard Russom I thought this is role play lol
Richard Russom (3 days ago)
Ok, now I know you do not regularly watch this show. Travis Willingham is the guy who plays Fjord. Laura Bailey, his wife, plays Jester.
Affe Banane (3 days ago)
Richard Russom who Is Travis?
Affe Banane (3 days ago)
Richard Russom k
Richard Russom (3 days ago)
??? You asked 'Is she pregnant', is that an inside joke because I just assumed you were referring to Laura? Who is married to Travis and yes they are expecting a baby. You don't get the joke because I wasn't making one. Damn.
Jude B. (3 days ago)
Laura's little giggle at 5.21 is so aawwwwhhhhh
Jude B. (2 days ago)
Jude B. (2 days ago)
Ashley's some kind of seeress. She said Jester was gonna HDYWDT the Shallow Priest and she did, with Yashaaaa aaaahhhhh
Jude B. (2 days ago)
The I'M PREGNANT!!! tho
Jude B. (2 days ago)
The way Liam looks at Laura at 2.12.02 my heeeaaarrrttttyy
Jude B. (2 days ago)
Laura at 2.11.40 hence is so adorbs... May the ooodddddssssss gooooddddsssss
Rex Splode (3 days ago)
I've left all sorts of comments over the years as I've watched this show.. I just wanted to say, that no matter whatever else I've said, in particular about the ending of the previous show, this new campaign is amazingly good. I thought the first initial episodes were decent, but as time goes on the story just gets better and better. I'm enjoying the "feel" of this games story, particularly the Empire and its politics / how the characters interact with said Empire and its more notable npcs. I remember hoping that Matt would go with some sort of morally grey political story at the end of the previous campaign and this new area of his world is just what I had been hoping for. I'm still interested to see what has happened to the previous set of characters as time went on, but I figure that will be further down the road when the cast are at higher levels and have access to teleport and what have you. All of the characters thus far are quite interesting with some unique backstories. Interactions between party members are, I hope this doesn't make someone angry, much more enjoyable than the previous set of characters. These are all.. "realer" characters in my minds view and they have not yet come to be a coherent group of trusted comrades like the previous group was, yet. I realize, for the first campaign, part of this is because most of this character building was done before the game became a show. Sometimes, when you sit down to play D&D you just wanna skip the getting to know you and trust your character stuff and just go into, we are friends playing a game so lets just have our characters trust each other. Which considering for some people, the first campaign was their first real / long term game it made sense to skip some aspects of this stuff. So getting to see this early phase of the game is really rewarding and I think it will really pay off in the future of the show. Caleb and Fjord are currently my two favorites of the group with Molly slowly overtaking them with each episode. I love all of the cast members of this show and I can't wait for the next episode. Thank you for dedicating yourselves to this show and putting up with the inevitable social media hassles, good or bad, that come from having a show and putting yourselves out there. Matt Mercer, you've really made a interesting setting here and your skill at setting up interesting npcs is something I can only hope to have one day.
Thorson Thor (3 days ago)
Anyone else find that Boregard is almost the same as Korra from Avatar? Keyleth was also pretty similar to Aang.
SCwirlify (3 days ago)
I want to see more of Taliesin and his character Molly. I think Molly's traits are under-used. I understand he is supposed to be bit of a flashy fast-talker kind of peacock? Being an anonymous geek from the internet, I am SO entitled to criticise and bear judgement that I can't help myself. Perhaps Taliesin may want to channel the Peacock to a more magnificent degree? I know he can do it! BE the character, Taliesin! There is so much potential there! Love you guys!
SCwirlify (3 days ago)
Wait! I got it! If Taliesin keeps his character, Mat could start a char-quest with Taliesin and create a more tangible relationship to Molly for both us and the players! Yes! That would be awesome!
SCwirlify (3 days ago)
Then again.. Perhaps the rest of the Nein needs to ask Molly more questions, to give Taliesin an opportunity to flesh out and get to know his character? I'm just being a critical troll at this point. CritRole matters to me, OK? :p
SCwirlify (3 days ago)
Or just kill Molly off and roll another char. If Taliesin feels that Molly did not resonate. I mean, Lord Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III was so perfect! It is hard to make something that fits that well on the first try, right?
Tubeman 823 (4 days ago)
Remember Jester doesn’t need the diamond to Revivify Yasha
Ganesh Iyer (4 days ago)
1. Second Lightning strike on Yasha should have been full damage rather than halved, right? 2. Wasn't the thunderstorm dissipated by Caleb? Did the priest re-cast it?
Mako M240 (4 days ago)
Bird Eye Ford? So, like a falcon? Fjord Falcon?
Azazal Tokepi (4 days ago)
57:17 Matt Mercer makes the best faces.
Phill (4 days ago)
Oh god the amount of ads crammed into this makes it almost unwatchable. ><!
MrChunleewan (4 days ago)
I have no shame, I am stealing all of those monsters, and they are going right into my campaign.
Bob Batcher (4 days ago)
A comment for Matt: "cache" is pronounced the same way as "cash" (not like "cachet").
Samuel Khasin (4 days ago)
Travis at 2:19:06.
Asmaron (4 days ago)
That smoke thing on the battlemap Is that a Dwarvenforge module you can buy, or did Mercer build it himself?
nmartinez18 (4 days ago)
With Marisha mentioning Baeu's criminal background I wonder what everyone else's backgrounds are. If I had to say I would say Nott is Outlander, Caleb is Sage, Fjord is obviously Sailor, Jester is Noble because she was raised in the lap of luxury, Molly is Entertainer, and Yasha is another Outlander. Was Kinda hoping they would be using more of Matt's Homebrew for this Campaign. Nothing wrong with what we got, but a blood cleric or a rune child would have been really cool.
James Deacon (4 days ago)
Ruth Vincent (4 days ago)
“Lag spikes are tough when you’re on a raid, guys.” So. True. 😂 Fjord’s blink spell was one of my favorite things in this episode.
Lea from a Ditch (4 days ago)
Travis was in a particularly good mood this session. He’s super bubbly the whole time lol it’s so nice to see him enjoying himself Unrelated PREGNANT RAGE was also fun to watch lmao
Zumbadorcito (4 days ago)
2:11:16 Mother-to-Be having a bad role night 2:11:45 Ashley and Marisha trying to console her 2:11:58 Travis being a supportive husband 2:12:10 'I'M PREGNANT!
Richard Russom (4 days ago)
I love how Matt tells Caleb to keep the stats for his cat with him. Some players will get dependent on the DM and instead of looking it up for themselves will just ask the DM to look it up.
μου στ (4 days ago)
2:57:39 Travis's expression when he heard of the golden blade !
Terry Tibke (4 days ago)
Yasha to open a barber shop and salon at the end of the campaign. Prediction :)
Ruth Richmond (4 days ago)
They should totally replace the opening sequence with the new cartoon!
μου στ (4 days ago)
hey guys , hexblade's curse isnt concentration . You can have it up while concentrating on hex . Dont nerf ur self :)
Richard Russom (4 days ago)
Sam's New Monster: Fantacore Tiny Monstrosity, Neutral Evil AC: 12 Vulnerable to Salad Immune to Fire, Acid, Surgeon Generals Multiple attacks (x3) Claw, Claw, Spike your 'Diabetus' Once per Turn the Fantacore can make a Melee Attack, +5 to hit, to inject fanta straight into the targets bloodstream. Target takes 1d6 cold damage and must make a Con. Save (Dc15). Failure means they begin spinning like a top and have a rapid spike in blood sugar causing them to take 2 levels of exhaustion.
Kay Corey (4 days ago)
Can anyone make out what Kiri says at 1:36:50?
Vít Savický (4 days ago)
"Jesus Matt, what does the fabric of reality look like to you?" I love how Travis is constantly in awe of Matts frankly insane DMing skills and Matt is just nonchalant about the whole thing.
Resonance2 (4 days ago)
It seems to me that the players are not having much fun with this party. Tough call what to do, if that is indeed so, but from my experience as a GM, I'd actually advocate TPK, or somthing like it, to give players an opportunity for role reboot. With the possible exceptions of Liams, Sams and Marishas characters. Travis: Appears to be making a valiant effort at playing a socially central character in the party. The character is actually rather cool. But it equally appears that the player is not having any fun doing 'chores' with playing his cool and sensible character, and so the character should go, cool or not. I suspect that Travis is a far too sensible person to have fun playing so sensible a character. If I'm not misaken, there needs to be madness in the mix to set this excellent roleplayer free to enjoy himself. The madness of a endearing dimwit berserker like Grog certainly worked. Perhaps something like a crazed gambler/assassin/criminal/wizard/werewolf/lunatic? Laura, Taliesin and Ashley: All seem to be struggling in terms of fun as well. Lauras character is well fleshed out, and fairly colorful, but seems to tie her up with voiceacting and sugary niceness. Mentally tiring focal points in the long run, and seemingly obstructing her fun as a playful roleplayer well. Taliesins and Ashleys characters are less well rounded and as such in principle hold potential for growthinto something else, but what seems apparent is that both characters are styled as much too withdrawn to pull the players into their fun zones, interacting positively with others. Ashley, especially, with a RL work situation where she can't participate regularly, would benifit much from a character with traits pulling her into the social life of the party, whenever she appears. Her present withdrawn character seems the antithesis to this, and it is easy to understand if the player is struggling to find much joy in that. Liam and Sams character team is working rather well, and Marisha seems to be enjoying herself. They all might even benefit characterwise from surviving a tragedy such as the one needed to give the other players a reboot. It could give their characters motive to reach out towards others in a more heartfelt/committed manner, regretting the loss of teammates, and the 'missed opportunities' therein.
LokNWykLeer (4 days ago)
Netami1337 (4 days ago)
Yasha is just such a great name to yell out :D YASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
ChapterZee (4 days ago)
So you go ahead and attempt to latch onto the Limited Edition Vox Machina: Origins comic, but as your tiny cursor hand reaches desperately for the "Buy Now" button, you find yourself unable to... find purchase.
Star Walker (4 days ago)
I'm just curious, what version of Blink are they using? I use it on my trickery cleric, and the description doesn't say anything about not being able to move, just that it ends if you do any attacks or spellcasting before the minute timer is up.
Satan Himself (4 days ago)
2:52 dragon age Sandal
Sovereign Dark (5 days ago)
For some reason it always irks me that none of them still understand how bonus action attacks work after all these years. Same with the saving throw vs checks as well. I dont know how Matt holds back the urge to be like "I've told you a million good damn times how this works ffs." Or "I said check. If I meant a saving throw I would have said a saving throw." Anywho, not my players and just an observation. Great episode, one of my favorites so far.
AksentNetharia (5 days ago)

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