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X-32 and F-23: The Fighter Jets That Could Have Replaced the F-35 and F-22

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on more concrete grounds, Boeing’s strategy probably hurt its chances. Instead of building one demonstrator capable of fulfilling the requirements of all three services, Boeing built two; one capable of conventional supersonic flight, and the other of vertical take-off and landing. Lockheed’s prototype could do both. The Pentagon also liked the innovative (if risky) nature of the F-35’s turbolift. Finally, Lockheed’s experience with the F-22 suggested that it could probably handle another large stealth fighter project.
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Eggert Eggertsson (3 months ago)
Yf-23 was and still is the better design. If you have seen any of the proposed designs to replace the raptor, one thing is very obvious. They look exactly like the Yf-23.
Cristian Loza (3 months ago)
Buen video pero casi no entiendo una mierda 😅
Apro_zbruh (3 months ago)
The thumbnail looks like it would be a good fighter
balort santa (3 months ago)
The YF-23 could trash them all fighters, NATO or WARSAW. But republicans in Congress wants a money pit Lockheed stealth fighters that are useless from design to actual creation.
im thefuckinglizardking (3 months ago)
If they put the yf23 into production today it would still be more advanced than any of our adversaries so called 5th gen fighters. Hopefully once they get variable cycle engines into production maybe then the yf23 will have a chance in the future.
John Hall (3 months ago)
Wow, thanks for re-confirming the assessment in my previous post! Pretty accurate.
im thefuckinglizardking (3 months ago)
John Hall how enlightening...must suck to have such a tiny penis that your just angry at the world 24 7...dont worry Jr you'll find someone who likes a string bean sized cock.
John Hall (3 months ago)
You're an idiot, too!

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