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Minecraft Daily! - Ft. SlyFox and RachelKip - My House!!!! NOO!!!

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Hey guys! So today, Slay and I were messing around with the explosives rack and sly put a C4 in my house..... HE WILL PAY! See more episodes from these guys! SlyFoxHound - http://www.youtube.com/user/xXSlyFoxHoundXx RachelKip - http://www.youtube.com/user/rachelkip Leave a like if you enjoy this series! Thanks! ============================================= List of Mods in Minecraft Daily: ( Minecraft 1.4.7 ) ( SMP ) - Custom Mob Spawner 1.4.7 - GUI API 1.4.7 - Minecraft Forge 1.4.7 - Mo' Creatures 1.4.7 - Chicken Bone's API 1.4.7 - Not Enough Items 1.4.7 - Crafting Guide 1.4.7 - Twilight Forest 1.4.7 - Pam's Harvest Craft 1.4.7 - Pam's Weeee Flowers 1.4.7 - Pam's Water spawn 1.4.7 - Pam's Get all the Seeds 1.4.7 - REI's Minimap 1.4.7 - Tree Capitator 1.4.7 - Backpacks 1.4.7 - SCMowns Patches/Configs 1.4.7 - Familiars Mod 1.4.7 - Shoulder Surfing 1.4.7 - Flan's Planes Mod 1.4.7 - Jammy's Furniture 1.4.7 - Better Farming 1.4.7 - Rival Rebels 1.4.7 - Chat Bubbles 1.4.7 - CoroAPI 1.4.7 - Weather and Tornado's 1.4.7 - TropiCraft 1.4.7 - Auto-Join 1.4.7 - Little Blocks Mod 1.4.7 - Fossil / Archeology Mod 1.4.7 - Secret Rooms Mod 1.4.7 - Balkon's Weapon Mod 1.4.7 - XP Books Mod 1.4.7 - Aurora Rubealis 1.4.7 * Please don't ask me for a download of this modpack, it's against Mojang's Terms to distribute. * Texturepack: R3D Craft or Sphax http://bit.ly/R3DCraftTexture
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Text Comments (202)
Zackary Lognion (4 years ago)
Iris Lopez (4 years ago)
SLY IS 24 :O omg
CAKE- TNK (4 years ago)
Coldcooldx (5 years ago)
Pink pig
[N-Tag]Kemutan (5 years ago)
O god
Lps lover (5 years ago)
You can download a mod that can tranform you tiny and big and then you can live in the tiny house
Allucerdis (5 years ago)
XD your such a dick
Caitlin Harvey (5 years ago)
Use the nuke you put in sly's house mwahaha
ItsToasty! (5 years ago)
minecraftwolfchick (5 years ago)
minecraftwolfchick (5 years ago)
sly goes silent for 5 minuites.
RedFoxArcade (5 years ago)
Distributing minecraft .jars is illegal.
Assam NORMIR (5 years ago)
How do you look like?
Pony Power (5 years ago)
If I was Steven I would blow slys house. Even the underground place.
Ruben Junior Ayala (5 years ago)
Hey try making a life sized house with the little blocks!!!
donjonny (5 years ago)
bor scmowns
lovestruck22613 (5 years ago)
Read the WHOLE description :)
Midori (5 years ago)
Steven add the Gulliver mod so you can go in your little house
Dam (5 years ago)
Sly is so mean :(
Koi (5 years ago)
u do know no one can do that ((i think)
Malihax0 (5 years ago)
blow up slys house
ItsJim (5 years ago)
Yo sly there were diamonds in Dat chest u owe meh MAH diamonds
TheNopyu (5 years ago)
yes!! crafting bench privileges
Heaven's Falling Grace (5 years ago)
1. can you put little blocks on little blocks
Officialpoiuytrewq4645 (5 years ago)
Make a link for mod folder
Graymoundblue (5 years ago)
Get the gulliver mod
pingu_rekt (5 years ago)
Cathy Kha (5 years ago)
I feel sorry for your house
Moran games (5 years ago)
Minecraft clows my player wat to do?
Seiya Quaid (5 years ago)
But then wouldn't people get Minecraft for free?
Drew (5 years ago)
NO they don't put random people with 0 subs and 0 video views in their series they know eachother IRL so that's why they are in this series together
Drew (5 years ago)
they have forge so that cant use it
Collin Kosuda (5 years ago)
U guys need guliver mod so u can live in the little house P.S use a fence gate for a door
NickDragons7 (5 years ago)
He spelt sly wrong in the description
Shawnee36836 (5 years ago)
buckets can stack now
GuillermoVal00 (5 years ago)
No. It is illegal to give modpacks and its under the Mojang terms.
Rocco Caruso (5 years ago)
i got hamachi and bandicam soooo.....
Rocco Caruso (5 years ago)
Steven can I do minecraft daily to? It would be awesome! My minecraft name is Rockhalen.My skype name to. My email is rockhalen21@gmail.com. Plz call me up.(Email or Skype)
topsniper909 (5 years ago)
he cant
topsniper909 (5 years ago)
better farming
MistahChang (5 years ago)
Whats the Tree mod with the fruits
Samuel Watt (5 years ago)
Use a nuke to blow up the entire place.
ricorace (5 years ago)
Steven give Kevin a ak as a present and a flame thrower
darkfox4100 (5 years ago)
Steven can you check out my awesome mini game map on planet minecraft my name on planet minecraft is darkfox4100
David Peddle (5 years ago)
0,0 sly what the heck!!!!!!!
Gabriel Sakuma Travi (5 years ago)
* Please don't ask me for a download of this modpack, it's against Mojang's Terms to distribute. * It's in the description, just a head's up. Im pretty sure he can send the world files, but not the modded .jar ones and he listed every mod he is using on the server, so if you really want you can do one yourself..
ProxyDeath (5 years ago)
they installed all the mods on the server and also on their clients. Trust me this is how they do it. i do it also. [Question Answered]
Tza Hiko (5 years ago)
Please do a tutorial to add these mods to a server
Gotenrulez Dbz (5 years ago)
I used to have that texture pack
Whatevakyo (5 years ago)
I know they just put the mods into a pack so it's easy to install rather then putting them all in one by one. I know they don't give the jar and stuff.
andreas mortensen (5 years ago)
world are legal to give away, but feed the beast and tekkit only gives away the mods and an installer, not any mincraft files created by mojang
Whatevakyo (5 years ago)
Not wrong bud, the mod makers don't sell or make any profit from the mods they make so you can use their mods without permission, it's not illegal, but just mean to do. Like Tekkit, but mod packs like Feed the Beast asked for permission and give credit to the mod makers. If you can give me proof that it is illegal to give away your world file or to make a mod pack please send it my way, then I will admit I am wrong.
minecraftion15 (5 years ago)
In the description he put slay not sly lol
Arachnica (5 years ago)
Hey scmowns, i was wondering if you coud help me. i installed little blocks mod and im doing it right i even watched your vid on how to do it. but when i place down a block on the little blocks mat thing its just clear like a transparent block but it is there and i have no mods installed other than forge the slime thing and little blocks.PLEASE HELP!
Arachnica (5 years ago)
all hes asking is 4 someone to mod his minecraft for him not make a mod pack
ZxDirtyGFX (5 years ago)
actually it is, they are giving the mods to others without permision of the mod maker. if you yourself have ever looked at a mod thread on minecraft forum you would see that most of them have spots where it says "FAQ" and inside it will say "Q:Can i use your mod in my mod pack? A: Sorry but no i will not allow anyone to use this mod in their mod pack" sorry but ur wrong
Jacqueline Cua minas (5 years ago)
He put slay instead of sly
niels L (5 years ago)
ye you can give away your mods bud not your minecraft.jar file
Toffe Laakso (5 years ago)
Gulliver* and it does not work with little blocks mod
Whatevakyo (5 years ago)
Not talking about the .jar I was talking about the world saves or mod packs, was just making it clear that, that is not illegal.
Ulises toro (5 years ago)
Add the gulliver mod
ryan kraft (5 years ago)
please make a spooky craft portal please please:)
MrZakF (5 years ago)
flying ocelot
Dovahkiin (5 years ago)
bom sly's house!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alex (5 years ago)
Alex (5 years ago)
vanpr Tropper (5 years ago)
Since you cant give the .minecraft folder do a special video and teach how to instal the minecraft daily mods because the mod pack is awsome :) i hope you see this steven
HellHam (5 years ago)
steven make a video to show how to make mods working together.
TheShadowwjj (5 years ago)
That would blow up the whole village.
Thomas Katt (5 years ago)
Sorry, guliver Mod.
Thomas Katt (5 years ago)
Steven, you should add the guilder
Joel Axelsson (5 years ago)
For you're own good steven, you shuld tell me how to install the shaders thingy that you gave to sly's homiecraft.
Cefier (5 years ago)
Install the gull over mod so when ur tiny u can live in the little house!
Dylan Fire (5 years ago)
blow up slys house
fishing for tuna (5 years ago)
Sly should have put bedrock around the bomb while he was in creative and then blew it up
Cameron Johnson (5 years ago)
Lol ending
XxCosmicCreeperxX (5 years ago)
shadow he did it himself and sent his .minecraft to the others
SPG2000 (5 years ago)
quick question is there a specified "download" for your configs/patches or is that not open to the public.
Travis Thunderpaw (5 years ago)
The bomb that exploded in Steven's house should be a Minecraft Animated Short. THUMBS UP PEOPLE
SuperSkellyFTW (5 years ago)
How about u make a sever 4 ur subs
omega73582 (5 years ago)
hhhhmmmm someone want the girl to be empress
KingSpooky (5 years ago)
ask gravel king
ShadowMan (5 years ago)
Hey Steven!I just have a question....did you guys install ALL this mods on the server,and for yourself?Or did you only install the mods on the server?Or something else?Please respond!Like so he can see.
Adrian Corral (5 years ago)
What kind of modsn are they using
seferofe (5 years ago)
You should get the iron golum familiar it's rather powerful as for some reason it has a larger range than a skeleton can shoot you
madboyMagic (5 years ago)
steven should just show how to install on servers and singleplayers
mike walling (5 years ago)
They said they wouldn't minecraft regs well mojang I think
Edward (5 years ago)
its a server just download mc server.jar open with winrar and install forge+The mods you what then install forge on your client
MiniDiablo1996 (5 years ago)
ok thank you for informing me :D
Xerus (5 years ago)
Sly, ass hole, build for Steven new house!!!
Filipe Rodrigues (5 years ago)
BOMB sly's house!!!
Ashlee (5 years ago)
In the description it says "* Please don't ask me for a download of this modpack, it's against Mojang's Terms to distribute. *" so no, he can't :c
Whatevakyo (5 years ago)
It's not illegal all they are doing is giving away their world (if they do it) and mods, maybe if they were selling the files. Giving someone or someones your minecraft file is perfectly legal. Many youtubers have given away their world files such as Coestar for instance, Tekkeit and Feed The Beast are programs with a bunch of mods given away to the public for free.
MiniDiablo1996 (5 years ago)
nope thats ilegal just read the mojang rules thingy
Artekop (5 years ago)
dude u spelt slay instead of sly
Tobias L (5 years ago)
you can use the little blocks mod to make a dog house
Cetic (5 years ago)
Steven in the about section it says slay not sly
K&BUNITE (5 years ago)
wazzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzZzzzup sdog Steven
Nitor CS (5 years ago)
Guliver mod! It add potions how can make you small or big
560halo (5 years ago)
steven initiate plan ironwolf...

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