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Terrain Painting, water, roads and map limits in Far Cry Arcade Editor PS4

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G00 show you how to use terrain painting tools. How to put in roads and lakes or oceans. Also map limits. thanks for watching!
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Guadalupe Richardson (11 hours ago)
I love it
TheGamingVillager (8 days ago)
i have 2 questions: is there npc traffic? like if i wanted to make a populated city? like gta and watchdogs? and is there also a way to create a npc that has a quest to start a second mission?
DopeyGamez (7 days ago)
you cant connect vechiles to npcs. but you can https://youtu.be/8BoRvepTqoo
TheGamingVillager (7 days ago)
i checked your vid, but i was confused cuz it did't show me how to make npc traffic like vehicles driving on roads, and i dont mean putting npc in vehicle, i mean like npc cars following a predefined path that they follow. Like gta and watchdogs.
DopeyGamez (7 days ago)
Yes you can create npc traffic.and yes you can add animations. This video should help. https://youtu.be/Xe5BzhnCeF0
Iogarinho (26 days ago)
Your voice is amaizing, can I buy it?
ITS A DIO (1 month ago)
No hate but it sounds like you are drunk. Or really tired
DopeyGamez (1 month ago)
there are plenty of other vides to watch my friend, i don't get payed for doing vids. sorry vid didn't help you
RAW TEE (2 months ago)
great vid FYI You could of used the restraints to paint the Green Texture with a medium hard brush, LARGE scale and done about the same thing. "must Faster".
newcomen23 (4 months ago)
Looks cool bro been trying to make a ocean Villa....
DopeyGamez (4 months ago)
cool give me the map name when your done. I will play it on, the good the bad and the stupid live stream.

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