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FAR CRY 5 ALL Boss Fights And Ending

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Text Comments (529)
Xenomorph 2017 (24 days ago)
Can you continue the game after it ends or do you have to restart it?
Lifeisabeach 101 (1 month ago)
I’ll tell you what gun I killed Jacob with that fucking beast mg42 and Joseph
Dr Skiiz (2 months ago)
I feel bad for killing John because he was abused so felt bad for killing them
FECOY YALPS (2 months ago)
run forest ,RUN
Jurgen DX (2 months ago)
Olgierd von Everec is that you in the beginning?
NougatTheWarrior (3 months ago)
Honestly i don't like this villain.I think that Vaas was a better villain.He was interesting,sometimes funny and crazy.The Father is just a guy that doesnt wear a shirt and calls himself God's Prophet or something like that.
Chris Delacruz (3 months ago)
Well goddamn. Wish I would have seen this before I wasted $60.
TheNeonStrider 3688 (3 months ago)
The way jacob died is my ideal way a fat man would die eating food slouched over dead except he has half a burger in his mouth
daddyscummys creampie (4 months ago)
If ubisoft got a dime out of everytime someone says this game is beutiful they would be rich as fuck
Fikan19 (4 months ago)
the ending was so dogshit it absolutely ruined the story for me
Crosby (4 months ago)
Finally an ending where the bad guy ( kinda a good guy ) wins...
Misty Johncena (4 months ago)
Yea bunch dat girl
SLV550 (4 months ago)
Far cry? More like Far Drug
Stephen Sunday (4 months ago)
Are we not gonna explain why three nuclear missiles explode...in Montana??
Ray Benjamin (4 months ago)
Terrifying ending
Ray Benjamin (4 months ago)
I'm never playing this.
Stryk3r Sandwich (4 months ago)
reepar cyka (4 months ago)
Damn faith be fuckin t-posing
Akuna Aki (5 months ago)
Delirious gonna insane for this
gustavo padilla (5 months ago)
At least far cry 3 endings at least had one good and one bad ending
gustavo padilla (5 months ago)
Game play is good Story is also good Endings (all 3 of them) SUCKED
Falcon (16 days ago)
EmeraldBoss6270 (5 months ago)
Boo, Ubisoft, boo
Amanda Cartwright (5 months ago)
Didn't know that North Korea teamed with Joseph
skorpz korpz Gaming (5 months ago)
I destroyed johns plane by crashing into it
Stephanie Fenney (5 months ago)
Not enemies
Stephanie Fenney (5 months ago)
When driving to John's ranch. Those other green jeeps with the guns are Friendly's
Luis F. Lopez (5 months ago)
So.. you did it. You killed everyone. I hope *you* are satisfied with how all this turned out. You did what you wanted from the beginning. Are you proud of yourself? Knowing all those people could've been alive if you would have just let us do our job. But in the end, it was always only ever you. Wanting to be a hero of this adventure. Wanting to kill the "big baddie" like a knight in a shinning armor.
Youtublante (4 months ago)
Jacob Seed Hey I would have joined you, humanity keeps effing things up and someone has to do something. Can I join you?
Jerry (5 months ago)
Jacob Seed As an aspiring young lawyer, I would give him credit for his fruity career as a legal practitioner. Other than that, he’s a typical villain and I want nothing to do with him. In all seriousness, is there a John Seed on YouTube?
Luis F. Lopez (5 months ago)
You see, the thing with John.. he's always been a tad impulsive. Never thought too deeply, too ahead of the situation. Good at improvising sure, but that's the thing. You said it yourself. Not thinking ahead makes you vulnerable against those who had it planned all along. He didn't know about the book, didn't care too much either. Felt safe. Now the cost..
Jerry (5 months ago)
Jacob Seed I think your younger brother was too busy trying to obtain sexual pleasure through intimate interactions with the Deputy to think about anything else. Meticulous and intelligent as he was, he was not immune from weaknesses or sins-here, oversight.
Luis F. Lopez (5 months ago)
Precious equipment. Surely John has them stashed away somewhere. He was supposed to be in charge of that whole reaping operation.
GlobalCentaur 90 (5 months ago)
Why doesn’t anyone say anything about onlyyyyyyyyy youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu *TRIGGERED*
The Guy Gaming (5 months ago)
Far cry 6 I wonder if they team up with the father
Elle Lawliet (5 months ago)
Ubisoft was in some really high blessings when they made this
Kenneth Baker (5 months ago)
What’s the Violin song anybody ?
Divided Reality (5 months ago)
When you think about it, they have a point.
Z3roCool007 (5 months ago)
Aint ya boi dutch alive tho
Falcon (16 days ago)
Yep Hallucination confirmed?
Russell Sanchez (5 months ago)
I am about to beat the game
HB Jones (5 months ago)
I do like the "Dr. Strangelove" vibe i got from the end.
Random Commenter (5 months ago)
I don’t understand why so many people don’t like the ending. Just because you don’t get to kill Joseph it doesn’t mean the game sucked. The story wouldn’t have been as unique if it was just to end with you killing the bad guy. What difference is that from the other games? I thought the ending was great because it was unexpected.
Far Near (5 months ago)
Amazing game (awesome).
Jon Won (5 months ago)
Well I hope you picked a female character so u can repopulate because I didn’t lmao
DUDE SICK (5 months ago)
Vaas is actually not dead!!
Sandesh Subedi (5 months ago)
joseph seed did nothing WRONG ..
Pete Barela (5 months ago)
That ending has me shook
Joshua Batten (5 months ago)
**only you...**
Night Runners (5 months ago)
Woah the half naked man said oof
Jajohannesson 22 (5 months ago)
I got the ending i did the walk away ending but when i wanted to continue it just rolled the music and credits and took me back to the menu can anybody help me really dont want to restart my walktrough?
Raughty Gaming (5 months ago)
you know Father is copying Jesus Christ and i hate father
jacob Sullender (5 months ago)
Why kill me?
jacob Sullender (5 months ago)
I'm a nice guy.
NoName (5 months ago)
So how many bosses are there i dont want to watch full 1 hour video :D
Rosa Garcia (2 months ago)
NoName 4
TheWanderingGrasshopper (5 months ago)
console is sad to watch
Pyromancing Plasmid (5 months ago)
One thing is for sure. We won't be seeing Hurk again, if the nuke is the cannon ending that is
Allen Lanham (5 months ago)
Are all the guns for hire still available after the end of the game with either ending
Allen Lanham (5 months ago)
How did he kidnapp and convert all your friends
MrHKN76 (5 months ago)
is faith single? she is sexy...
The Gunman (5 months ago)
The Templars are enemies
The Gunman (5 months ago)
Doge Dogasolol (5 months ago)
Far cry 5 tell the kids to not to do drugs :v
Binyot co. (5 months ago)
That was underwhelming
mr america hunter (5 months ago)
Jovan Beara (5 months ago)
there are 2 more endings
Privateer Bouncher (5 months ago)
Will Jacob sit there if you return?
Average Guy's Life (5 months ago)
So is far cry 6 gonna be fallout???????????
filip dvořák (5 months ago)
so if you resist the world ends and if no then you live on how does that make sense?maybe Joseph Seed is not the villian maybe politicians have launched nuclear missles to destroy the terror know as the Seed family
Hoxto licious (5 months ago)
Imo Fc4 was more hypr and better than this game.
Austin Mayhem (5 months ago)
All of these boss fights are on drugs
Shakslay Hehe (5 months ago)
My favorite was Jacobs for some reason
흉상북괴 (5 months ago)
ending is suck
VICKY PP (5 months ago)
sly s αλλά κάνε και ένα έτσι slime ένα GTA 5 Γεια Είμαι η λέξη που σκοτώνεις διάφορους ανθρώπους
VICKY PP (5 months ago)
sly s αλλά κάνε και ένα έτσι slime ένα GTA 5 Γεια Είμαι η λέξη που σκοτώνεις διάφορους ανθρώπους
VICKY PP (5 months ago)
sly s αλλά κάνε και ένα έτσι slime ένα GTA 5 Γεια Είμαι η λέξη που σκοτώνεις διάφορους ανθρώπους
VICKY PP (5 months ago)
sly s αλλά κάνε και ένα έτσι slime ένα GTA 5 Γεια Είμαι η λέξη που σκοτώνεις διάφορους ανθρώπους
VICKY PP (5 months ago)
I like Far Cry 5 this is not Fair because I don't know if with their friends and also
NeXiu (5 months ago)
I really liked Jacob
Patata (5 months ago)
Now we know that the north koreans will be the main antagonists in far cry 6
Captain F!sh (5 months ago)
Generic bad guys
Purpl (5 months ago)
Just because he happened to be correct in one aspect doesn't mean he truly is right. This could all be orchestrated by him, by anyone else(perhaps someone who despises the Seeds), or pure luck. We might not know until they release lore DLC or a later installment in the Far Cry series.
Pedro Roman (5 months ago)
Wow that girl was beautiful.
petrelis (5 months ago)
What happens if you dont shoot Eli?
German Stalker (5 months ago)
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? -Vaas Montenegro
MEMES FOR DAYS (5 months ago)
Haven't bought the game yet but can you talk in it?
datorre green (5 months ago)
So is the girl of the nuclear who makes everyone infected with that gas in their head
Foxy Girl Yt720p (5 months ago)
Now that's Sad ☹
Ryan Ellena (5 months ago)
Now I feel bad about killing the thugs in the game now
skittles :3 (5 months ago)
Why is Faith beautiful in The loading screen But in The Game DAMN SHES UGLY
LeThoNo Games (5 months ago)
This game has the most wack storyline out of all the Far Cry games I've played, all the other games have more realistic story's while this one is more on the fantasy side🤔🤔
Gentuasu (5 months ago)
They each seemed to have gone through tragic experiences during their lifetime that made them this way, they weren't born like this. Jacob went starving and resorted to having to eat his own friend.(only one that might be born this way lol, that just pushed him over the edge) John was bullied and mistreated by his parents from the minute he was born. Faith was raped and also mistreated by everyone around her. Jospeh lost his wife the only person that gave his world meaning and was stuck as a single parent probably scared for his life contemplating whether he could actually handle it all and snapped killing his newborn. You gotta be a certain level of crazy to do what they have done though.
emerson henrique (5 months ago)
And now i ser that Far cry 5 hás NO GOOD ENDING!
Mikey Rutter (5 months ago)
So anti climactic
Notail Fishing (5 months ago)
One of the best story, I hate fps games, but man this story was amazing, good job! It saddens me that some people just come here to cry over the ending, those people are the kind that cry over anything, it would not matter if Joseph got killed in the end, they would still cry, some people are born toxic and disgusting.
LeThoNo Games (5 months ago)
Notail Fishing Well this game is the most wack out of all the Far cry games, y would people like it
Ro De (5 months ago)
bad trip shit again, sadly
aserta (5 months ago)
The end run is such total bullshit. The car would've melted under the intense heat (plastic dash and all that), his hands would've been burned in the pleather of the steering wheel, his eyes would be burned from the direct hit flash, .... such a shit...
Eurobeat Visionary (5 months ago)
But guys, just as with Whitehorse's hat when the shockwave blows is gone, and in the pick-up before the tree he.. magically has it back on his head. Or what with the actual damage Joseph sustained from being shot at with multiple automatic weapons? There's like nothing what physically happened. Finally, that he used the barrels of bliss the final battle. What I'm saying is, just that You didn't sustain damage from nukes, Joseph didn't from bullets, Sheriff Whitehorse somehow had his hat on and the barells. I'm saying, that whole this ending is nothing, but an another bliss-made hallucination. Plus, the other ending, you don't get to see nukes. Instead you hear "Only You" played on radio; cult had two ways to control minds, whether by the bliss or by that creepy tune of The Platters. You hear the music and you most likely kill the squad, but nukes don't appear. Cause there was no bliss on you that time, just the music.
kush3bush (5 months ago)
I am so fucking disappointed it was just too random
Tazboy (5 months ago)
the four villain is like the biblical concept of the four horsemen of apocalips
They only nuked the small part where the game plays in, rest of the country is fine.
??? (5 months ago)
Can you play more of a game when you finish the story mode
ravtom86 (5 months ago)
Redneck MTG (5 months ago)
"Look who's in charge!" Yet another attempt by liberals to make it look like Trump is so evil even crazies are against him. And the end where you arrest Joseph is probably saying Trump's going to get us nuked! We have countermeasures to prevent that, nukes can't just magically appear a click above their target and drop inconspicuously onto the target.
Proshot789 (5 months ago)
I love how everyone uses the ending to just judge the whole game as a whole which is very stupid because although the “villain was right all along” is kind of a cliche it was just done so well with such an amazing setting and array of characters that it just fits so well. Plus the Walk Away ending shows the screen going red with your trigger song that you got from Jacob earlier which eludes to the fact that you killed everyone in the car which makes the game even so much better. Plus this game is completely playable through co-op making it even more of a sandbox. If God of War didn’t come out this year I would honestly vote for this to be game of the year.
Fade Chilly pep (5 months ago)
Poor old man
Brent P (5 months ago)
So glad I didn't buy this garbage :\
mr ali-a (5 months ago)
are you wearing same things
Sanse (5 months ago)
Did-did he just detonate nukes?
Government Cheese (5 months ago)
Sanse nuclear war
When you think about it, this might be the last far cry game because they're all connected (for example hurk and Willis being in multiple games)

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