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Balls of Steel - The Ultimate Nutshot

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After far too many warnings, Superman decides to make the ultimate example out of a serial killer. Thanks to Bryan Morton for the awesome Superman costume, take a moment to check out his rad Superman Vs. Thor video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M5pYyW6lLw Created by @BrandonJLa Additional VFX by Kevin Comerford Music by Michael Wyckoff Sound by Kevin Senzaki Clint Jones as Superman Brett Driver as the killer Heldine Aguiluz as the victim and News Woman For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (16001)
ThePrimeGameProtector (3 days ago)
I have balls of gold! Gold is a very soft metal...
DJ Nyk (4 days ago)
Superman looks drunk
I was waiting for him to come back fine saying "I got balls of steel"
namreh72 (6 days ago)
Superman Sonic boom this dude out of his kicks...lol
Kazehaya Khai (7 days ago)
He is the One Kick Man
Obi Ray Kenobi (8 days ago)
¡A lo proofuuuuuundoooooooooo! ¡Homerun!
Suzann Lee (11 days ago)
Lol ballbusting story
Peng Liu (13 days ago)
So... it is universal studio production indeed.
J0yb0y (22 days ago)
Voltazer Productions (22 days ago)
This should be a shooting star meme
zure roomsoes heh (24 days ago)
That was so epic
CoolsAnime Dot com (25 days ago)
Thezz Alemania (1 month ago)
What happen when you pretend the balls is a soccer ball you can use it as a steel soccer ball XD
Antonio Brother (1 month ago)
holy fucking ... _balls_
Kendal Langston (1 month ago)
Ethan Lam (1 month ago)
Those who are questioning Superman's decision to kick him, the dude was a total _nutjob. Ball in ball,_ there was _nuthing_ to making that decision, and you should _nut_ feel bad for him.
Enchanted Biscuit (1 month ago)
Corridor and RocketJump need to collab
Andrei Chrisso (1 month ago)
shoot in balls =)))))
OrochiShiki (1 month ago)
That exit is still smooth af
Dhwu Basumatary (1 month ago)
He died the moment when Superman kicked him in his Balls🔥💖.
OV Gaming (1 month ago)
Just man know how hurt taste of it😂
December 2617 (1 month ago)
ima kick all the microsoft employees that way startin with major asshat nelson the cocksniffer
The referencer (1 month ago)
Who else felt the kick to the balls of is it just me
Josh Webb (1 month ago)
Holdup y'all just gonna pretend you didn't see that shit? I mean how you gonna ignore THAT......... That knife was LIT!
iamihop (1 month ago)
It bothers me that he made it to the sun. There's a reason we've never tried to dump our trash into the sun. It takes about 3 times as much energy and velocity to hit the sun as it does to go anywhere else in the solar system. You have to kill almost all of Earth's orbital velocity. A trajectory that sends him directly toward the sun, rather than just stopping the orbit and then freefalling in toward the sun, would require even more velocity. He'd need to be travelling at more than 150 times the speed of sound right after impact (~50 km/s). He'd leave the atmosphere after only a few seconds. However, it's cool that, based on the position of the sun low over the western horizon, it's actually plausible that his trajectory would be correct, especially since it seems he got a gravity assist from Mercury.
Rootro YT (1 month ago)
Nuts not hot
puia tuallawt (1 month ago)
that hurt me a little bit
Brandon vargas (1 month ago)
Damn she busty asf
tɪѳ ҡαямα (1 month ago)
Shouldd've crashed on the space station
Hydrolysate (1 month ago)
This is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen.
Narendra Bagari (1 month ago)
WTF... ???
Bonkers Bison (1 month ago)
dear devs, please nerf soup-er man he too op!
Martin Muzik (1 month ago)
150 000 000km in 46 seconds. v=d/t v=150 000 000/46 v=3260869.56km/s. Lets say the weight of an average male is 80 kg. F = d(mv) / dt . that equals to 2608695648 newtons. the earth would probably break into pieces from the shockwave, or there would be signifivant volcanic/geologic activity. balls of adamantium
Roasted Carrot (2 months ago)
He could survive Saitama punches.
Aeon Flex (2 months ago)
Naruto Uzumaki (2 months ago)
WTF was that?😂😂😂😂
hi (2 months ago)
THIS IS NUTCRACKER (this is Sparta)
Marino Borcic (2 months ago)
what the fk am i watching
Sean Trites (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/desb0W6u80Y?t=12 expensive prop (https://www.ebay.ca/itm/RARE-VINTAGE-UNITED-CUTLERY-UC726-PHOENIX-STAR-TREK-KLINGON-KNIFE-BY-KIT-RAE/302704225653?hash=item467a93ed75:g:0rkAAOSw9hRa0Q~W)
wastefulhithere (2 months ago)
My nuts hurt now........
Angel Bondoc (2 months ago)
Friend: Hey, what do u watch on yt? Me: Ehh... That's a great question...
josh fritz (2 months ago)
this video was nuts
A Random (2 months ago)
Yocelio (2 months ago)
kik thez nuts
Brandon Lee Cross (2 months ago)
Physics tells me that in truth, from the impact, only his legs would be in one piece as the rest is turned into mincemeat from the impact, since he broke the sound barrier. -_- End me plz, science is wicked
廖振港 (2 months ago)
the two bros xX (2 months ago)
Breaking news one punch man broke the record
La_Dragon Studio's (2 months ago)
No kids for him on so many levels.
Plastic Fork (2 months ago)
By doing that you are making millions deaf
Malik Dauto (2 months ago)
This is something I would do to my worst enemy
mr. deadpool (2 months ago)
nut shots for day's! (im not gay)
Jordan Oliver (2 months ago)
this was funnier on snapchat
Elijah (2 months ago)
Hahah I'm here bc Snapchat
Hayshack Gaming (2 months ago)
Well this is....um... ballistic
David Funk (2 months ago)
This may very well be the dumbest video I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Thank you.
Flame 3D1 (2 months ago)
Eat cracked dick
Mote Of Light (2 months ago)
He's sure as fuck!! Not having any kids
Angel Rojas (3 months ago)
I just show my friends this and kicked him in the balls
Pooran Dunraj (3 months ago)
max martin (3 months ago)
Sooo old damn i watched this forever ago
jacq bian (3 months ago)
I wonder if state farm covers that
xXN00bRek3rXx (3 months ago)
Might call me a nerd, but I wonder how much G-Force he felt :0
why do I exist? (3 months ago)
How much money did u pay him so u can kick him in the balls
Wonder Girl (3 months ago)
I'm dying of laughter! this was so funny!
Brian Teng (3 months ago)
*insert Shooting star meme*
Mrigank Singh (3 months ago)
By which app you make these videos
Chris Avilez (3 months ago)
who else but me came here because of Markipliers letsplay of SCP mod made in his honor?
Kool Aid Dood (3 months ago)
Who else feels sick after him kicking him there
Ryan M. (3 months ago)
It’s better when you realise that to escape earths orbit he has to be travelling at about 11000 meters per second
Gustavo Pinaffi (3 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the soundtrack?
M C (3 months ago)
better than shooting star
ezra k (3 months ago)
Never mess with a men's jewel
dan the meme man (3 months ago)
How high were the guys at rocketjump when they made this?
SpiderSonic01 (3 months ago)
The original shooting stars meme
Jesus Martinez (3 months ago)
Shooting stars predicted...
0 9 (3 months ago)
LEGEND!!!, i gotta love superman for this
connor tolmie (3 months ago)
This mother dicker kick a man to the fuuuccckking sun dude
Sarah (3 months ago)
mark, why did you link me to this...
Ori No Game No Sekai (3 months ago)
Awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo He need some milk
Arshi 67 (3 months ago)
*Ultra Supper* (0_0)
RaisinBran9090 (4 months ago)
The force required to reach the sun from one blast would be tens of thousands of DV (Delta V) and that much speed would melt the bad guy almost instantly. The force would shatter Superman, the bad guy, and rupture anyone's eardrums that happened to be within at least 100 miles. The force would be higher than an atomic bomb and could possibly create a black hole.
Infinite Sheldon (3 months ago)
Their "Keep Off the Grass" vid must make you insane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWQGkNjbWGY&t=443s
Doggy Doge (4 months ago)
0:38 "Kids, cover your eyes"
Johny 2035 (4 months ago)
That hurt :|
D1a1v1e1animations (4 months ago)
aww NUTS
Cj Perez (4 months ago)
Ahh classic
A Rock. (4 months ago)
And this is how shooting star was made.
Robert Hill (4 months ago)
Yuji Foxx (4 months ago)
Brious Brazil (4 months ago)
pls someone put the "sooting stars" music on this
Skrillex . R (4 months ago)
More people care about his nuts, and no one cares about the dead women...
Predator Anführer (4 months ago)
But the whole story would change if the guy and the girl switched places......
Fvchs (4 months ago)
Daniel Flanard (4 months ago)
They should call that one the pelvic crunch
Strikethrøugh (4 months ago)
his balls got vaporised..
Megabite Productions (4 months ago)
0:36 it was at this moment he knew he fucked up
XD he flew to space he is so high up XDDDDDDDDDDDDD
PunkieDudie Channel (4 months ago)
Such a classic!!!
Anara S Top 5 (4 months ago)
Superman with French cut
Ace Games (4 months ago)
You must put shooting stars while lunching

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