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FAR CRY 5 - All Animal Attacks on Dogs (Animal Attacks Part 2) Animals VS Dogs

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Get Far Cry 5 on Amazon: https://goo.gl/Djk5RV FAR CRY 5 - All Animal Attacks on Dogs (Animal Attacks Part 2) Animals VS Dogs Part 1 (Animals v.s. Humans): https://youtu.be/y3rairj0EMg Part 2 (Animals v.s. Dogs): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7qP-Ysh4Yc Part 3 (Animals v.s. Bears): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPhfPe1WhF0 Part 4 (Animals v.s. Cougars): https://youtu.be/HToLOuWz4Dk ScereBro: • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/ScereBro/564637156948348 • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/official_scerebro/ • Twitter: https://twitter.com/scerebro • Get Games on G2A: https://www.g2a.com/r/scerebro
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Text Comments (171)
ScereBro PSNU (2 months ago)
There are more episodes in the description! My Fav. 10:12, what's yours!? XD Don't forget to drop a like to this video! :D
JAMES GAMING Zarro 20 (1 month ago)
ScereBro PSNU my too
Barnacle Films (2 days ago)
11:02 Bullshit, no dog is gonna be able to outsprint a pronghorn, fastest mammal in North America.
HERO IN BED (3 days ago)
I love playing this game destroying the statue
Isabel Benetello (4 days ago)
Pitbull sei s*****o
Melissa aparecida (7 days ago)
Me diz uma coisa isso é jogo ?
15. tae (9 days ago)
Fix the dog animation on this game
Назар Бомок (14 days ago)
это. пропал
TERRELL TURNER (16 days ago)
Sammy Sulaiman (27 days ago)
3:34 R.I.P Boomer
Sammy Sulaiman (27 days ago)
I love Dogs
Maria Montgomery (28 days ago)
I mean dogs and wolfs are cousins
Maria Montgomery (28 days ago)
Dogs and worlds are Cousins
Maria Montgomery (28 days ago)
A dog can kill a wild boar
Maria Montgomery (28 days ago)
The dog vs. dog was the best
Maria Montgomery (28 days ago)
This is cool dogs are my favorite animals
darija Radionava (1 month ago)
Alexandre Ruiz (1 month ago)
8:03 WOW
Lakin Willson (1 month ago)
Normally wolves don't even attack bears unless with a lack much less dogs
Lakin Willson (1 month ago)
The dog viciously kills an animal and then sniffs it with no intention of eating it
Brenda Vidart (1 month ago)
Tumza Stoodi (1 month ago)
lol lol lol guys go to 7:00 min lol the dog gets gored
ibrahim Yıldız (1 month ago)
Far cry primal all animals
Rafael Mijares (1 month ago)
wow 8:01 AND 11:25 were epic as fuck
oserger gfd (1 month ago)
The animals are very slow
Pitbull acabar com Leopardo é foda
Joao Pedro Oliveira De Mello its a Cane carso...not a pit bull
PahLun (2 months ago)
my favourite part 10:53 stinkyyy :^3
UWUエリック (2 months ago)
Arina Kudrasova (2 months ago)
Honestly why dogs. I love dogs and I hate to see them get hurt
Irruan Batista (2 months ago)
Racistas no incluyeron al jaguar mexicano el felino mas grande de norte América. De hecho también hay en los estados que nos robaron como Arizona.
oserger gfd (1 month ago)
Lobo Mexicano Canis Lupus Baileyi no incluyeron los perros salchicha no te jode
mitchell titchmarsh (2 months ago)
6:42 HOME RUN!
ilia citorelidze (2 months ago)
ilia citorelidze (2 months ago)
WeirderThings - and more (2 months ago)
I hate watching the dogs die😖
Julian 117 Jackal (2 months ago)
me da pena por las vacas pero son pixeles
Roman Clanero (2 months ago)
No Dog :(
Sss sss (2 months ago)
A dog can never kill a cougar
Maria Montgomery (15 days ago)
TERRELL TURNER (15 days ago)
to your comment...
Maria Montgomery (16 days ago)
TERRELL TURNER (16 days ago)
Threat Signal (27 days ago)
It was an dogo argentino, a breed that has ranges of 40-45 kg in males and females, the pumas while more south of America are smaller but in some regions of South America there are pumas as big as in some parts of North America. To begin everything in the story needs to be verified, there is no picture of the cougar or sex or age, does not say it was an easy fight and the dogo without help would have died, take into account that the history of the dogo vs cougar was by one of the breeders or rather the most important of Argentina.
unknown person (2 months ago)
Hold on if there's a Bigfoot in Far Cry 5 where in the world do you go hunting to go kill Bigfoot
Chris Valuckas (2 months ago)
And a dog would not beat a puma
luka kalu (7 days ago)
Chris Valuckas cane corso can
Why Am I Here 13 (1 month ago)
Chris Valuckas that’s a mountain lion and a well trained attack dog could buy it would have a small chance. It’s possible and it’s happened
Chris Valuckas (2 months ago)
I don’t think you should use the ones that don’t attack
gloria freeman (2 months ago)
that dog looks like chop lamars dog on gta5
Ilyas Cobra (2 months ago)
Can corso?
Ilyas Cobra He has to be a cane corso, but he also seems to have some other breeds aswell
Grey Wolf (2 months ago)
The dog is a Cane Corso not a Pit Bull
Why Am I Here 13 (1 month ago)
Grey Wolf That makes sense. At first I thought it was a pit bull and it didn’t make sense to me how it couldn’t kill a wild boar since they’re used to hunt them
ты дебил
BintangGamersHD (2 months ago)
Boar can kill dog with 1 hit? Lol!? 😂😂😂
Why Am I Here 13 (1 month ago)
Jason Reed not exactly, pit bulls are used to take the pig down but not kill it, I don’t think it was a pit bull in this video though
BintangGamersHD (2 months ago)
Jason Reed and dog eat it 😂
Jason Reed (2 months ago)
Yeah, like 2-3 dogs, and the dogs are only supposed to stall and trap the boar until the farmer can shoot it.
BintangGamersHD (2 months ago)
Jason Reed i know but in real life farmer using dog to catch or kill boar 😂😂😂
Jason Reed (2 months ago)
Hey man, those boar can weigh 400ibs, and those horns are a threat to lions. Don't believe me? check out Big Cat Diary. It's an old show about big cats in Africa, they'll tell ya what a threat warthogs/boar are.
Chris Aguilar (2 months ago)
elite shot (2 months ago)
How can a pittbull kills a wolf
Grey Wolf (2 months ago)
You need to educate yourself more on what a real Pit Bull looks like. Dumbass
Aryan Mukherjee (2 months ago)
It's a fricken pitbull
Grey Wolf (2 months ago)
That dog was actually a Cane Corso, not a Pit Bull
Grey Wolf (2 months ago)
It looks more like a Boxer mix, real Pits are smaller and skinnier looking with an athletic body build
Nino C. (2 months ago)
How kan a doge not kill a wild pig?!? She's more powerfull
luka kalu (7 days ago)
yea i know cane corso is trained dog
JisCrazy 16 (1 month ago)
Nino C. Check your spelling please
Miguel Salgado (2 months ago)
Is that a cane corso?
Chris the Z (2 months ago)
I just find it funny that the Turkies of all things are able to attack in this game, it's unexpected
Theo Lundberg (2 months ago)
Yeah God bull de bull is de best animal ever in far cry 5 i dont have that game
Ktoś Napewno (2 months ago)
Marian kurva nie mecz tych krów
James Mathew Iso (2 months ago)
I AM WILDCAT Always wins!
Shane Donison (2 months ago)
Boomer can take on everyone
Orlando Sampaio (2 months ago)
He is not saying its Boomer,he is talking ABOUT Boomer
Lorraine Gray (2 months ago)
Shane Donison it’s not boomer
Blobbert Mcblob (2 months ago)
Never really liked the farcry games, though primal was my favorite. I still maintain that I would *love* a zoo-tycoon style game with animal models and behaviors/AI this good. That's one thing Farcry does right, is the animals.
Brothers In Arms (2 months ago)
I got a question. Why dont they attack you like they did in far cry 4s map editer
Gianluca Cenicola (3 months ago)
The wolf is beautiful
Luis Ernesto :v (3 months ago)
wow dog beat two pumas :o
Cynthia Reece (3 months ago)
Dog like I 1v1 this cougar
Edm Legend (3 months ago)
2:02 Rekt
luka kalu (7 days ago)
Coolz (3 months ago)
A guy with a full auto rifle can't take down a dog?
michelle dailing (3 months ago)
Why does the deer in map editor have the appearance of a proghorn antelope
BEN MAYDONOZ (3 months ago)
Bison. Wtf
Sharyar KHURRAM (3 months ago)
rip cow rip pig rip man
Prashanth Khandare (3 months ago)
Erick78 Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Good documentary
Hopkins 10 (3 months ago)
Um humano matou o cachorro kskskskksk. Que animal sem graça
teach_shield689 (3 months ago)
how did that dog survive the attack from the wolverine
Grey Wolf (2 months ago)
Its actually a Cane Corso
teach_shield689 its because its pitbull duh
Li Jiong (3 months ago)
Cown either
Li Jiong (3 months ago)
Bull in not gonna fuck with that
Christian Gibson (3 months ago)
11:02 the pronghorn is like "NOPE! NOT HAVING ANY OF THAT!"
Jim van Bodegom (3 months ago)
2:03 YEET!
ThatOrangeGuyJ (3 months ago)
Those turkeys are brave
XxdarkrangerxX 48 (3 months ago)
Boomer can kill a wolf
Fuzzywolf9088 GAMES (2 months ago)
XxdarkrangerxX 48 yeah but in real life cant.
Jon Norup Tolmer (3 months ago)
XxdarkrangerxX 48 some Doha actully Can
Gokhan Yervermez (3 months ago)
I can kill a wolf -Boomer
XxdarkrangerxX 48 whatever im just a kid
XxdarkrangerxX 48 (3 months ago)
ugandan knuckles is the way boomer the dog you are not a fc5 user bruh you should know who he is no offense
Kenneth Reyes (3 months ago)
Cows can easily kill a dog xD I don’t agree with most of the animals.. the elk and caribou can easily outrun a dog..
Why Am I Here 13 (1 month ago)
Kenneth Reyes yea you’re right on that but a pit bull or other dogs like that could take down a cow
Kenneth Reyes (3 months ago)
Jon Norup Tolmer like those grey hound dogs. If they aren’t called those I meant those skinny dogs made for racing and speed.
Jon Norup Tolmer (3 months ago)
Kenneth Reyes it depends on what dog it is
Beng4lL (3 months ago)
6:52 dunk
Mariano Piccerillo (3 months ago)
Animal attack on boar
legend of zelda is great (3 months ago)
Why dog v dog
Why Am I Here 13 (1 month ago)
legend of zelda is great They’re different dog species. That can corso is superior to the other ones it fought so I guess the game developers payed attention to that
Chris Aguilar (2 months ago)
legend ofducks. Fuck yeah
10:16 I believe dog can fly!!
BEN MAYDONOZ (3 months ago)
Dog eating puma????😭😭😭😭😢😨😨😨😨😨😨😱 fucking Far cry 5😡
Rack Ghost (3 months ago)
BEN MAYDONOZ it's a fucking pitbull of course it can take a pitbull
BEN MAYDONOZ (3 months ago)
I agree
Christian Gibson (3 months ago)
Not as unlikely as you may assume.
Victor Carrasco (3 months ago)
BEN MAYDONOZ (3 months ago)
Me iluminaste gracias😃
Master Splinter (3 months ago)
do the wolf, and the wolverine
Narendra Martosudarmo (3 months ago)
6:55 = Brutal Fatality.
Aaron Fairbanks (3 months ago)
I like wolf kills dog
TERRELL TURNER (16 days ago)
Chris Aguilar (2 months ago)
Me to
Kevin Huerta (3 months ago)
Alexander Justin (3 months ago)
do far cry 5 outfits
Jalen Moore (3 months ago)
Do this with all the animals please.
mclix 974 (3 months ago)
Animal attack on wolverine
mclix 974 mejor que te ataquen a ti
Geoffrey Faure (2 months ago)
mclix 9
Ahrmes Park (2 months ago)
mclix 974 wolf too
Mr Donzelli (3 months ago)
The pitbull name comes from the fact that these breeds use to fight bulls in older times,that's why in this game(unlike other far cry games) the dog can fight other animals to death
Why Am I Here 13 (1 month ago)
Reaper If it is a pit bull then they didn’t make it as intelligent as it can be in real life. They mostly go for the neck, but this may not even be a pit bull
Mr Donzelli (1 month ago)
Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin I apologize for insulting you, I should have done my research
Mr Donzelli Also how can you think its a pit, then say its to big to be a cane corso, when cane corso's are Double the size of a pit
Mr Donzelli Talking about pitbulls, than knowing nothing about there size or what they look like is stupid, though
Mr Donzelli (1 month ago)
Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin my god dude just let it die, if you think its another breed not releated to pitbulls that's fine, but saying I don't know anything about dogs becomes I said one thing wrong is just so stupid and douchery
SadEdita (3 months ago)
Dann bro nice video! :D

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